The Sussexes step out in LA, wearing masks, but is Harry feeling ‘slightly lost’?


The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were out and about again in LA this weekend. The Daily Mail managed to get the exclusive photos, where Meghan and Harry wore masks (per California pandemic regulations) and they were riding in a Cadillac SUV. The Mail changed their headline like three times to try to milk several made-up controversies all at once. Personally, I’m more interested in the fact that Meghan is wearing a shapeless sack dress because she’s had that preggo glow every time we’ve seen her for the past few months.

Yeah. I don’t have anything to say! I’m glad they’re wearing masks. I don’t care if they’re riding around in an SUV. It’s possible it was a hybrid, and it’s possible that it’s just the vehicle their security needed. Who knows. Before these photos came out, the Mail ran another “exclusive” about how Harry is feeling “lost” in LA:

Prince Harry feels ‘lost’ living in Los Angeles in the same way Meghan Markle did in the UK, a royal author has claimed. After stepping down as senior royals in March, Harry, 35, and Meghan, 38, had originally planned to split their time between the US and UK. However the royal pair headed to LA at the start of the coronavirus pandemic and have since been staying with son Archie at Tyler Perry’s $18million Beverly Hills mansion.

Tom Quinn told the Daily Star that while the Duke of Sussex ‘doesn’t hate’ LA – he is struggling to find his ‘role’ in the US, and that him getting ‘swept up in Meghan’s positive energy’ has always been a problem in their relationship.

‘Harry does feel slightly lost because he is now experiencing in America what Meghan was experiencing here’, said Tom. He went on to explain that while Harry was ‘swept along’ by Meghan’s ‘positive’ energy when they tied the knot in May 2018, he has since been struggling to ‘fill the days’ in LA.

‘It’s always been a problem, early on in the relationship, Meghan is a dynamo, she’s full of positive energy that would sweep Harry along but once the honeymoon is over, you still have to fill the days’.

The author went on to claim that after speaking to sources close to the couple, he believes Harry is ‘really struggling’ with his living situation, and is finding it difficult to find work.

[From The Daily Mail]

“Finding it difficult to find work” like he’s some kind of carpenter or something. As I’ve said before, the pandemic f–ked up their plans to do a series of launches this year, so I would imagine they’re both sort of irritated by the timing of all this. But I bet they’re also enjoying this time with Archie and with each other, and I bet they spend a lot of time working and putting together their Archewell Foundation and all of that.

Members of the royal family and politicians are pictured arriving at the Commonwealth Day Service

Photos courtesy of Backgrid, WENN and Avalon Red.

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  1. Priscila Bezerra-Fischer says:

    As a mother of two kids, I can tell you: you are never not without work with a one-year-old around the house…

  2. ArtHistorian says:

    I doubt that this so-called royal expert knows ANYTHING at all about Harry and Meghan’s lives in LA. He’s just doing a rehash of the “Harry’s is lost outside of the UK and the BRF” stories that have been regurgitated for the last couple of months. Boring. The BM doesn’t know anything about these two. It won’t stop them making up stories but hopefully readers will get tired of the same few stories being carried on repeat.

    • Brit says:

      The best thing Harry and Meghan ever did was cut off the tabloids publicly because that has stopped the level of influence especially in America. Yeah we have Page Six and NYPost, Us weekly etc but they’re not taken seriously as news.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        I do find it depressing the way the BM constantly are tying themselves into pretzels trying to constantly put a negative spin on every Sussex story.

      • Tessa says:

        Harry and Meghan are setting an example wearing masks. More than could be said for the Cambridges.

      • Mia says:

        Please STOP saying British Media, when you mean ‘The Daily Fail’. Broaden your understanding of ‘British Media’ before you make sweeping ill informed statements.

    • FicklePickle says:

      I guess the Summer re-run schedule is going to be VERY long this year…can we change the channel? No? *sigh*

    • Madelaine says:

      Exactly my thoughts. Geographically lost, emotionally adrift, disoriented, anchorless, despondent: for Lord’s sake, when will the sanctimonious biased UK gutter press just stop believing their own derogatory label dropping rhetoric designed to emasculate and infantilize the one person in the royal family who stood up like no other against media persecution, racism directed at the love of his life, brotherly jealousy, and the discrepancy in treatment that made Charlotte and Louis Royal Highnesses when Archie, a blood prince as well, was denied the privilege for ethnic reasons? How much longer are we to endure that truth-twisting, fact-distorting rhetoric that blatantly partakes of a keen strategy to dwarf Prince Henry and make him look like he needs to sublease some brains from Meghan every time he has to make a decision? I’m just wondering if the geniuses of the Daily Frail and the rest of them have ever considered the simple fact that Henry might actually have used Meghan to muster the strength to break free -like his long series of past scandals suggested he was going to do anyways, anyhow…

      The media strategy of underplaying and disregarding Prince Harry’s repressed hankering for emancipation and own decision-making power, is now out for everyone to see… And it’s barely working.

  3. Alexandria says:

    If I’m Harry, I would troll the paps by getting photographed getting lost in LA while consulting a big ass LA map.

