Why does Donald Trump keep pushing hydrochloroquine as a magic ‘cure’?

United States President Donald J. Trump participates in a news briefing by members of the Coronavirus Task Force at the White House

I do think it’s beneficial for people to stop paying attention to the news – specifically Donald Trump’s press conferences – for days and weeks at a time. I believe even seasoned political reporters and professional politicos get caught up in the hourly and daily news cycles and they miss the forest for the trees. Donald Trump actively minimized the coronavirus pandemic. He lied about it because his pea brain could barely comprehend the danger. He downplayed the threat at every level. It’s that simple. There are still people reporting today that “there was a memo in January!” Yeah, duh. We f–king knew how bad it was in China and we hoped our government was on top of it. They weren’t. They have blood and coronavirus on their hands.

What’s especially pathetic specifically about Trump’s performance is that every single day it’s more obvious that his mind (which is in clear cognitive decline) can only retain bits and pieces of information from his own executive briefings. So instead of a comprehensive understanding of the situation, we get Trump saying random sh-t about hydroxychloroquine, the anti-malarial drug which has *some* efficacy in fighting the virus. There is nowhere near enough evidence to show that everyone with the virus should take it. You wouldn’t know that from Trump’s briefings though. Which begs the question: who is telling Trump to stand up there and lie about this sh-t? Jared Kushner and Rudy Giuliani, of course.

As he stares down a pandemic, economic collapse and a political crisis of his own, President Trump thinks he may have found a silver bullet: hydroxychloroquine. He hears about the controversial anti-malarial drug on the phone from friends in New York, including from his personal attorney Rudolph W. Giuliani. He hears about it in White House meetings from some advisers eager to please the boss, who share anecdotes of the drug working on covid-19 patients. And he hears about it on television, from physicians on Fox News Channel panels who tout its efficacy.

In fact, Fox host Laura Ingraham and two doctors who are regular on-air guests in what she dubs her “medicine cabinet” visited the White House last Friday for a private meeting with Trump to talk up the drug, according to two White House officials and another person familiar with the meeting. Never mind that hydroxychloroquine is an unproven treatment for covid-19 and is still in the testing stages, or that it has dangerous side effects for some, or that medical professionals are divided on its capability. The infectious-disease expert on Trump’s coronavirus task force, Anthony S. Fauci, has privately pleaded with the president to be more cautious.

But Trump — who famously has said he trusts his gut more than anything an expert could counsel him — is again letting his impulses guide what he tells a locked-down nation eager to return to normal. In the past several days, he has been advocating that people infected with the novel coronavirus consider taking hydroxychloroquine in consultation with their doctors. He remarked Sunday that “a lot of people are saying” patients should take the drug and called it “a very special thing.” As the president has said repeatedly, “What do you have to lose?”

Trump’s swift embrace of hydroxychloroquine — as well as azithromycin, which he has hyped as “one of the biggest game changers in the history of medicine” — illustrates the degree to which the president prioritizes anecdote and feeling over science and fact. It also has provoked an ugly divide within a White House already besieged as it struggles to make up for lost time in slowing the spread of the coronavirus.

[From WaPo]

This is where we are. A game-show reality star president shilling phoney “cures” from the White House podium in the middle of a global pandemic. on the say-so of people like Rudy Giuliani. This is what you wanted, red states. But her emails, amirite? Anyway, I suspect if you’re reading this, you’re already appalled by this sh-t. But tell your friends: just stop watching this absolute moron. Stop giving him air. Stop paying attention to his Nazi rallies from the White House.

Coronavirus Task Force Press Briefing

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  1. SpencerAuLait says:

    This is the medication that I take for my lupus and it causes me great stress knowing it may be hoarded and become unavailable to me soon.

    • Call_me_al says:

      I am so sorry you have to worry about that. I hope your doctor can advise you and support you.

    • 10KTurtle says:

      Me too! I picked up 90 days supply about the second week of March but I’m already nervous I won’t be able to refill it, in a body that does not respond properly to stress.
      Also: my boss keeps repeating the hydroxychloroquine cure crap, and he made the comment last week that I am “probably the safest of all of us.” Ummm no, sir, I’m probably going to have it the worst of all of us but thanks for staying tuned in to Fox News. I was tested last night and now I can’t go back to work until the results come back.

