“Bernie Sanders is finally suspending his campaign” links

Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders Holds Campaign Rally in Santa Monica

Bernie Sanders is finally suspending his campaign. [CNN]
A Jezebel writer had a disturbing sex dream about Eric Trump. I had terrible dreams about aliens, but that was because I watched too many Ancient Aliens episodes. It’s a thing, though – everybody’s having disturbing, vivid dreams during the quarantine. [Jezebel]
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Steven Colbert is so tired of the Orange One. [Pajiba]
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Donald Trump & Sean Hannity’s comedy routine. [Towleroad]
Farrah Abraham has some thoughts about Bill Gates. [Starcasm]
I find Schiaparelli’s red carpet to be kind of fug? [RCFA]

Bernie Sanders Chicago

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  1. Mac says:

    At least someone on the national stage sees the limits to his personal narcissism.

    • Winterberry says:

      I think with the Coronavirus disaster the need for many the changes Warren and Sanders want to make is being laid bare. They were my two preferred nominees and I wish Biden had not run. I will still vote for Biden as people are literally dying because of Trump and the Republican Party. I hope that other Sanders supporters will follow suit.

      • Dee says:

        Agree on all points, Winterberry.

      • Ruby_Woo says:

        This is what happened in the UK. Labour’s manifesto (under Jeremy Corbyn) was heavily criticised as being too left wing and socialist. People (and by the people, I mean the press), could not fathom how the country was going to pay for everything Labour was proposing (even though it was fully costed). But since the pandemic, the Conservative government has had to take very left-wing (socialist even, so people would say) policies just to deal with Covid-19.

        Labour proposed free broadband for all. At the time it was described as ‘communist internet’. Now similar proposals have been discussed as most people are working from home.

        Immigrants and key workers who were regularly demonised by the press and major parts of the pro-brexit government are now somehow celebrated.

        People have a whole new sympathy for people on welfare now that many have lost their jobs and have had to apply for welfare themselves.

        There is also more sympathy for and disabled people as many are now home bound due to health concerns. Many adjustments that have been put in place by employers to allow workers to work from home have now been magically put in place, while disabled employees have been requesting similar adjustments for years and would be told that it was just not possible.

  2. Kkat says:

    I hope like hell his followers vote for Biden
    No matter how you feel about Biden he is oceans better than Trump.
    There is no way Biden can F up the pandemic response like trump is doing.

    And we are no where done with this, were going to get hit again in the fall/winter. So having someone in the lead that isn’t a total malignant narcissistic moron is vitally important

    • doddy says:

      bernie’s hardcore supporters already made it clear they would vote for Trump if Biden is the nominee. see, they like to talk about justice and reform and progressiveness – but if they dont get their way, they have no problem burning down the world while yelling “SHOULD HAVE VOTED FOR BEEEERNIE!” yesterday after John Lewis endorsed Biden, berniebro/broettes WENT AFTER john lewis, like attacked him & insulted him. These ppl are so messed up & selfish, its insane. They like to talk the talk but if they dont get their way, its scorched earth. the young bernie fans didnt even SHOW UP in droves to the primaries (like they do at rallies) to give Bernie the numbers they thought he deserved.

      they dont mind giving it to Trump. That right there shows you they don’t care about the topics/causes they talk about.

      Pure selfishness.

      oh also, let me add: NONE of the above is a criticism of Bernie Sanders himself. I like Bernie a lot, and I agree with almost all of his ideas. I also hope/expect Biden if he wins to have Bernie in his administration. I still think Bernie can be involved & make great strides/changes in DC. I do NOT think these selfish hardcore supporters are like him. I think he is a good person & wouldn’t do what they do (scorched earth, my way or the highway)

      • Jerusha says:

        “oh also, let me add: NONE of the above is a criticism of Bernie Sanders himself. I like Bernie a lot, and I agree with almost all of his ideas. I also hope/expect Biden if he wins to have Bernie in his administration. I still think Bernie can be involved & make great strides/changes in DC. I do NOT think these selfish hardcore supporters are like him. I think he is a good person & wouldn’t do what they do (scorched earth, my way or the highway)”
        Agree. I wish Bernie had run 20 years ago, but at this time we’re up against a 100% certifiably insane monster and his cult and Bernie could never attract the moderate or Never Trumper Rs. We need to take all three branches, reverse everything done the past 3+ years, and jail most of those grifting incompetents.

        PS. That top picture is pretty sad.

      • Reece says:

        It’s not a criticism of Bernie but I wonder now as I did in 2016,
        What is it about Bernie Sanders that attracts those types of people to him?

      • kacy says:

        @Reece, seconded!!

      • Mireille says:

        They went after John Lewis, Obama, Obama supporters, Clinton, Clinton supporters, Warren, Warren supporters … the list goes on. And they’re still teeing off on Twitter since Bernie dropped out. For the record I don’t have anything against Bernie BUT HIS hardcore supporters’ rabid hate for anyone/thing that does NOT endorse him smacks of the same insanity that defines the hardcore MAGA fans (and yes, I know there’s a difference between Trump and Bernie). I’m done with them. I’m voting Blue No Matter What. My New Yorkers are suffering — and we need a strong leader in the White House to get us out of this mess.

