Billy Ray Cyrus on Miley’s stripper pole dance: it’s entertainment!

A few weeks ago, everybody’s favorite Disney teen Miley Cyrus did something shocking. It did not involve Annie Leibovitz and a half-draped sheet. It did not involve Miley posing with her father as if he was a lover. It did not involve Miley humping a chair while her director took pictures. It did not involve anything racist. It did not involve having a 20-year-old boyfriend who likes to do Bible studies late at night, when he’s spending the night. So… maybe I should have been clearer before. Another day, another Miley Cyrus scandal. The latest one involved a stripper pole, a pair of hotpants and a screaming audience of pre-teens at the so-called “Teen Choice Awards”.

As you could imagine, Miley’s stripper pole show caused quite a bit of controversy. According to the Enquirer, the parents attending the Teen Choice Awards were absolutely furious, and were overheard venting their frustrations about… Billy Ray Cyrus. One showbiz mom said, “Billy Ray should be slapped across the face – and Tish needs her head examined.” Another pointed out: “They approved this routine – knowing Miley’s got a pedophile stalker who’s all over the news? It’s insane!” The Enquirer also got some quotes from some of the kids in the audience, some of whom didn’t even think Miley’s stripper dance was cute. One teenage boy said, “We like Miley because she’s a nice girl who’s cute… But she was acting like a stripper… so slutty!” Oh, for goodness sake. It was a stripper pole, not a lap dance. I mean, I think it was totally inappropriate and everything, but let’s not call Miley a “slut” and all.

Because Billy Ray’s schedule is so hectic, what with… uh… you know… riding his daughter’s coattails, or whatever his job title is these days, he’s just now gotten around to defending his daughter from The Stripper Pole Scandal of 2009. Billy’s defense? It’s just entertainment, y’all!

Billy Ray Cyrus doesn’t think daughter Miley’s pole dance at the Teen Choice Awards earlier this month was so controversial.

“You know what? I just think that Miley loves entertaining people,” he tells Access Hollywood at Thursday’s Hellman’s/Facebook Feeding American Event in NYC.

“She loves singing [and] songwriting,” he adds of his 16-year-old daughter, who swirled around a pole attached to an ice cream truck during her performance of “Party in the USA” Aug. 10. In an poll, 85 percent of readers voted she was too young to dance so provocatively.

Billy Ray tells his daughter to ignore negative reactions.

“I always tell her to love what you’re doing and stay focused for the love of the art and not worry so much about opinion,” he says.

“I give my kids a lot of freedom to make the art they wanna make, and make it in their own voice. I think it’s important,” Billy tells Us at the same event.

[From Us Weekly]

Totally f-cking clueless. This one is another Pervert Joe Simpson, mark my words. Billy Ray might have already eclipsed Pervert Joe, actually. Joe Simpson, for all of his faults, really only started saying inappropriate stuff when Jessica Simpson was a legal adult. Not Billy Ray – for his little 16-year-old, there’s nothing inappropriate, foolish, ridiculous, insane, perverse or gross that he won’t whole-heartedly co-sign.

Miley and Billy are shown on 4/25/09. Credit:


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  1. lway says:

    and that is how our teenage daughters end up falling pregnant before their bra straps actually touch.

    Billy is making a big mistake giving his 16 year old “a lot of space” – she’s a walking hormone and so are most of the boys her age.

    It’s only a matter of time. Miley is a skank in the making. Lookout Paris!

  2. techcrazies says:

    this pair is very effective on their dance and acting i like their show they are really very nice for entertainment thanks

  3. maddie says:

    Some where the lines were smudged a bit with this father/daughter line.

    He’s not her friend, (manager if he is not sure) he’s her father and I would think that most fathers would not want their 16 girl swinging on a stripper pole entertaining her friends in the basement.

    I guess as long as Miley is bring in the money her dad does not care how she is perceived by her peers.

    Adding up the Cover with her dad (beyond creepy) pictures of her in her bra, the shower picture, the picture of her with that older man I think she was on his back, does he wonder why the boy said something on the lines of slutty.

    Her father is a clueless hick, if you ask me. It’s all about the money.

