Daniel Dae Kim gives an update on his condition, shares his treatment protocol

One of the highlights of my work week last week was covering Daniel Dae Kim’s video announcing that he had tested positive for coronavirus. He was so open, vulnerable and honest about his diagnosis. He gave such a genuinely moving speech about it that I said he should go into politics. Plus of course he’s a gorgeous man with a soothing voice I could listen to all day. Also, he’s 51, can you believe it?!

Daniel issued an update a couple of days ago which I’m only seeing now and am so happy to report. He said he’s doing better and he mentioned the medication that helped him. For those of you who will inevitably ask how he got a test and how he got treatment: he addressed that in his first video. He lives in Honolulu where they have drive through testing and his doctor helped him remotely. He apologized so much to everyone he may have infected before he developed symptoms and he self isolated immediately when he first noticed a sore throat. He did not get special treatment apart from having a good doctor who helped him right away. Here’s some of what he said and his video is above.

He feels a lot better
I am lucky enough to be in the 80% of diagnosed cases that do not require hospitalization. I’ve been staying in bed taking my medication. As of now I have no symptoms other than a little residual congestion.

He will be in isolation until Monday (yesterday)
I do remain in isolation… where I am to remain until Monday. According to our state’s guidelines the self isolation from my family can stop three days after the respiratory symptoms disappear and seven days from when the symptoms started. It’s also important to not here that I will not be tested again. Once I meet those requirements I’m considered recovered.

There just aren’t enough tests for everyone who needs them. This continues to be a serious problem, not to mention the general shortage of medical supplies. This mystifies me considering we had a several month head start in preparing for this outbreak. If you or your organization can do anything to help our caregivers, please consider it.

On the medications he took
One of the first questions people asked me is ‘what medicines did you take?’ Obviously, I am not a doctor, nor am I a lawyer, but I have played them on TV. I followed… a drug cocktail of tamiflu, the antibiotic azithromycin, more commonly known as a Z pack, a glycopyrrolate inhaler to ease breathing and inflammation, and… the secret weapon hydroxychloroquine. This is a common antimalarial drug that has been used with great success in Korea in their fight against the coronavirus. This is the drug that the president mentioned the other day. It is also the drug that Dr. Anthony Fauci cautions about. He says evidence is anecdotal, which is correct. Add my name to those personal accounts, because I am feeling better.

It’s definitely true that using this drug for COVID-19 is considered off label, which means that it’s not approved specifically to fight this virus. So I won’t say that it’s a cure [or] definitively that you should use it. I will say that I believe it was crucial to my recovery. The entire mixture of drugs was crucial to my recovery.

I was lucky enough to start taking these drugs before my fever got severe. If you’re able to recognize your symptoms quickly, try to talk to you doctor as soon as you can.

I won’t be addressing the politics of this issue in posts like this anymore, except to say this. My political beliefs may not be the same as yours, but what’s most important is that we put people over politics and take care of one another.

[From Instagram]

Daniel recommended visiting Dr. Paul Song’s Instagram here and the Instagram account NextShark, which highlights the Asian American community.

He also thanked everyone for their well wishes and said his family remains symptom free. I really enjoyed watching this video and I want to see him in everything now. He’s an amazing man and I’m so glad he’s feeling better and that his family is healthy.

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  1. Esmom says:

    This was lovely and interesting, thanks for sharing. Hearing about his meds was eye opening. I didn’t realize antibiotics would be used. I guess that’s in case a secondary bacterial infection was contributing to his symptoms?

    And also interesting to hear he won’t be tested again. I was having this exact discussion on a hangout with friends yesterday — one insisted that people have to test negative twice before being considered recovered and it sounds like that’s not the case, maybe simply because we can’t spare that many tests?

    Hoping everyone stays safe and healthy. Now I’m in the mood to rewatch Lost, lol. I don’t think it’s on any streaming platforms anymore right now. Oh well.

    • Ruby says:

      Some antibiotics are prescribed for their anti-inflammatory potential. So even if they don’t directly fight the invading bacteria they can still be immensely helpful.

      • pottymouth pup says:

        antibiotics may also prescribed to protect from secondary infection. Azithromycin, in particular, doesn’t inhibit production of cytokines but it has been shown to have some impact on decreasing viral replication in bronchial cells in patients with CF and in cultured epithelial cells from patients with COPD

  2. FHMom says:

    Wow. So he got the malaria drug that NY will be using soon. I am glad it worked for him. People need to be aware that this should only be administered with a doctor’s approval since it can be deadly. I didn’t realize this regimen along with a Z pack iwas being prescribed for mild cases. I hope this treatment is available for everyone soon. It’s going to be used in NY now, so I guess there will be a lot more data coming about it’s effectiveness.

