Us: Why Bradley Cooper chose Renee Zellweger, not Jennifer Aniston

Us Weekly’s cover this week is an interesting one. After years of pitting Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie against each other, the tabloids have found new meat. The meat? Renee Zellweger, the girl I would have never predicted for this kind of tabloid coverage. Renee has always seemed so low-key, so private, so secretive. But now here she is, sharing the cover with a pissy-looking Jennifer Aniston (and a small inset of Bradley Cooper) with the headline, “Why He Chose Renee”. It gets even more interesting: “After months of secret hookups, Renee and Bradley get serious – and Jen feels burned. ‘She doesn’t see what Renee has that she doesn’t.’”

While US Weekly hasn’t released any excepts of their cover story, People Magazine has a glowing (publicist-written?) piece about how Bradley and Renee “just click”. Apparently, Bradley likes how “low-key” Renee is, and their ass-grabbing, make-out trip to Barcelona was the real deal – a romantic holiday of two lovers:

The romance between Renée Zellweger and Bradley Cooper appears to be heating up, but the pair aren’t ready for the spotlight just yet.

“They get along really well and just kinda click,” a source tells PEOPLE in the upcoming issue. “Bradley likes the speed of everything. He likes that Reneé is low-key.”

The pair, who costar in the upcoming thriller Case 39, recently spent time in Spain together, then returned to the States, where they each went their separate ways – briefly.

On Saturday, Zellweger attended the premiere of her new movie My One and Only in Wainscott, N.Y., while Cooper was a guest at Alyssa Milano’s wedding in New Jersey that same evening.

But the cozy costars soon met up again. Sunday night, they attended a private party together in New York City, then were spotted at a Starbucks in Philadelphia on Monday.

As for why Cooper didn’t come to Zellweger’s screening and she didn’t accompany him to the wedding, the source tells PEOPLE: “They’re not ready for red carpets. They don’t want to be public just yet.”

[From People]

We’ve debated time and time again as the status of Bradley’s sexuality. In my mind, it could go either way. He beeps on my gaydar, but I’ve been wrong before. Sometimes straight guys are just artsy and femme, but they totally love the ladies. Is Bradley one of those artsy and femme straight guys? Or is he a closeted gay man looking for the perfect beard? Also in question – is this a public relations hook-up? Both Bradley and Aniston belong to CAA, an agency that has a history of stage-managing their clients’ private lives. But Renee dropped CAA in June, and moved to the William Morris Agency. So, I doubt CAA wants their newest hot actor to be dating someone “outside” of the agency, they would probably prefer him with Aniston. If Bradley was just looking for a beard, or a convenient p.r. relationship, he would have stuck with Aniston. Since he didn’t, my guess is that he and Renee might really like each other.

Here’s Renee Zellweger at the ‘My One And Only’ premiere and shopping at Barney’s after promoting the film yesterday. Images thanks to and Pacific Coast News. Also shown are Renee and Bradley Cooper at the airport in Spain on 8/8/09. Image thanks to BauerGriffinOnline.

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  1. mila says:

    I don’t know, I also get gay vibes from him and Renee has a history of being a beard (Clooney!). Perhaps it was Aniston who didn’t want that part and Bradley turned to Zellweger…?

  2. Praise St. Angie! says:


    because she has experience being a professional beard.

  3. raven says:

    I hope Renee has a clue this time. Kenny Chesney wasn’t exactly good judgment, especially as she seemed to get a quick reality check right after the marriage ceremony.

  4. Beth says:

    I wonder what Jennifer did to piss off Us. For years they’ve been pro-Jennifer and trashed Brad and especially Angelina. For the past few months they’ve had negative stories about Jennifer and positive stories about Brad and Angelina.

  5. sunnysunday says:

    they are both gay!

  6. barneslr says:

    blah blah blah yeah everyone is gay. Get over yourselves…you sound foolish.

    Anyway, the real question is why would a good looking man like him go for that squinty has-been when he could have such an attractive woman in Jennifer Aniston? Makes no sense at all.

  7. Firestarter says:

    Renee seems to like gay men, Cooper and Chesney.

  8. KateNonymous says:

    I think Renee Zellweger is much less of a has-been than Jennifer Aniston. I don’t have a problem with Aniston; I’m indifferent to her. But given all of the tabloid covers over the years, and the relative lack of actual work, I am quite bored.

    Re: the photos. I don’t think that the grey dress Renee is wearing seems to fit, and it’s not her best color–but it is a really cute dress!

  9. Hieronymus Grex says:

    Bradley Cooper likes his women to resemble a big-lipped aardvark ?