    • Soupie says:

      Alexandria I love that idea!

    • Mabs A'Mabbin says:

      Right? A map of the ‘stars.’ I’d be taking words from headlines and order t-shirts to play into their tiny minds lol.

    • bamaborn says:

      Lol!! Brilliant. Maybe a map with big, red “You are Here”, X marks.

    • Loretta says:

      I would love this LOL
      I like Meghan’s dress. Linen is so good in the summer

      • Still_Sarah says:

        I love linen too but I could never get over how wrinkled it looks even when you have just put it on. The creases in her dress make it look like it just came out of a box where it was folded up. I prefer a linen blend which has less of this problem while still getting the linen look.

      • Ang says:

        I agree, she just got it out of the package it was shipped in, folded. She just didn’t iron it.

      • GuestWho says:

        @Ang – I assume you’ve never worn linen. This is what it looks like. Funny, all the Megx** haters and skanks on twitter have been saying the same ridiculous thing about just removing it from the box and putting it on.

      • JanetDR says:

        I love linen for comfort and you just have to learn to embrace the rumples!

      • SM says:

        I saw that dress and though weird, I have one just like it. And it appears it is the same dress. I got it at a local store, you can get one just like it here: We the Baltic people love us some linen. Bedding, tablewear, clothes and they look much better than they photograph. And they have a very nice cooling effect in hot weather. I recommend.

  4. Sofia says:

    I mean Harry’s doing zoom calls – which is what some of the other royals are also doing.

    • Ash says:

      For sure, he’s definitely working, the DM’s article is completely pulled out of thin air.

      That said, plenty of commenters on this site rubbished the Zoom calls done by others as not even counting as work, so I trust that applies to everyone in the family’s Zoom calls…

      • Sofia says:

        People trashed them because the tabloids were acting like the Cambridges were finding the cure for cancer with their zoom calls. They were just doing what the rest of the country was doing. Yet everyone else doesn’t expect even half the praise the Cambridges got for their zoom calls.

      • Becks1 says:

        We trashed the Cambridges for their zoom calls because it was more “work” than they normally do (a half hour zoom call twice a week is a lot for Kate!) and because it was portrayed as they were working “so hard” during the pandemic. They weren’t. They zoomed twice a week. We aren’t getting the narrative from team Sussex that they are the hardest working royals EVER and are working themselves into an early grave because…..Zoom.

        (but the Sussexes have actually been volunteering and such this whole time, which is more than the Cambridges were doing.)

      • Sunday says:

        Context, Ash, context. The difference is, on their zoom calls Meghan and Harry have had substantive, timely, intelligent, thought-provoking conversations that have real action behind them and which propel their causes forward. The Cambridges have friendly, screened chitchat designed to make them look “relatable” and hit their buzzwords without actually getting too close to really saying anything, leaving their causes with barely a wisp of tangible support. These things are simply not the same, and it’s disingenuous to suggest that they are.

      • Nic919 says:

        Harry isn’t a working royal anymore and he still did more zoom calls Last week than the top CEO.

  5. Valiantly Varnished says:

    Do they think he’s applying for jobs at Wal-Mart and Costco? Lol. NOBODY is working during this pandemic. Except of course for CEO Kate and all of her high level Zoom meeting and non-masked events with child cancer patients.

    • Still_Sarah says:

      I’m not sure Harry is even able to work in the US as he is not a citizen and I thought I read he doesn’t have a green card. I’m not sure how it would work but he does appear to be resident (living) in the US now. I was a lawyer for decades but never went near immigration law, so I can’t say for sure. Is his US visa just for visiting or is it a work visa (too)?

      • Eugh says:

        I haven’t been up to date on how petty Cheeto has been, but i imagine he could get the celeb visa (O Visa) aka genius one fairly easily

      • Nic919 says:

        He could get the Einstein visa as much as any unknown former model from Slovenia.

      • Tea says:

        Surely he just gets citizenship through his marriage like others?

      • morrigan01 says:

        @Tea no, being married to a US citizen doesn’t give you automatic citizenship. There are numerous cases, especially lately, of people who are married to US Citizens being deported.

        Archie is a US Citizen because his mother is a US citizen. Automatic citizenship is only given to people born in the US, or people who may be born abroad but have at least one parent who is a US Citizen (like Archie).

        Harry is not a US Citizen. He’s still a British Citizen. He is going to need a green card or visa or something. And if he ever wants to be a full US Citizen, he’d have to go though all the same things other people who want to become citizens have to go though.

  6. Brit says:

    Wishful thinking from a desperate media who is losing money. Buyers remorse because they’re stuck with royals that don’t have the interest and glamour that Harry and Meghan have and angry because they aren’t dropping the lawsuits and aren’t backing down. All I’m seeing is desperation and rage because the money makers aren’t coming back and they know it. Chris Ship is practically admitting that he only cares about the Sussexes at this point, Arthur Edwards and Angela Levin have rode the train to jilted lover island with Piers Morgan. It’s hilarious at this point. I won’t be surprised if they start to publicly beg them to return. They’re that desperate.

