Naomi Campbell wore lipstick everyday in quarantine, even while working out

Model Naomi Campbell wearing a Stephane Rolland dress arrives at The Recording Academy And Clive Davis' 2020 Pre-GRAMMY Gala held at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 25, 2020 in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California, United States.

Confession: I’ve heard the name “Pat McGrath” for years and years but I had never seen her before I looked her up for this post. Her name was always mentioned by that iconic generation of supermodels, and McGrath still works as a makeup artist for fashion houses, magazines, advertisers and individual celebrities. Did you know that Pat McGrath is a black British woman? I swear I didn’t know that. I thought she was a white American woman. Anyway, the reason why I looked up Pat McGrath is because she asked Naomi Campbell to collaborate on a new makeup collection. Naomi is the face of it, McGrath is the brains and “makeup designer.” Naomi is so proud of her friend too – she did a phone interview with Elle to talk about the collab and her friendship with McGrath and more.

Naomi loves Pat: “…All the colors that she’s made for me, foundation, concealer, lipstick and I just want to support my friends. I want to support her. I want her to be on top-top-top-top-top because she deserves to be, she’s not just a makeup artist, she’s an artist. Of course, I’m going to be proud of her. She’s the first woman of color to achieve this and it’s a big deal in my business. The first black makeup artist to achieve this, her own line, on such a level. I’m honored and blessed that she asked me to be part of it. And more than anything, when we work together, we just have so much fun. I never look in the mirror, I just sit in the chair and I trust her.

People always ask Naomi about Pat: “I get to meet women in all the different continents that look at Pat McGrath as a God and getting to hold a Pat McGrath product is like holding gold for them. There is no place in Africa where I’ve been that they haven’t asked me about Pat McGrath. Or in the Middle East, in Dohai, and Dubai. She is loved and she brings happiness to people with who she is as a person and her products.”

Naomi on how Pat is great at her job: “She is a force in the sense of, she’s an excited encyclopedia. Pat knows her research about makeup and you ask about an eyebrow or a shape, she’ll tell you what year it’s from, what era or she knows her movies, she knows everything. Did you know Pat travels with about 40 cases of trunks of makeup? But some of those trunks aren’t makeup, they are full of books. She can at any time adapt to any era, any century of makeup.

What beauty trick she learned from Pat: “She’s a stickler about eyebrows and I don’t know how to do them very well, so I’d just rather leave them. But she doesn’t like block eyebrows, she likes them to be feathery and she likes to build depending on the character she builds. It really makes sense because an eyebrow can change the face—it can frame the face but if you do it too hard, it can mess up the whole thing.

Her beauty routine did not change in quarantine: “I wear lipstick everyday. I wear lipstick or one of the lip pencils, every single day. It makes me feel good about myself and even for a workout I’m wearing it. I have to tell you, I do when I go work out in the gym with my trainer, I probably wouldn’t remember to put on my lips, but now that I’m at home, it makes me feel good to put on my lipstick. I want to put on lipstick when I work out. It feels good and makes me feel good. It’s good for self-esteem. We all need to look for anything that makes us feel good during this time. Positivity, enthusiasm, and during challenging times, they always say women turn to lipstick.

Less makeup now: “When I was younger, I wore so much makeup. I see it from myself in pictures. I thought when I would do it myself, I thought the more I put on the better. As I get older, I think less is best and the more skin the better.

[From Elle]

I don’t wear lipstick but I have tinted lip gloss and I wear that whenever I do go outside (even if I’m wearing a mask), and I used to wear it to the gym too. I also like the feeling of a little color on my lips when I’m working out or walking/hiking. I’ve never really thought about it as something I do for me, to make me feel good. It’s just something I do. Also, yes, eyebrows are so important. And I can’t imagine packing 40 trunks of makeup everywhere!

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  1. pk says:

    Well hey, all shades of lipstick look amazing on this woman. I don’t blame her one bit.

  2. Nev says:


  3. paranormalgirl says:

    Pat McGrath has some great stuff. I have a few lipsticks that I absolutely love. The Luxetrance lipsticks in “She’s Heaven” and “McGrath Muse” (which is my go to red these days). I also like the Highlighter/Balm duo. I wasn’t a fan of either of her mascaras, but mascaras are so personal.

  4. SoCalVibes says:

    If Naomi Campbell were a man I think she would have been “cancelled” long ago. If a man had attacked multiple people allegedly and behaved in a similar manner, I hardly think we would be discussing his grooming habits or lifestyle routines. Yes I knew Pat McGrath is black, she is amazing!

    • BnLurkN4eva says:

      A man wouldn’t have endured any consequences for the behaviors in question, Naomi did. She was charged and received community service, which she served and had to go to counseling. It sounds like she was abusing drugs during that period in her life when she was abusive. Since then, she’s gotten help for her problems and have gone many years it seems without a continuance of past behaviors. People bring up her past every time anything is written about her, so I guess that’s her lasting legacy. What else should she endure to satisfy the masses I wonder?

  5. Aeren says:

    I just bought a Pat McGrath lip balm called Blow Up and it is both a great lip balm and a hint of color. I wear it everywhere, even to bed!

  6. lily says:

    Makes sense because nowadays almost all lipsticks is a balm for lips. Good advice.

  7. Storminsteacup says:

    Pat McGrath is from Blighty. A working class girl from Northampton, she’s completely self taught and has an MBE from the Queen for her services to fashion. She’s been innovating since the 90’s and she is considered the most influential makeup artist in the world. Pat McGrath Labs bypassed Kyle Cosmetics and is valued at over one billion US dollars. She’s amazing and so is the makeup.

    • karen says:

      i love her and her pigments so so much! basically the only pigments i buy now are from her [i get my base products and mascaras etc elsewhere]. i will say though that im not sure her lip balms or lip glosses are worth the high cost–but the eyeshadows and actual lipsticks can be! (the lipsticks especially when there is a sale 😉 )

  8. Yup, Me says:

    I’ve been noticing more marketing around lip products recently. I’m guessing because of the impact of quarantine and wearing masks? I just got into lip stains again because I like having color on my lips but I don’t want to be worried about it affecting my mask.