Hip-hop-hater Oprah has a new BFF: Jay-Z

Oprah has never been known to encourage or celebrate hip-hop or rap artists. Within the past few years, there was even a somewhat significant backlash against Oprah in the male-dominated hip-hop/rap community. From what I remember, Ludacris started the backlash by talking openly about how Oprah treated him when he came on the show to promote Crash.

Back in 2006, Ludacris said: “She edited out a lot of my comments while keeping her own in. Of course, it’s her show, but we were doing a show on racial discrimination, and she gave me a hard time as a rapper when I came on there as a rapper. Initially, I wasn’t even invited on the show. After the taping, she pulled me into a room and we had a five-minute conversation. What I got was that by having rappers on her show, she feels like she’s empowering in them. I don’t see why (comedians) Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle, who I am huge fans of, it’s OK for them to go on Oprah. They speak the same language as I do, but they do it through comedy, so I guess that’s acceptable to her.”

After that, several artists spoke out against her, notably 50 Cent. He told the Associated Press that Oprah “caters to older white women. Oprah’s audience is my audience’s parents. So, I could care less about Oprah or her show.” I tend to think 50 Cent and Ludacris have very valid points, especially 50 Cent‘s observation about Oprah‘s audience. As for Luda, he knew that it was her show, and she could do whatever she wanted, but he was still peeved at the double standard for rap artists.

Oprah was obviously aware of the criticisms, and it didn’t seem to bother her. But now she’s reached out to the current “godfather” of hip-hip, Jay-Z. While she takes pains to say that she doesn’t listen to his music, she does pour on the compliments:

Look out, Beyonce! Another Hollywood A-lister is a big fan of your man — or at least the way he smells.

On a recent call with her best friend Gayle King on Sirius Satellite Radio’s Oprah Radio, Oprah Winfrey dished about her favorite mogul.

“Jay-Z is my new best friend!” the talk show host said to Gayle while discussing her recent two-hour interview with him for her magazine, O. Admitting that she’s not a huge fan of his music, Oprah does reveal what about him does have her hooked.

“He was so charming and delightful — and he smelled so good,” she says. “It’s the kind of thing where you hug a guy and the scent is sort of buried in them,” she explains. “When we went to the second location I could still smell him on me it was like, ‘oh my, this is wonderful!’”

Jay has reason to take scent seriously. In addition to heading up music labels, a club, a sports team and the Rocawear clothing line, Jay-Z is also a perfumer, having already produced the scent Rocawear 9 IX.

And next month Oprah — and all Jay-Z fans — will have even more reason to celebrate when he launches X Rocawear fragrance in celebration of the label’s 10th anniversary. Listen here to hear more of Gayle’s interview with Oprah.

[From People]

I’m surprised it took this long for Jay-Z and Oprah to become friendly. They’re kind of doing the same thing in different fields – building empires. Will Oprah’s audience be freaked out by her closeness to Jay? I doubt it. Even my mom knows Jay-Z, and she likes him too. She told me at lunch recently that she thinks he seems “nice” and she informed me that Jay is “the godfather”. Hand to God, she said that. I think she heard it on NPR.

Jay-Z is shown on 1/7/09. Credit: Fame Pictures. Oprah is shown on 12/7/09. Credit: PRPhotos

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  1. florida_girl says:

    Oprah, is a trip she say’s she doesn’t like rappers because of the type of music they rap about: drugs, N-word, calling women out there name of all sorts. Jay-Z is the biggest one that rap about all these things even hitting women which is on youtube where he hit that girl in her face but now he’s your BFF now, please. We a peeping game her ratings are really going down…her loyals aren’t feeling her anymore since the Obama push she gave and do you think they are going to be please with her loving on rappers..NOT.. she wants to come back home…we ain’t buying it Oprah.

  2. Enonymous says:

    Jay Z is one ugly ass man.

