Eric Dane & Rebecca Gayheart’s naked video co-star – is she a madam?

Kari Ann Peniche
The alleged sex tape between Eric Dane, 36, Rebecca Gayheart, 38, and former Miss Teen USA/Playboy playmate/Celebrity Rehab contestant Kari Ann Peniche, 25, turned out just to be a bizarre tape in which the three hang out naked and make dumb, drugged out comments. People are mildly interested in Peniche following the video, but considering that it isn’t all that explicit the news has kind of quickly died down and we’ve moved on. I watched the full uncensored version on Fleshbot (site is extremely NSFW or around kids) and as one commenter points out, the most interesting piece seems to be the fact that Eric and Rebecca admit asking specifically for Peniche instead of “one of her girls,” suggesting that she’s working as a madam and that Dane and Gayheart regularly hire women for threesomes.

At 1:47 left on the video on Fleshbot (video counts time remaining, not elapsed) Rebecca says, “you’re so nice. I was so bummed when you said we had to call one of your girls. Remember what I said to you?”

Kari Ann answers, “yeah, and then you’re like ‘will we pay you?’ and I’m like ‘no.'” [note: pay is hard to understand, could be pick]

Rebecca says “I was like ‘no you, you’re normal, you’re funny, you’re smart you’re nice, you’re fun.’ She was like ‘no, no, I don’t do it.'”

This is when Dane chimes in with the line that will haunt him for the remainder of his famous years, “you’re like a good hang.”

“No, she’s a friend,” Rebecca continues.

“That’s what I’m saying,” explains Dane. “I see you on the street tomorrow you’re one of Rebecca’s friends.”

So why would Dane say all that about classifying Kari as a friend unless it was a business relationship? Also – where’s the damn sex in this video, did they do it and turn the camera off, or did nothing happen at all? I’m thinking the camera was off, but maybe nothing happened and that’s why there’s all that talk about the fact that they’re friends and just hanging out.

There’s another scene where Kari is shown on the phone while she’s consulting a credit card and using her laptop. It’s hard to tell what that’s all about, but it looks suspicious. This video was reportedly shot in Kari’s apartment, and as Kaiser speculated – maybe she’s ordering something from J. Crew.

Kari’s mom has talked to both Radar and E! Online about her daughter’s fall from grace. The elder Mrs. Peniche told E! her daughter is “25 years old and she has made some poor choices…. Kari is doing something very different from us, and she’s a grown woman and I have tried, but there’s no way to get her back.” To Radar, she said “She’s a good person but she’s made some poor choices and has obviously been around the wrong people.” One of those wrong people was probably Peniche’s roommate on Celebrity Rehab, singer Mindy McCready, who is said to have stolen the video off a hard drive. Supposedly McCready, Peniche, Dane and Gayheart all made a deal last month to keep the video under wraps, but McCready reneged.

Kari’s manager says she’s “extremely upset over this situation,” but she seems to be recovering well and doesn’t seem to mind the publicity. Kari was out at an event last night and was spotted on a bikini photoshoot yesterday.

Kari Ann Peniche is shown on 8/18/09 in the header and 2/14/08 below. Credit: PRPhotos

Kari Ann Peniche

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  1. Hieronymus Grex says:


  2. Annie says:


    Hey, Consenting adults are free to do whatever they’d like with another consenting adult.

  3. Celebitchy says:

    Agreed Annie. I’m just trying to get some more mileage out of this non-sex tape story. 😉

  4. Firestarter says:

    The whole thing is stupid. They released it themselves just to get some publicity.

    Like Helen Hayes once said, “It is when they stop talking about you, that you have to worry”

  5. photo jojo says:

    @CB: if your mileage consists of more photos of a topless Eric Dane, count me in!!

  6. Jaybone says:

    I’m not sure I know who any of these people are.

  7. Bodhi says:

    Ugh, I’d rather stick a hot poker in my eye than see anything that fugly bitch Gayheart is in. I’ve NO idea why anyone would think she is remotely attractive

  8. Grannychick says:

    She is pretty in a very odd way. BUT – I think a sex tape is waaaaay out there. She’s not much of an actress (rent Earth 2 – you’ll see what I mean).

    Good luck with milking this baby for all it’s worth CB!!