Donald Trump: Biden ‘is going to be president because some people don’t love me’

President Trump lays wreath at Korean War Memorial in DC

Here are some photos of Donald and Melania Trump laying a wreath at the Korean War Memorial in Washington yesterday. I’m actually surprised Melania (not Fauxlania) came out for this. She probably wanted to show off her new dress. Yesterday, Trump also took part in a Fox News Town Hall, which very few people actually watched. Thankfully, there were some journalists covering it, which is how we got these quotes where Trump is seemingly resigning himself to the fact that Joe Biden is going to win:

For the second time this week, President Donald Trump appeared almost resigned to the idea that former Vice President Joe Biden will beat him in November, telling Fox News’ Sean Hannity that Biden “is going to be president because some people don’t love me.” During a town hall in key swing state Wisconsin, Trump fell back on his well-worn attack lines against his Democratic opponent, painting Biden as too old and suffering from cognitive decline.

“Whenever he does talk, he can’t put two sentences together,” Trump exclaimed. “I don’t want to be nice or un-nice. The man can’t speak.”

At the same time, the president seemed to acknowledge current polling, which shows the ex-veep up by double digits nationally and leading in most battleground states—including Wisconsin, a must-win for Trump. “And he is going to be president because some people don’t love me, maybe,” Trump said. “And all I’m doing is doing my job.”

The president insisted that before the “China plague” hit, the country was enjoying the “best job numbers we ever had” and the “best economy we ever had.” He then pivoted to complaining about China, which he said “ate our lunch” before he entered office.

[From The Daily Beast]

“And he is going to be president because some people don’t love me, maybe.” Just… no, I’m not even going to unwrap it. Trump also lied and said Biden doesn’t want to debate, when Biden is actually the one who has confirmed to the debate commission that he’ll do three debates. Trump was also asked about what his priorities would be if he got a second term, which led to this deranged word salad:

Yeah. Meanwhile, all of that BS was probably just Stephen Miller’s cover for trying to dismantle the ACA/Obamacare yet again. In a late-night brief, the Trump administration is arguing the same old sh-t:

The Trump administration is asking the Supreme Court to wipe out Obamacare, arguing that the individual mandate is unconstitutional and that the rest of the law must be struck down with it.

The late-night brief, filed Thursday in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, carries major implications for the presidential election. If the justices agree, it would cost an estimated 20 million Americans their insurance coverage and nullify protections for pre-existing conditions.

The Trump administration’s brief comes as the U.S. has recorded more than 120,000 deaths from COVID-19, with nearly 2.5 million confirmed cases. On Wednesday, the nation hit a new record for the highest daily total of new infections reported with more than 45,500. For the roughly 25 million people out of work and collecting jobless benefits, the ACA’s marketplaces and Medicaid expansion provide avenues to gain subsidized health insurance with consumer protections.

[From NBC News]

Maybe I’m an idiot but hasn’t the Supreme Court already ruled on this? From what I gather, the Trump administration is arguing that because the Republicans gutted the individual mandate already, that the ACA is now inoperative. So “we broke this thing, help us break it more so we can hurt more people.”

President Trump lays wreath at Korean War Memorial in DC

President Trump lays wreath at Korean War Memorial in DC

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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  1. Sierra says:

    How nice of the Republicans to dismantle the healthcare while the country is under a pandemic and the death toll is above 100k.

    All those deplorables are getting hit hard now in those Southern States so karma is doing her job well.

    • Mac says:

      This is a move of desperation. He needs to change the message on the campaign trail and cruelty always works for him.

      • lucy2 says:

        You think they would have learned in 2018 too, the GOP’s relentless attack on healthcare (plus the orange turd) is what lost them the House.

      • whatWHAT? says:

        yeah, what lucy2 said. it’s been proven over and over that the Affordable Care Act is loved by the majority of Americans.

        it’s only the ever-shrinking base of deplorables that are against it, and that’s because of the GOP constantly referring to it as Obamacare. I remember some trumphumper being interviewed about this subject, and this person was asked about using the ACA, and how they like it…yes, they used it, and yes, they liked it. but when Obamacare was brought up, the person was like “nah, we gotta get rid of that!”. they’re so f*cking stupid they don’t realize it’s the same thing. but attach O’s name to it and you have their support to gut it.

        to add, they’ve had 4 years (more, really) to come up with an alternative, but they still don’t have one. it’s “get rid of Obamacare and we’ll give you something else, at some point, when we get around to it…”

      • Lady D says:

        “trumphumper” LMAO. I’m definitely borrowing that one.