  10. tessa says:

    So any man out there who doesn’t find Jen sexy or interesting is gay? Some guys just don’t want to be linked to desperate, clingy or whiney. Guys can pick and choose also.

  11. For Sooth? says:

    I don’t agree at all that Jennifer looks pissy in the photo. Kaiser’s projecting again.

  12. eml says:

    relative lack of actual work? the woman has been doing nothing but work on movies for the past year.

  13. maritza says:

    Jennifer Aniston seems to be more high maintenance than Renee, so I bet that’s why he prefers Renee.

  14. Ggirl says:

    I think that Renee Zellweger has much more depth that Jennifer Aniston. True, I wish Renee would lay off of the face fillers and chemical peels, but I have always loved her as an actor. When she leaves her face alone, she has a simple natural beauty. Unlike Ms. Aniston, Renee also doesn’t whine to everyone but God about her romantic failures. As for Mr. Cooper’s sexuality, who knows? It seems like every well known actor or celebrity gets scrutinized for their sexual preferences. Maybe even Captain Kangaroo was gay for all I know! But who cares?! As long as all parties know what they are signing on for.

  15. Anaïs says:

    This article is really stupid, and disrespectful toward the Bradley, Renée and Jennifer.
    But reading your comments I understood why I don’t like Jennifer and totally avoid her post.
    For her fans she is so divine that you can only be an idiot, douche, or gay if you won’t her or leave her.
    Renée is a smart girl, and a good actrice, she deserves the best. She looks confident and doesn’t need to past for a desperate to have a career. SO GIVE US BREAK.

  16. hmm says:

    It’s funny that when Bradley Cooper was supposedly interested in Aniston the comments were quite different and he was a catch and an upgrade. However, as soon as he released a statement denying a relationship with lonely girl, he’s gay and a loser. The Fanistons will treat him the same way they treat every guy who passes on Ms. Wonderful.

  17. ToddRH says:

    None of us know them so the judgement calls are irrelevant BUT (just on) a personal note, Renee hasn’t been cute since “Jerry McGuire”! Jennifer is a doll and would make a lot hotter POA! This talk about them all being gay is stupid.

  18. prees says:

    this is so a stupid story

    bradley denied that he was romanticly involved with jennifer and they only had a friendley dinner and now he is with renee they say that he dumped jennifer

    so they can sell a magazine again

    this story doesn’t make sense and i don’t believe any story from a tab

  19. prees says:

    By the way US Weekly said in the beginning of jen and cooper that it was a pr stunt and they are not really together and now they are saying cooper dumped jennifer for renee?????

    go and make another story up, stupid tabs

  20. DK says:

    Also, Renee has been an oscar winning a-list actress, with many hit movies – jennifer can’t really compare to that – she’s basically a very successful tv actress – she’s a tv actress trying to play in the big leagues – maybe that’s why she’s constantly unhappy – as an aside. I don’t think bradley seems gay at all, he’s kind of a nerdy jerk kind of guy if that makes sense. Not everyone has to be hairy and big and buff to not be gay..

  21. fizXgirl314 says:

    agh, this poor woman. The tabrhoids are going to drag her into yet another “uncool” triangle… I seriously feel sorry for this woman 🙁

  22. Anna says:

    One thing Renee has that Jen doesn’t is talent.

    Hopefully the next movie will flop. and people will get over her.

  23. CC says:

    Does NO one realize he was married to Jennifer Esposito – she’s hot and I doubt she’d marry for the sake of hiding a then C/D-list actors sexuality. Fact check people…

  24. diddy says:

    @ hmm :
    pls from the moment bradley cooper was linked to aniston they were people hear reminding everyone that he was rumoured to be gay, am sure you are one of those that even said u wer sure he was gay.

    so don’t say that it is just a new thing because he happends to be dating renee.

    even usweekly in their issue weeks ago when saying that they felt the dinner between cooper and aniston was all pr they also wrote in that same issue how how he spent the 4th of july weekend this yeat with victor Garber(the guy most gossip say is hie rumoured gay lover/bf); obviously to imply//hint that he was gay .

    bradley cooper has had gay rumours for years , some people belive and others don’t, am one of the ones that dont belive he is gay. i have a pretty good gaydar and he doesnt ping it at all lol.

