Don Trump Jr. got an Edible Arrangement for his girlfriend: cheap or just… fine?

I saw this on Jezebel – Don Trump Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle are still together and celebrating their two-year anniversary as a couple. So what did Don do to celebrate? He got her an Edible Arrangement, which included a heart-shaped balloon and a box of chocolate-covered strawberries. Jezebel mocked the anniversary gift as “lazy” especially considering that Don is allegedly a wealthy dude. I get that, I really do. But also: don’t hate me, but I would f–king love an Edible Arrangement right now?? Kimberly loved it too. She posted this with the photo:

Yesterday was a special day for @donaldjtrumpjr and myself. After working all day – including hosting an hour on 77-WABC and joining him for his special @teamtrump online broadcast of “Triggered” – we were able to take some time to celebrate two amazing years of being together. It has been a very special time and he was so thoughtful with his card, balloons, chocolate covered strawberries (one of my favorites), and beautiful flowers. I kept up my cooking with KG and we enjoyed a great meal. We truly are blessed and I love having him as a wonderful other half. #AnniversaryWeekend

[From Kimberly’s IG]

I mean, it’s performative and of course they’re doing this for Middle America, because all of those MAGA peeps love it when a Trump is Just Like Us. She even shilled for Don’s sad little book too, because this entire relationship is cross-promotional, transactional and gross. But also… f–k, I might have to send some Edible Arrangement strawberries to myself. That’s what the quarantine has done to me – my love language is people sending me food, even if it’s just me sending myself food (food which I forgot I ordered). And yeah, after two years together, Don really should have used the company credit card to charge a pair of earrings or something more significant.

From Kimberly’s IGs.

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  1. Tiffany says:

    That gift is on par for the kind of people they both are.

    I too love Edible Arrangements.

    And I remember that this woman use to be married to Gavin Newsom and original face was better looking that what she has now.

    • Annaloo. says:

      Do you think she ever looks at Gavin Newsom now after being with Don Jr and thinks, “wow I chose wrong”

    • whatWHAT? says:

      she’s got a hell of a filter on that bottom insta pic…because her face is much harsher looking than that.

      and who took the top pic? the help?

    • Candikat says:

      Her original face was quite pretty, but she was never particularly classy. Back when Gavin was my mayor I remember thinking less of him for picking her.

    • Holly hobby says:

      Yes her original face was better. These photos make her face look very plastic Barbie like. Such a shame but she got the face she deserves!

    • Tiffany :) says:

      The true gift she gets is the $15k/month or $180k per year that she is paid to “date” Trump Jr.

  2. Rapunzel says:

    Let me guess: the Trumps know the creator of Edible Arrangements and he’s mad he didn’t get invited to a press conference for a free ad, like the My Pillow dude. So Jr. decided to throw him a bone.

    And it’s been 2 years for them?

    • molly says:

      Maybe, but I don’t think so. The founder and CEO of Edible Arrangements is an immigrant from Pakistan who worked crazy hard with his mom and family to turn a flower shop into Edible Arrangements.

      And I sincerely hope the whole Trump bunch rot in hell, but nothing gets my office more excited than an Edible Arrangement. I love those things.

  3. kat says:

    My SIL sent me one when my son was born (she lives several provinces away) and I’m not going to lie, at first I thought it was cheap and tacky, but I could have eaten those chocolate dipped bananas for all time. I definitely came around to: excellent gift idea.

    • Anna says:

      Yeah, that makes sense. They kinda seem like gifts that look admittedly tacky at first, but who doesn’t love food?

  4. Erinn says:

    Loathe these people, but I certainly wouldn’t be turning away chocolate covered strawberries right now.

  5. KPS says:

    I soooo want chocolate, strawberries, and that shrimp pasta! That looks awesome. I’ve never like chocolate-covered strawberries. Like them both separately but not together. Is that odd?

    • AnnaKist says:

      Yay! Finally, someone else who doesn’t like chocolate-covered strawberries! I don’t like chocolate on any fruit. I looooove fruit. Fruit it so perfect, it needs no embellishment whatsoever – no chocolate, no syrup, no caramel, no sprinkles… Nothing. 🍇 🍈 🍉 🍎 🍊 🍓 🍌🍍 🥝

    • Spicecake38 says:

      Hate chocolate on any fruit,why ruin fruit?