      • Sass says:

        Agree. And some of Sanders’s supporters are so hypocritical. They don’t want to hear how they’re being irresponsible in refusing to vote for Biden…after months of insulting anyone who supported anyone BUT Sanders. And I literally read a comment on Facebook that said “it’s time to punish the Democratic Party.”

        But Bernie Bros are a myth. Ooooooook lol

  3. Ann says:

    I know there aren’t too many Bernie supporters on this site but I for one am disappointed he didn’t deliver on his momentum with the youth. It was definitely time for him to drop but I’m still bummed. I don’t want to vote for Biden but I will. I hope Liz, and maybe even Bernie, get a seat at Biden’s table because progressive ideals are desperately needed right now. Biden also needs to announce his VP already. I hope that comes by the end of week.

    • A says:

      I’m disappointed as well. The country is broken and needs a complete overhaul. The fact that were now stuck with Biden, another old white guy who thinks he deserves to be President because he’s hung out long enough, has no original ideas, oh, and is creepy with women to boot – ugh.

      That said, of course any option is better than another four years of Trump.

    • Chaine says:

      Depressing outcome to such a diverse field of candidates. Sad to see Bernie go just at this point when the need to implement the polices he champions has truly crystallized. I will vote for Joe just like I voted for Hillary last time.

      • Ruby_Woo says:

        I’m from the UK and haven’t really been following this (even though my sister has been really emotionally invested and has kept me updated), but from what I caught, there were some really great contenders for the Democratic nominee. So, it is a shame that they ended up with Biden. I hope things go well whatever happens and something constructive can be sorted out.

        Big love from the UK X

    • Circe says:

      I’m a big Bernie fan. It’s especially difficult right now, watching what’s happening and knowing that all of the policies that will save us are Bernie’s policies (UBI, M4A, living wage, restrictions on bank and stock market, protections for workers). We need him right now.

      I will support Biden. But I wonder if Democrats will blame themselves if Biden still loses? He is an incredibly uninspiring, out of touch candidate. That doesn’t mean much to me, as he’s better than Trump, but to some people, it will.

      • (TheOG) jan90067 says:

        THIS is why Biden needs to announce his running mate NOW, rather than waiting until summer, with a “virtual” DNC (because sure as we’re sitting here, there’s NO WAY there can be a convention, with people packed in like sardines for one hour, let alone a few days!).

        Wouldn’t be a bad idea to be floating out some cabinet picks as well, to get people excited.

      • CrazyCro says:

        Same here, I was a big supporter! Sadly, didn’t even get a chance to vote in my state.

    • Green Desert says:

      Ann- I’m a progressive and I like Bernie and believe in his platform. There are many reasonable Bernie supporters, his bros are unfortunately the loudest. I’m sad that they mar an otherwise wonderful platform that benefits the vast majority of people. I too hope that Biden really listens to the progressive voices like Bernie and Liz. He needs to if he wants to win over younger people. Also voting for Biden…blue no matter who. 🇺🇸

  4. Lightpurple says:

    Has anyone done a wellness check on Susan Sarandon?

    I think the negotiations for this have been going on for weeks. Biden has been making lots of overtures to Sanders and the statement Biden released today was gracious, laudatory, and welcoming.

    • lucy2 says:

      LOL, she’s probably donating to Jill Stein as we speak, and will lecture us again about how it worked out because Trump made people get involved. Not working out so great now, Susan.

      I think the writing has been on the wall for Bernie since the last two primaries, his voter turnout just wasn’t there. I hope he supports Biden, and the whole field of candidates works together. A win in November is a must.

  5. Kitkatdanke says:

    On the Guardian today they were discussing not suspending Wisconsin’s primary, or moving to exclusively mail-in. While it’s the Republican state that decided (and clearly doesn’t care if they kill elderly Dem voters perhaps, since Trump only won by 22k votes) they were pretty horrified Biden stayed quiet and kept saying “that’s for the states to decide.” I really hope Biden steps up as a leader, because that’s what the US need in this crisis, hence Cuomo’s new popularity. I’m finding Biden’s most recent public appearances to be milquetoast at best, and embarrassing at worst.

  6. So_Cal_Sam says:

    I’m disappointed, too, but I get it. We need to unify the country first and foremost, but still move forward with progress. I’m not a Biden fan by any means. He may very well be a good person, but I am just so worried about his ability to run this country. I will vote for him just to get Trump out. Biden needs to surround himself with amazing people who know what they are doing and are strong in their convictions, like Elizabeth and Bernie. I do feel that Biden was the DNC’s choice from the get-go and feel betrayed that many of us were not “heard.” I think I will be changing my long-held status as registered Democrat to Independent after this year.

