Is Woody Harrelson secretly a performance artist posing as a deranged redneck?

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I watched this video last night and I was deeply unsettled. Even more so when I watched it again this morning. The video features a redneck – a performative redneck, because I can tell he’s playing up his Southern accent – arguing that pantywaist progressives want to defund the police, and that we should try going for a month without the police so this man and his redneck ilk can come and kill us all with the machine guns they’ve been hoarding for years. I’m paraphrasing, but just barely. Here’s the video:

There’s a logical fallacy here, right? If we go without police for a month, the redneck argues, then the Redneck Army will rise up and kill everybody with their guns. So the only thing stopping him and his friends from killing everybody now is the police? And the police bros are the rednecks killing everybody under the color of authority. Could it be that the Redneck Army and the police are one and the same? Food for thought.

Anyway, this video has gone viral and now everybody is trying to figure out which Hollywood actor is secretly playing Get Err Done Redneck Dude. Woody Harrelson is a popular guess, as is Bradley Cooper.

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12 Responses to “Is Woody Harrelson secretly a performance artist posing as a deranged redneck?”

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  1. notpretentious says:

    I think it’s Woody.

  2. GR says:

    I’m kind of impressed that Woody knows about Robert Moses.

    • raindrop says:

      Honestly, I’m not. My impression of Woody has always been that he’s pretty “woke” for a white guy. I don’t think he’s the person in that video, and I don’t think he’d ever align himself with MAGA stuff.

  3. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    I don’t get it. Is this supposed to be informative? Funny? Some Jethro spoutin’ ignorant AF crapola? Why is it trending?

  4. Laura says:

    I do not feel strong enough mentally to watch that video. Just based on the still screenshot I think that’s a real person without any kind of prosthetics. I currently live in North Carolina after growing up in South Carolina and spending 10 years in California in-between. That is a real dude in my eyes an yet another reason us white people HAVE TO have uncomfortable conversations with these deranged a-holes to educate them out of their privileged bubble.

  5. SomeChick says:

    No way it’s Mr Harrelson. SMDH.

    I don’t think it’s Cooper either. I think it’s an actual redneck. There are plenty of them out there!

  6. Dorothy#1 says:

    Its not Woody or Bradley Cooper.

  7. The Recluse says:

    Saw this nonsense yesterday on Twitter. Fortunately most people jumped on it real fast to shut it down. There is no way that this was Woody.

  8. 10KTurtle says:

    I’m missing the joke here. Why do we think it’s somebody famous?

    • emu says:

      not funny. not a famous person.

      sometimes ppl from the south up their accent when they’re amped up, drunk, or for a million other reasons. my friend from arkansas has lived in colorado the majority of her life, but when she’s doing customer service her y’alls and southern accents come out strong.

      and i live in colorado, and know ppl like this here.

  9. missskitttin says:

    Sheer ignorance. The police will be transformed, evolved, redeveloped. No city will go without some sort of policing.