      • carmen says:

        Glad to hear you got your meds. Where I am (Canada) pharmacists are restricted to filling 30 day supply only. Although I haven’t heard of any shortages here yet, I have read about people in the US not being able to get their prescription filled and there have been reports here of doctors prescribing it for friends and family who don’t have Lupus but want to take it to “protect” themselves from COVID(!).

        The Chief Medical Officer of the province, issued a stern reprimand but we’ll see how it unfolds, I’m still nervous of the supply running out

    • Darla says:

      I’m so sorry for both of you. I hate this animal. He is a wrecking ball destroying lives daily.

    • Snappyfish says:

      I am so sorry you have to be stressed even further by this ignorant buffoon.

      The medication is an immune suppression drug that prevents the patients own immune system from attacking them. Usually taken by those with Lupus & RA & other autoimmune diseases. This virus attacks the immune system so to suggest a medication that suppresses what a body needs to fight it is beyond ludicrous. The medication is successful in fighting malaria. Malaria is a PARASITE & not a virus.

      The biggest take away is that patients who have been taking it for Lupus & RA are getting COVID19!! If the drug worked against the virus then patients already on the drug would be immune.

      When he first started talking up the drug I suggested he was somehow making money off it. Yesterday we find out that he indeed is. The CEOs of Several companies that make it were campaign contributors & Novartis paid Michael Cohen 1.5 million for access to Trump.

      This is beyond bonkers. Add this to the moron acting Navy Secretary calling the Captain that sacrificed his career in order to get medical assistance for his crew going onboard yesterday & calling their Captain “too stupid & naive to command an aircraft carrier” on a ship wide announcement to Trump firing the IG for doing his job….shake & pour & you have the “We are truly Lost” cocktail.

      We need to get rid of this administration & all those that support it. Vote Blue up & down the ticket in every election. The Senate Republicans are as guilty as they let him off the hook for Treason & we have 368K+ infected & almost 11K dead from a virus we knew about in December & he called a hoax in February.

      & not once has he uttered a single empathetic word to those on the front lines & those who have lost love ones because of his failures.

      Please stay safe. I Enjoy you all & want everyone to be ok

      • Meow & Then says:

        Long time lurker and pharmacoepidemiologist with training in infectious diseases though now in oncology –

        Did you see the interview with Navarro wherein he stated he had an opinion that was as valid or more than Fauci’s because he studied social science? Prepare to barf in your mouth a little.

        If anyone is interested in actual science journalism, STAT News has a good breakdown of the major limitations, such as survivorship bias (weighting people who did well more heavily as opposed to those who dropped out early on) or small patient numbers, in the French study that they all seem to love so much. It’s by Ed Silverman published March 31 (not sure about outside links). There was also no control patients treated with other medications or interventions. I could go on with limitations, but bet the clinician scientists never conceived up people puffing up early findings for profit.

        If I were making a table stakes bet I would put money on medications that are already approved and have efficacy for patients experiencing an overwhelming immune response called a cytokine storm. This is just an opinion based on some understanding of biology and not fact, but why is the administration not supporting investigation of all reasonable candidate therapies? Oh, right…likely quid pro quo for that consulting contract.

        A paper by Puja Mehta and colleagues from March 16 in The Lancet that discusses problems with very high inflammation that is unchecked and issues such as high iron levels in the blood of some infected patients in more technical way while making a case to use existing drugs that already have an indication (are approved) for this.

        Apologies for the nerdy rant. It is just disheartening to know that The Boy, Navarro or random Facebook groups may exercise more influence than experts and harm patients.