    • Babsorig says:

      I mean, if Trump has been yr president for 4 years, I’m sure Biden will manage just fine. Democrats need to stop criticizing yr candidate before he even gets nominated. Its like once again you starting to pick him apart because he is not perfect enough, y’all need to be careful. They all have their flaws, even Sanders is not as “perfect” as some like to believe.

  7. Valiantly Varnished says:

    Now imagine if he had done this weeks ago. Good riddance.

  8. bluemoonhorse says:

    Staying in the race, demanding primaries, just increased the exposure possibilities of those voting. So I’m glad he finally stepped down, though as usual, too little, to late.

    • Who ARE These People? says:

      Wisconsin Democrats would not have needed to stand in line in the rain for hours, exposed to other people who could infect them, if Bernie had dropped out earlier.

      Wisconsin Republicans, on the other hand, did not have to stand in line in the rain for hours, exposed to other people who could infect them.

      Bernie’s timing was not good in 2016 and was not good in 2020. Stubborn people may be “right” about some things but have the hardest of hard times in letting go.

      • Mac says:

        The presidential primary was not the only office on the WI ballot yesterday.

      • CuriousCole says:

        @WhoARE – Milwaukee, WI voter here, YES we did need to stand and vote! There were over a dozen important offices on the ballot, including a seat on our state’s supreme court. I am astonished that after the last three years you don’t understand the importance of paying attention to every tier of government and the crucial role that judges play in deciding the fates of entire populations.

  9. adastraperaspera says:

    Thank you to the Bernie Sanders campaign for making this decision. I hope his supporters find a place in the big tent coalition being put together by Biden’s campaign. This is not a fight that can be won by a single individual–we have to join together to rid our country of the GOP organized crime syndicate that is masquerading as a political party.

  10. Yoyo says:

    Biden should not give any concessions to Bernie, who can not be trusted, and most of his supporters are like him.
    Great for not agreeing to another debate with Bernie, his town hall meetings was full of promises that he could not deliver.
    He said suspend his campaign he didn’t say end his campaign, wouldn’t be surprise to see him back in the race.
    Bernie Bots are all talk, attacking anyone who call out Bernie for only using the Democratic Party when it’s usual for him, but claims he is an Independent otherwise.
    The viciousness they attack John Lewis with, will not be forgotten, they did the same at 2016 at the Democratic Convention, and Bernie stood on the platform like a mute, he didn’t think JL was going to support him in 2020.

    • The Fauch says:

      If Biden doesn’t give any concessions to the progressive base of the party then they won’t turn out in sufficient numbers to vote for him.

      • kacy says:

        They are already saying that they won’t regardless. So what’s the incentive?

      • Darth Nader says:

        The stocks surged off the back of this announcement. What does that tell you about who Biden represents?

  11. Nia says:

    So Blah No Progress Biden is it. Still a zillion times better than Trump. But damn America.

    • lucy2 says:

      Let’s hope for a great VP, Biden using 1 term to fix as much as possible, and then stepping aside for a more progressive future.

  12. AndaPanda says:

    I’m disappointed but I’m definitely voting for Biden. I can’t imagine who the person is that backs Bernie but votes Trump. I don’t know any but sounds like some of you do. Most of the people I know that backed Bernie were tired of being screwed with high medical bills and unfair treatment.

    All I want is everyone to have an equal opportunity to succeed with equal access to everything that comes with that like education and healthcare. I’m fortunate in this life and want my story to not be an anomaly.

  13. Sam the Pink says:

    So he dropped out.

    Anybody else notice that the only person Bernie refused to concede to happened to be, well, a woman?

    Just sayin’

  14. Riley says:

    The goal should be to get Trump out of there and with the hand we were dealt, Biden is the only one who can do that. Bernie can’t and if he believes what he’s preaching, stepping down was the right thing to do. Hope his followers can grasp that.

  15. KellyRyan says:

    I’m pleased Bernie dropped out and hope Biden chooses his VP candidate soon. Given Covid-19 I hope we see interviews with both frequently. No to any debate with Drumpf. I had the sound off during Bernie’s speech today and feel saddened, Bernie does not look well. I do hope he’s okay.

    • Darla says:

      They’re all old men and none of them look well. In Sanders’ case it’s made worse by his recent heart problems, in trump’s case by a life long commitment to meat, speed, and being carried from place to place so he doesn’t have to exert himself walking, and in Biden’s case, sadly, the recent loss of his son. That outwardly aged him fast and drastically.

      But Biden’s all we got right now. And many of us won’t survive a 2nd trump term, in fact many of us haven’t survived a 1st trump term especially after the covid death toll is complete. I will wear a Biden or Bust tshirt, and an I Heart Joe Biden badge, I don’t care. Whatever it takes to end this national nightmare.

  16. jferber says:

    Thank God! Now, please, please, please Bernie, get on the Biden train and full-heartedly sell him to your supporters. All of our lives might depend on it. Also, so many Bernie people are young people, who don’t really vote nowadays. Tell them to vote for Biden, Bernie, please. Everyone must vote for Biden to get sanity, normalcy, decency, honesty and a non-criminally insane president. We MUST make this happen.