  4. Shanny says:

    Thrashy runs in the family.
    hey Billy rae when you gonna get little Noah posing in bikinis? she is 8 or 9 right, time to get her on the pole too. oh wait Noah has been on the pole, my bad.

  5. Cinderella says:

    What else he he going to say. He’s just a dumb redneck.

  6. vicsmith says:

    Totally agree with the Joe Simpson comparison. I think this guy is worse and how in the world is a stripper pole appropriate on a teen show?

  7. Victoria says:

    That stalker was the first thing I thought of when I saw her pole dancing on the ice cream cart. How uterly stupid to let her do that! Hey it’s all about the all mighty dollar so it’s cool with the Cyrus family.

  8. Firestarter says:

    No wonder she has an adult male as a stalker!

  9. ash says:

    I felt bad for her watching that embarassing pole dance. Thank God she mainly danced around it instead of really using it, I would have changed the channel. *shudders*

  10. Praise St. Angie! says:

    To Billy Ray…

    That’s great that she likes entertaining people and all, but as a parent, you are there to SET LIMITS. Regardless of whether or not she’s the breadwinner and you’re the manager…you’re her FATHER, and you need to act like it. You can tell her what is appropriate for her to do in her performances and what’s appropriate for other teenagers to see.

    ‘“I always tell her to love what you’re doing and stay focused for the love of the art and not worry so much about opinion,” he says.’

    really? would you say the same thing if she was stripping down to a g-string and pasties and gyrating around in her next video?

    ugh, this man makes me sick.

  11. TaylorB says:

    Awwwww… What a wonderful father 😐

    Seriously, she is a child! ‘Art’ schmart! There is no reason a 16 year old should be rockin a stripper pole, ever. I am in my 30’s and there is no way in HELL I would grind on a stripper pole in front of my parents, if my dad saw me do that he would either drop dead or ship me to the nearest convent.

  12. Lizzard says:

    Was that stripper pole on the ice cream cart thing even her idea? I mean maybe they just had an idea to get her to be closer/ more part of the audience but wanted her to have something to hold onto as well and the end product ended up looking like a stripper pole?

    I highly doubt Billy Ray or Miley were coming up with ideas back stage and actually thought, “Hey you know what would be a great idea? You standing on an ice cream cart that is rolling around but don’t worry about falling there will be a big ass pole on it so you can stand and dance and won’t lose your balance.”

  13. the original kate says:

    what a dumbass he is. sad he sees her as an “entertainer” and not as his 16 year old daughter.

  14. mockingbird says:

    Sure. That’s “entertainment.”

    What is it with parents like Cyrus and Kris Kardashian?

  15. Catherine says:

    Billy Ray isn’t going to say anything against her because she makes more money than he ever has.

  16. MyThoughts says:

    Pimping his 16 year old child out allows him the exposure he wouldn’t get under his own stardom…He’s a HICK with no class, no rules, whose only thought is money and fame! Just imagine what she’ll be doing at 22….Hmmmm

  17. fizXgirl314 says:

    since when is crappy pop music considered art????

  18. My Take says:

    She looks way older than 16.
    He looks 16.

  19. MegaVolt says:

    The antithesis of “wholesome family.”

  20. Jackie says:

    “Oh, for goodness sake. It was a stripper pole, not a lap dance. I mean, I think it was totally inappropriate and everything, but let’s not call Miley a “slut” and all.”

    The next step is the lap dance if she is not already doing that for her Disney handlers. You don’t want to call her a “slut”; how about “slut in training”, because that is what she is, and she is influencing all the 8, 9, 10, 11 year old girls in this country, and the boys too! I REFUSE to buy anything with her buck toothed face on it. I don’t believe this was her idea, no it was the ADULTS who handle her who dreamt this up, but I doubt neither she or her worthless parents argued too much about it not being appropriate for her because she wants to target an adult audience. As if an adult audience wants to see her untalented mess. Only children buy her crap because children have no taste in music. I actually can’t wait for her to get older so she will BOMB, because she is horrible and a disgrace to music.