  3. florida_girl says:

    @Enonymous…I must agree…

  4. Karen says:

    Jay may not be the best looking celeb out there but he’s got something money and designer clothes can’t buy: confidence, intelligence and talent. I’ve never been a huge supporter of rap artists, but I have danced to their beats at the club. However, I bought “The Black Album” when it was to be Jay’s last release. Amazing…I believe in what Jay sells!

  5. Jaybone says:

    My God! Great minds think alike! I TOO believe Jay-Z could be one of the ugliest human beings ever to bust a rhyme!

  6. Julia says:

    Jay-Z is a KNOWN satanic worshipper. There is overwhelming evidence out there to support this – Check Youtube…and he is proud of it.

    So its odd that Lady O is gushing over him!

    Either on the Black or Blueprint Album of JAY-Z. He has a song entitled “Lucifer” duh, need i say more

  7. Crystal says:

    SIGHS heavily- quit hatin. If his ugly self wanted YOU, you’d be all over it. That man has SWAGG outta this world, and he ain’t all that ugly- Norwood? Ugly. Jeezy? Ugly. JaRule? Ugly. That man is rich beyond your imagination, and is still going. That’s all anybody can say about him is “he’s ugly”. Nexxxxt

  8. Guest says:

    camel joe…

  9. Mizz Thang says:

    Self-aggrandizing fools stick together. Surprise.

    Where did I put my barf bag again…?

  10. Heavenbound says:

    I too have always thought that he is a very ugly man!

    Sorry Crystal, but we are not discussing how rich he is, he can be bathing in “Benjamins” but he is still ugly.. and no I would not want to touch all that SWAGG.

    I’ll pass…. I agree Nexxxt.

  11. Mars says:

    Oprah is a total star-effer. The woman lives and breathes celebs. She gushes and fawns over them and her eyes glaze over. Both she and Gayle (though Gayle is even worse). They act like celebs walk on water and that their thoughts and opinions hold more value. It’s just another thing I’m beginning to dislike about Oprah.

  12. Miss Wanderlust says:

    Oprah never claimed she hated rappers ?
    She even had some rappers in her past shows….Kanye West, Bow wow, P Diddy, Eve, LL Cool J, Queen Latifah, Missy Elliot ?

    The main focus of this so called Oprah/Rappers beef is not hip hop or rap, but the commercially successful subset of these genres that has transformed the public image of black women from flygirls to bitches, tricks, ‘hos and chickenheads. This is the same sector of hip hop that has mainstreamed stripper culture, reduced the value of women to their body parts and mocked the importance of love.

    She does not have a problem with rap music, she has a problem with rap that degrades women.
    Altough the women were stupid enough to participate in the videos themselves ?
    Maybe the rappers are mad at Oprah because she invited Karrine Stefans aka Superhead, she was invited to Oprah’s show because she wanted to expose the so-called abuse of videovixens in the Hip-Hop industry & she claimed she wanted to help young girls so they wouldn’t have to go through what she’s went through……it’s a shame because her *ss wasn’t even out of Oprah’s studio and she kept on s*cking all the way trough to her second tell-all book with a new generation of rappers ?
    She gave the videovixen a podium and never talked about it with other rappers in that same period altough she tried it with Ludacris when he was on her show with the cast of “Crash” ?

    Rap shouldn’t be banned or censored, but if living in an open society means that performers are free to express themselves, then that same freedom of expression must be extended to folks who aren’t feeling it.
    Maybe now she is open to that discussion with Jay-Z ? I know he had some degrading videos in the past but in the last years he clearly is stepping away from that image, people change and have the right to change there mind ?

  13. hmm says:

    Oprah is a fifty something year old woman and does not like rap music. So what? How many rappers perform on GMA or the Today show? Every show appeals to their demographic and it doesn’t make her a hypocrite that she personally likes Jay Z but doesn’t care for his music.

