Janet Jackson is planning a tell-all book

Janet Jackson’s long planned book about her struggles with weight has been expanded into a “tell-all” about her family, obviously with special attention paid to brother Michael. It sounds like the book is mainly staying the course in terms of talking about her fluctuating weight and dramatic diets, along with talking about her self-esteem issues and most of the things you’d expect in a weight loss memoir. But she’s also going to talk about how Michael’s death has impacted her entire family – including his three children.

Janet Jackson is penning an explosive tell-all about her life and family, including her late brother Michael, an insider tells “In Touch.” The book, which will be published early in 2010, is set to coincide with the release of the star’s new album.

“She is going to talk about Michael’s death and how it’s affected her and his children and the rest of the family,” says the insider. “But a lot of it will also focus on her battle with self-esteem and weight.”

According to the insider, Janet, who is filming Tyler Perry’s “Why Did I Get Married Too,” has long suffered with her yo-yoing weight and self-imagine problems. “She’s a huge success,” says the friend. “But that’s not what she has always seen when she looks in the mirror, so the book will talk about how she has coped, and about her family relationships. She wants to help other young women out there.”

[From In Touch, Aug. 31, 2009, print ed.]

Janet’s book is one of the few celebrity-authored ones that I think I’d actually sit down and read the whole way through. She’s notoriously private, and I’d be interested to read what she has to say about Michael’s passing. And frankly her weight loss issues are pretty fascinating. It’s rare to have someone who’s famous gain and lose so much so quickly and so often. Whenever she’s heavier, Janet tends to stay out of the public eye, but every so often pictures will pop up in the Enquirer or Star of a much, much heavier Janet going to the grocery store or something. And then six months later she’s got washboard abs again! It’s mind boggling.

In other Jackson family news, they’re also taking issue with AEG’s planned Michael Jackson memorabilia tour – they want more than the 50% profits the administrators of the estate negotiated.

Michael Jackson’s younger brother Randy is on the witness list and could possibly testify Friday in Los Angeles County Superior Court against a proposal by concert promoter AEG Live for a 3-city memorabilia tour that would begin this October, according to the Associated Press. The tour will coincidence with the release of a feature film using footage from Jackson’s final rehearsals.

Like Randy, the Bad singer’s mother, Katherine, also disapproves of the proposal, which was ironed out by John Branca and John McClain, who are serving, for now, as special administrators of Jackson’s estate. As it stands now, the deal would give half of the profits from the exhibition to the Jackson estate and the other half to AEG Live.

Lawyers for the Jackson family argued during a hearing last Monday that the 50-50 split of profits for the exhibition was too generous to AEG Live, but estate lawyers said they negotiated the best terms possible. Katherine wants the deal renegotiated. Other industry experts will also likely take the stand during Friday’s hearing. Upon completion of the proceeding, Judge Mitchell Beckloff is expected to make a ruling on Katherine’s objection to the agreement. AEG Live lawyer Kathy Jorrie has previously said any further delay in approval would cause the company to abandon the deal and the company would not renegotiate.

[From Radar]

I don’t know why, but my gut instinct is that the memorabilia tour won’t end up happening. It sounds like AEG is sick and tired of dealing with the Jacksons, and I doubt they’ll budge. So far AEG’s been claiming that they’ve only lost money on Michael Jackson since he died before he performed any concerts. They’re a business and they’re obviously trying to recoup some of their costs more than honor Michael’s memory. That said, it’s hard to argue the Jackson family is only focused on keeping his memory alive either. It seems like all the parties are focused solely on money, which will probably leave them all with nothing.

Here’s Janet Jackson landing in Nice Airport with brother Jermaine Jackson and his wife Halima Rashid on May 26th. Images thanks to BauerGriffinOnline.

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  1. B Askew says:

    The Jacksons are going to milk the “Michael” cow forever.

  2. diddy says:

    i doubt it, janet is one jackson apart from michael that keeps her private life on lockdown; this is a woman taht was married for 9 nines and no one knew until her husband filed for divorce.

    Janet is know to hate kiss and tell books about her family, there is a old youtube video back in the days of her calling La Toya as an attention seeker and and lair for writing a kiss and tell book about the family.

  3. Zoe (The Other One) says:

    It’s going to be an interesting read – I hope she stays classy tho.

  4. Diane says:

    I’m not certain on this one. I may wait until they post the reviews and my local library carry’s it.

  5. Leni says:

    I will need to see it in my library before I believe this. Janet has been very private about her three relationships and has downplayed her past weight gain/loss. She has also downplayed her bouts of depression. I do not see a tell-all book coming from her.

  6. Zoe says:

    While Janet is writing a book regarding weight, I seriously doubt she is going to drag Michael into this. If it’s publicity and attention she wanted, she could easily get it through the expression of her own musical gifts. She has been very low key and silent about the whole matter and would have handled it differently if she was out for attention. I respect her decision to pipe down about family matters and I wish some of her other siblings would take a lesson from it.

  7. j. ferber says:

    I agree with the other posters, and would like to add that Janet somehow seems a tragic figure to me. She always seems so alone, no matter what boyfriend/husband she’s with. I suspect Ms. Jackson has many demons of her own. She has always handled her private life with class and has never tried to exploit Michael, like many of his other relatives have. I never even cared about “Nipplegate,” a tempest in a teapot if there ever was one. I wish her peace and love. And yes, I’d buy her book.

  8. t-t says:

    i love janet….i hope theyre all coping well, although they leave a bad aftertaste in my mouth because theyre only focused on money….except for janet of course

  9. Madelyn Rose says:

    Zoe, I think you are right on! Janet may write a book about her life and struggles, but I doubt she would drag Michael into it and exploit him. As many of you all have pointed out, she kept her first marriage a total secret for many years. She isn’t the “famewhore” type.

    I would definitely be interested in reading her book though. I would love to hear the real story behind her marriage and divorce, and her life. I have always liked Miss Janet, beginning with her role on Good Times! She was so cute! Did anyone else watch that as a kid?

  10. LadyJohnson says:

    I hope she reveals the truth about her unclaimed daughter who’s now a full grown woman, allegedly raised by Rebbie.