    And usweekly makes me laugh, isn’t this the same magazien that weeks ago was saying that it was no romantic date between cooper and aniston and that it was all for show/pr and now they are trying to imply aniston is heartbroken over something they said wasnt even romantic in the first place haha. even lainey a self confessed aniston hater said her sources told her that it was cooper or whoever works for him that tip the paps/media about the dinner.

    sometimes i wish the tabs get their facts right, either she was using him for pr heart wasnt in it so she wouldnt be heartbroken. or it was a genuine thing and therefore she is heartbroke; they are too many mixed message from the tabs

  25. Trace says:

    Renee seems like a very sweet and private person. She’s a talented Oscar winning actress. Hope the tabloids leave her alone.

  26. Kaboom says:

    I’d bet my money on Bradley and Renee both enjoying the gentle bud.

  27. Kimberly says:

    stupid article that was paid by their PR ppl. Here’s why Hollywood is doing this:
    1. There needs to be a new “it” guy, so they decided to support this guy.

    2. Renee hasn’t been in a good movie since . . . yeah can’t think of one in the last few years.New in Town? She was not right for the part.

    3. Jennifer Aniston has movies being released soon

    it’s all about publicity baby!!

  28. iris says:

    one thing Renee has and Jen doesn´t is a gay ex-husband.

  29. ic says:

    this is too funny. It’s tabloid but I can totally see that pathetic whiny loser aka Fraudiston bitching about not being chosen by Brad Coopper as a whatever – and yes, she’s dumped again b/c you can bet anything that she wanted to be dating Cooper, the “it” guy of the moment. And, if this Renee/Brad relationship is PR, then again the joke is on Fraudiston b/c Bradley Cooper did not want her at all – not even as a beard – and you can bet that the Fraudiston PR machine begged and begged.

  30. Aviatrix says:

    Gay. He picked a woman who has an anus for a face.

  31. KateNonymous says:

    Sorry, @eml. It’s so hard to keep track of Jennifer Aniston’s work schedule. Ihear about the movies for so long before they’re released that when they are, I say, “Wow, I thought that had already come and gone.” Renee has also had more variety in her roles, even though a number of them haven’t been successes. I’m not a big fan of her, either, but when I think of her, I think of her as an actress. When I think of JA, I think of her as a tabloid cover. That’s not entirely her fault, but it does suggest to me that she needs a new publicist.

  32. fizXgirl314 says:

    hahahahahhaha I lol’ed soooooo hard at that that I disturbed my coworkers… Thanks Aviatrix!

  33. dee says:

    come on who cares

  34. ursaline says:

    Maybe they just weren’t interested in each other that way when they worked together and didn’t want to do something totally creepy like each be with someone with the same name as their ex. That would turn me off by the ick factor in itself, not to mention the pr nightmare from that. Look what happened to Ben Affleck with Bennifer2. I’m sure she LOVES being called that.

  35. karen says:

    How sad for Renee to be pitted against the tabloid queen, Aniston. Renee is an Oscar-winning actress. I think Chicago is better than ALL of Aniston’s movies combined. I can’t think of one decent Aniston movie? Office Space? But I liked the story, she basically played the gf–another forgettable role. Plus, Renee is private/classy and Aniston is NOT. I’ve never seen Renee pose naked.

  36. crash2GO2 says:

    Oh yes, every man’s fantasy – the great cat fight. Who knows why someone prefers one person over another? Something called chemistry?

    Move along, nothing to see here folks, nothing to see…

  37. yikes! says:

    What does Renee have–personality, talent and LESS drama. Aniston seems like work. Her ex (Tate Donovan) said she was high maintenance into flashy things, while he wanted to stay at B&Bs and ride his bike. Vince Vaughn is also marrying a low-key girl outside the spotlight. Who wants to be next after Aniston’s Oscar showmance with John Mayer? That says it all.

  38. Who Cares says:

    I don’t think there’s anything to this but a tabloid-gasm.

  39. hmm says:

    diddy, from the moment that it was alleged that Cooper and Aniston were dating, her fans insisted that he was an upgrade from you know who and that his career was going through the stratosphere because of The Hangover. Those same fans said the same thing when she began dating John Mayer and the model guy. People were talking about the rumors about his sexuality but it wasn’t the people who slavishly adore Aniston. The only two things that I heard about him were that he was simultaneously Victor Garber’s lover and Jennifer Esposito’s abusive husband. And since I don’t know him, I’m certain that I didn’t say “I’m sure he’s gay.” Besides the point of my post wasn’t about his sexuality per se, it was about the reactions of the people who deify every guy that she dates until they break up and then they began to demonize the guy.

  40. la chica says:

    so when everyone thought he liked Aniston he was straight, but now that he has been seen kissing Renee he’s gay? does he go back to being straight again if Huvane releases another lie about him hooking up with Aniston in Washington? just asking.