    • Christina says:

      @Brit, everything you said. Harry abs Meg make them money, and they can’t make money with Will and Kate.

    • FicklePickle says:

      Heck, he’s so desperate that Piers Morgan is starting to actually consider *not* talking trash about them for a breath or two.

    • morrigan01 says:

      I find their desperation hilarious mostly because they were warned. Twice in press releases by Harry and by Sussex Squad fans on twitter that this was going to happen. Harry *told* them to stop it, and they didn’t. They ignored him, and kept right on. The Sussex Squad kept telling them that Harry and Meghan were going to up and leave if the tabs/RRs kept doing what they were doing, and they just smeared at them while calling them bots.

      Now look that them. Harry had the strength to do what he’s been wanting to do for years even before he met Meghan which is walk away. The Sussex Squad have proven their not-bot status, and are sitting pretty as a force.

      Meanwhile the RRs are acting like jilted loves who’s heads are so far up their asses they still refuse to see how they brought this all on themselves and are twisting themselves in knots trying to convince each other that H&M will be back. It’s the most pathetic of displays and in many ways very funny to watch, watching people who basically ruined their own money train.

  7. Edna says:

    It’s so tiresome reading the same made up, recycled stories from the BM. They have no sources or insight into what’s happening with the Sussexes. The BM is like a spurned lover that doesn’t accept that you’ve “quit them” and moved Also, If Harry is struggling so much, why was the Invictus Foundation touting how much they love all the extra time he now spends on Invictus since quitting the Royal Family. And my goodness, why does “Tyler Perry’s $18million dollar mansion” get mentioned in every article the BM writes. It’s just and sick and pathetic.

    • Brit says:

      They didn’t want them to thrive and be successful because the arrogance of those papers and reporters thinking that they’re somehow important to the success of others is delusional. They’re desperate and traumatized because they’ve been ignored, cut off, broke, they see others benefiting like the American media who they’re jealous of and they know Harry, Meghan, Archie and how many of other kids they have won’t embrace them.

      • Harla says:

        @Brit, I don’t think that the BRF are especially “keen” to see Harry and Meghan be successful either. Harry and Meghan’s success, I believe, will really call into question the necessity of a tax-payer funded royal family.

    • Jegede says:

      The RRs are literally all repeating each other at this point.🙄🙄

      Tom Quinn has been desperately trying to sell his book – which came out like 3 months ago – and has been shilling hard.

      “Harry’s desperate & lost!” “Harry’s been held hostage!”

      I fully expect the next insider to be “Harry on Suicide Watch”!

      • C-Shell says:

        Oh, I was wondering who he was and why he’s speaking. Yeah, based on that info, the chances of a “source close to the Sussexes” sharing anything with him is nil. These people are pathetic.

      • Still_Sarah says:

        @ C-Shell : The tabloids may not have access to the Sussexes’ confidantes but there are staff in that house (and their friends and family) and other people who have contact with them. The palace staff in the UK were always thought to be major leakers of royal information to the British press.

    • Lala456 says:

      The mansion thing….doesn’t the queen have several palaces? It’s so odd the fury about this as if the queen lives in a flat or something. At least the taxpayer isnt funding it

    • Lady D says:

      I just did a quick check and it turns out Will and Kate’s home which, coincidentally does not belong to them either, is worth $600 million. If these reporters were as clever as they think they are, they would have used this information to mock Harry for living in servant quarters again, compared to Will. Instead we only ever hear $18 million!

  8. Noodle says:

    Conjecture and pure projection.

    If it’s true, big if, is it really newsworthy that Harry is feeling the same as like 15% of the population who are now out of work? My husband lost his job and it sucks. He feels lost and bored and depressed. Add to that the fact we can’t go anywhere, we are surrounded by idiots who refuse to wear masks, and even worse, our main vehicle is a 9 year old gas guzzling minivan! I would be worried if Harry was having the time of life watching the world burn. I’m sure he’s just fine, and this is another story to blame Pollyanna Riptide Meghan who just can’t help but sweep away her husband in those evil positive thoughts.

    • molly says:

      Shoot, I still have my job, and I’m STILL anxious about the uncertainly of things right now. It’s a global pandemic, America is in a tailspin, and school (full kids! full days!) in less than a month. Yeah, we’re all “feeling slightly lost”.

    • osito says:

      “Pollyanna Riptide” needs to be a band name. Maybe even also my new screen name for literally every account I have. Thank you for this gift.

  9. Ginger says:

    They look bring the ‘sad sack Harry” stories out whenever he looks happy. They can’t fathom that he may be fine without them.

    Also, I’m getting pregnancy vibes from that dress.

  10. taylor says:

    all i have to say is that months later, this green look is still iconic. the pics where she’s looking left smiling while her cape swings in the wind are just *perfect*

  11. Chrissyms says:

    You know, he may feel a little lost. They probably both do in a way. Is that a bad thing? It is obviously quite culturally different to live in LA then to be a Prince in England. Life is full of lost moments and moments where we have to find our way. Why do we expect different from these 2. They are navigating and I wish the best for them. You know what? Even if they went back to the UK I wouldn’t even be upset. They are grown ups living their lives!!! My husband and I have made a lot of (albeit less glamorous) moves and they weren’t all perfect but life is about learning and rolling with it all.