  21. emmaboo56 says:

    hahaha yeah you call that “just” entertainment billy ray well i call that inappropriate yeah i think miley should be able to do what she wants to do but going out there and doing the things she dose with a young audience like my 4 year old sister that look up to her not cool at all i use to love you but now i hate you all the way… but i do still like some of your music but other then that screw you miley……

  22. emmaboo56 says:

    i know i already wrote but i have more to say… is that what a 16 year old has to do to entertain kids these days run around taking pics with a sheet wrapped around your chest and then if its not bad enough using a strippers pole on stage in front of kids billy ray miley is entertaining kids not 50 year old man who don’t have a woman the teens choice awards and Disney channel are not porno’ channels ya f****** jackass learn how to raise a kid… i can’t wait to see how Noah turns out ha

  23. 311girl says:

    it’s not just entertainment … you wouldn’t want her working in a night club somewhere for entertainment! wake up Billy, don’t teach this precious child that kind of stuff … look out for her as a daddy!!!

  24. queenie says:

    Anyone else sense some sort of incestuous relationship between these two? I am sure she sits on daddy’s lap all the time.

  25. momofgirls says:

    What I find funny is that all you guys have to do is stop paying attention if it bugs you so much. Change the channel. Don’t pick up the magazine just to complain about it.

    My girls didn’t see the awards, nor have they seen the shower pictures or the sheet picture. I have. How could I miss it, they were all over the internet. BUT I still let my girls watch Hannah Montana, they still listen to her music because they don’t KNOW that there is this ‘other than wholesome’ Miley Cyrus running around. And I’m okay with that. Miley Cyrus is still a damn sight better than Britney Spears, Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan… even WITH these teenage shenanigans. She’s a lot more reigned in than when I was sixteen that’s for sure.

    I don’t find any of it offensive, stupid yes, but not offensive. The Leibovitz picture was downright ugly… not art in my opinion.

    Plus, taking shots at a 16-year-old who still has managers and parents is lame. She may have some say, but I’ll bet most of the blame goes to the idiots who choreograph and dress her (choreographers & stylists people, not her herself)

    Billy Ray. Whole other story. In denial is my best guess.

  26. moo says:

    oh man! don’t stop his money makin machine now… what a LOSER he is!

  27. Jenna says:

    You know, I used to actually like watching Hannah Montana on TV once in a while; it had witty dialogue and they Cyruses were kinda funny. What in the h*ll happened?! Now Miley is acting/dressing like a Woman of the Night and she can’t even drink legally yet? This is disturbing to say the least, and is eclipsed only by her little 8-year-old sister who also enjoys hanging out on stripper poles. Absolutely revolting.

  28. Goddess711 says:

    He’s teaching her to please males up and down the money ladder. He just wants her the way he knows men want their women – rich, dumb and trained in the art of of Ho’dom.

  29. penny says:

    Its all bullcrap! She was standing on a ice cream truck and the pole was her support to hold on when they moved the cart. she did not swing around or do any provockitive moves. See for your self…. Youtube the video and get over it!

  30. Aussie says:

    Not cool.
    Billy you’ve sold yours and your daughters souls to the Hollywood Devils, for fame, fortune. Keep it classy a lot of little girls are watching Miley, not cool!

  31. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    I don’t understand the inclination to target an older audience. I know that once all of these kids hit ‘hittin’ that’ age, it’s open season at Rusty O’Vulva’s. Still…

    I could advise her:

    ‘So how about this whole trying to hold appeal for lucid adults?’

    ‘But I’m just having fun.’

    ‘Exactly. That’s why you’re a kid, you’re ignorant. Ignorance is every child’s birthright. But, keep in the cradle, baby jail.’

    ‘But I’m just having fun.’

    ‘Exactly. This is how children have fun: by emulating things. But the monkey holding the smokes doesn’t understand the true sense of dragging.’

    ‘But I’m just having fun.’

    ‘Yes, yes Chester Parrot. But think: To collect maple tree sap, you have to tap the wood, right? Nothing good can come from tapping a seeding, right?

    ‘But I’m just–‘

    ‘To the Carmelites with you!!’