    • Charlie says:

      They used to prescribe this for dialysis patients, the process is gruesome- and causes severe muscle cramping. My husband went through this years ago. I’ve since developed a nervous system disorder which causes, among many things, the same kind of cramps. I asked my doctor about taking Hydroxychloroquine and she said “absolutely not”. It’s rarely prescribed these days – and only for rare diseases (like lupus) where there aren’t many other options. It has serious side effects and just isn’t the solution to this problem. But there will be doctors who prescribe this even though we already know it only treat side effects and not covid 19 itself. I worry for you, and others who need this medication, and I worry about people who really shouldn’t take this but will be given it, regardless. It’s scary.

    • svblondie says:

      I have lupus as well and had a hard time getting a 90-day refill even though it’s a regular prescription (going back years) from my rheumatologist. I was without it for about 2 weeks, which isn’t that not horrible, Still a stress I didn’t need and another reason to hate that irresponsible POS.

    • IMUCU says:

      I take it for Lupus too…I’m only relieved I refilled my 90 day supply right before all of this hit. But I too worry about being able to refill it in a few weeks. Someone called this an immunosuppressant, but it doesn’t function the same way as traditional immunosuppressants, so it is not categorized as one. I was taking an immunosuppressant along with hydroxychloroquine, but had just stopped taking the immunosuppressant because I had a sinus infection right before covid showed up (per my rheumatologist, so it lets my IS kick back up to fight, in this case, the sinus infxn). I haven’t actually started taking it again, even though my sinus infxn is resolved. I am afraid to be taking an immunosuppressant right now, since it would increase my risk of catching covid. Also I’m an RN doing covid swabs in a private office already. I definitely feel some of the achiness and other symptoms I get from lupus coming back more now that it’s been a few weeks w/o the immunosuppressant . Our patient load is down quite a bit, so I wouldn’t be missed in my office, and I know a couple of my doctors would prefer I do the 30 day quarantine here on FL. I’m thinking I probably will…However, was talking to my friend who is an RN at one of the big hospitals here in Tampa Bay and she said they are conserving PPE for May, because they think that is when it is really going to hit here…so that is more than 30 days out….

    • tigerlily says:

      Me as well. I have been on it for rheumatoid arthritis for nearly 10 years. When I initially had symptoms, my rheumatologist wasn’t sure if I had lupus or RA. Plaquenil treats both so he prescribed it. I’m calling my pharmacy today to see if I can get a 3 month supply. When Trump says “what have you got to lose” he is totally ignoring potential side effects, what an idiot. I agree, don’t give him oxygen and ignore him as much as possible. I’m already beside myself with worry over covid19, I’ve suspended my other RA med, methotrexate, hoping that I won’t be quite so immunosuppressed. So I’m leaving myself open for possible flare plus stressed. I am very lucky in that I am retired and have my pension, my heart goes out to folks off work who are struggling.

      • IMUCU says:

        @Tigerlily Plaquenil was the 1st I was put on too, since they weren’t sure about my DX a few years ago when I first got sick (and the only one I’ve taken the whole time since I became sick). Methotrexate was THE WORST for me! I just couldn’t tolerate it, even before covid I was catching EVERYTHING on it. Plus it caused an overgrowth of the flora on my skin, so I had this red skin inflammation in random spots, like the side of my nose. They thought they were cancerous and biopsied my face, etc. Negative, of course, and the docs didn’t want to believe it was the methotrexate…also had other rarer SEs like dry cough. I think I had a problem with it bc I don’t methylate folate well, and that drug requires that (anyone who is RXed it should get tested for the MTHFR mutation beforehand, simple blood test). Finally I just took myself off of it bc I had enough of all the SEs and EVERYTHING cleared up. Now I take a newer immunosuppressant. I have to get it from the manufacturer though bc it would be $4000/mo otherwise, which I can’t afford, but the drug has helped me the most out of all the other immunosupps I’ve tried. Since I’m not taking it right now though, bc of covid, I am also expecting to get a flare up /-: . Stay safe and healthy!

    • Ange says:

      I already can’t get it in Australia and haven’t for a week. I’m not sure when I’ll be able to get it again. God he makes me so angry.

  2. Lucy2 says:

    I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if that two bit wanna-be mob family bought a big stake in it. Profiteering never stops with them.