  14. Miss Wanderlust says:

    I don’t think she has problems with te rap scene only….i never saw Pamela Anderson, Tommy Lee, The Hogans, Janice Dickinson, Jenna Jameson or The Osbournes on her show because she is also a little snobbish and they would probably verbally insult her LOL

    At hmmm…i hear you, Oprah is not God she is just a middle aged woman at the end of the day….i don’t find it weird that she needs some time to adjust to the rapscene ?
    And to the others yes Jay-Z is no male eye candy and i wouldn’t touch him with a ten foot pole but he ain’t no male model he is a rapper so what’s the problem here ?

  15. Brown Suga says:

    FYI for those who dont know Jay z is not the godfather of rap

  16. Cree says:

    Brown Suga: Thank you for saying that. I was thinking what a load of crap that was myself. Godfather of rap my ass. Nas has been out way longer and is a far superior MC than Jay Z ever will be. I’ll give him a label. Most Overrated Rapper of all time.

  17. Aussie says:

    That’s cos they have both sold their souls to the Illuminati. They work for the same evil cause!

  18. Bono says:

    The reason Oprah doesn’t want 50 cent on her show is because his demographic is 30 years younger than her demographic. That works both ways, idiots.

  19. Aspie says:

    @ Julia – really??? Jay-Z worships the devil? Did you read that on the back of a cereal box somewhere or some old moldy Enquirer issue? Where did you get such a ridiculous story from, anyway? Lol, that was funny!

    @Hmmm – I absolutely agree. Oprah is not a hypocrite for liking Jay Z as a person and not supporting his music. It’s her show and she can like whomever she wants. I’m sure she doesn’t watch half the movies or TV shows or listen to half that albums that celebs promote while on her show, anyway.

    • Loulu says:

      From sean carter himself, aspie. And it’s not only sean, but his bride too. See the article I AM SASHA FIERCE on latter days blog. Obviously, you are NOT a Christian, so all of sean’s demonic crap would go RIGHT OVER your lil head. You need to go to youtube and listen to a few of pastor g. craige lewis’ sermons on “The Truth about Hip-Hop. THEN and ONLY THEN will you be able to comment intelligently on this subject. Until then…NEXT!!

  20. pinkpixel says:

    jay z and beyonce’s kid is going to look like manny fresh

  21. sortabitchy says:

    is it just me or does he look like a grown up Erkel from family Matters?

  22. shana says:

    since when is jay z the god pappy of rap?! ahhaa

  23. aw! says:

    Ugly couple–Jay Z & Beyonce. I pity their children. And Oprah doesn’t really like him. I’ll bet she’s just trying to get on the good side of black rapppers.

  24. Katyusha says:

    @ Crystal
    “That’s all anybody can say about him is “he’s ugly”. Nexxxxt”

    Um, because that’s pretty much what the consensus is. Boy is not attractive at all.

  25. BeeGirl says:

    I don’t think J is completely unattractive. He just has some exaggerated features. And anyway, a guy can be less than beautiful and hot at the same time. I think he has a swag that works for him. Makes him attractive.
    As for Oprah, she is an egotistical hypocrite. Thought so since the 90s. Could never take her. “Good works” or not, I’ve never bought into her brand. I understand she had a business to build and as a black woman had to be careful about the message she was putting out there but she had a platform to help sort some things out in hip hop back in the Tupac/Biggie days and don’t recall hearing a whisper from her. To try to build some kind of bridge now in the hip hop community now – while saying she doesn’t listen to it – is just inauthentic.
    Never liked her, never will.

  26. lolo says:

    Do you guys know if Oprah did interview Lauryn Hill in 1999?

  27. Wow, these people are so stuck up. I happen to love the music though, i get so into it.

    I created a bunch of my own mixes using fruity loops, and i guess it all started with these people.. so they have had an effect on people.


  28. Young Money says:

    Have you heard that new Curren$y and Nate Dogg track on itunes called “Lets Get It Crackin?”