  41. karen says:

    Agreed hmm. I’ve seen it 3 times now w/ Vaughn, Mayer and Coop. Each time Aniston dates, her fans compare the new guy to Brad (he’s more funny, younger, better looking, better actor, etc). Then, when the guy leaves, they trash him saying he’s gay (Vaughn and Cooper), or a selfish do*chebag (Mayer). I can’t decide whose fans are worse–Jenaloonies or Brangeloonies.

  42. fizXgirl314 says:

    karen and hmmm… how is this even noteworthy? don’t most celebrities fans look for the positive… that’s what makes them a fan right? whether it be a JA fan, a Paula Abdul fan, or a whoever the hell fan… how is this somehow surprising that you both need to stress it as though it is a profound observation?

  43. diddy says:


    Bullshit go back to the first post about bradley cooper and aniston being linked and you would see loads of comment about him being gay.

    the gay comment in relation to him didn’t just start now, it has been around for yeasr since his Alias days, so don’t make it out that it a fan of one celebrity that is saying it.

    i don’t think the guy is gay , but i find you comment that people are just saying it now (or rather aniston fans are just saying it) such nonesense.

    And i dontcare about bringing the shitty trangle into this topic unlike u i dont care or obessed with the triangle and neither do i think what each of them do is in relation to the other; we are not in 2005 anymore.

  44. diddy says:


    oh pls i thought the comments from most aniston haters when she was dating vince, paul, mayer was that they were gay….isnt that the comments are haters always say, that her relationship is pr and that its all bearding.

    so now you are putting the blame of those comments on her fans, when in actual facts its what people that dislike comment when she is in a relationship.

    All the bullshit comments are really making me laugh….

    At the end of the day Bradley cooper can date whoever he wasn, and so can aniston, who the ell make the rule that the man makes the decision if he would date a girl, woman are capable of also knowing and making decisions if they want to date a man.
    But i guess in the tab world the man makes the ultimate decision on who he wants to date and its also the man that always end the relationship; so much for sexism

    so far in this whole silly copper, aniston , Renee so called triangle suitation i have not heard one comment from aniston that she was dating him; and don’t tell me that because the tabs said she was that must been she was lol

    they change they stories on a hourly basis

  45. karen says:

    To fiz whatever. Arghhh, fans. So, looking for the “positive” in the celeb one adores involves trashing ALL others? WOW, you have a twisted notion of the word positive. And, isn’t this what the Jenaloonies are ALWAYS complaining about w/the other loonies? How DARE they bring up Aniston and trash her? Both sides are so full of sh*t, they make no sense whatsoever.

  46. gg says:

    Renee doesn’t have overexposure.

  47. Who Cares says:

    Aniston and Cooper were never even dating, so this is a total non-story.

    Didn’t they only have dinner once? How is this even news?

  48. eml says:

    actually when aniston and cooper were linked (which i think was totally fabricated by the tabloids), most people were saying then that he was gay and that it was HIS pr team making the big deal b/c at the time he wasn’t *quite* the star he is now.

    and anyone aniston dates will always be compared to pitt. just as jolie and aniston are still always compared to each other. that’s the only way the tabs can keep people interested in the whole non-story of aniston/pitt/jolie.

  49. Sani says:

    I believe Jen fans cause men not want any thing to do with Jen. I don’t blame Bradley and the other men. Who wants to be put down in the media and called gay when the relationship go bad with Jen. Bradley made the right choice.
    Renee is less of a drama queen.

  50. mollination says:

    That third thumbnail is the prettiest I’ve ever seen rene look.

    But unless she’s holding that picture over her face every time she’s with Bradley — I don’t get his choice. Boring. Blech. Blah.

  51. Snoopchew says:

    I like Renee and Coops together. They make a good couple. They kinda click it off.
    They may be taking it slow, which might be the best way to go. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Not to mention good in bed.
    Good luck to both of them!

  52. Shanny says:

    Didn’t Bradley and Jennifer both say they were not dating, just having dinner? I don’t think they were ever an item.
    But Bradley and Rene are both gay so I imagine that is why they are together since it is so in to not come out but pretend you are straight in hollyweird these days.

  53. lway says:

    I think Jennifer is shallow – hence her bad luck in love.

  54. Ducky says:

    I don’t care who dates who. But I do LOVE Renee’s gray dress.

  55. eajk says:

    Brad and Jen were never really together. They were just friends. Please Brad is so NOT for Jen, he was just for fun. And Renee screws any Hollywood guy she can get her hands on. She is wretched looking and old. It is too bad both of these chicks are so star struck. Jen would be much happier if she would date guys who aren’t celebrities.

