Savannah Guthrie worked with her colorist to dye her hair at home

Savannah Guthrie has been doing her own makeup in lockdown. You can tell in her segments on The Today Show. She’s a sweet lady, it looks fine and she doesn’t even need to wear makeup, but her styling is different than we’re used to seeing. As we were talking about yesterday in the post about Hilarie Burton growing her roots out (she tweeted at me and then apologized when she read our coverage!), people are either going gray or dyeing their hair at home. There are some notable exceptions, like Kristen Stewart. (Why would you Instagram that? You’re admitting that you’re breaking Stay at Home orders!) For the most part people are protecting everyone’s health by not seeing their stylists and colorists, except remotely. Some colorists are sending formula to their clients and helping them apply it at home. Savannah’s colorist worked with her to help her refresh her highlights. She posted about it to Instagram recently and that’s above. People has some quotes from another expert hairstylist, who of course recommends that everyone consult their colorist before trying to dye at home.

When it comes to dyeing your hair yourself, longtime hairstylist and founder and CEO of ColorProof Color Care Authority Jim Markham suggests first getting in touch with your colorist for advice. “They know your hair type and needs,” Markham told PEOPLE. “Hair color is a tricky science and best left to professionals, however in desperate times, make sure to do your research, select your ideal brand and best shade, and thoroughly read all the instructions before starting to avoid mishaps.

As for choosing the correct box color, Markham adds: “Choose one that does not stray too far from your natural color. A good rule of thumb is to stay within a half a shade to one shade lighter than your natural color.”

[From People]

Savannah has highlights that are much different than her natural color, so hers must be pretty difficult to get right. Plus you can tell she relies on her glam team to help her. No offense! Makeup and hair are not everyone’s thing. I’m superficial that way and am still not that great at it.

It looks like she got it!

This makes me wonder how people with bleached hair and hair that requires you strip and then add color are coping. They’re probably just living with it like a lot of people are living with length.

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  1. Erinn says:

    It’s really sad that I’m like “Oh wow! Her face has real lines in it!” and feeling pumped about that, but here we are. Honestly, I think it looks so much better than most botox. I don’t blame on air personalities for wanting to freshen up and appear younger or whatever – but it always looks SO much better when it’s done minimally. I LIKE seeing lines on people’s faces – it makes them look so much more human (but I’m super jealous of the folks that really just develop them at a really slow pace).

    She’s a super cute lady – she has a very bubbly look to her, but I’ve never watched her on air for anything, so I don’t know what she’s like at all. Her eyes are gorgeous though. I assume that’s her son, who is also incredibly cute.

  2. Christin says:

    I’ve done my own highlights (and now gray coverup base color) for 20+ years, on naturally medium-dark brown hair. It costs me 8 US dollars per highlighting kit and one hour of time. The base color is salon brand, and I can mix up any color combo I like. No appointment necessary.

    My hairdresser did my highlights one time, and they were harder to maintain. More blonde, and definitely more expensive. If I were doing extreme color changes, though, I would not be DIYing it.

  3. JennyJenny says:

    My colorist put together individual packages of product for each of her clients.
    Then she put together a YouTube video showing us how to apply the color to the roots. And then delivered all of the items to everyone’s house.

    I thought it was a brilliant idea and my hair is happy!

  4. Jillian says:

    I dyed my hair blonde and I actually really like.

    But I wish I could do a fun color like purple or blue. It’d be unprofessional at my work

  5. Other Renee says:

    I think she did a good job.

    I ordered color on line, taped my stylist’s instructions on the wall and did it myself. My husband helped. I was terrified. But it came out great. I also cut my own bangs. They did not come out as great. 😀

    I sent my stylist money through Venmo to thank her for her help including all the texting we did.

  6. Mac says:

    I tried dying my own hair once and it was a disaster. I’l just stick with the grey hair.

  7. Aimee says:

    I use a store bought box. What’s the big deal? My hair has thinned so much the past 10 years it’s just not worth paying $100 a pop for a professional dye job. My nails on the other hand? I miss my gel manicure!!!!

  8. holly hobby says:

    It’s refreshing to see a normal face instead of the plumped up ones we usually see on tv.

  9. Lindy says:

    I’m 43 and have soo much grey that I’ve been dying for years now, just to match my natural shade, which is deep dark brown. So I just use box dye about every 4-6 weeks on the roots.

    The older I get (And I work in tech so I am literally old enough to be my boss’ mom and really do have to be attentive to not looking old because there’s a huge age bias in tech unfortunately), the harder it is to maintain because I’m just going gray so fast.

    I’m experimenting during the lockdown with dying my roots a pretty, auburn red shade. It goes well with my natural coloring (pale skin, freckles, blue eyes) and the gray doesn’t show up quite as fast. Right now it looks pretty terrible because it’s very much two-tone. But if I like it, then I think I’ll plan to go to a serious salon, cut off a lot of the darker color on the bottom, and then just try to go with the Auburn more permanently.

    I wish I didn’t hate the idea of going gray so much, and I wish it weren’t such a scary prospect to do that in my industry.

    • Dazed and Confused says:

      Lindy, I get it, especially in the tech industry. I notice when I touch up my roots, I don’t look as tired as I do with the gray hair.

  10. Dazed and Confused says:

    I have been bleaching my hair up to platinum at home for about 4 years now. I tried it while I had a pixie, so if I botched it, I would soon have all new hair. The front of my hair is mostly gray — white actually. The back has far fewer gray hairs. For me, it’s easier to take it up to level 10 than to try to replicate my dark blonde hair and it looks better. I had to do my roots every couple of weeks to avoid the skunk stripe but when I bleach it, I only have to do it every 6-8 weeks.