“JK Rowling can’t stop tweeting transphobic nonsense” links

J K Rowling at arrivals for 51st Annual...

JK Rowling has been cancelled for a while, but she popped up this weekend to tweet some more transphobic sh-t and everyone’s disgusted with her now. [Dlisted]
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The Last Days of American Crime is apparently trash. [Pajiba]
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  1. Aang says:

    She ruined any affection I had for the Potter books a while ago. Bye TERF.

  2. Tanguerita says:

    she just can’t shut up, can she? It’s like an itch that she has to scratch till everyone’ eyes bleed.

    • lola says:

      yeah, I wish she would just go away.

    • Keessie1969 says:

      No sure, defining people by their menstruation is perfectly fine. Well, you know what, it isn’t. The binarity of biological sex is very much real. It’s not exact. But having any other viable combination of genes other than xx or xy is incredible rare. So, as you can say “people who menstruate”, you can say, there is such a thing as a female/male biology.

      And just like not every member of a minority group faces the problems that can come with being part of it, doesn’t make the problem less real that the group is facing. The binarity of men/women is very much real in this world. And transgenders are sometimes men born in a female body and the other way around. But that doesn’t make the bigger issue here (women still being treated like less than men) a much bigger issue that encapsulates transpeople.

      First you pick the big issues and with creating equality there, transgender issue will actually lift on its solution. If there is actual equality between men and women, you can be who you want to be without.

      It’s about focus, it’s the same reason you don’t say “all lives matter” because of course they do, of course!!! But right now we need focus on one issue to work towards a better “all equality”. Calling this huge half of the world “people who menstruate” because you don’t want to offend a small, small minority by calling them women, totally dismisses the actual much bigger problem of inequality between males and females (based on their biology). So you’re just shooting yourself in the back.

      And that’s what she’s talking about and made clear so many many times and not getting that, makes you a stupid self loathing human being who cannot reason what the most logical path is to achieve something. Sorry. Not sorry.

      The most basic flaw in your logic is not accepting gender, but accepting people switching gender. If there is no binary gender, how on earth can you switch?

      To people who get this, it’s very clear how it actually works. Our biology is more than just xx or xy. I for instance menstruate and am able to have kids, I’m sensitive too. Very female traits. But I’m also a logical thinker and very dominant (as you might notice from my post) and work as a manager in IT. Very male traits. We are more than our genitals, our brains can have all kinds of quirks. I don’t care if people think I should wear high heels and paint my nails. My family is happy, I have beautiful happy children, that are loved and as a family we’re close knit and affectionate, I swear like a sailor and kick ass at work. My youngest son loves rainbows, Frozen and being an asshole to his brother. I like being me. Some people are forced to live according to gender roles, gender roles that are being kept in place by people who don’t give a shit about describing reality and want to believe their own rules in stead of understanding the actual world around them. You are one of those people. In your world I need a female demeanor in order to have my nails painted. I need to wear pants to be a dominant manager and I have to put a dress on my son because he clearly shows signs of wanting to have female traits. Well. You know what. I wear dresses whenever I want and my son enjoys his dinosaur onesie thank you very much.

      TL,DR; first things first. True equality for women and men will make being genderfluid a non issue because you can simply be who you want to be. So stop calling me a person who menstruates and call me a woman for I will kick any man’s ass for you and everyone else who needs it and show that equality is real.

  3. Case says:

    She consistently has horrible, offensive takes on many things. Not surprising.

  4. ClaireB says:

    I’ve never been a big fan of the Harry Potter books, except for how they sparked a love of reading in a whole generation. And I’m not entirely up on the new language around sex and gender, so I don’t want to comment about that. But a woman with her resources who comments on a subject she isn’t involved, gets dragged (sorry!) for it and then keeps commenting? Something’s not right in her head. In case we couldn’t tell from her absolute support of Depp.

