Kate Major still talking about Jon Gosselin: “it’s publicly destroyed me”

Kate Major, the ex-Star reporter who had an affair with Jon Gosselin, gave yet another tearful interview in which she details the way she was humiliated by the reality star. Major seemed like a jilted ex-hookup with an axe to grind in her first interview, on E! last week, in which she branded Jon a “liar” and a “two-timer” and insisted he was going to hand her the world on a string. “We had plans to travel together, to live together and to be together,” she whined, explaining that he promised her he would break up with his other girlfriend, Hailey Glassman, but dumped her instead.

In this week’s In Touch, Major goes on about the relationship at length, explaining that she was used for sex. “Looking back, it was all pretty much sexual. That’s what he had in mind. I’m deeply upset by the turn of events. He totally screwed me over and acted like a dirtbag.” Major claimed that Jon took her to a hotel that he made her pay for and that he had her meet him for sex at his family home. Jon denied to US Weekly through an unnamed “friend” that he hooked up with Major at home or a hotel and admitted breaking up with her by leaving a message on her phone.

Now Major is taking her sob story to Inside Edition. She cries in the interview, a segment of which is available on Radar Online, and says ridiculous things like “he’s lying. I wouldn’t sit here on national television and making something up like this. It’s publicly destroyed me. It’s embarrassing to have to admit that. It’s awful. For the other party not to admit it also is even more disgusting.”

I don’t think the issue is that people think Major is making it up at all. We know Jon Gosselin is a cheat and a liar. The issue is that sad, pathetic Kate Major needs to let go and is looking even more unhinged in this latest interview. The guy used her, it happens, move on. She’s only making it infinitely more embarrassing for herself by crying on television about it. What’s next for her, Access Hollywood, Life & Style? If a friend of mine was crying like that over some married guy she dated for two weeks I would give her a sympathetic ear but tell her that it’s obvious the guy is a loser and the best way to deal with it is to try and move on. It can be devastating to break up, and everyone deals with it in a different way, but don’t let the damn press know that you’re still hurting. Maybe the poor girl needs money though and this is the only way for her.


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  1. Firestarter says:

    ITA, she needs to forget the piece of trash that is Jon and count her blessings, like Kate Gosselin is probably doing, by being rid of the disgusting swine.

    She knew what type of a man he was though, how could she not? The whole thing with Jon, her and Hailey is sordid and they all just need to go away.

  2. Kayleigh says:

    Not that I’m on Jon’s side at all on anything, but this woman is insane to give up her career for pretty much a one night stand. I mean if I just slept with a guy and he was telling me “Oh I’ll take you to Paris, and buy you a house, and take care of you, blah blah blah” I would just assume he was insane and probably never speak to him again. But instead this moron believed him.

  3. UrbanRube says:

    This man’s actual wife — no matter how contentious she is — and children are suffering through the loss of an actual marriage and having him in their lives seven days a week. On what basis does this judgment-less girl think she has the right to cry on national television about her lying one-night stand? Wah… poor me. I thought I was going to get my 15 minutes like the people in the crappy magazine I used to write for. I’m not fond of any of the “adults” in this three-ring circus, but this particular person needs to shut up, go away, and grow up.

  4. Jacq says:

    Who quits her job & thinks she’s forever going to be with some guy that she’s known for 2 days? He may be a loser, but SHE’S an idiot!

  5. elisabetta says:

    meh, if she needs money, reality tv will come knockin on her door. It’s not like you need to be talented or mentally stable to go on vh1′s “i love money”…. Heck, maybe they’ll be generous and give Kate Major her own dating show.

  6. Beth says:

    Why is she so hysterical over a guy she’s known for two weeks? Sure it’s more embarrassing since it’s so public but Kate isn’t helping herself by doing all of these interviews.

  7. lway says:

    Day Time Emmy. Grow up Kate!

  8. MSat says:

    Everything UrbanRube said.

  9. hello says:

    SERIOUSLY. girls get used like this all the time. her little fling lasted, what, a few days??? GET OVER IT GIRL. you are making a fool of yourself. just because he is semi-famous doesnt make your behavior acceptable.

  10. kristin says:

    I think she’s doing this for her own reasons. I don’t think she’s that hung up on Jon, but rather, she’s hoping to get in the spotlight, maybe snag some press or even a reality show. PUHLEASE, she knew Jon for what…two weeks? Come on, she’s an adult woman and Jon a recently-divorced fatty bo batty with seemingly no personality. These women are in it for the attention.

  11. Jills says:

    She acted like a Whore and then got dumped like one. It’s called Instant Karma.

  12. Jazz says:

    I agree with Kayleigh! She should of known better than to get involved with someone who has just come out of a marriage. Anyway these are just crocodile tears! I suppose she needs $$$ now that the silly twit quit her job.

  13. teehee says:

    I dont excuse it as being commonplace; it may indeed happen all the time but its still Majorly (no pun) wrong for Jon or any other guy to use others.
    I mean, since he apparently has so much money to throw around, he should hire an “escort” and not lie to people and the press instead. Whatever you do, own it.

  14. ! says:

    You know, I really resent the idea from this post and from poster #9 that because women get used “all the time”, that we should just dust ourselves off and get used to it.

    No, we shouldn’t. Its a lousy thing to do. Yes, she should move on emotionally, but we should not be allowing men to get off the hook for using women. Its not acceptable. We don’t have to take it just because men say we do, you know. Its lousy no matter what sexists will tell you to put you in your place.

  15. icky says:

    lmao! those pictures of her are hilarious! man she is nuts

  16. Praise St. Angie! says:

    “Major claimed that Jon took her to a hotel that he made her pay for”

    well, helloooooo…that’s a pretty big red flag right there. If a guy wants to take you to a hotel to get dirty, he should at least pay for it.