    • Totoro says:

      “Not all who are lost wish to be found” I’m sure there is a sense of being lost now that Harry’s entire life purpose to serve the royal family has been removed by him. It’s also probably like his wildest dreams come true to be able to go out there and find his own way in life (with a lot of privilege) and to do good in the world. I think he’s probably sitting back and looking at his kid and his beautiful, amazing wife and feeling like the luckiest guy in the world. And so the world is going to hell in a hand basket, but there he is in the thick of it in LA willing and able to make a difference. So what if he doesn’t know exactly how, it’s better to not know because it means new possibilities. He’s lived a life of protocols and expectations, it must be so nice to be lost.

      • sunny says:

        I love this comment and agree. I mean, of course he is probably feeling a bit lost having left the family and institutions that shaped his life. But he also probably feels happy and free that he got out of that viper’s nest with his marriage in tact. God, these reporters seem so sad and desperate.

      • rmcgrudiva says:

        This is SUCH a lovely framing of what could be happening for him.

      • Kayleigh says:

        @Totoro Well put. I can’t imagine your whole life being dictated then you find someone to rescue you from that. I hope these two stick together forever, happily, and drama-free.

    • Anne Call says:

      It’s probably a lot like how she felt moving to England. It seems like it’s always an issue with couples who are from two different areas, get married and then have to decide where to live. Once the pandemic is over they will have challenges especially when their child (children?) reach school age. Luckily my husband was also a Californian and after living on the east coast for 8 years, we both decided we wanted to raise our kids back on the west coast.

  12. ziaaa says:

    The interest that BM, the royal hanger-ons, and the royalist fans have in these two is mind-boggling. As soon as the photos released, these people worked to know the location of the building, learnt that they were visiting a dentist through the bag she was carrying, found the identity of the doctor who tended to them…all the while calling H&M “irrelevant attention-hoes.” What makes their stalker-tendencies scary is that these nutters posted Meghan to beware for they know where she goes and “Soon!”

    People begrudge and belittle them for keeping air-tight security but you only have to look at these stalkerish antics to know the reason why!

    • Becks1 says:

      The anti-Sussex crew on twitter are deranged. Its scary. I reported several of them over the weekend. For two people who are supposedly so irrelevant…..there sure are a lot of people obsessed with them.

    • OriginalLala says:

      That is a terrifying level of obsession – no wonder they have several security guards!

    • A Guest says:

      The anti-Sussex crowd on Twitter were so proud of themselves for figuring out Meghan might have gone to the dentist.

      For folks,who don’t like her, they spend a lot of time obsessing over her every move.

      I don’t read too many gossip sites, but if Kaiser posts a story about someone I don’t care about, I just don’t click on the story. It really is as simple as that.

    • fluffy_bunny says:

      I must also be an attention hoe because I went to the dentist last week. I know the British aren’t known for their dental health. Americans go to the dentist every 6 months.

    • Blueskies says:

      And not just the twitter/tumblr crowd, there are at least a couple of you tube channels dedicated to feeding the hatred and lies about H&M. According2Taz is one. Ridiculous woman and practically making a career of it. I really want these groups to whither away.

      • Hannah says:

        @Blueskies Then I suggest you please never ever subject yourself to The UK’s biggest racist white trash next to KT Hopkins, BoJo & Piss Morgan and don’t watch Murky Meg on YT or read her tweets. How her YT channel has not been shut down completely blows my brains. She even sells anti Meghan merchandise and apparel online. She is the worst kind of Brit. She makes all of us look bad. No wonder the rest of the world hates us for what was done to Harry and Meg. Between the BM, KT, BoJo, PissM & Mugxit Meg, we really do look like a nation of white supremacist racist, xenophobic arseholes. *Hangs my head in shame & weeps*

    • PrincessK says:

      OMG! These people are vultures. Concrete proof that the Cambridge’s do not make money for the media.

  13. aquarius64 says:

    BM was hoping the Sussexes would be destitute by now and upset Meghan and Harry can get press outside the UK bubble. Again the New York Times and the Washington Post are knocking themselves out for Kate stories.

    • Jegede says:

      “Again the New York Times and the Washington Post are knocking themselves out for Kate stories.” – Are they?🤨🤨

      • Brit says:

        No they aren’t, the only time I see Kate in American media is in relation to Meghan or People and US Weekly Magazine. If anything, I see more about her children but even that’s been overshadowed by Archie. No matter how much they try, America is more pro Sussex than Cambridge. The BM doesn’t want to admit that but you can tell by their actions because if Kate and William were the royal saviors they make them out to be, why do they still cover the Harry/Meghan. Katie Nicholl is a good example of this.

      • MsIam says:

        I think @aquarious was being sarcastic about WaPo and NYT. Unless you are thinking about that NYT bot buying article, lol.