      • KellyRyan says:

        He’s on his trail of tears. “Maybe, no one loves me, maybe they love someone else more.” Whining from a, “leader,” will never garner votes. He refuses to change because he’s incapable of change.

      • NatureLover says:

        @KellyRyan, yes, his poor pathetic self declaring that no one loves him….you are not there for a popularity contest idiot! You are there to run the country, which you have run into the ground, caused thousands of deaths, committed more crimes than we can count and are incompetent and unhinged! It sickens me to my core that he is basing this on his crocodile tears….STFU and move on and start packing your bags!! Actually, he knows that once they are out of DC, Melania is going to divorce his disgusting orange obese ass!

    • phaedra7 says:

      He is most CHILDISH, VERY IMMATURE plus VERY SELFISH (“Mine! Mine! Mine!”) ADULT-LOOKING CHILD in America (if not the world). 🤬 I know that Biden may not be everyone’s choice (meaning the GOP, off-wrong hate groups, sell-outs, etc.) but folks, vote like you’ve never voted before in your lives–because our very freedom(s) are at stake. This damn creature NEEDS TO GO–AWAY!!

    • Nana says:

      Yeah, there’s no planet on which it’s ok that tens of thousands more are being infected daily. The problem also is that karma or not, it means many thousands more vulnerable people are then also at risk of infection: grocery store workers, cleaners, housekeepers, health workers, the people serving these dickheads their coffee and beers…
      I heard Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo speaking on NPR I think it was the other day, she simply said something like “When did we become a society that valued individual liberties over the lives of our neighbours?”

  2. Haarper says:

    And to think we could’ve had M4A. F*ck you guys.

    *You know who you are.

    • Darla says:

      The African American democratic base in S Carolina and throughout the South who voted for Biden?

      • Haarper says:

        Anyone who didn’t vote for it.

        Anyhow I don’t know why conservatives are worried about Biden winning. After all Biden said that nothing will fundamentally change if he wins.

      • Darla says:

        There’s a reason Biden is up in places like Florida. Just because he is doesn’t mean Bernie Sanders or Warren would be also. He’s not my pick, but I have accepted he is likely the man for the moment…and a bridge.

      • Darla says:

        Oh Haarper, he said that before the pandemic and the Floyd murder. That’s no longer operative. We’re headed into a depression, he knows it. Please stop it. This is propaganda.

      • francine says:

        @Haarper Stop using that statement out of context. He was telling rich people nothing would fundamentally change for them even when they get their taxes RAISED

    • Lightpurple says:

      When was it voted on in the House and Senate?

    • francine says:

      As if M4A had a chance of passing even if Bernie won

    • lucy2 says:

      You can’t do it if your candidate doesn’t get elected and the senate doesn’t flip though. And even then, it would be tough – ACA, even the watered down version they got through, was tough, and has been challenged over and over.
      The voters just didn’t turn up for the more progressives in the primaries. It stinks, but here we are.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        ^^^This is exactly it!
        We can’t make progress if democrats don’t get elected at all levels of the federal gov’t. And even after they get elected, it is up to citizens to actively support legislation and give cover to their Reps and Senators.

      • NatureLover says:

        lucy2 and Tiffany, I agree with you both! We need to get out and encourage everyone to VOTE!! We all need to do our part, primarily locally during elections, to ensure we get people out to vote!! The next step is to support our representatives and encourage bills or actions that they want to take in our district. Given that I am in a very heavily red area, I make my support known and work here with the Democrats of Brazos Country that is historically republican held, but we are trying to encourage to garner more people ti register and to vote. We can’t make a difference in DC unless we start in our own communities.

      • Veronica S. says:

        People forget the ACA *was* originally a public health care for all bill. They couldn’t get it through the Senate because of Lieberman, who called himself an independent, but in reality was pretty much Republican and did wind up switch parties soon after that. Clinton also attempted it in the 90s and ran into the same road block. You will never see public healthcare as an option unless you flip both houses of Congress and *keep* them flipped for at least a decade until a universal option is put through, implemented, and then allowed to become inured to the public sentiment. I run into way too many progressives who want a superman, ala Obama or Sanders, to fix everything for them rather than doing all the hard, tedious, boring work of coalition building.

