Keeping up with the Spederlines

We haven’t kept up with the Spederlines the past two days and like you we’re sick of them, but still interested in a rubbernecking way. Here are the highlights.

  • Yesterday Britney went out for lunch with some friends. She wore a crop top and does not look pregnant.
  • Kevin got a haircut and proudly announced to the world that he donated the leftovers.
  • Kevin also got “a tattoo of an embryo featuring tribal designs” which may mean anything to that fool.
  • Britney and Kevin went out to dinner last night at Koi. They appear to have been in some kind of fight as Britney looked upset in the car and they left via the back exit. Some say Kevin looks hot with his new hair, but we don’t think so.
  • Britney was back at the studio today sporting a new fluffy hairdo. Pictures are below.

    Pictures [via]

    Two more pictures after the jump.

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