  3. Ash says:

    This article misses the real reason for Trump’s push of this drug: one of the largest manufacturers of the drug, Novartis, previously paid Michael Cohen more than $1 million for “healthcare policy insight”, whatever that is. You can bet that most of that money went straight on to Cohen’s main client.

    And now the US government has ordered 29 million doses of it. Hmm, wonder if Cohen’s main client is getting any kickbacks from that.

  4. Bookie says:

    There has to be a money trail that ties this grifter family to hydroxychloroquine profits.

    • Teresa says:

      I despise Dump Truck. But my sister is a doctor, manages 13 hospitals, and is quite smart. She says the medicine is actually one of the best shots out there right now based on its FDA approval. The shape of the medicine inhibits the shape of the virus. She says people hate it bc Dump said it, but it’s pretty helpful for the virus. Zero credit can go to him though bc let’s face it he botched this shit in December.

      • Notafan says:

        Well, in theory it may be helpful. But this medicine has failed against similar viruses in the past, and there are only two small studies done using it with covid19. One study showed no benefit and the other showed at best a very mild improvement. Other studies are underway on this medicine.

        However there is at least one other antiviral medicine being tested in clinical trials. Time will tell.

        The only thing proven to work is social distancing and rigorous hand hygiene. Stay safe, everyone!

      • Frida_K says:

        Meh. Is your sister a practicing physician or is she an administrator?

        Emergency Medicine News is a professional resource and the article I share here doesn’t seem too impressed by it either. Go all the way down to “Other Treatments” for mention of this medicine. And, you will also note that they updated this page as of today and did not change the assessment of it. The words in red in the “Treatments” section are updated today:


        Also, let’s be real here. The side effects of this drug can be quite serious indeed. It’s not one to take lightly or as an experiment. And yes, medical care providers need to do what they deem useful, but anybody who touts this as the best option or a great option is probably not entirely trustworthy:


  5. B n A fn says:

    Anyone remembers: “ I alone can fix it”…..,
    Or “I take no responsibility.”
    We will remember in November COVID #45.

    • ChillyWilly says:

      if we even have an election in November. Look at what is happening in Wisconsin today. I’m terrified the pandemic will leave us vulnerable to 4 more years (or more) of this regime. I just feel like our democracy is in so much danger along with our lives. The day he was elected I knew something awful was going to happen but I thought it would be war.

      • SomeChick says:

        That election day was one of the worst days ever.

        I too knew bad things would happen: war, attacks on women (of all colors but especially POC) and immigrants, healthcare, the environment, and the democratic process in general.

        And it has all happened, along with other bad things which I hadn’t thought to worry about – education, the national parks – literally everything they touch they make worse.

        But. Her. Emails.

        Ya happy, republicans?

        They probably are. Unless they’re in the hospital.

  6. TQ says:

    Exactly as others have said, Trump disgustingly has a financial interest in hydrochloroquine: https://www.salon.com/2020/04/07/trump-holds-financial-interest-in-pharmaceutical-company-that-produces-hydroxychloroquine-nyt_partner/

    • jen says:

      yup. Here we go. this is so fucking disgraceful I can’t even…every day he sinks to a new low.

    • Guest with Cat says:

      Aren’t there laws against him doing sh*t like this? I would have thought there would be, but all that evil with Halliburton and Cheney must mean there are more loopholes than a simple peasant like myself could ever fathom.

  7. Lightpurple says:

    He and his family have financial stakes in the companies that make the drug.
    He has used our tax dollars and purchased massive amounts of it for the Department of Defense and FEMA.
    Illegal self-dealing at its most blatant.

  8. Kay Dozier says:

    I can’t with this complete moron. “What do you have to lose?” Are you kidding me!? How about my LIFE A$$hole! How anyone can still support this dangerously stupid piece of garbage is beyond me.

  9. GR says:

    And meantime Gothamist has just reported that in my city, NYC, covid deaths are being massively undercounted. This is madness.

    • Kelly says:

      Death tolls almost everywhere are unreliable. Lots of people aren’t dying in hospitals, and some of those who are, are being written off as dying of other causes. We’ll only know the real figure by the end of the year, when we can compare the fatality rates of 2019 to those of 2020. It’s only then we’ll know how many people really died.