  5. Becks1 says:

    Someone on twitter was pointing out all the problems with characters in HP and I’m embarrassed to admit that I didn’t notice them before – things like the Irish kid Seamus always blowing things up, etc. And some of the things I had noticed and I think are even more obvious in the movies – the goblins at Gringotts being incredibly anti-Semitic, for one.

    • Margles says:

      Seamus blowing things up isn’t in the books though. It was a movie joke. The goblins, House Elves etc though? Yeah.

      • Becks1 says:

        It isn’t? I honestly couldn’t remember (I’ve only read the books once, I’m rereading them now with my kids but its slow going lol). I am much more familiar with the movies.

      • Erinn says:

        The movies are where it was pushed that he had a “proclivity” for blowing things up, what you’re probably thinking of Becks is during the first book he almost caught his and Harry’s feather on fire while partnered up for Charms class. He was trying to make it levitate and things apparently just… went poorly lol.

    • pottymouth pup says:

      Katie Leung (who played Cho Chang) had an awesome thread on 7Jun

    • MaryContrary says:

      The goblins for sure are anti-semitic. Blech.

  6. Erinn says:

    I’m thankful that I was able to read the Harry Potter series AS they were coming out as a kid, and not have them tainted for at least a few years. She is just THE WORST. And it’s not just TERF shit, it’s her takes on a LOT of things. She’ll rail against someone doing something that SHE feels is terrible and refuse to take any responsibility or reflection when it comes to her OWN shit takes. She’s embarrassing.

    She’s the embodiment of “Okay, Boomer” although she might skirt by the literal definition of the label by a few months. And I mean no disrespect to the wonderful boomers out there – I know there are plenty of you who are lovely, inclusive people, and I was raised by boomers and I recognize that there are PLENTY of shit millennial folks as well. But my god, this woman. I just can’t even begin to unpack how someone can be so beloved, so successful, and just throw all that good will away to die on such a shameful hill.

  7. Aidevee says:

    Ok, but what I’ve not seen is anyone actually counter what she is arguing. I’ve not really engaged in this issue so far, but from what I read, it seems like she is asking for the concept of womanhood to be ringfenced somewhat in order for issues that are specific to cis women not to be erased or sidelined amid the trans rights movement. Ive not actually seen her dismiss or insult the trans rights movement per se. I may well be wrong, but if I am, can someone please educate me and not call me a Terf or any other awful kind of insult?

    • babsjohnson says:

      I agree with you. I don’t see how she is so wrong.

      • Desmond says:

        Agreed. What she is saying is more nuanced than what is being portrayed here.

      • AMM says:

        There is nothing I can think of that is CIS women specific. Trans men can have periods and pregnancy. Trans women and trans men can be discriminated against for their gender, sexually assaulted and harassed, etc. she wants to gatekeep certain biological female aspects and only apply them to people who are both born as and currently identify as women. And Terf isn’t even a slur as she said In a later tweet. It’s trans exclusionary feminism, which is a correct label for her. She is openly opposed to trans people of any gender being involved in a conversation that involves biology or systematic discrimination, even though they also experience those issues.

    • AMM says:

      In her tweet she was a upset that An organization used the term “people who have periods” and insisted that it’s a women specific issue and those people are called women. You can’t say you are for trans rights and then don’t allow trans men to be called men just because they still have ovaries. Periods are not just for cis women. Pregnancy is not just for cis women. She’s upset that things that are biologically part of the female anatomy are being discussed by trans men who still go through those things.

      • lucy2 says:

        And this isn’t the first time. She was called on it then too, but apparently learned nothing. Why she keeps weighing in on this, publicly, makes no sense to me.

      • lemonylips says:

        thanks @AMM, I think many are struggling to see what it was all about – it took me too much time today and I came to same conclusion. I just don’t understand her involving herself in the matter she’s clearly not able to understand properly. Honestly, I think she’s been playing a LGBTQ supporter just to make her stay more relevant. She’s totally ruined Potter for me. And I loved those books as a kid. Now I just see issues in them.

      • Thirtynine says:

        Thanks for this explanation, AMM. You made it much clearer to me.