    • Lightpurple says:

      Voting for Bernie Sanders in this year’s primaries would not mean anyone would have Medicare 4 All today. That’s not how any of this works. Also, I understand the need for a universal, fully comprehensive healthcare program for all of us but having spent years representing Medicare patients trying to get services covered or trying to deal with the bills for what Medicare does NOT cover, Medicare 4 All isn’t it, without some major revamping.

    • SomeChick says:

      We need to have M4A – for starters. And also, the politicians in DC should have Medicare. ONLY. They have a sweet benefit package including excellent healthcare. Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander!

      • NatureLover says:

        That’s what sickens me the most 🤬. Those in DC have no idea what common citizens must go through in regards to private healthcare. Having been not only a patient, but also working in healthcare, the amount of money that the private insurance companies rake in each year should be considered criminal!! The CFO, CEO, and etc rake in tremendous amount of bonuses on TOP of their million dollar positions sickens me. I once attended a conference for medical practitioners and the speaker told us that most top ranking members of private health care companies could bank as much as those on Wall Street. There is absolutely no reason why healthcare and medication should cost the American tax payer so much. There should be more regulations on healthcare!!

  3. Darla says:

    So, Biden is going to be President, and I said that here, but people were like, it’s too early shhh! It’s funny because James Carville was on Brian Williams last night and he said exactly what I think, you’re gonna win Democrats deal with it! LOL . It’s true, trump cannot win, he really can’t. And they can’t cheat that much, IMO. This will be a bloodbath. But here’s something I disagree with Carville on – stop propping the Lincoln group! People, it’s really easy to make ads against trump he writes the material every day! And they are going to turn around and run ads like that against us in 2024, trust.

    But other than that, guys even trump knows he’s going to lose. Get up every day and punch him in the face, stop hand wringing. We got this.

    • Sierra says:

      An enemy’s enemy is a friend.

      I am okay to get help from Lincoln Project to get rid of Trump.

      Afterwards, we can get rid of the Lincoln Project 🤷‍♀️

      • Darla says:

        Definitely. I watch the ads when they hit twitter, I just don’t prop them. They’re hitting their target and I’m sure trump turns purple every time he sees a new one. That’s fine.

      • Mac says:

        Dukakis was up 17 points in July 1988.

        The Lincoln Project is a marketing program for their board of directors’ agencies. Their target audience is Republicans running in 2022. George Conway says he doesn’t approve of Trump but he does approve of the deeply unqualified judges Trump is appointing. A leopard doesn’t change its spots.

      • KellyRyan says:

        I’m all in. Use the LP and dump it. I was away from Twitter for so many years my account was closed. After the election I’ll be far more selective in who I follow.

    • LULU wang was robbed says:

      It’s too early, shhhhh!!
      No seriously though, I don’t think we can afford to be confident or complacent until the last vote has been counted.
      We thought 2016 was going to go the way we expected and look how that turned out.
      We need to be scared and we need to encourage every single vote in.

      • Mabs A'Mabbin says:

        Thank you. Now is not the time to be definitive. Nematode is throwing mashed potatoes at the ceiling hoping a portion sticks. He’s even pulling a toddler, ‘Woe is me, you don’t love me,’ pouty shtick. Blech.

      • Prayer Warrior says:

        @Mabs Hey now, Nematodes are good guys! They control grubs!! Especially good at killing off thick-skinned grubs…….we apply nematodes to our soil when the grubs are overwhelming the garden……

      • Lady D says:

        I think that like most people, bitter is a rarely felt emotion for me, but I’m still bitter about the 2016 polls. When I went to bed, your country was 80% blue. When I got up that thing was president. Never again will I trust a poll, no matter the commissioner.

    • GuestWho says:

      You know what, four years ago at this time very few people believed drumpf would end up as POTUS (or BLOTUS as I like to refer to him). This is NOT the time to be complacent and assume a victory. The GOP is going to go all out on voter suppression and outside interference should NOT be dismissed. These are perilous times and these rats will fight to the death before their ship finally sinks – and they will fight as dirty as they have to. This isn’t about the good of the country for them – now it’s all about maintaining and growing their control. The fact that BLOTUS (along with his moron children) will likely end up in prison or at least charged with crimes once he’s out of office is another huge incentive for him to cheat like a mother f*cker.

      This is not over. Don’t believe for a second it is until the votes are cast and then counted – even then, as we’ve seen in the past, it’s not a lock.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      Use the positive vibes from good polls to fuel the hard work we have to do between now and the election, but let the fear that TRUMP COULD GET 5 MILLION FEWER VOTES AND STILL WIN THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE as motivation to not give up the fight.