      In more positive news – infections are also being grossly undercounted, some specialists say the real infections are from 10 to up to 50 times more than what’s reported. How is this positive? Well, deaths, while undercounted, aren’t expected to be to that same degree, which means the virus is about 10-20 times less lethal than what the figures show. Obviously this isn’t an invitation to take the pandemic any less seriously, but it’s good to know.

  10. Seraphina says:

    I was watching a clip where reporters ask Dr. Fauci and Trump would not allow the doctor to answer. And when the reporters called him out to let the doctor answer he said that he answered their questions. And then I watched Navarro state he can examine and summarize medical statistics because of his PhD. Which is a crock of horse shit. His degree is in economics And he believes that enables him to interpret medical studies and stats. The sad part is many Americans will sit their and drink the Cool-Aid these idiots are pouring.

    I would not be surprised at all of kickbacks.

    We have a clown in the top position in the country and he is surrounded by jesters he appointed. I cannot wait to vote him out of office.

  11. Green_Eyes says:

    I take Hydroxychloroquine for Scleroderma. It helps my lungs & kidneys and I
    may not be able to get it soon. My medical team is as nervous about that as I am. The Fox Drs who sell their license for fame don’t tell you that major side effects include seizures, heart complications (Heart arrhythmia or even eventually stop it because it drops so low), can cause damage nerves in your eyes and cause I’m macular degeneration. I have to have my eyes & heart tested regularly and because I had no heart problem before & I now have a loop recorder in my chest to monitor my heart rate that drops as low as 30. But it keeps my kidneys and lungs from drowning in fluid & helps my joints that have turned to stone, I am not a transplant candidate and it’s been a savior for me.. though a tricky one. They also don’t tell you it does not mix with a lot of medication that most Americans are on.. blood pressure meds is among those meds. It is also a medication that dosage needs to be monitored. Dr. Fauci himself said it takes high doses of hydroxychloroquine if it even worked.. and that’s tricky because this drug if given even a bit too much will cause death or irreversible harm. I still say Trump has some kind of stake in the company or something. He’s like a dog with a bone on this & refuses to let go.

    • Lara says:

      This. I’m afraid that people will take his word seriously and we’ll have a slew of deaths from people at home who decided to try and self medicate. I’ve already read a story where a man was hospitalized by trying to self medicate.

      Also, from what I’ve read in preprints of medical papers, this treatment is only really effective WITH azithromyacin (Z-pack) at a certain stage of covid, to suppress the cytokine storm caused by the immune system in a patient’s lungs.

  12. KellyRyan says:

    PT Barnum, alive and well, still hawking. I’m pleased this is getting media coverage and it’s covered here. DT’s relationship with Deutche bank is getting some coverage, more is needed.

  13. 10KTurtle says:

    There’s a guy on Twitter who calls himself the Hoarse Whisperer (who I discovered from comments right here on Celebitchy!) who speaks a lot about malignant narcissism. He says Trump doesn’t even care if it works or not- he only cares that he gets praise for it right now. Tomorrow or a week from now or a month from now doesn’t matter, only what he gets credit for right now. The sad thing is that he will win this because a lot of people recover from coronavirus anyway, and if they recover and they took Plaquenil he can claim it was a miracle cure because there are no control groups to prove otherwise. [Sob]

  14. Scal says:

    Money and ego. All of his supporters on Twitter are yelling at scientists and the libs that if it works for 12 people in France we should try it! Gets them all fired up.

    Legit have seen lots of people staying that anecdotal evidence is still evidence dummies. \eyeroll.

    Also trump tends to get fixated on words/phrases/ideas. Tremendous. Nasty. Opening by Easter etc

  15. boobra says:

    if you’re an epileptic please note that this chemical as found in anti malarial medication is extremely dangerous. it lowers your threshold and increases your chances of seizures even if you’re on a controlled regime of epileptic meds. i found out the hard way when i went on Hydroxychloroquine tablets while on holiday to Zanzibar, a malarial hotspot. Ended up having 3 grandmal seizures and in hospital to determine what caused the breakdown.