  32. j. ferber says:

    Do you notice their highlighted hair is identical? His daughter’s fame has so gone to his head. His vanity, stupidity and lack of talent are truly offensive to me. And if he has to be on her tv show and in her movies, can Miley’s fat daddy at least lose some weight? Lastly, as everyone else has already mentioned, he doesn’t act like her father, but her hanger-on and enabler. Self-serving, unlikable dude.

  33. yae says:

    $100 says she’s doing thong bikini shots next year at 17 or worse. Can we put up a pay pal for that?

  34. Shanny says:

    I did just notice the matching father daughter highlights in the picture, a 16 yr old girl needs a father and a role model,not a buddy to go to the salon with.
    I am laughing at the thought of my husband even entering a salon much less getting hight lights with my daughter.

  35. Aspie says:

    Jamie Foxx was right in his comments about Miley…the girl is heading towards the same route already taken by Britney and Lindsay, it’s just only a matter of time…

  36. Oh Pleeease! says:

    I don’t know what to think anymore! I say it already and I’ll say it again “BILLY IS AN IDIOT”. My version of the whole thing is that of a hooker dancing on the pole luring little kids with the ice cream and asking them in low voice:”IS YOUR DADDY HOME, SWEETIE!”
    Acting like that is not going to help with those 52 year old perverts out there! So someone better set up and be a parent to that girl! Or we’ll have a whole new breed of f** up “it girl” in show! at least Britney started in her 20’s, Miley’s only 16 for God’ sake!

  37. Bitter Betty says:

    Honestly, is it really necessary to label this child a “slut” and attack her? we are witnessing a form of child abuse and neglect, out disdain should be aimed at the parents alone, not the victimized child.

  38. spinner says:

    Miley is an MK Ultra/Monarch mind controlled slave. Disney churns them out all the time.

  39. Grannychick says:

    Now that’s what a real Christian father should do – allow his daughter to date guys way too old for her and then do a pole dance in a movie – oh yeah. What part of the Bible does he get THAT out of?

  40. PJ says:

    ya Need to Quit Putting him Down ..Hes fantastic …& Has his mind into His Kids …more than I can say about alot of other Stars

  41. sherifaerie says:

    oh come ON. yeah that’s right it’s sherifaerie here again to put my two cents in…

    billy ray cyrus–didn’t he sing “achey breaky heart”? wait while i google him, since i honestly don’t know. lol OK yeah, correct. that was his claim to fame. cute. although i do not personally like the song or any cheesy country music for that matter, and although i don’t know the first thing about hannah montana OR miley, i do have this to say about this supposed pole dancing she did.

    that would only appear to be pole dancing to people who know what that means. to the little girls who are looking up to her, they haven’t been corrupted like that yet–in their innocent minds and eyes, they do not see a stripper pole or anything overtly sexual about it. what they see is an ice cream truck, and a plain old pole. why do adults keep making these things out to be so perverted and weird? it’s like saying noah’s costume for halloween was a dominatrix costume. come ON. she doesn’t even KNOW what that is!! they say what you don’t know can’t hurt you, but with all the controversy surrounding them now, they will be aware of what these things are and all thanks to perverted adults who pointed it out!! this is insane! all of you need to back off billy ray cyrus and his wife, and let them raise their kids the way they see fit. they are not abusing them!! YOU ppl are verbally abusing them by calling miley a slut and going so far as to call a 9 year old ugly when i happen to think she is adorable! PUHLEEZ.

  42. Antonio Ruiz says:

    OMG Miley is just so crazy. She’s just my favorite!

  43. BitchPudding says:

    That’s okay to say to an 18 year old, legally they are an adult then and can do pretty much what they want. And if the parent still disproves they can move out then do it. But she is 16. Seriously what the hell? Young people these days are already going down hill but damn, that isn’t helping! Grab some sense cause no one likes it. No one. If you do, your just encouraging terrible behavior for a young lady. She may have money but she’s just a kid. Not a teen in my book. A teen is when you start to grow up and take responsibility. Not be a total moronic slut-bag who thinks this is all cute because she’s getting attention for it.