      • Maddy says:

        Yeah, but the article was discussing gender-based violence and discrimination. So “people who get periods” is a particularly dumb and reductive term to use, because it erases the oppression that women face. Period poverty isn’t due to menstruation, it’s because the people on their periods are women. If men got their periods, there wouldn’t be any period poverty, trust me.

      • Margles says:

        Maddy, do you really think trans-men in poverty-stricken areas are immune from discrimination and don’t experience period-related challenges?

      • KL says:

        @ Maddy

        If you (or Rowling) clicked through to read the actual article, the text specifically checked “girls” and “women” — AS WELL AS “non binary persons” or any people who menstruate who may identify as men. (Trans men can menstruate.) “People who get their periods” was just grabbed for the headline to make it less than a paragraph long. The most inclusive descriptor was chosen for that purpose. If someone objects to that, then it does seem like their problem is with inclusion itself.

      • HeyJude says:

        Maddy, I’m a man and not only do I get periods I’ve been terrorized by them because I’m also a man with endometriosis. I’m literally right here and telling you. Should I “trust you” or my own existence?

        I’m a trans man, I get periods, I have endometriosis, there are many others like me out there, we’re no less men. And our mere presences means that not just women get periods. It’s a fact. You’re talking to one such fact.

        You need to retire the phrase “if men got periods” from your vocabulary. We do. We’re real men too.

        We exist just as period poverty exists.

    • emmy says:

      I personally don’t even understand what exactly she’s saying so I can’t argue about it. But in the past she has supported a woman who was fired for making transohobic comments. She’s also made numerous comments trying to make it clear that she thinks the term women should be reserved for those born with two x chromosomes etc. It excludes trans people from what women like her think of as the feminist movement. I personally have no patience for that. You tell me you are a woman, I’ll support you as one. The more the better for all of us. But she wants a special place for being born with a uterus I guess.

      • Xo says:

        The idea that cis women & trans women are exactly the same & it is “transphobic” to say otherwise is nuts.

      • Margles says:

        XO, since the issue was that some trans-men also have periods, I’m not sure why you dragged trans-women into the discussion.

      • KL says:

        @ Xo

        Please cite a trans activist who actually says that. Most I am aware of find the idea laughable. Kat Blaque said it best: “Do they think we don’t know we’re not cis? WE KNOW.”

        What trans men and women ask for is to be given legal recognition of their lived gender, to not face discrimination for their status as trans, and to not have their identities invalidated by specious “science” like the idea that physical sex is a rigid binary. That’s all.

      • emmy says:

        XO, no idea what you’re talking about. I can support all kinds of women and people with periods without them being “the same”. Don’t know where the obsession with defining everyone and everything within an inch of their lives comes from. Again, you face “women’s issues”, I’m on your side.

      • Bibi Johnson says:

        Your ignorance is showing. We’re not talking about trans-women but rather trans-men

    • Ceej says:

      There are a couple things

      1. No one has ever said the issues women face and their experiences stop mattering because gender expands beyond 2. That’s a way of changing the conversation to make trans rights seem like they can’t coexist with women’s rights. It’s actually about expanding to make people feel included in the conversation. Trans men may menstruate, non binary people may. But if language is exclusionary they are left to feel like they don’t belong and it normalises the idea that they aren’t in the room. Visibility in things like language matters.

      This is a really insidious way that supremacy dominates over people. They make it so that to include someone else is to exclude yourself. That’s not what’s happening. Trans people face a lot of issues, particularly if they don’t “pass” as the identity they have. That doesn’t mean we have to stop fighting for women’s rights. A world is possible where a woman can say no and not be shot by a man for it like a woman can go to the bathroom and not be assaulted because she doesn’t look feminine enough for someone.

      2. She mentions she would get involved with trans rights IF trans people faced discrimination. She’s basically implying they aren’t currently experiencing it. There’s been issues all over the news in the U.K. in the last few years for trans folk, not to mention the states. Not to mention the high rates of violence and suicide. She’s trying to look like she cares while diminishing their experiences.