    So if you’re epileptic and want to use Hydroxychloroquine please consult with the specialist treating you for your epilepsy.

    • Lara says:

      Thanks so much for this. Do you happen to know if it interferes with medications used to treat epilepsy?

      • boobra says:

        yes i was on epilim 600mg x2daily and my condition was under control, seizure free for a a year or 2. while on holiday i began experiencing small absence seizures but put it down to the heat, environment and general excitement. i had started my anti malaria tablet course a week prior the holiday and there was no warnings from my GP. when i returned home that was when i had my grandmal attacks. the blood tests revealed that the epilepsy med levels in my system were out of sync, having dropped extremely low, despite me not having missed any dosages. the only change to my medication was the addition of the anti malarial tablet. I also had made sure not to take my epilim and the anti malaria together in case there was any problems.

        in hospital my neurologist advised me to stop my remaining malaria course and ended up upping my dosage to epilim 800mg x2 daily.

        different people respond differently to these meds. but these seizures while on that short Hydroxychloroquine course was like having the absolute worst scary hangover combined with amnesia and a migraine from hell. that’s how i felt at least.

        so please even if you have any other medical condition double check with your physician if Hydroxychloroquine will be compatible with your current meds.

      • Lara says:

        @Boobra- Thanks again. I take some meds meant for epilepsy as part of my daily regimen for major depression (it works, I don’t question it). If I ever do get hospitalized (knock on wood that this won’t happen), I’ll be sure to let the doctors know.

  16. CountryBumpkin says:

    Just read that Trump has 3 trust family funds that are shareholders in the company that makes the medication he keeps touting. Follow the money with 45/Cheetos Mussolini /wackadoodle or whatever you want to call him. He has blood & death on his hands. Karma is coming

    • Christin says:

      In addition to the family funds, I heard on Morning Joe that a major donor and W. Ross (cabinet member) have investments with the company.

    • Liz version 700 says:

      Yep NBC just put out a story that he has financial investments in the French company TGAT makes this drug it is always about his $$$

    • Liz version 700 says:

      Yep NBC just put out a story that he has financial investments in the French company TGAT makes this drug it is always about his $$$

  17. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    He’s really pushing it. At one sitting, he mentioned it five times. It’s because he has a financial stake with the company who manufacturers it. He’s disgustingly dangerous, stupid and self-serving. And his disgustingly dangerous, stupid and self-serving minions are now hoarding a medication others need for entirely different conditions. What a frakked up circus from hell.

  18. Teel says:

    Meanwhile, back in Canada . . . medical teams are planning the world’s largest clinical trial for treatment of COVID 19 using antibody-rich plasma from patients who have recovered from the virus and injecting into infected patients. Which makes a hell of a lot more sense than what that grifter is pushing. I mean, this clinical trial is not even new science, but it has been successfully used in the past for any number of illnesses.


  19. adastraperaspera says:

    Trump pushes this to make money. Period.

  20. Digital Unicorn says:

    I pray karma comes for him and his family BIG TIME. New York have always hated the Trump but now that he is actively taking out ‘revenge’ on them for the fact that they are pursuing a case against him – I hope New York doesn’t stop until they have ruined them all.

  21. Lisa V says:

    Agree with LightPurple!!!

  22. Steph says:

    He owns stock in one of the two companies who produced HC. Same with Rudy. Came out this morning.

    Eat. The. Rich.

    • Mrs.Krabapple says:

      Yeah, Trump doesn’t care if he directly kills people with lies, as long as he makes even more money while doing it. The man is pure evil.

  23. Pansy says:

    One of my best friends is a nurse, his mom is currently in the hospital with COVID19 and pneumonia. She has been given this drug and her lungs improved dramatically. The $ and politics behind it may not be pretty but she did improve to the point that they think she’s going to make it. It really has kept her alive, and right now that’s the most important thing.