    • PrincessK says:

      When we saw the pictures of Meghan in that beautiful simple dress we cried out! Even though l don’t like pap shots, it once again showed how she completely nails casual chic. The dress looked as though she had just unwrapped it from the bag with all the creases. With a mask on her face she still looked AMAZING!

  14. Becks1 says:

    These papers just keep regurgitating the same old story ad nauseum.

    I am SURE there is a part of Harry that feels….not lost, but sort of stuck in a holding pattern. there was a lot of stress around their departure from the UK and I think while a pandemic-enforced break has probably been oddly nice for them as a family, I do think they are both anxious to really get to work and get their foundation up and running. But, lots of people feel that way, so its not rocket science to assume that Harry and Meghan are ready to get on with the next step. But, in every picture you see of him or every video – he looks healthy, happy, relaxed – I think they are making the most of this time.

    • NatureLover says:

      Becks1, he does look extremely happy and relaxed which tells you he is perfectly fine just where he is! He is extremely happy to be with Meghan and Archie as that is all he ever wanted! And yes, the BM are desperate to return to the same BS that they have been trolling out for months! There are desperate for the Sussex family to fail, but it won’t happen! And for them to stalk them to the point that they discovered her dentist should be grounds for stalking as it’s a personal medical procedure and against the law. When will they give up and just let them be? I am afraid never, as they can’t sell Lazy Katie and Limp Wil!!

    • Nic919 says:

      Harry isn’t the one with the constant rictus grin and shrinking body so comparatively speaking he’s looking a lot more stable than certain persons who remain in the family. He’s also not afraid to openly admit when he needs help even though he gets insulted for it by his brother.

  15. Lightpurple says:

    I feel lost when I’m in Los Angeles. Completely. It’s not my kind of city at all. San Francisco, I’m completely comfortable. San Diego, not so much, and Los Angeles just freaks me out.

    So, sure, I think Harry could feel lost in L.A. They just need to find a place, a house and location be it city or countryside or suburb, of their own.

    • Chaine says:

      ITA. I mean, I’ve met some lovely people on my business trips there, but at least to a visitor the metro area itself is an alienating almost entirely suburban sprawl. You don’t get the same feeling as other cities that there are neighborhoods or friendliness or that anything is navigable or accessible on foot. I am just guessing that even if Harry was not a royal and a paparazzi magnet that it would be difficult to meet new friends there.

      • Lightpurple says:

        Everyone has different tastes and as, @Rhys just said below, getting caught in lockdown before having a chance to establish oneself in a new location just makes it harder. Some people are most comfortable living in the rural areas where you can’t see a neighboring house. Some are more comfortable in suburbia. Some more comfortable in walking cities, which Los Angeles definitely is not. I know I’m quite comfortable in densely populated urban areas like my own Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, New York City, Paris, Vienna, London. But Los Angeles? Beautiful, yes, but I couldn’t live there. Atlanta and Indianapolis are other cities where I have spent time and felt totally lost and out of place. I feel for Harry.

    • Rhys says:

      I think I get what you are saying. I like the climate of LA and the beauty of its landscape, but it can be tough. It’s just very very different from your typical city and if you don’t have a solid group of people you know, connect out with or just keep in touch with in general due to work or family matters, it can get lonely and also, yeah, freaky. It’s too bad Harry got stuck in a whole new environment so early in the beginning of his new life. Maybe, as a new parent things are easier for him?

    • Tok says:

      @PrayerWarrior, of course I’m not a troll but it’s just easier for people like her to think that anyone who has a different opinion should be afraid to voice it. Don’t mind her. It’s a free platform.

      • Lightpurple says:

        I said nothing about you or anyone else being a troll so I don’t know why you are responding in this manner in response to my comment about how not everyone is comfortable in Los Angeles.

      • HeatherC says:

        @LightPurple, I think Tok’s response is in the wrong place and refers to a post down more.

  16. Suzanne Hurley says:

    I find it hard too – seeing how the British media change everything to suit their own agenda with the aim for clickbait. I laughed when I saw Ben Mulroney’s tweet when the tabloids ran a story about Jessica and Meghan and how Jessica might write a tell all book about Meghan. Ben tweeted the link with one word – FALSE. I’m wondering why toxic Tom and bitter Samantha are so quiet. I keep thinking it’s because they’re writing their own tell-all book. That would be so disgusting.

    • Brit says:

      Thomas Markle is a liar and can’t keep his mouth shut. When he said that the Royal Family owed him in a documentary earlier this year, he went to far. He implicated Jason Knauff as well. Also, they know that besides inside Edition, abusing family members in the press here isn’t acceptable and tv channels won’t touch those lowlifes.They don’t want that backlash. I think thats why Piers Morgan backed off because he clearly wants to work in America and bashing Meghan isn’t working here. He Won’t get away with what he got away with in Britain.

      • Dl says:

        Just a wishful thought. Wouldn’t it be lovely if the markles had been hit with restraining orders and also served papers regarding libel?