      All this because some media are willing to recognise that menstruation is experienced by people who don’t identify as women. Get in the bin Rowling.

      • salmonpuff says:

        These are really great points — thank you for laying it all out there. I, too, noticed that IF and wondered where the heck she’d been living that she thinks that “if” is warranted. My kid had two trans kids in her class, and even in our very progressive community, those kids endured some STUFF.

        Her arguments against inclusion are weird, tone-deaf and MEAN.

      • KL says:

        Yes, all of this, thank you.

    • Tea & Crumpets says:

      To the people who just said above that her tweets are harmless and “nuanced”. Come on.

      Her points have been countered in great and exhaustive detail by trans people and allies, both on Twitter and elsewhere. Use the search in Twitter and read. Use google please. It is not hard to find.

      There is *nothing* nuanced about what she is saying– it is just the usual TERF dog whistles, and she is, as has been pointed out 1000 times, recycling the same twisted exclusionary logic used by white supremacists and the anti-gay marriage faction. Recognizing a trans-woman’s femaleness and treating her with respect and courtesy does *not* take anything at all away from the femaleness of cis-women. Trans-women *are* women, and there is no reason why we cannot fight for everyone’s rights and dignity. Policing other women’s bodies and trying to erase the very existence of trans-people is *not* a feminist position. It is in fact very anti-feminist. Look at her tweets– do you really need me to point out the derision and insults? I hope this clarifies things.

      • Geeena says:

        It’s anti-feminist to address that female humans are treated differently than male humans, have been in all of human history, and continue to be? What do you think feminism is for if not fighting sex based oppression?

      • Lee13 says:

        are you drawing a distinction between sex based oppression and gender based oppression? When you get cat called on the street or when you are passed over for a well deserved promotion in favour of a male colleague, is it because that person knows what your chromosomes, hormones and genitals look like?

      • pawneegoddess says:


        One can be pro trans rights, including pro most self identification policies, while still understanding that female people have been oppressed by male people for thousands of years based on sex. Men could pretty easily figure out what a female us when we were considered property, not allowed to vote, not allowed in certain professions. There are countries like China and India with massive sex ratio imbalances in several generations because people selectively abort female fetuses. Though things are better in the united states we are denied abortions and accurate medical information based on sex. How can we talk about the group of people denied these rights if it’s considered transphobic to talk about sex? I haven’t seen any workable suggestions.

      • Lee13 says:


        Trans people have also faced discrimination and violence for centuries too. Not every person has to experience every oppression to be invited to the table. I don’t really understand how my comments were interpreted as implying that we can’t talk about sex or that doing so is transphobic. I don’t believe that. What I am saying is that excluding trans people from the movement is transphobic. We should talk about sex! We should talk about how it’s one factor than contributes to our oppression, for all people.

      • Lee13 says:

        also, I just want to say, in regards to those specific examples, none of them inherently exclude trans people. If you want to go back thousands of years, many gender non-conforming people were “correctively” raped or murdered because they weren’t following roles assigned to them based on sex. Trans men can also need to access abortion or reproductive health care and information. All of this is rooted in the same discrimination.

    • Lee13 says:

      Others have explained some really important key things that are wrong with what Rowling is saying here. I also want to point out that she is choosing to make this about trans issues. There are women who don’t menstruate – some are trans, some have gone through menopause, some have had health issues that resulted in a hysterectomy or other medical reasons for no longer menstruating. The article she was referring to was very specifically about the unique health and social needs required by people who menstruate. Having access to tampons or pads is not relevant to people who do not menstruate, regardless of gender. It IS specifically relevant for anyone who does menstruate, again, regardless of gender.

      As a queer woman married to another woman, I find her attempt to use my sexual orientation as a defense of her transphobic stance personally offensive. Me being attracted to women is not about me being attracted to vaginas and her attempt to use people like me as a cudgel against members of my own community is inexcusable.