    • HillKat says:

      Pansy – I am very happy your friend’s mother is improving. Quite a few people are recovering or have recovered with the use of this treatment. I don’t think it’s being forced on anyone who doesn’t want to take it. If plasma works then that is great news too. The “what do we have to lose comment” was disrespectful, but if I were dying from this crap, I’d have that attitude rather than just giving up on life because I don’t like the president. People subject themselves to experimental treatments all the time. One of my friend’s body is ravaged with cancer. But had she not taken the “what do I have to lose” attitude and been a lab rat for dozens of experiments, she would not have had the last 5 years with her kids. I guess what you have to lose is personal to each of us.

  24. Texas says:

    It’s like forsythia.

  25. Valerie says:

    Because he wants to be the hero.

  26. Liz version 700 says:

    NBC just sent an alert to my phone that says Trump has a financial stake in the French company that makes this drug. Because of course.

  27. Sean says:

    He also just fired the head of the watchdog group that was overseeing the relief fund.

  28. Kkat says:

    Something horrifying I heard from a nurse who works at Kaiser in southern California on a covid floor… If you have Covid and are on a ventilator you are DNR. That’s everyone, old young, normally healthy people.

    So I strongly suggest if you have Kaiser and you need to go to a ER go to a good hospital. They won’t be able to transfer you to Kaiser if you’re critical. So you’ll have a better chance of making it

  29. Miss Gloss says:

    Because it works. Look into it.

  30. april says:

    Dr. Oz was just on FOX and said he recommends using it. He said it’s been in use forever, rheumatologists use it, and it’s safe. I hate that Dr. Oz is a Trump supporter. When this whole thing started, Dr. Oz was on The Talk and kept saying a vaccine would be available in six months. Such a liar!! He’s being told what to say.

    • Mona says:

      I’m watching Dr Oz right now as & he is definitely is touting this drug and I pray with all my heart it will work.

      But – April, I have a question. Is Dr Oz really a Trump supporter???😢. That really really bums me out. My husband just asked me about when the show came on🥵

  31. Guest with Cat says:

    Politico had this headline a couple of hours ago: “Trump removes independent watchdog for coronavirus funds, upending oversight panel

    The move comes as Trump makes a broad push against inspectors general scrutinizing his actions.”

    It was on a news app so I don’t have a direct link. But as I said, it’s on Politico and probably other news publications as well.

    I remember the good old days when everyone was up in arms that Obama was the Anti Christ who was going to set himself up as some sort of dictator for life. I saw that conspiracy theory all over the damn place. I was on Facebook back then and especially saw it posted a lot.

    Lol, same kinds of people who posted all that are raging at anyone who is even daring to question the orange menace despite his outrageous abuse of power, authority and public trust.

  32. Shazze says:

    because he’s a f@cking moron that thinks lies become truth when he speaks

    • naomipaige99 says:

      His supporters for some reason believe all his lies to be truths. Clearly, they are sadly mistaken, and when DT is finally done with his supports, he’s gonna f*^k them like he’s f*^cking the rest of the country. Then, maybe then, they will finally get it!!!!!

  33. Bucky Bieber says:

    I hope the November election is a postal ballot. It would increase turnout and reduce ‘irregularities’.

  34. cf86713 says:

    1. Because he has a financial stake in this
    2. It has also shown to work apparently and probably safer than a vaccine that Gates and Company are touting to incite fear in the public.

    I don’t trust Trump as much as the next person but hearing a vaccine is needed for something that hasn’t killed nearly as many people as Ebola, Mumps, etc isn’t something I trust either.

  35. Jana says:

    I have a sick feeling that money is once again behind Trump’s “love” of this drug. They will probably discover he invested heavily in this particular drug after being warned by Navarro in January about the pandemic…just like all the other senators currently in hot water over their stock dumping and buying after hearing classified information. These people are all monsters.

  36. Darth Nader says:

    America is a shithole country. It can’t protect it’s people or conduct fair elections. So glad I don’t live in the dump.

  37. naomipaige99 says:

    Duh! Why do you think? It’s all about the benjamins with this family. He/they don’t give a sh*t about anybody but themselves. Worst man in office ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Refuse to call him the P word.