Rita Wilson celebrates being cancer free and a COVID-19 survivor

This weekend, Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks returned to Los Angeles from Australia, where they’d been in self-isolation, post quarantine, after being diagnosed with COVID-19. But that isn’t all Rita had to celebrate, this weekend also marked her fifth year of being cancer free. So Rita rejoiced that she is a cancer and COVID 19 survivor. She posted the Instagram above with the following caption:

This date, March 29, represents a time of great happiness. I was on Broadway starring with Larry David in his play Fish In The Dark before finding out I had been diagnosed with breast cancer. March 29 also marks five years of being cancer free after having had a bilateral mastectomy. I am so thankful for my health, for the doctors, nurses, friends and family who got me through that time. You, online friends, also need to be thanked because your prayers and optimism were felt deeply. And, so thankful for the blessings God has bestowed on me, then and now. One year ago on March 29, I was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, a street, that as a child, I’d walk on an read all the names of the stars I admired, never believing one day my name would be on one of those stars. And one year ago today, I released my fourth album, Halfway to Home. Every day I get to make music is a gift. So much has happened musically in that one year. So much goodness. All of this would not be possible without good health. So, today, March 29, I am celebrating the beauty of this life, the blessings God has given, and my continued good health, even now as a COVID 19 survivor. Please take a moment today to acknowledge the amazing creation your bodies are and to thank it for doing so much.

That’s wild that March 29th has turned into such a significant date in Rita’s life. Events falling on a particular date each year fascinates me. May 18th attracts all my bad for some reason (although it’s calmed down significantly in the latter years). My friend, though, has had a bunch of wonderful, life-altering things occur on September 3rd. She calls it her Bonus Day. It sounds like that’s what March 29th to Rita. Surviving any health issue is incredible but to have both cancer and COVID under your belt is pretty unique. The album she mentioned in her post, Halfway to Home, was a celebration of her cancer battle, including the song, Throw Me a Party, in which she told her family she wanted them to have a party if she succumbed to the cancer. I can only imagine what it must feel like for Rita to look back over the last five years and think about where she is vs. where she thought she’d be.

What I really appreciate in Rita’s post is the reminder to revel where we can. Now, especially, I think it’s easy to lose sight of what’s good in our lives. I’m taking a stab at a gratitude journal and it really does set my head right to simply find the things that are going for me rather than dwell on what’s going against me. I’m sure we are all glued to social media and the news and we can only take so much bad news in a day. So I encourage you to be like Rita and find something to celebrate.




Photo credit: Instagram and WENN/Avalon

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  1. Chica71 says:

    Glad she recognizes and appreciate her abundance because it is so difficult in a time like this to focus on the positive.

  2. Nina says:

    There was a photo that they put out ,whilst recovering in Australia , where she was makeup free. She looked so much younger than these with that heavy eye makeup.

  3. Annika says:

    Great news for her!
    I’m trying to stay positive myself. I’m just so …tired.
    I’m a nurse & I’ve been working so much I don’t have time for anything else, even my kids. That’s the hardest part & that’s where the guilt struggles come from but we’re doing the best we can.
    Thankfully my husband, who is self employed, has been able to be home with our 2 kids in my absence. We don’t have any other options for childcare…my inlaws, who help us out a few hours a week after school, are both high risk so we have quarantined ourselves from them. I have 3 sisters & since we all work in some form of healthcare we have quarantined ourselves from each other (for at least a month already). We are all mandated to work except my youngest sister, a dentist, is on maternity leave. She lives in the county with the highest # of confirmed cases in MN. Another sister lives in the 2nd most confirmed county.
    There are no confirmed cases yet in my county but we all know that doesn’t mean people aren’t walking around with it….it’s everywhere.
    Hubby & I own some rental summer cabins on the lake here, & tonight he & the kids will be staying at one of them until….I don’t know when. The decision to quarantine myself from my kids is hard but I feel absolutely necessary.
    Aside from all of that, I love my job. I’ve been working mostly in hospice over the last 3 weeks.
    I think our MN governor has been doing a great job at managing this.
    Thanks for letting me vent here during my break! Back to work now.
    Stay healthy, all of you, and stay home!

    • Mel says:

      Thank you for all you do. God bless you and your family.

    • Esmom says:

      Your words have not gone unnoticed and your work and sacrifices are much appreciated. Best to you, sending vibes for renewed strength and patience and peace. It’s because of people like you that we will get through this!

    • Lucy2 says:

      Thank you for all you are doing!
      I don’t know how old your children are, but someday they will understand what you had to do, and be in awe of you for it.

    • Jerusha says:

      Stay safe. And thank you.

  4. Mel says:

    This may sound morbid, but one thing I am grateful for is that my father lost his battle to cancer last September. Chances are very slim that he would not contract the virus now and he wouldn’t make the cut for treatment. My heart goes out to the people having lost loved ones and not being able to give them a proper goodbye. I held onto my dad until they closed the casket. He had a beautiful funeral with many people who came to celebrate him. I’m still grieving. I cannot imagine trying to overcome the loss and the measures in place. I saw it for the two years of treatment, medical professionals are saints and I’m in awe that they are risking their lives to save others. They deserve better than what they get in normal times (not enough people, long hours, bad pay). I hope you are all doing well and taking care of yourselves.

  5. Kimberly says:

    sigh. . . preparing myself for the wave of basic bi!ch signs that say “corona survivor”

    Do these people realize that most cases are super minor….the only people who can acceptably post a sign like that better have been in ICU and not their couches watching Blind Love while getting grub hub???

    • Hmp says:

      Yeah… Covid survivor?? I guess it’s a bit different in her case because being a cancer survivor qualifies as a preexisting condition, but I feel like covid survivor is in general an odd term.

  6. Gurl says:

    She is fortunate indeed to not have to deal with radiation nor chemo in her cancer journey. Cancer is tough.

  7. Disgusted says:

    She is trash. So is Tom Hanks. Most communities are in a form of lockdown she’ll never know, most people her age in her health circumstances got nowhere near her level of care, and not because they didn’t earn it somehow. It’s a shame her circumstances aren’t swapped for someone who contributes to the world.

  8. Embee says:

    I needed to read this today. On Saturday I was diagnosed with breast cancers and I’m going to see a surgeon at 11:30 today. Her survival and optimism is what I needed. Thank you!

  9. Kathy says:

    I agree with Disgusted. Happy she is cancer and covid free but she is completely tone deaf to the rest of the world.