    • sa says:

      I usually don’t care for chocolate on fruit, but I always have to try it when it’s in front of me, because it looks so good!

      I do often like it when they use unsweetened chocolate.

  6. emmy says:

    My sister and I have close relatives who have money (not this kind of money) and one of them is notoriously blah on gifts. They don’t spend money on luxuries (and don’t see the point) except their home and travel so what do you give someone like that? There are only so many books you can give before it becomes ridiculous. So we switched to food. Wine. Snacks they cannot get where they live (small village). Never have I seen his face light up like when we gave him a case of wine he had discovered on their last vacation.

    I hate these people but I would love this as a gift.

  7. Lightpurple says:

    Somehow, I doubt Junior sent her that gift. Someone on the campaign staff ordered it and put his name on it. The campaign paid for it. Just like the campaign is paying her $180,000 a year.

    And he always looks like he hasn’t showered in a week.

    • Darla says:

      He really does. My god he is so gross. Not that she’s better. Sure she looks clean, but she’s so plastic. I think she’s fugly. I know she was married to hottie Gavin, but that was back in the day. She looks like an after picture in a plastic surgery warning show now.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      I can’t look at his beard and not think “shoe polish” or “sharpie”.

      and someone once described her look as “budget Melania” or “dollar-store Melania” and I thought that was so accurate.

      • dreamchild says:

        Except that Melania looks like “budge Melania and dollar store Melania.” Ugh they are all so ugly, inside and out.

  8. Jerusha says:

    I hate the toxic trump spawn. They can all choke on it.

  9. AA says:

    No lie, I love Edible Arrangements stuff. The fruit is really good. So no shade here.

  10. AnnaKist says:

    Bleergh. He’s got “disgusting” written all over him. Just like papa. No idea who she is, but she looks fake. Who took the photo? Talk about posed. These people are loathsome.

  11. Darla says:

    They do nothing for free, so now I want to know what his relationship with the ceo or owner of edible arrangements is. I especially want to know because I actually do love their arrangements and I have one friend in particular who always sends me one for my bday. Not the strawberries, blech. But still.

  12. Noodle says:

    Snarky observation of the day: why hasn’t anyone switched out their Home Goods autumnal gourds table decorations? It’s an odd choice for the end-of-April…

  13. TheOriginalMia says:

    Has his divorce finalized? Edible Arrangements are nice. They seem like cheap rich people. Like they don’t spend extravagantly on gifts, but like to pretend they do.

  14. KBeth says:

    He’s disgusting but no shade on edible arrangements.

  15. Louise says:

    Nope, tacky just like breaking quaratine and going to a shooting range. I hope those strawberries were sour😄fuck’em both.

  16. Jessica says:

    I’m sure they were paid to promote Edible Arrangements. Aside – I wonder what she looks like without the gallons of makeup on her face.

  17. Esmom says:

    Edible Arrangements might be fine but it would be better to support local businesses, many of whom are struggling to survive, during this time. I imagine the thought wouldn’t occur to him.

  18. NotSoSocialButterfly says:

    I hope someone coughed all over it.

  19. Aimee says:

    Gee, hair and nails look good. I guess she’s getting the same treatment as Melania.

    • Joanna says:

      That looks like a wig to me. Not that there’s anything wrong with that but I don’t see real hair ever looking that perfect

  20. bettyrose says:

    I wish I could never again have to look at pictures of Newsom’s ex-wife hanging with the Trump-clan. Newsom is doing an an amazing job protecting California from the deranged lunatic, but these pictures are just a reminder that Newsom’s so good at this because he travels in the same circles at the Trumps. And then I’m reminded we’re an oligarchy and we still need the very privileged good guys to save us from the very privileged bad guys.

  21. Mina_Esq says:

    There isn’t a person alive that wouldn’t love an Edible Arrangement mmm I’ll try hard to disassociate DJTJ from EA. How dare he?! Also, that woman looks rough. Yikes!

  22. ravynrobyn says:

    Really rich of them to act like they give a rat’s azz about all the poors suffering right now because of HIS FATHER NEEDLESSLY, CRUELLY & GLEEFULLY CASUSING 90% OF THEIR SUFFERING 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

    F*CK THEM ALL, May they spend the rest of their entitled lives in prison and then burn in HELL for eternity..