Michael Jackson burial is postponed yet again

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Just when you thought that the Michael Jackson death saga couldn’t possibly get any weirder, news broke yesterday that the late pop star’s body remains at large – that is, un-buried. Joe Jackson reportedly informed TMZ that his son’s body, originally scheduled for interment on August 29, will now be laid to rest on August 31 instead. Apparently, the family needs more time to milk Michael’s passing and score TV appearances – er, “get things in order.”

Joe Jackson tells TMZ the burial has been pushed to August 31, because there are things the family needs to get in order before Michael is laid to rest.

Jackson was scheduled to be buried on August 29, what would have been his 51st birthday.

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[From TMZ]

“There are things the family needs to get in order before Michael is laid to rest.” Like what? What exactly needs to be done after two months in order for him to be buried? Get some shovels, dig a hole, and boom, you’re done, right? I just do not understand what the problem is here. I can picture Joe Jackson going through the pockets of every single pair of pants Michael owned, hoping to find more money. And where the heck is Michael’s body now? Can you imagine being the person in charge of guarding it? Maybe I’ve seen “Weekend at Bernie’s” too many times or something, but I get the impression that something weird is going on. Just bury him already!

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michael jackson tribute 18 070709

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  1. Firestarter says:

    I think it is a total disgrace that this man has been dead since June 25th and he is still not buried!

  2. knotstu says:

    Cos it’s a thrillaaaa thrilla right, he still ain’t in the ground cos he’s comming back with a new sound … thrilla thrilla right

  3. pearl nzimande says:

    how will his soul rest if his body is still lingering aroung. its really not a smart thing too keep his body because he’s gone nothing can change that.

  4. Feebee says:

    Let the man rest in peace! Find a spot to put him and let him be. People talk about there being too many laws… these idiots are the reason why. It shouldn’t be lawful to not have buried a body two months after death without a bloody good excuse. “To get things in order” is not good enough.

  5. Jacq says:

    A disgrace that he’s not buried? The wo/man himself was a disgrace. Black –> wanted to be white, male –> wanted to be female, a grown adult –> still sexually craved little boys. The shame and disgrace is that this pedophile is being heralded as some kind of lost hero, as opposed to rolled into the ground as the sicko that he was.

  6. knotstu says:

    mmmm….. Do you think they will stuff him?