Marlee Matlin rocks her Oscars dress from 1987: ‘What else is there to do?’

We could all use some levity right now. I’ve been sent this video of cats who knock over dominoes a few times. I also love watching Stella, a yellow Lab, frolicking in some amazing leaf piles. A few people have shared this video of gummy bears at an Adele concert a few times (apparently this first popped up in late 2018). This particular one has the caption “Day 4 of Quarantine.”

Being under medical or self-imposed quarantine or otherwise staying home because of lockdown orders around the U.S. and elsewhere means that people have more time on their hands and, if they aren’t sick, have been finding fun ways to amuse themselves (and others, thanks to social media). Celebrities get bored, too! Marlee Matlin took the opportunity to try on her Oscars dress from 1987, the year that she won the Academy Award for Best Actress for her role in Children of a Lesser God. She posted a video on Instagram (that’s above) and pictures of herself now and at the ceremony on Twitter (below).

People shared some of what Marlee has said about the dress:

In 2012, the Switched at Birth star described the design as “a blend of elegance and romance,” in an essay for Entertainment Tonight, but admitted she could’ve done without the horned-rimmed glasses and floral hair piece.

“Paramount and my publicists hooked me up with Ms. Aldredge who had won multiple Tonys for her costume work on Broadway and an Oscar for her work in The Great Gatsby,” Matlin wrote.

She continued: “The lavender dress she designed had a blend of elegance and romance that I loved. With that beautiful dress, I decided to wear my hair up. Unfortunately, at the last moment, a combination of events left me walking out on the red carpet with baby’s breath in my hair (my hairdresser’s idea) and oversized black horned-rimmed glasses (my boyfriend’s idea who said sarcastically when I wanted to take them off, ‘You’re not a model’). If I had it all to take back, I would’ve ditched the baby’s breath and glasses. What can I say; it was my youth and it was the ’80s.”

[From People]

Marlee’s dress still looks great: That is, it’s held up really well! I think most of us who wear glasses have photos of ourselves in older frames that we wish we had ditched. (I’m also glad that Marlee ditched that boyfriend.)

Marlee isn’t the only one who’s kept her Oscars gown. A number of stars wore gowns this year that they’ve worn previously: Elizabeth Banks first wore her red gown to the ceremony in 2004. Jane Fonda’s 2020 gown was the one that she wore to the Cannes Film Festival in 2014. Finally, Arianna Huffington wore the same black gown to Oscars after parties this year that she wore in 2004.

The fabulous Rita Moreno might get the award for longest time between Oscar re-wears: In 2018, she wore the gown that she first wore in 1962, when she won the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for playing Anita in West Side Story. (Side note: I can’t wait to see the next season of One Day at a Time!)

Finally, though it’s not an awards-show gown, I still get a kick out of the fact that Olivia Newton John was able to fit into her leather pants and jacket from Grease 40 years later, back in November during an interview that she did with Gayle (around 10:00 in the video)!

I hope that you’re all finding ways to keep your spirits up while at home!

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  1. manda says:

    I can still fit in my wedding dress! It’s only 11 years old but I was happy for that

    • Larelyn says:

      Heh, my wedding dress is 25 years old in December, and I’m extremely happy to say I can swim in it! I’ve shrunk over the years instead of the dress shrinking! Yay!

      • manda says:

        WOOHOO!! You go, lady! I’m actually just a touch smaller than I was at my wedding, too, and I was very please about that. Feel like I was trying to lose those 10 pounds for years!

  2. G says:

    One Day at A Time was canceled :(

  3. Snazzy says:

    Have you seen the video of the Italian Mayors yelling at their population to stay home? Just in case, here’s some links. These videos give me life:

  4. Laura says:

    How lovely!! I’d love to see this become a thing – having celebrities go through their closets for a throwback fashion show for our quarantines!!!

    • lucy2 says:

      That would be really fun!

      I love Elizabeth’s and Jane’s dresses. Marlee’s is SO 80s. She looks great now, and yeah, ditching that boyfriend was the right move!

  5. Mumbles says:

    She looks better now. And she’s not with that abusive jerk William Hurt anymore, like she was when she first award, so that’s great too.