    • Esmom says:

      I was surprised at the med cocktail, too. I kinda wish he hadn’t even the malaria drug as much credit as he did because he can’t know that it was any more effective than the other meds, or that the other meds might have been enough. I guess that’s the trouble with a cocktail, you can’t really isolate which element is effective and which one(s) are less so.

    • Ava says:

      Many of us with R.A. Or lupus have been taking this drug for years. There is some worry in patients that it with be in short supply for those that have been taking it for many years. Hope it works it this fight and they start making enough if it does. Many drugs that are used for other things to help fight inflammation especially those with auto immune. Hard to say if it’s the drug that worked for him.

      • Antonym says:

        @Ava I’m among those who have been taking it for years. I’ve been worried about the supply drying up due to experimental use. Im considering getting a month’s supply cushion just in case. Ugh. I definitely don’t want to be the medication version of a toilet paper hoarder, but I also don’t want to be without my medication.

  3. BaddieB says:

    OH MY GOD, why is he so fine? Get well soon!

    • vesper says:

      I know right!! He was in my dreams last night…lucky me!

      • Anna says:

        Wow! I’m going to try looking at this post before bed and *fingers crossed* he might visit me in my dreams, too! 🙂 😛 Whew! So appreciate these updates especially because gazing at his gloriousness is a salve to my spirit (and body lol)

  4. Roserose says:

    I’m so surprised to hear he had all these meds. That’s certainly not widely available here in the UK. I’m glad it worked for him.

    Now I’m even more anxious because there’s absolutely no way myself or by my family would be able to get those meds if needed…

    • LULU wang was robbed says:

      It’s a prescription medication, if you are hospitalised the NHS will provide it for you, it’s not an OTC medication here.
      I implore you, please do not try and get it if you are not explicitly prescribed it, there are people whose lives depend on regular access to that medication.

  5. LULU wang was robbed says:

    Yo. So I take hydroxychloroquine as a matter of course for an autoimmune condition.
    I swear to god, if I lose access to my meds because of people trying to get their hands on this medication I am going to lose my sh*t.
    Don’t panic buy, and don’t take things that haven’t been explicitly prescribed for you.

    Someone already died from taking fish parasite medicine because it had chloroquine in its name.
    Stop it.

    • Ava says:

      @lulu +1 see my post above. Just went to my rheumatologist today to get my refills.

    • IMUCU says:

      I take Plaquenil too for Lupus…thankfully I recently refilled a 60 day supply before all of this hit…the pharmacies here in Pinellas County, FL are only providing 14 tablets at a time now (which is 7 days worth)…

    • Hoot says:

      @LULU – Yes, this was reported in our news (Phoenix, AZ) two days ago. This married couple (mid-60’s) took chloroquine phosphate, an aquarium cleaner, after reading online that it was a “cure.” Not sure where they read their information. The man died and his wife is in the hospital in critical condition (may survive).

  6. OriginalLala says:

    He was on a cocktail of meds, so how does he know the anti-malaria drug was was cured him?? This kind of messaging is exactly what I was cautioning against from celebs a few days ago – he doesn’t know if the meds (or which ones) were effective, or if it was just time and his body that healed. Really shouldn’t be pushing the idea of these “miracle” drugs that have no body of evidence behind them and are actually used by people who NEED them for other illnesses.

    • Onomo says:

      Yes i agree. The intent to help does not mitigate the harm that can be caused. A single or many well meaning people promising a cure or even anecdotes for a cure for something which is quite complex to treat can cause quite a bit of harm. It is hard to say nothing when people ask but at the same time people have no idea how everyone will react to that prescription.

      I am also worried for people who have lupus or other conditions that need some or those drugs and may not be able to get them. Hope you all are doing ok.

  7. Tiffany says:

    He is a dream boat.

  8. Lisa says:

    This is soooooo helpful and kind of him.

  9. lucy2 says:

    I’m glad he’s recovering well.
    I’m a little worried he’s talking about the medications, because as we’re seeing, people are not smart and think they can self-prescribe.
    I’m hoping this truly is an effective treatment, and that they’re ramping up production if it is, but everyone needs to listen to the doctors and scientists who know what they’re doing.

  10. waitwhat says:

    Another celebrity saved by access to … celebrity.

    • AGreatDane says:

      No, he went to the drive thru testing facility in the state he pays taxes in and used the doctor his insurance pays for. Hawaii does a better job than most at providing for their residents

  11. this makes me so angry says:

    How did he get meds??!!

    In Holland the doctors arent giving you anything unless you need to be hospitalized, and even then they are only hospitalizing you when you are so ill your life is in danger.

    • JBones says:

      Canada shares that approach with Holland; don’t seek medical help unless you are in distress. Testing and medication are reserved for those who are hospitalized.