      I don’t think being pessimistic is helpful, it is draining. But I also don’t think being overly optimistic is helpful either. Plan for the worst, hope for the best.

      • Darla says:

        I agree Tiffany. I do it to balance out the pessimism, because I was feeling that way for a long time. Recently, I realized that I believe deep down that Biden is going to win, so I don’t want to feel so depressed anymore just to make people on the internet happy. We do have to work, and VOTE, and anyone who actually gets “complacent” is an idiot. But there’s a difference between that and despair, like nothing we do, or he does, or anything that happens, matters. It all matters. It does. Americans are so tired of him, I feel it in the air. It’s buzzing.

  4. Seraphina says:

    I just have to say well done on the picture. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words and this one more than tells us what POTUS is like.

  5. Sarah says:

    Parking the horror for a brief minute (it’s the only way I’m maintaining my sanity) I have to appreciate how the gags just write themselves –
    “I don’t want to be nice or un-nice. The man can’t speak.”
    You’re right Donny, he can’t.

  6. Suz says:

    I think the biggest indicator that he knows he’s going to lose was firing…or trying to fire…the SDNY prosecutor. Doing whatever it takes to stay out of prison once he’s kicked out of the White House.

    • ClaraBelle says:

      The Trumps seem to be especially freaked about Mary Trump’s book being published too. I wonder if he feels her revelations will be enough to…….finish him off.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        I just read an article about her, and apparently she is very educated and experienced with mental health issues. Multiple masters degrees on the subject.

  7. JJ McClay says:

    Is this a play to make Democrat voters complacent? “Oh, even Trump thinks Biden’s going to win, guess I don’t have to line up and vote.”

    • Sunday says:


      • Seraphina says:

        And Smart enough to use psychology but can’t put together a sentence that would make a highschool English teacher smile.
        But…… what if his way of speaking is used to help him win over those that are not educated???? Because hey, if he talks like us, then he is like us????? But is he that intelligent?

      • Sunday says:

        @Seraphina, scammers gonna scam, and he’s a scammer of the highest order. He knows how to talk to his marks, and right now his marks are (mostly) uneducated white Fox-watching knuckleheads. Hence the 3rd grade reading level (apologies if that’s offended any 3rd graders). Plus, he naturally aspires to one day have a 3rd grade reading level himself, so it works out nicely for him.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      yeah, the ONLY poll that matters is the one on election day.


    • VIV says:

      Exactly this! And to get his base to feel sorry for him, and signal that they need to work harder on his relection. And if he ends up being right, Biden wins, he’s already on record blaming others. No personal responsibility needed!

  8. Sunday says:

    All this just makes me so nervous; it’s like nobody remembers 2016 at all. The polls showed Hillary winning, too. The Cheeto would never publicly, openly, intentionally admit to his own shortcomings. His ‘aww shucks maybe people don’t love me’ statement was a passive aggressive semi sarcastic setup that in his mind he’ll answer in November with ‘well, guess they do since I won again.’ These people don’t care about polling and actual popularity, they stole an election once and they’ll do it again if they want to.

    • Nic919 says:

      The polls didn’t show Hillary winning by this much and she actually did win the popular vote. It’s the electoral college and Russian interference that managed the 80k votes in three swing states that gave it to the orange buffoon.

      Regardless of the polls, the big issue is that dump is going to cheat. Voter interference is what everyone should be working to stop and the fact that the GOP are doing nothing to stop tells you all you need to know.

      You need to give the Dems a majority in the senate and the house or else Biden can only do so much.

  9. Teresa says:

    Yes, the Supreme Court has ruled on this, it is highly unlikely that Chief Justice Roberts will reverse his own ruling.

    • Lightpurple says:

      It’s highly unlikely that Roberts will even vote to grant certiorari to hear their arguments as to why he should overturn his own ruling.

    • Ann says:

      Agreed – highly unlikely – Republicans say ACA is unconstitutional. Court’s prior ruling said it wasn’t, because it’s not unconstitutional to mandate something that has a tax. (Americans used to have a tax penalty if they didn’t get insurance). But since the court’s ruling, Republicans removed the tax penalty. So now the Republicans are trying to go back to the court AGAIN. Won’t happen. This is just a posturing temper tantrum.