      I also think it’s really important to remember that women are SUPER diverse! Pretending that feminism only applies to people with her exact experience is disingenuous. Women walk through the world with all manner of different experiences depending on their race, their class, their shape, their ability, how attractive they are, their past experiences of trauma, the list goes on and on. Trans women have SOME different experiences than I do. Some may have been raised as boys, but that doesn’t mean they experienced the world the same way as a cisgendered man who was raised as a boy. Their gender identity was there inside of them filtering that experience in a way that I can’t understand, not having lived it myself. To ignore that and pretend that the fact that the outside world treated them like they were a boy until they came out means that they don’t belong within the feminist movement is absurd. Increasingly, there are trans women who have had family support from a young age and have lived openly as girls from toddlerhood on. Does Rowling think that Jazz Jennings, who has lived openly as a trans girl since she was 5 years old, has been spared the gender based discrimination that other girls her age lived through?

      If Rowling wants to imply that being a woman requires that you were at risk of sexual and physical violence because of the misogynistic nature of our society, she should look up some statistics. Transgender people experience higher rates of intimate partner violence and sexual assault than cisgender people. Trans women, especially trans women of colour, are murdered at a much higher rate too. These issues aren’t separate. To me, if we want to dismantle the patriarchy and create a world that is equal, we need to include everyone in that. Misogyny makes life more difficult for ALL of us, regardless of gender.

      Also, as a p.s., intersex people exist! The medical community may have convinced a lot of people that sex is binary, but it isn’t for everyone! We shouldn’t conflate sex and gender and we shouldn’t assume that either exists on a pure either/or basis.

      • Geeena says:

        Only addressing your ps, Intersex people have said many many times they don’t want to be used as a pawn in trans/cis discourse and they aren’t some mythic 3rd sex, they are still male or female regardless of their medical conditions.

      • emmlo says:

        Great post, Lee. Thank you!

      • Lee13 says:

        Yes, they are. That was my point though. They get to define their own gender and telling people that sex (based on chromosomes or other biological factors) determines gender for them and they have no say it is doesn’t make any sense for ANY of us. There are intersex people with the exact same underlying medical condition who have different gender identities. One doesn’t define the other. Also, intersex people aren’t a monolith. Some identify with the struggles of the LGBTQ community and some don’t at all.

        That said, I do appreciate you bringing up the point and it has caused me to start researching a bit more about it.

    • Scal says:

      Setting aside the trans issues, she decided to get her panties in a twist about language in a headline, and clearly didn’t read the article. And then doubled and tripled down to make it seem like she’s the one being bullied.

      The article she yelled about about menstrual health referred to “people who menstruate” rather than “women” in the headline. Which is just being accurate based on all the groups they discuss. Preteen and teen girls menstruate. A lot of adult cisgender women don’t menstruate due to a variety of reasons., and they’re still women. The article refers to girls, women, and gender non-binary persons who menstruate.

      • Maddy says:

        But the discrimination detailed in the article is anti-women, not anti-menstruation. The oppression is felt by infertile women, girls who aren’t on their periods – all women in the region.

    • Bree says:

      GLAD released a statement explaining exactly how this is wrong. You can’t get more mainstream than GLAD for LGBTQ issues so clearly you don’t care to educate yourself. Since you clearly want to stay ignorant, keep your transphobia to yourself.

    • Bree says:

      Why can’t you educate yourself? You can type dumb comments but apparently not use Google. OK.

  8. Adrianna says:

    Her books are tainted now but she’s made her money off of them so I don’t suppose she really cares. She has become generally offensive and needs to go away and stop her ridiculous comments, some of them regarding the trans community.

  9. salmonpuff says:

    When she wrote those books twenty years ago, her takes were fairly progressive and unusual in mainstream literature (as a whole, not even just kid lit) — she populated the school with kids of many different backgrounds, the whole story was about rejecting bloodline supremacy, etc. It’s heartening to me how far we’ve come in twenty years that most of her “progressive” takes are now recognized as complete trash. As an old, I’m deeply ashamed of some of my previous stupid takes that were standard liberal thought for the time.

