The Pitt-Jolie paparrazi-tourism merger

So nothing happened this weekend in the Italian region of Lake Como, just like we said about three times. Clooney is always right, and he denied knowing anything about a wedding a while ago. He also said he wasn’t that tight with Pitt.

The poor residents of the area where it was supposed to go down were all worked up for no reason. They did get to cash in on the notoriety of the non-event, though:

The mayor of Cernobbio was feeling a little frayed. “We are at the end of our rope,” wailed the town spokesman, Giuseppe Salvioni, after a weekend in which the waters of Lake Como frothed with paparazzi, pranksters, helicopters and police launches.

Primed for “official duties”, Mayor Simona Saladini had put on her best clothes, had her hair done in the local salon and kept the registry office open for an extra five hours, until 6pm on Saturday. It appeared, however, that she had been strung along. The mayor, local residents, curious tourists and 200 journalists were cruelly jilted at the altar when Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie failed to get married at the Italian resort.

There was no cancellation of the union of “Brangelina” and it was unclear whether the world’s most famous divorcees had been joined together in another hip European playground of the rich and famous, whether they had wearied of the wedding or whether they had ever intended to get married in the first place.

We think it was all a rumor to drum up Italian tourism and the paparrazi business, although neither seemed to be suffering before.

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