John Krasinski’s SGN starts baseball season with generous donation from Red Sox


Episode three of John Krasinski’s Some Good News came out on Easter Sunday and once again, it did not disappoint. Early in the week, John suggested he would make this week’s episode sports themed:

The episode opened with a new title sequence, provided by the ridiculously talented Squad Harmonix, who performed an a capella version of what I assume was an original song they scored:


John followed that with fan art he’s received. Because this is SGN and not the seedy underbelly of the dark web, the fan art he showed was both talented and tasteful. From there, John launched into my favorite part of the whole episode. He began his Good News with stories of people who have overcome the virus (2:22 mark) and how the hospitals and health care workers celebrated their journey out of quarantine. In addition to the hero’s sendoff they got, John highlighted clips of hospitals workers literally dancing for joy that they were able to save someone from this deadly disease:


Next, John ran a few examples of people who have survived the virus and walked out, from a 104-year-old war veteran, to a 36-year old from Escondido who donated his plasma to help others:

The following segment was one of John’s regulars, an assortment of fun clips on how folks around the globe are coping with isolation in fun and positive ways. Five and a half minutes in, John turned to sports, which, remember, was going to be the focus of this week’s episode. His started with folks at home and their various ‘sporting events’, including this clip that made the rounds last week:

Taking a cue from Andrew Cotter (check out some of his other videos), John enlisted the help of sportscaster Joe Buck to commentate on a few of John’s videos. They’re all cute but I could watch the women launching things into her washing machine, with her partner running interference on loop all day. At 9:11 into the video, John finally introduces the fact that opening day for baseball was supposed to be last week. He showed a collection of at-home baseball games and homages to the sport. Those led into hospital workers in various states who were also missing the National Pastime. At 10:21, John introduced his special guests, some of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center’s COVID unit who had sent in this tweet:

After telling the group how honored he was to speak with them, John brought in his ‘special guest: David Ortiz, who announced that the staff of Beth Israel would receive Red Sox tickets – for life. The staff was very excited to speak with him and we, at home, smiled and waited for the rest of the team to call in via Zoom. But that was last week. Instead, John had the COVID staff pile (at a proper social distance, of course) into a very sterilized Duck Boat and carted them off to Fenway Park, where they officially threw in the first pitch of the 2020 Baseball Season. But, not before the Mayor of Boston, the Governor of Massachusetts and the rest of the Boston Red Sox applauded them from the jumbotron:

If you continue past the Fenway segment, John reached out to the rest of the doctors and nurses across the country and announced that AT&T was paying their cell phone bills for three months:

I don’t know how your Easter turned out, but mine ended with a phone call from my scared mother who’d just watched my unconscious father get loaded into an ambulance, unable to go with him as she’d not be allowed in the hospital. It was a rough night, to put it mildly. And as I tossed and turned in bed for the third hour, I gave in, picked up my phone and logged in to Twitter. I kid you not SGN’s tweet was at the top of my feed, begging me to take 18 minutes to feel good. I snuck out of bed and watched it, twice, in my living room with my dogs on my lap and allowed myself to cry. I think John set out to do something fun and silly, hopefully giving folks a few feel good moments. I don’t know if he understands how much he is actually doing in that quarter hour each week. BTW, if you need a little pick me up, the SGN Twitter page is generally a source of a smile or two.

And as of this writing, my father is awake and speaking. We are awaiting test results but it looks like we are through the worst of it, so – Some (more) Good News.

Photo credit: Twitter and YouTube

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  1. Alissa says:

    has a huge Red Sox fan, and is someone who’s favorite player has been David Ortiz for a very long time, that made me cry and then start openly sobbing once I saw Fenway. I really do need this.

    I’m glad your dad doing better.

  2. Bookie says:

    Best wishes to your dad for a full and speedy recovery! <3

  3. Lightpurple says:

    Hecate, so glad your dad is doing better. Sending prayers that he continues to improve.

    I watched SGN the other night and, I rarely cry at anything other than funerals, I teared up watching several of the segments. For those who aren’t familiar with the layout of Boston, Beth Israel Deaconess is pretty much right next door to Fenway Park. Down Brookline Ave, it’s Fenway, one block of storefronts and bars, a huge traffic intersection, than Beth Israel on one side of the street, the Deaconess on the other. It’s the entrance to the Longwood Medical Center, which also includes Dana Farber, Children’s Hospital, and Brigham & Women. If you fall and break a wrist at Fenway, you’re going to BID’s ER. (Yes, a friend did that). Fenway is a shrine; that grass and basepaths sacred. We are not allowed to walk on it. This was a real tribute from the Red Sox to their neighbors, who are doing so much for our area right now.

  4. LORENA says:

    This makes me so emotional. I am from Boston and BIDMC is my hospital, I still have to visit it weekly for my ultrasounds and will be delivering my baby there in just a few weeks (hopefully) seeing all the changes in the hospital because of Covid makes me so sad but I obviously understand how necessary it is. This is such a sweet gesture among so much tragedy ❤️

    • AJ says:

      BIDMC also has a special place in my heart too. Both my girls were born there. They’re officially Red Sox babies. They used to give a cute car package when leaving, that included a tour of Fenway on their 5th bday. Plus my oldest spent time in the NICU and the staff is amazing.

  5. Jerusha says:

    I think I’m falling in love with John Krasinski, hope Emily doesn’t mind.
    I hope your father is out of the woods and on the mend.

  6. RG says:

    Praying for your dad’s quick and full recovery 🙏🏽

  7. betsyh says:

    Hecate, Celebitchy has helped me through a couple traumatic periods, so I understand how SGN helped you. {virtual, corona-virus-safe hug}

  8. Mumbles says:

    Nurses and health care professionals sign up of the possibility of a health crisis when they sign up for the gig, even though the risk is usually remote. Grocery workers, delivery people, mail carriers do not. Nor do grocery workers get six figure salaries like the nurses at Beth Israel (who do – look it up). It’s nice to see that in all this trouble and awfulness these nurses have time to choreograph dances and videotape themselves dancing. Amazon warehouse workers can’t even urinate.

  9. Esmom says:

    Oh, Hecate, I can imagine how frantic you were. I’m glad your dad is doing better. Hugs.

  10. f. Fantyfan says:

    Hecate, I hope your father is home very soon! Much love!

  11. Ann says:

    I thought that Mark 2:22 was a Bible verse and I was very confused. LOL

  12. sa says:

    I hope your father has a swift and easy recovery!

  13. lizziebuck says:

    Hecate, I hope your father is feeling better soon — and that your mom’s okay! We’ve all got your family’s back!