  56. cleveland says:

    Two cougars tusseling over the latest “it” boy, so they can extend their fame way past the 40yr old sell-by date in the shallow land of young things rule. People actually look up to these women! How sad.

  57. Jennifer a nasty person? says:

    Here’s something from Ted Casablanca:

    Dear Ted:

    I have a question about Jennifer Aniston. Remember when she went to the Golden Globes and used a cane? I heard that she hurt her foot because she kicked a couch in a rage. My source said she flew into fits fairly often and Brad Pitt just kind of took it, for a while it seems. Is this true? I know it’s a rather old story, but wondering if this is true of her behavior, similar to that of Jen Garner. Also I promise I am much nicer, even though I share a name with them. Is there a nice Jennifer in Hollywood?

    Dear Angry Aniston:
    Her publicist confirmed she banged it on furniture, but was it displacing her anger toward Brad? We certainly wouldn’t doubt it. Pitt put up with a lot during his marriage to Jen—no wonder he totally did a 180, both lifestyle- and personality-wise, when he shacked up with Angie. And we love Jennifer Jason Leigh, Jennifer Connelly, Jennifer Hudson…Don’t let a few bad Jen’s ruin the name for ya!

  58. DEE84 says:

    I would really like to know how people figure Jennifer Anniston is so unhapppy, is there something that she has come out and actually stated I am miserable? I find it so sad that people feel that just because a woman is single, she is then miserable because she doesn’t have a “man” to complete her. I personally think the woman is fine and just trying to live her life, I have never got the vibe she wants pitty or anybody’s sympathy because of a personal matter that was very public. Honestly it appears that all 3 parties involved moved on and got over it and they are just tryna live there lives. It’s the tabloids that keep this fake ass love triangle going, and everybody keeps falling for it.

  59. fantasia says:

    Jen Is Hotter,Richer,More Famous(If that is how it’s said)and she has More fans!! Jen have had many great moves like:The Break Up..Marley and me..He’s Just Not That Into You…Rumor has it(even tho it wasn’t successful at the Box-Office)and Leprechaun(a horror classic made in the early 90’s) the haters are just so pathetic!! I’m a Jen Fan And i don’t think Bradley is gay!!!

  60. Fat Elvis says:

    fantasia: The suggestion that “Leprechaun” is a horror classic is an affront to cinema. “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre” is a horror classic, “Leprechaun” is an embarrassment.

    Carry on.

  61. Bratt says:

    how can someone be dating when they only had dinner???????? You Angeloonies crack e up………ROTFLMAO

  62. Rosalee says:

    ..they had dinner once, she’s busy shooting a film with Gerard Butler..I’d say Aniston came out on top with this one..

  63. what i think says:

    was jen even involved with cooper that way…i hardly think he dumped her, and if he did he’s obviously blind! jen is so beautiful and much more talented then renee…and does renee ever comb her hair…but anyway, i agree with several other’s…renee has def been used a few times as a cover up for gay men…and i also agree kaiser is seeing something i don’t…jen has the same look on her face as always, i don’t see anything “pissy” about it!

  64. luna says:

    @ Fat Elvis, lmao!

  65. cassie says:

    Bratt, you jenhens crack me up I can recall jenhens going on and on about how Bradley (2.0) was an upgrade from BP. He was more attractive, younger funnier…The jenhens did the same thing when she was rumored to be dating Gerard.Remember how great Vince V and John Mayer were until they dumped her ass than they were gay.

  66. Hazelgal says:

    I actually could really care less about
    both of them but i think it seems like
    Renee is more easygoing and down to earth of a person than Aniston..from
    what i heard Aniston was really bitchy
    and uptight to work with on friends..
    I also get the impression that she is
    to clingy with the guys she dates it
    seems like most of them leave her.. the
    magazines make her seem that way..

  67. hater says:

    As far as i’m concerned Renne is a battered arse faced pig! But a really great actress. And Jennifer had better get hitted before 50!

  68. cox says:

    He choose Rene because she more pretty, more talent and mature, dignity than Jenifer Aniston who is childless.

  69. lena says:

    Both Brad like to be with talented women.Jen is no talent. None of her movies are great.

  70. coop says:

    Jenifer Aniston “tune up” from head to toes. Very high mantenance but still not attractive.Look wierdo. She always dress like a teen-aged girl with very short skirt almost show off her underwear. Ewl! Middle-age women needs dress up more dignity .Stop showing fake tan short legs. No more Your legs is not longer than models.Stop it.