Hilary Duff calls out people partying without masks: ‘we are worse than ever’

I really don’t know what it’s going to take to convince people that COVID-19 has a ledger and plans to put every last one of our names in it. Los Angeles and Florida are competing for the highest single day rise in COVID cases. Meanwhile there are people making a “stand” for their freedom by not adhering to CDC precautions, which makes me see red. And I’m not alone, Hilary Duff posted her feelings about the COVIDiots over the holiday weekend. On her IG posted above, Hilary wrote the following caption wondering why folks would rather attend a house party than look after their health. She wondered why we can’t all come together to battle this beast like other countries have done.

We took two walks today. Took a family nap. Took a drive. Drove by a raging house party on Mulholland. Assholes. No masks (of course). Girls in bathing suits and louboutins waiting to get in like a line at a club 🙄 After @matthewkoma and I told Banks she’s too cool to ever need to do that we were steaming…California is in bad shape (in so many ways) but doesn’t everyone think we all want to go out freely and travel and enjoy summer🤷🏼‍♀‍ It really seems like Americans just don’t care about each other…somehow this pandemic has turned into a political stance between parties…that’s a head scratcher for me. Other countries have come together in a beautiful way to contain or be Covid free. It’s embarrassing that we are worse than ever because people need to party and Karens won’t wear masks! Oh and I’m running for President.

Taking a swipe at Kayne’s presidential bid in closing is a nice little chef kiss to exemplify how far our American sensibilities have fallen. Hilary is spot on here. There is absolutely no reason for anyone to risk their life for a house party or any other unprotected gathering. I’ll bet we all have a story from the weekend of people throwing caution to the wind. And I’ll bet many of those folks now have a story about how they tested positive for COVID. Quarantine is not ideal, but it isn’t as bad as people are making it out to be. We can hike, we can still get fresh air, there are drive by celebrations, we can still shop for groceries. We are failing at our own recovery mostly out of spite and it’s shameful. If you don’t want to listen to me or Hilary, listen to President Obama and his endorsed candidate, Vice President Biden.



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  1. JJ McClay says:

    It makes me happy that Hilary Duff has grown into a smart cookie. (And not taken the Lohan route, like some other childhood stars!) I loved her Insta posts last year on her breastfeeding journey. I loved that she and the director of the Lizzie McGuire reboot walked away from Disney (at least partly) for reasons of diversity. And this post was great, the Kanye postscript made me literally LOL. Lizzie McGuire for president!

  2. Eleonor says:

    I will be furious too. Love love love the Kanye shade!
    I am going back to Italy this weekend. and I am so happy.
    It’s been 7 freaking months without seeing my family: I haven’t said a word to anyone, I know I will spend a lot of time alone, because I don’t want to put somebody else at risk, I will see my mum and dad, no friends no party. Am I sad? Yes because I would love to see all of them, and hug them, to see how they are doing. BUT: I have friends here who haven’t moved a foot to go to see their parents battling cancer, I can deal with this. We have all made sacrifices, and we understand we have to deal with this for long (at least until we will have a vaccine) and we must be careful: for the doctors and nurses and for all others.
    Please stay safe for you and for your loved ones.

  3. Swank says:

    No impulse control.

    • ME says:

      They are putting their social lives ahead of their own f*cking safety and the safety of others. Selfish pieces of sh*t.

  4. Sheamus says:

    It’s so frustrating. I have a friend who was partying it up a few weeks ago, then someone at the party tested positive. She and her husband had to quarantine for 14 days, and luckily they both tested negative at the end of their quarantine. It’s been a couple of weeks and guess what they’re doing now? Hanging out with a big group of people at their house. It literally makes no sense to me. If I was stupid enough to be partying in the first place and had a COVID scare, I would hole myself up so fast and not come back out until it’s all over. But nope, people either don’t care, don’t think it will affect them, or are just plain dumb.

  5. The Hench says:

    I just don’t think a lot of people realise what we are dealing with here. I know a respiratory consultant on the front line and he is saying that the lung damage they are seeing even in relatively mild cases (non ICU) is worse than anything he has seen in his whole career. People are being left with irreversible scarring that will negatively impact the rest of their lives – very probably shortening those lives as well. That’s before you read about the weird clotting side effects that have killed or seen amputations in otherwise fairly young victims with no co-morbidities.

    And here in the UK we are seeing the same thing – people behaving even more badly than before the pandemic. WTF is with people?

  6. Emily says:

    Hillary is right about how it’s starting to seem like some Americans (usually Republicans) don’t care about each other. It seems like Individualism has run wild, whether it’s masks, guns, expensive healthcare. Under Trump anything designed to help each other is labelled socialism or radical and politicized. Hopefully it gets better when the orange one is out of office.

    • MaryContrary says:

      I have plenty of friends who are liberal democrats doing the same thing-pretty much carrying on with parties, even travel. I don’t get it-I really don’t.

  7. BlueSky says:

    I’m in SC and Myrtle Beach was packed this past weekend. We are nearing the 50k mark in cases and rising. the city I live in and MB are both hotspots. I just cannot with people anymore. People still not wearing masks in the grocery store and just not giving a sh@t. Not sure I can take all this selfishness anymore. It’s just so upsetting. Don’t get me wrong. I miss my routine. I’ve been working out at home because I am too afraid to go to the gym despite all the precautions they are taking. It’s not worth the risk to me.

  8. Mrs Robinson says:

    America is self-destructive enough to elect Trump, so this really shouldn’t be a surprise. If only COVID could be gone by January too.

  9. Case says:

    Spot-on commentary from Hilary. She’s great.

    It boggles my mind how few people have a healthy level of concern for this virus. It’s a NEW virus. We can’t predict how it will impact any given person — it has been shown time and time again that age and health condition do NOT matter — nor do we understand how this will affect survivors long term. I don’t want anyone to become agoraphobic, but at the same time — wow, whenever you can, just stay home! The social commentary that we all need to stop being “locked away” and “get back to our lives” is so strange and alarming to me. I feel like I’m living in a political satire every single day.

  10. lucy2 says:

    It’s infuriating. I don’t even know what else to say.

  11. Kate says:

    It’s kind of like asking everyone in the country to voluntarily go on a restrictive diet. For the same reason that diets largely fail in the long-term, expecting people to voluntarily confine themselves to their homes and restrict their social lives for a long period is failing. People don’t want to suffer a little bit in the short term for a long-term goal. Without government mandates it’s not realistic to expect everyone to be able to self discipline.

    (I am not defending people who are disregarding the CDC guidelines, I have barely left the house since mid-March, I’m just saying I am not surprised that this isn’t working with the lack of coherent government response)

    • Case says:

      Agreed, Kate. I wish people would take more responsibility for themselves and their communities, but at the same time — without cohesive leadership, of course this was going to happen. The government is allowing beaches, restaurants, clubs, and theme parks to reopen. What, exactly, did they think was going to happen? “Stay home to get rid of the virus, but we also need to reopen everything to help the economy!” Lol. Okay. If you reopen, people will come regardless of how many warnings there are, which is why visiting these places shouldn’t even be an option right now.

  12. ME says:

    My neighbors are health care workers and they have had more parties in the last few months than they have the last few years. I just don’t get it. People are f*cking careless and stupid. I have been watching the people in my neighborhood and so many are not social distancing. I have lost so much respect for some of them.