    The problem with JKR is that she hasn’t progressed an inch in the last twenty years. Like many people who acquire sudden power or relevance, she’s arrested in that moment of believing she’s the bomb.

    That said, I honestly don’t even get what she’s trying to say here. And regardless, continuing to die on this hill after many, many trans advocates have said her words are hurtful is cruel. She can think whatever she wants, but no one is asking her to tweet-vomit her thoughts out into the world.

  10. Thea says:

    If she thinks that women are the only ones who menstruate, what happens after you don’t get your period anymore? You are no longer a woman?

    • Yamayo says:

      No, what she was saying is that not all women menstruate, but all ‘menstruators’ are women, according to the biological definition of the term.

      Her take on sex (as opposed to gender identity) I can’t see an issue with.
      Sex is a physical biological reality, if it weren’t real transgenderism wouldn’t exist in the first place,

      • Tea & Crumpets says:

        Nobody has ever said sex is “not real.” The idea is that how we have used biological sex to determine gender (and impose gender expression– yes I still remember back when girls were required to wear skirts to school and were not allowed to play baseball and when lesbians who were arrested at lesbian clubs would be booked if they were “dressed like men”) is flawed, harmful, and incomplete.

        Sex and gender are two different things, and sex, it turns out, is actually way more complex that we knew. It’s been changeable since at least the 30s btw. We are learning new things all the time. Not Rowling though…..

      • anon says:

        The woman cannot understand gender, sexual orientation and sexual atraction and how they’re different. Sex is real, what does it even mean? Why is she bringing sex into a gender issue?

      • Tea & Crumpets says:

        Case in point: How would you define a person’s sex? By outward genitalia? By chromosomes?

        What about….. women who are assigned women at birth, have all the female physical characteristics, breasts, vaginas, etc….. but who have the XY chromosomes? It’s called AIS, Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome– they have male chromosomes, but lacked the necessary proteins to respond to the androgens and develop as male in utero, so they developed as female instead. Women with AIS typically identify as women and are often surprised to find out about their karotype and would not appreciate being sent to the men’s room. I don’t know if this is always the case, they typically don’t menstruate. (Forgive me if my descriptions are not perfect– I am not a scientist, just a poet who reads a lot).

        Funny isn’t it, how we all have X chromosomes and men have nipples etc., and there is a lot more to developing as male or female than we thought. This is a MAJOR rabbit hole to go down. There is actually a lot of genetic research that shows that sex is pretty damned complex.

      • Veronica says:

        Even the argument for bio sex isn’t as solid as people think it is. The bit that codes for masculine sexual development is only a tiny piece of the Y chromosome, so there are cases where it’s broken off and attached to an X during meiosis, resulting in men with XX chromosomal patterns. There are X0 women who have limited secondary sexual development because they lack a secondary X chromosome. There are XXY intersex variants. So…in actuality, even the biology isn’t essentialist or fundamental. The idea that it can genotype can inherently dictate phenotype is either a misunderstanding or outfight ignorance of the modern scientific understanding of sex and biology.

  11. BlueSky says:

    The NOW organization racism issue is not surprising to me. The women’s movement have consistently left WOC out of the narrative.
    This point is driven home in “Hood Feminism” by Mikki Kendall.

    • Becks1 says:

      @bluesky -I don’t know if it was you, but someone recommended that book in a post a few days ago and I just started reading it and its really good so far. Very interesting. Some of the things in it I have heard before, so I had an idea of what to expect in the book, but she is making really strong points.

      • BlueSky says:

        @Becks1 yep that was me! Glad you started reading it. A lot of it, like you said, are things I already knew or had heard, but she articulates in a way that oftentimes I struggle to when I have these discussions.

    • Geeena says:

      Depressing that Sojourner’s speech at the women’s convention are still painfully relevant. White women need to do better. Use their whiteness to parlay into the power structures that favor them.