      • morrigan01 says:

        Every legit news outlet in the US knew what Thomas Markle was about the minute he went to TMZ and stated using them as his media/press outlet in the run up to the wedding. Going to TMZ sealed his fate when it came to the possibility of any US News media outlet (even Fox News!) putting him on in any serious way. That is why, outside of a tabloid mag show like Inside Edition, he hasn’t been on anywhere else.

        Also, legit news outlets in the US don’t pay people to talk to them, or interview them. That’s also why Tom and sister Sammy haven’t been on anywhere in the US either. Their #1 priority has always been a payday.

        The US public knows what TMZ is all about too. Doesn’t matter if they get some things right (usually wrt a celebrity death), they are not a well respected news source here.

  17. Greta says:

    Who works at the daily fail? Like what kind of people, do these people have journalism degrees or qualifications of any kind? Morals of any kind or empathy. So they went to school for x years, only to end up writing the most awful hateful racist, sexist, islamaphobic, xenophobic classist just plain awful fan fiction known to man. How do they sleep at night. it’s a tough economy and well employment is employment, yes. But the daily fail, the sun and the rest of these nasty tabloids are some of the worst examples of humanity. Are they not embarrassed to have their names attached to such ghoulish mean spirited filth.

    • NatureLover says:

      Greta, I agree. I think it has to do with ratings and they would sell their mothers for an exclusive story. Since they have no exclusives, or chances to attack them on their own soil, they have come here to continue their viscous attacks! They should all be fired for such defamation and undue emotional stress! I don’t know how Meghan was able to handle it as well as she did for so long. Also, we have known that for years Harry wanted to leave The Firm, so he saw a chance and took it! But unfortunately they blame Meghan which is just another reason to go after her. I don’t think that the BM have any sense of morals or humanity, they only seek ratings and if they hurt someone intentionally, which it is always intentional, they couldn’t care less! But to sue them is brilliant on Harry and Meghans part as they must answer for their continued harassment and lies.

  18. Tok says:

    Heh, that photo of him escorting his wife to her dentist appointment reminded me of Edward and Wallis. King Edward had supposedly so little to occupy himself with after he abdicated and they moved to France, he just trailed everywhere with her. He actually complained that some days all he did was just going with Wallis to have her trying on a new hat.
    As someone who moved to another country to be with fiancé, I can attest it’s not easy. Even if we take into an account Harry’s jet setting life that hasn’t supposedly changed much. America is not Europe, nor is it the UK. LA is not even more so. It’s a huge adjustment on every level, and one can often feel … out of place. One thing I’m sure of is that Harry is ok as any adult can be ok in this situation.

    • notasugarhere says:


      • Prayer Warrior says:

        not convinced @Tok is a troll…and I agree w/them that “harry is as ok as any adult can be ok in this situation”. I agree with that; I am as ok an any adult could be in this situation. Are you @notasugarhere? Now, if @Tok is a PROVEN troll, I will happily stand corrected and take a seat. But I thought the comment a fair one…….

      • notasugarhere says:

        The trolls are the ones pushing the ‘she is wallis, he is Edward’ and have pushed it for almost four years. Yes Tok is a troll. Go back and look at previous Sussex threads.

      • Becks1 says:

        @PW – I think she’s referring to the reference to Wallis and Edward, which just seems….unnecessary.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Yes, Becks1, and a constant reference among the tumblr trolls. That’s what makes Tok so obvious, here and on other royal threads.

      • beth says:

        I agree with @PrayerWarrior. I didn’t disagree with that comment. I didn’t read as overly harsh against the Sussexes either.

      • Sid says:

        beth, I see any sort of comparison to Wallis and Edward as overly harsh, even if it’s just a surface comparison. They were two disgusting people and using them as a reference point when you’re talking about two other people that actually seem to be decent human beings just doesn’t feel right.

    • AMM says:

      Why didn’t you make the obvious observation- we are all in lockdown and bored enough that going to the dentists/Dr now counts as an outing we look forward too – rather than the Wallis one? Why are you the way you are?

      And also, we have no idea if Harry also has to be there for his own shit. Maybe to save expenses and time with security, they schedule apts for the same time. Maybe it was for something that involved both of them (pregnancy).

      • Prayer Warrior says:

        “Why are you the way you are? WOW….is @Tok a proven troll or are we all just feeling a little too sensitively aggressive on behalf of our favs?
        We do not want to become hate-filled, aggressive fans because I do not believe for one second Meghan would like us to attack the same way everyone is attacking her. Meghan and Harry drew the line…I think we honour them by respecting that. They don’t want to be a part of any kind of hate/aggression campaign, them or us. Let’s respect the line they drew….

      • notasugarhere says:

        I see no aggression in calling out an obvious troll, one who has trolled the Sussexes on other threads. Thankfully they are easy to spot. When I spot one, I call them out.

        The rest of your comment reads as obvious to me, rather like W&K gaslighting. Trying to claim I’m being hateful because I call out a blatant Sussex troll.

    • Jaded says:

      Wallis and Edward were a pair of lazy, self-obsessed spendthrifts who pretty much did NOTHING for a living once he came back from a disastrous governorship of the Bahamas. He’d been implicated in the cover up/frame job of the death of Sir Harry Oakes, a monster of a man possibly murdered by his equally sleazy son-in-law. If you want a good read, here’s a link to the story:

      So the comparisons people try to make between them and Meghan and Harry are just silly.

