Lin-Manuel Miranda and Conan O’Brien say everyone is having vivid dreams now

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Lin-Manuel Miranda was on Conan O’Brien’s show this week, you can see the full interview below. They talked about their self-care during lockdown, with Conan admitting that he doesn’t use lotion at all, even though his skin is very dry. That’s not something to admit! Just put some moisturizer on, it’s not that hard. Lin is trying to grow out his beard and it’s patchy but he knows that. I liked the part where they talked about the crazy dreams they’re having as I could relate to that.

I’ve been having very vivid dreams and then I read in an article that everyone’s having vivid dreams right now.
I posted on Twitter. I dreamt I was a grizzled newspaper editor, like a J.J. Jameson type, and my two star reporters, my Woodward and Bernstein, were Swoosie Kurtz and rapper DaBaby. They couldn’t be more different but they worked together and I was just like ‘get it on my desk at 5 O’Clock!’ Something about this team, I think they’re really going to crack it.

My brain is just looking around ‘you, you get in there.’

[From Conan at Home on YouTube]

That’s a cute dream! I would tell people my dreams if they were that positive and clever. A couple of weeks ago I had a dream that I worked in a hospital caring for dying patients. It was really sad actually and that’s why I remembered it, but I normally don’t remember dreams unless I write them down. I keep a journal in my nightstand but only write them down if they’re good or if I think I’ll learn something from them. I don’t want to remember the scary dreams.

Oh and Lin told a cute story about his guest segment for Sesame Street. He asked that Elmo talk to his kids afterwards and Elmo did! Lin and his wife of ten years, Vanessa Nadal, have two sons: Sebastian, 5, and Francisco, 2. Lin said “Elmo” was Sebastian’s first word!

Here’s that interview! The dream part is at about 1:30 in.

Lin started asking Conan questions about his day around minute 11. Conan’s 14-year-old son keeps saying “ok Boomer” and giving him grief for not knowing about technology. Lin then freestyles a song he makes up on the spot about Conan’s day and it’s amazing! How does he do that?! You can tell Conan is amazed and flattered. Honestly that made me cry. How f’ing talented is Lin Manuel Miranda?

Lin is also selling merchandise and collecting donations through his TeeRico charity to benefit theater workers. 100% of the profits go to the Emergency Assistance Fund for entertainment workers affected by the crisis.

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  1. Jensies says:

    He’s too much. Too good. I love him.

  2. Moxylady says:

    I had a dream that I was out with my two little kiddos – we were at the library picking out books and we walked up to the counter to check them out. My youngest dropped some on the ground and he sat down to start picking them up. There were people in line behind us and they started helping and all of the sudden I remembered the virus. That we shouldn’t be out of the house. We shouldn’t be in the library. We shouldn’t be this close to other people. We shouldn’t be here. This was all terribly terribly wrong. And I was running through options to help us and fix this somehow – like stripping down outside, taking a shower, leaving the books behind – when I woke up. My littlest one has been complaining of being bored with our books. Even though I got out over 150 since I knew quarantine was going to be a while. Hence this dream.

  3. The Recluse says:

    Too many dreams to remember clearly!!

  4. bobafelty says:

    Everyone keeps talking about their suddenly vivid dreams now. But I’m the opposite. Used to have vivid dreams at least a couple times a week. I haven’t had a single dream I remember at all since this thing began. Don’t know what that means.

  5. Alex says:

    there is a link between stress and vivid dreaming

  6. L says:

    I always have vivid memorable dreams. Last night was my first dream that acknowledged covid though.

    I was best friends with my sister’s real life best friend and she invited me to travel to Cairns, Australia with her. I was sooo excited but wondered if we would actually be able to get on a plane because of covid19. I decided that was details I would deal with later. Then we went out for ice cream at a new place that was obviously not social distancing and all the ice cream was unique flavours but they all tasted bland. I was taste testing all the flavours and finally decided on a peanut brittle flavour and the lady charged me $45 for a single scoop. Then I stole some merchandise (a t-shirt) that was on the counter and I justified it because she charged me $45 for an ice cream cone. But later a random couple pulled up in my driveway and told me that if I was caught with the stolen merch I’d be looking at 6 months jail. Then I woke up.