  12. Lizzie Bathory says:

    I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that the same woman who killed Dobby is terrible.

  13. LunaSF says:

    I am not up to date on all the language regarding sex and gender and how people choose to identify and all the issues going on within that community but I do try to use preferred pronouns and respect people’s’ identities and be a good human. It’s not hard! It’s also not my place to be policing and debating who is a woman and who isn’t. She can’t tweet about anything else? I think she likes the controversy.

    • Lee13 says:

      I think you hit the nail on the head.

    • Bibi Johnson says:

      The world needs more people like you.

      I’ve never read a Harry Potter book and JK just made it even more highly unlikely that I’ll ever read them. She didn’t need to centre herself in this discussion which is another reason people find some white women overbearing. Not everything is about you.

      I find it depressing that people refuse to respect someone else’s choice for self-determination, especially when it doesn’t cost them a thing!! Why are we as human beings so intent on living an exclusionary life? Spread love to those who are in need and are less fortunate, keep your judgments to yourself, fight against injustice…be a decent person FFS.

  14. Also Ali says:

    The article itself is worth reading. Bringing attention to the issues facing people who menstruate is SO important. “over 500 million women worldwide do not have what they need to manage their menstruation. The inability to manage menstruation with safety, dignity, and comfort may negatively impact the physical and mental health of those who menstruate around the world.” A percentage of these women are not cisgendered so it is “people who menstruate” and JK is being an ass.

  15. Fluffinstuff says:

    NOW has always truly been NOWW

  16. nicegirl says:

    Omg, Jeremy. Wow

  17. Elizabeth says:

    Wow the transphobia in some of these comments. Take a pause and educate yourself. There are plenty of resources online. And if you aren’t informed on a topic, have the decency to take a seat and listen to the people who have lived it.

    JK Rowling hasn’t offered any kind of nuanced thesis on her thoughts, just random angry comments every so often. Saying “people who menstruate” is not attacking women. Transgender people are not the enemy. They are not the ones in power and they are not promulgating sexism anyway. Try a little human compassion sometime. Not everyone fits in a neat little cisgender box. Accurately including transgender men or women who menstruate in a discussion on “people who menstruate” is not excluding women who menstruate.

    By the way, you do know there is no medical necessity to menstruate? I took birth control pills continuously (with doctor advice of course) in order to avoid menses. Stop pretending menstruation is some magic moon mama membership card. You know it’s painful, uncomfortable, and/or undesirable for MANY. Not everyone is so enchanted with bleeding and cramps and pain! I certainly am not. And I’m still a woman!

    Don’t have such rigid minds. Life will improve.

  18. Valerie says:

    dude, what’s her problem? can’t she find another way of staying relevant?

  19. Thea says:

    Binary genderism is white supremacy. There are many cultures where gender is fluid.

  20. Sparrow says:

    I am a parent of a 17 year old trans boy. He is a huge Harry Potter fan, When he was younger he devoured the Harry Potter series. It gave him a world to escape to when he was dealing with the stress of transitioning at school that was not supportive. What I think is most unfortunate about JK continued ignorant comments is that she is hurting a lot of people who found comfort in her books.

  21. lilii says:

    She seemed pretty ok for the most part (I don’t follow her closely). I don’t know why she didn’t shut up or just mentioned that she worded is badly. I wouldn’t cancel her though. “Cancel” culture I deserve for more serious offenders, and we have plenty.

    • Erinn says:

      Well, at what point do we just cut her off, then? This is certainly not the first offense. She goes off A LOT on twitter and is constantly being a self righteous asshole. At some point it can’t be chalked up to poor wording or being a mostly good person. At some point you just have to realize that someone who’s work you like can also be an absolute piece of shit human.

  22. Lolo says:

    Controversial opinion: the lived experiences of trans-women and CIS-women are different but equally valid. There are issues that trans-women will not have faced prior to transition, just as there are many issues CIS-women will never have faced. We should work together to support each other in the fight for equality for ALL women, CIS or trans.