Kyle Richards dyes her roots at home, doesn’t let her husband see the process

Kyle Richards/Instagram
So many people are wondering about the superficial details about isolation and social distancing, like how we’re going to keep our hair looking nice when we can no longer get haircuts and dye jobs. We’re trying not to complain about it, because it seems obnoxious given how many people are sick and struggling economically. It feels kind of petty that I care about it, but I do. Sometimes I see YouTubers with long nails and feel bad for women with gel nails who can’t keep that up. That would bug me so much if I always had nice nails like that. Kyle Richard recently shared the process of dyeing her hair while in isolation. She uses Clairol Root Touch Up. I’m just going on People’s reporting because this video was expired by the time I checked her Instagram stories. It could be a sponcon, but it’s a product I use so I’ll talk about it.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, 51, spent her Sunday afternoon touching up her roots using an $8 Clairol Nice ‘N Easy Root Touch-Upbox hair dye live for fans to see on her Instagram Story.

“I’m going to color my roots. I have some gray root,” Richards revealed. “I inherited getting gray hair early. My dad was completely gray by the time he was 40. I started getting gray hairs when I was 25, probably because I worry so much.”

Even though Richards is staying at home right now… she said she normally likes to color her roots herself at home. “I do it myself quite often. Pamela who does my hair sometimes she’s busy or whatever, I just do it myself. I use this 10-minute root touch up,” the stars said as she held up a box of the Clairol hair dye in the shade Dark Brown 4.

t’s a quick and easy process for Richards to get the root touch-up done, but she prefers to do it without her husband Mauricio Umansky in the room.

“I do not like my husband to see me when I do it because it’s not a good look,” she said. “So I lock him out and hide.”

[From People]

Is it weird that she won’t let her husband see her dye her hair? I’m divorced so maybe that tells you something, but I never cared if my husband saw me during that process. From what little I’ve seen (one season) and heard about Kyle and Mauricio’s relationship, I’m convinced he’s a cheater. As for hair dye, I’ve tried the root touch up but I’d rather just get it over with and dye my roots with actual product. Yesterday I received three boxes of my regular hair color, Clairol Nice ‘n Easy light ash blonde. I ordered it delivered from as Amazon was out of my color. I’m going to dye my hair right when I’m done working today! I have a video date later and I want to look cute for it. Those video chats are keeping me going.

I’ve been a redhead, but now that I’m mostly gray it’s less noticeable if I’m blonde when my roots grow in. For years I paid $60 (I live in a small town, I’m sure many of you pay more) to get my hair dyed every month and then just realized I could get similar results at home. It might be 15 percent more natural-looking when I get it done at the salon, but that’s not worth $50 to me. I’m cheap! Anyway everyone should do what they want with their personal care at this time. I understand a lot of people are ready to go gray and more power to them, but it’s not for me. I’m also lucky to have long hair and not to have to worry about getting it cut. Women with pixie cuts, stylish blunt cuts and cuts with elaborate layers, men with short hair and so many other people are going to be looking shaggy for a while.

Kyle Richards/Instagram



photos credit: WENN and via Instagram/People Magazine

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  1. Erinn says:

    “Is it weird that she won’t let her husband see her dye her hair?”

    Ummm yes. If she’s living her life worried about her husband seeing her in something that’s ‘not a good look’ that’s an incredibly sad existence. Makes you wonder how the whole in sickness and in health is going to shake out. Covid’s not a ‘good look’ either.

    My hair is currently at the top of my butt. It’s going to drive me nuts soon, and I might have to trim it at some point. My husband put off going to the barber, so I suspect he’s going to get pretty shaggy in the next few weeks.

    • Racheal says:

      Yeah I get really sad at stories like this. Imagine having such little intimacy in your relationship

    • Madison says:

      The sad thing is….she thinks he cares. Mauricio has had younger sidechicks since….well, forever. Pretty sure the current one is 25.

  2. Keekee says:

    I am more interested in the video date, as in a social romantic type of thing.. What does it entail? I don’t even know how tinder works smh

    • Celebitchy says:

      I don’t use Tinder I use Bumble but all you do is hit the video chat button in Bumble. You set up a time ahead so everyone is ready. The key is getting the lighting right and propping up your phone ahead of time. You can also set that up in What’s App, Zoom, etc. I like the ones you can use on your laptop because you can get the angles right on a laptop.

  3. Jess says:

    Yes that’s very telling she doesn’t want her husband to see her like that. She should feel comfortable being herself around him after this long, gray hairs and all.


    If she really didn’t want to risk her husband seeing that she wouldn’t post a video, since it’s possible he could come across it.

    I think my daily video chats with my work team are the only thing keeping me presentable. If not for that I wouldn’t care about my appearance at all during corona. Not because I’m depressed but because it just seems like a wasted effort. I know a lot of people put on makeup for themselves, but that’s never been me. I’ve always done it to look socially “acceptable.”

    • Allie says:

      I am one of the people putting on make-up for myself in case I accidentally look in a mirror during the day. I only do eyebrows and mascara, though. Nothing else. My husband does not even notice the difference (which is: I have eyebrows vs. I don’t, haha).

  5. ks says:

    Kyle needs to take a break from the fillers, etc.

    • She’s so much prettier when she just lets herself be. Too much makeup, too much face work, too over the top dressing and yuck. It adds about 20 years to her and she then looks like every other older, over-compensating Hollywood diva. Insecurity is just not an attractive look.

  6. Texas says:

    I cut my own bangs last night and my husband helped. I have one of those plastic thingies that holds the hair while you trim. It looks better and cost me nothing! I haven’t fixed my hair or put on makeup since this thing started. I’m going full on hippie.

  7. JBH says:

    I get this. I try not to let my husband see me shaving or applying deodorant. Hmmmm…

  8. Kaya says:

    Kyle sucks, her bangs are awful and she’s an idiot

  9. Cupcake says:

    Her husband is such a dud. Not sure what she ever saw in him.

  10. Allergy says:

    OMG I cannot stand her, sorry.

  11. Murphy says:

    I’m not sure if he did cheat back during that season Brandi (and Lisa) were referring to it but she’s got him on a short leash now, she’s got both Farrah and Alexia working (physically) in his office. I’m sure she gave him the message that if he left she would destroy him (she is Big Kathy’s daughter after all)

    • lolgod says:

      Sigh, she really thinks a shorter leash will do lol he’s just gotten better at sneaking out/being stealth