  10. Sarah says:

    Trump saying Biden can’t put two words together is really rich. Also, glad to know that he’s treating the presidency as a self improvement exercise. He might have just sent the US to hell in a hand basket but at least he knows everyone now AND feels more comfortable spending nights outside NYC. I’m sure US taxpayers can sleep more easily at night knowing that.

  11. KellyRyan says:

    In November we’ll be moving to reverse, “crazy, incompetence, criminality,” after Biden’s election. “People don’t love me, maybe”. Two dynamics at hand in this statement, drug use/dependence and a toxic family system. Mary Trump’s book no doubt will be a good read covering both issues.

  12. Lizzie says:

    Who knows the long term consequences of Covid 19. I’m sure insurance companies are lobbying hard and throwing multi-millions at the corrupt GOP to overturn preexisting conditions. I think Biden could win on this issue along but luckily he has so many more.

  13. Leah says:

    “Some people” he says? I think it’s a little bit more than “some”. I’m not listening to the polls because of what happened in 2016, people got too comfortable and look who we ended up with. I think Joe is a good pick because he’s not so far left that it alienates mid range conservatives who are fed up with Trump. Biden needs to choose his running mate and I’m hoping he chooses Beto. Perhaps in four years the country will be more accepting of a woman president or vp, but now I am still of the belief that a lot of people don’t want a woman in that VP spot because the country is on the brink right now and old beliefs that a woman can’t handle a crisis still exist in this country.

    I know people who didn’t vote for a Hillary simply because she is a woman, which makes me sad. Biden is not the end all, he’s basically the only choice to get us out of this mess. He’s not my first choice either but he’s all there is. Beto is like a young Kennedy only without the scandals, I think he’d make a good VP.

    Re: Trump. He’s got a lot to answer for coming after Biden like that. He’s not a picture of health himself.

    • Darla says:

      I LOVE Beto. I wanted a Kamala Beto, or Beto Kamala ticket to be honest. But we can’t have an all white all male ticket. I do hope that Beto is President some day. He’s young. He can be.

  14. Just a thought says:

    I’ve said it before and I’m saying again: it’s not just about Biden winning-every single R Senator has GOT to go and the House HAS to stay Blue too. Also every Red Governor, State Rep, Mayor, Councillor, etc who has not stood up to the Insane crapshow that has become the Republican party standard ever since 2008. They’ve proven that they don’t give a sh$t about anything except power and suppression of rights and since they don’t give a damn, we cannot get any real change until they are completely weeded out root and stem. Time for the weed killer.

  15. cer says:

    I don’t think facts are important to this person.

    • Nana says:

      Case in point: “And he is going to be president because some people don’t love me, maybe,” Trump said. “And all I’m doing is doing my job.”

      If only he *was* doing his job….

  16. Case says:

    Cool, maybe he should just resign, then?

  17. lobstah says:

    You know what they say about backing a rat into a corner…

    I don’t buy that he’s given up. You know his cronies are working around the clock to dig up something on Biden. The only recourse we have is to vote. Vote. Vote. Vote.

  18. Mina_Esq says:

    I’m now completely cynical. I think the positive decisions from SCOTUS a few days ago were released to soften the blow of SCOTUS inevitably striking down Obamacare. I hope I’m wrong, but nothing makes sense anymore. Also – “some people” = majority of Americans and most of the free world 😂

    • Lady D says:

      Ditto on the hardcore suspicious of the SC’s movements lately. They’re softening the blow for something.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      I thought the decision on Trump’s tax returns was going to be released yesterday, but it was not. Hmmm.

  19. Lightpurple says:

    The average Korean War Veteran is 88 years old. And there those two dolts are without masked and no social distancing, exposing those veterans to whatever deadly germs they are carrying. No respect for any other human being from either of them.

  20. Esme says:

    “Dems, you did not beat me, I wasn’t playing. And I wasn’t playing because I wasn’t feeling the love. Washington is a dump anyway, back to NY. I just did my job, and mail voting stole the election. I was the greatest POTUS ever. Greatest talent”

    After four years, I can almost guess at Trump’s stream of consciousness… :/

    Fingers crossed for you Americans in November :-*

    • Lady D says:

      He’s going to spend his declining years in a prison psych ward babbling away to no one and everyone.

      • KellyRyan says:

        Hopefully a prison psych ward in NY. DeBlasio has ordered Black Lives Matter to be painted in front of the Trump Tower.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      I could totally see him saying that as he went to work with OAN and their propaganda network.

  21. Meg says:

    But Biden’s the one who cant put two sentences together huh?