    Lawdy, this girl is dumb!

  17. vicsmith says:

    Maybe he meant what he said before he realized what a hot mess she is. She probably had some of this crazy in her before since it only took a little while and a few broken promises, to undo her world. Not that he’s not a douche. And it sounds like she wanted to use him. I mean, could she really have been that in love?

  18. Persistent Cat says:

    “he’s lying. I wouldn’t sit here on national television and making something up like this. It’s publicly destroyed me. It’s embarrassing to have to admit that. It’s awful. For the other party not to admit it also is even more disgusting.”

    Why admit it? You’re not being taken in front of Congress, it’s you who’s deciding to humiliate yourself and not let this end.

    #14 – No one is saying women should just accept getting used but she’s humiliating herself worse than if she kept her mouth shut. And by crying about him, she’s giving him power.

    If I may add, I have lots of female friends who use guys so it goes both ways.

    Kudos to this post that didn’t just copy and paste a huge piece of text.

  19. wow says:

    In my post I have encouraged Jon to bang and bounce these tricks a la Clooney. But he is stupid for takingon this crazy tabloid chick. How could he not see this coming after dumping her? She worked for a tabloid. They probably paid her to do this in order to get this type of story in the end.

    Jon needs to get more hip to the “game”.

  20. Guest says:

    The walk of shame that never ends!

  21. fizXgirl314 says:

    Nature has set up a nice little system of retribution for idiots… you eat too much, you get fat… you use people and sleep around, you get aids… voila :-p

    in all seriousness though, I don’t agree with using women like this, but I also think she’s probably milking this for publicity… so good for her. both parties used eachother it seems.

    And, Clooney at least has the decency to stay with the women for a while, pay for the hotel and buy them some breast implants… this guy is a disgrace compared to him.

  22. JoJo says:

    She’s destroyed publicly?? How about SHE has destroyed herself publicly! If she wasnt giving all these interviews nobody would even know about all this craziness! Now she has become the butt of the joke! Shut up already!

  23. ! says:

    Um yeah way to read my post, PC. If you had read on, you’d see I acknowledged that she should move on emotionally, but this article point blank said “it happens move on”. And I say, you shouldn’t have to shut yourself up out of fear of “giving him power”, you should be able to express the sadness you feel without people barking about how you look weak. Feeling does not make you weak. That’s something men drill into our heads to get us to “stop your crying already”.

  24. Uncle Bob says:

    White trash is white trash – that’s all I’m sayin’

  25. Cinderella says:

    Guest: Good one! It couldn’t be described any better.

    The more she keeps yapping, the longer she’ll remain in the unemployment line.

    What’s she going to do next, sue him?

  26. Zoe says:

    This girl is as ridiculous as Jon Gosselin, they deserve each other big time. What kind of idiot quits their job during the worse recession ever period, nonetheless because some person they want on A DATE with did or didn’t tell them to? This girl has no one to blame but herself for being the laughing stock of this month’s news. Not to mention, just going for Jon Gosselin alone she set herself up for a good joke.

  27. yeahbut42 says:

    This woman is probably the only person on the planet who is more stupid than John Gosslin. What a 3 ring circus. Those poor 8 kids are going to need so much therapy the national debt will triple, because you know we, the taxpayers, will be paying for all of those kids as soon as TLC drops their show.

  28. DD says:

    She is a tabloid reporter… she is obviously milking her 15 minutes of fame for all it’s worth. The woman has no dignity or self respect and it shows. She’s as low class as her career and the man she pretends to have been betrayed by. All around trailer park trash…

  29. yae says:

    Men cheat because some women have no respect for other women. If women respected themselves and other women they wouldn’t think that throwing up their legs with a father of 8 kids was “ok”. Then maybe Jon and Kate could have gone to some therapy and fixed their bullsh-t for the sake of their family.
    Airbrushed women, female children (miley 16) swinging on stripper poles, undulating bikini chicks hanging on UGLY rappers for $50……
    It all just hurts women really in the end. And the men get EXACTLY what they want which is a society of ENDLESS, INSECURE FEMALES ripe for the easy lay (welcome to Hollywood).
    A SECURE, self-respecting female would have told him to go home with his wife & kids and be a MAN. She got what she asked for.

  30. ozcat says:

    Live by the sword,die by the sword, you reap whatyou sow…..my only concern is the kids being used shamelessly by everyone including the media.

  31. Sani says:

    I guess they told her she could not have her job back.
    All of the women around Jon are so stupid and Kate is just greed and hungry for Hollywood.

  32. REDRED2 says:

    I agree with Kayleigh. Plus , this FOOL let some guy SELL her his dreams. How stupid can she be? She just thought she had hit the jackpot that’s why she’s crying. Really? What the hell does John have between his legs to make this woman this stupid? She gave up her life 4 a man she’d just met. Dumb. Even the women George Clooney dates are not this stupid. I do not feel sorry for her in any way. She needs to suffer for screwing around with someone’s husband. If you meet a guy in the process of divorcing, don’t fall for him until the divorce is final. NEVER GIVE YOUR HEART TO A MARRIED MAN .

  33. For Sooth? says:

    Jon no longer has the ability to be discreet about anything. Since he professes to have his children’s best interest foremost in his mind why doesn’t he put a stop to his hormonal rampage and stay the eff out of the press, including the current circus he films with his Kate on TLC? Man oh man, will the debasement never end???

  34. Ana says:

    We wouldn’t know all the details if she didn’t tell us everything. If she would’ve just went away it wouldn’t be publicly destroying her. Stupid girl.