    • L4frimaire says:

      Has it ever occurred to anyone that maybe he was also seeing the dentist. Maybe they both had appointments so it makes more sense to see them both since the press is freaking out every time they are seen. Also, when I go somewhere with my husband, whether a grocery run or a walk, he isn’t” escorting me”, just hanging with me, stuff normal spouses do. I think Harry has a lot more on his plate work wise then Edward and like a lot of people, is working from home. Building a new life isn’t done in a few weeks in even the best of circumstances. Sometimes a thing is just a thing.

    • Amelie says:

      Your description of Edward aimlessly following Wallis everywhere made me giggle, especially at the mention of he would complain about just going out to not die of boredom to watch her try on a new hat lol.

      I can imagine Harry probably feels similarly in the fact he may feel a little lost. He has a young baby and just moved to a new country in the middle of a pandemic. He’s not a regular person so even if there was no pandemic, he couldn’t just go out and about and explore at will. But unlike Wallis and Edward, he and Meghan are very much aligned and are being proactive, involving themselves in the BLM movement and volunteering around LA. They aren’t just sitting at home doing nothing. I’m sure the adjustment will be hard but they both knew that when they stepped down as senior royals.

    • Nic919 says:

      What about a spouse who walks behind her husband for a decade and basically wandered through her life doing not much of anything but try to please said spouse? What about someone who carelessly spends taxpayer money on multiple outfits that look the same with no real need for new clothing but does it because she can? What about someone who has done little of value in her entire adult life and requires a country’s media to prop up her meagre achievements.

      If we really want to discuss someone who seems shallow and aimless, and use the Wallis and Edward comparison, let’s look at the halls of Anmer and KP and not a former veteran who has managed to adapt to many changes In his life and will certainly adapt to moving to a new country. It’s not like he’s living in a war zone in the middle of Afghanistan… Oh wait He actually did that and from that experience created Invictus Games to help other veterans who were injured in the war.

      • notasugarhere says:

        This, Nic919. The most obvious comparison, for decades, has been William and Edward. Two petulant, selfish, egomaniacs. To paraphrase the words of Edward himself, the worst possible people to be Prince of Wales.

  19. Sydney says:

    Poor Harry a lost little boy who was kidnapped by the wicked witch of the West and taken from his family. *roll eyes* They make him out to be a child instead of a adult male. He can always tuck his tail and go home allow Meghan find a man there.

  20. Tiffany says:

    The struggle is real… hard for them to find a story about the Sussexes, isn’t it?

  21. AGreatDane says:

    Yeah well so is everyone else. Watch Avatar the Last Airbender on Netflix and raise your kid lol

    • S808 says:

      TASTE! One of the best shows ever imo! I recently re-watched it for the 3rd time. A show everyone should watch, kids and adults. I hope Archie does watch it when he’s old enough to take in the show.

    • Kayleigh says:

      That show is just amazing. I loved watching it on Nick when it first aired. Such a deep and well made show. I use it when I teach world history alllllll the time.

  22. BodegaBay says:

    I felt lost when I moved away to college… in addition to having a great time and growing. I felt lost when I moved in with my partner… in addition to feeling delighted with sharing a life. When they claim that Harry feels “lost” I feel like they’re assuming it’s a bad thing. I’d rather they normalize feeling lost when experiencing a life change. Anyone who doesn’t feel lost during a pandemic on US soil under the Trump administration is a fool. If they MUST say he’s “lost” then say he’s lost… in addition to working for good causes.

    • MsIam says:

      It’s one thing for Harry to say he’s lost. It’s totally different for newspapers that have no access to anything the Sussexes are doing to say he feels lost. So I would wait for the interview with Harry to make any proclamations about how he feels.

      • NatureLover says:

        MsIam, excellent point!! Unless you hear it from the actual person, it’s pure speculation!
        I did switch to the DM article just to get a glimpse of her dress, and someone posted that the SUV is a Hybrid!! So that sinks that blasted comment out the window about being environmentally friendly!! Furthermore, they couldn’t travel in a compact car with their security team as well, so the Hybrid is a moot point!!

        And she is utterly stunning in her green ensemble that you chose to include!! She is certainly a gorgeous woman with an air about her that declares that she is a strong and independent woman with an outstanding work ethics and a brilliant mind!!

  23. AMM says:

    The anti Sussex people went nuts about this on Twitter. Meghans Mirror labeled the pic as leaving the dentist and they managed try to make her a super vial in for going to a dentists apt. I couldn’t imagine living with that much hate in my heart.

    They went after her for having a black man hold the door for her, because apparently having and trusting a black security team is racist and Meghan looking down at black people?

  24. Lizzie says:

    Another non story. Is it really a big cultural shift when most of your time is spent isolating at home? Most contact will be through zoom, email or text with the same people no matter where they are.
    Their outings that we are aware of are not ‘Hollywood’ social gatherings where possible PH is not as comfortable as Meghan. I imagine there is an expat community of Brits in LA.