    • emu says:

      Trump is better at bluffing and bullsh*tting even if he can’t put a coherent thought together!
      I feel like Biden used to be able to bullsh*t pretty well but now everyone is worried about him flubbing something or letting some old-manish slip that they give him scripts that he is not good at reading. Oy vey.

  22. yinyang says:

    America is doomed either way, but once you hit rock bottom the only way you can go from Trump is up.

  23. Valerie says:

    That little reptilian tongue. Shudderrrr.

  24. Coco says:

    Woe is me.
    ‘this little piggy cried Wee, Wee, Wee, all the way home.’

  25. ClaireB says:

    I wonder if Putin and Trump’s handlers have completely lost control of him or if this is part of the messaging somehow.

  26. emu says:

    Stephen Miller has GOT to go.

    I have to be honest, I hate hearing Biden speak because, yeah, he is a little discombobulated. But – he’s still got my vote.

    Also – can we get a detail breakdown between Fauxlina and Melina? I’ve seen this for a bit but haven’t really been able to tell the difference. Fauxlina is shorter? That’s all I’ve been able to see. And maybe a nose? I love this conspiracy so much because it’s not like she has body doubles for security like Saddam Hussein – but because she’s lazy or doesn’t want to be around Trump. Haha I love it so much. So ridiculous.

  27. Veronica S. says:

    The right can put out as many of these as they want. They aren’t luring me to complacency. My ballot will be filled out and turned in promptly upon reception in the fall. People would be wise not to fall for this rhetoric. That’s how 2016 happened in the first place.

  28. Jaded says:

    By the time the election race is in full swing the second wave of COVID19 will like be in full swing. Predictions show the possibility of a minimum of 200,000 deaths by November with millions more getting sick. Trump’s unconscionable ignorance surrounding containing and developing drugs/vaccines will be his downfall.

  29. Rae says:

    All I’ll say is “vote, vote, vote”.

  30. Toki says:

    Biden can’t speak properly ? Read your own transcript (if you could read). This orange douche brings an axe to every sentence. A tiny one at that so he can hold it with his weird hands. He says ridiculous words. The most ridiculous.

  31. Rise and Shine says:

    Just when you think this man, his family and his cronies can NOT possibly get any worse, they do. The disconnect and utter lack of empathy knows no bounds. Mr. Trump is now also getting desperate and will be becoming (yes) even more unhinged. He has also been oddly obsessed with President Obama since years before Mr. Trump even was in politics himself. It is sick. We have got to do everything within our power to achieve a change in November. This must end or our country will. I will be voting blue, through and through! Love to all here and thanks Kaiser for reporting on all of this.

  32. ODIE says:

    Conservatives (true conservatives, at least) are terrified of losing for a couple reasons. First, Trump has poo’ed the bed so badly that it will be five generations before there’s any hope of getting another republican in office and they see this as their last hurrah. The president has a lot of power when it comes to determining who gets elected to Congress by supporting candidates campaigns (or not). And congress has a lot of control over who our judges are, what laws get support, etc. Why non-politicians care… we’re talking about people who either vote on single issues (like whomever agrees with their personal stance on abortion or immigration) and/or people who haven’t yet come to terms with the confederacy breaking up. They don’t deal well with change.

  33. SJR says:

    Anybody. But. Trump!

    “Some people don’t love me”
    Ha! You Orange Turd. You are unqualified, have serious mental issues, have been corrupt for decades, have divided the country, increased the spread in a pandemic, your grown children are all awful people who feel entitled to screw over others for the all mighty dollar, none of the Trump family lives in reality, none of you has any morals or empathy.

    Don’t like you? Oh, how sad for you. F. Off.

  34. Just a thought says:

    If Democrats get control of Presidential , keep the house, and take senate. The Senate should make D.C. a state, raise minimum wage to at least 11 per hour, make voting more easier, and make all health affordable to people. People vote don’t trust what the polls say. Early vote if your state has early voting for election this year.

  35. Emily says:

    Do men normally leave the last button of their suit jacket undone, or has Trump outgrown it?

  36. Ellie says:

    I guess the problem is that the Tr*mp administration is going to leave the country in tatters (completely unhelped by COVID and the oncoming recession) and then whoever is next government will be shredded for the country being in ruin. Tr*mp himself will be tweeting non stop about how he actually wasn’t that bad because look how bad it is now etc, when he was the one who started the downward spiral…
    Someone needs to confiscate his internet. Can’t stand a lifetime of his nonsense.