    • Sid says:

      Lizzie I have read that there is a large British expat community in LA and a bunch of pubs to go along with them, so it’s a matter of when we can finally get a handle on this virus and it’s safe for people to start gathering again with proper precautions.

  25. Helen says:

    The only adjustment Harry probably has to make in LA is eating food that actually has flavor in it.

  26. Prayer Warrior says:

    The best part about this story is that a member of the #SussexSquad sent the link to Cadillac because by calling the vehicle a “gas-guzzling” whatever, they have slandered Cadillac’s hybrid and opened themselves up to a suit from Cadillac!!!!!! I LOVED reading that tweet…now that’s support! Call out their bull-pucky and have the COMPANIES they are ‘slandering’ sue as well!! The Fail will fall; hoisted on their own petard!!! THAT’S a classy way to fight back, IMO

    • notasugarhere says:

      Try hard, PW? Calling out obvious trolls is not aggression, it is the way we’ve kept these threads mostly troll-free for four years.

    • Lady D says:

      Is Cadillac really threatening to sue them, Prayer Warrior? That would be so great:)

    • Dee says:

      I guess they should’ve taken a private helicopter instead. LOL

      • goofpuff says:

        Hey it works for W&K doesn’t it 🙂

      • bamaborn says:

        Often wondered why he needed a private helicopter and Charles didn’t. If you’re going to be 🌹 gardening, makes perfect sense.

      • notasugarhere says:

        bamaborn, Houghton Hall is within a km or two of Anmer Hall. No need for a helicopter when he can just walk across the field.

  27. Jess says:

    She looks so pretty! I love the hat, dress, accessories, hair!

  28. Jamie says:

    Much was made of the SUV headlines, but I thought the scorching heat part was the funniest. They know the inferiority complex is so strong in there readership that they need to placate them by providing reassurance that Harry’s not really enjoying all that LA sunshine. They even have to convince themselves that the English climate is superior.

    • morrigan01 says:

      Well, it was really hot here over the weekend, not gonna lie. But Harry and Meghan are living in a house that I’m sure not only has central air, but has a swimming pool as well. I think they’re fine.

  29. Case says:

    It would be understandable if he felt lost — he moved here during a pandemic and we’re handling it spectacularly bad. I’m sure all of their 2020 plans were dashed, and he’s trying to adjust to a new environment with limited ability to even see the city he moved to because everything has been closed.

    That said, these reporters don’t know a thing about what his life is like. They wish.

  30. MsIam says:

    That Tom Quinn is just salty no one is buying his book. And if Harry doesn’t have his green card then how could he work in the US anyway? I’m sure when all of his paperwork is straight he will be going like gangbusters to make up for lost time. Anyway, I like Meghan’s dress, it looks cool and comfy. It is scorching everywhere. And nit pickers will nit pick, it’s what gives them life.

    • L4frimaire says:

      This is so silly. You don’t just get a green card. It’s a process and I’m sure he has a valid visa to stay and work in US. As for being lost, that’s just another way of saying they no longer get leaks from the palace and they have no idea what they’re doing. Harry’s been all over the place talking to his different organizations and causes, but that’s not what they want to see, or hear.

      • Ginger says:

        It’s the BM projecting. THEY are the ones that are lost because they have no leaks and their most interesting royals are gone.

        These kind of stories come out after Harry is seen glowing and happy in video calls. Every single time.

  31. GR says:

    I wonder if part of the reason we keep hearing that their house belongs to Tyler Perry is the thing the BM keeps doing where they mentionMeghan’s Black friends. Like how awful they think it is that Harry’s supposedly hanging out with a bunch of poc.

    • L4frimaire says:

      This. They are obsessed with this house, the cost, and who owns it, However, I’ve noticed that they are not going after Tyler Perry himself or Martin Luther King III, who have helped or defended the Sussexes, because they don’t want that smoke.

  32. 809Matriarch says:

    Harry will NEVER experience what Meghan experienced in the UK. Harry will never have US tabloids seething with hatred for him, leading to rivers of inked columns nit picking everything he does. He will never have to avoid watching morning TV and see numerous panels discussing his life decisions. Everybody has a bit of homesickness in a new place, but I am confident Harry’s experience in LA is exponentially better than anything Meghan went through in the UK.

    • MsIam says:

      Yes no one questioning why is he always wearing a ball cap and why is he always wearing those brown suede shoes, lol. Harry is already beloved here in the US so he will have a much easier time of it. And for the life of me, why do people act like Harry will never set foot in the U.K. again? They still have a house there. People are so ridiculous.

  33. Kim says:

    ‘Harry does feel slightly lost because he is now experiencing in America what Meghan was experiencing here’

    Really? He’s overwhelmed with systematic racism against his ginger self?

    • Lowrider says:


      Poor Harry getting character assassinated by America’s morning talk shows, by the tabloid media, by Hollywood insiders. Poor Harry.

  34. Tessa says:

    I think billions of people are “lost” because of the pandemic. This is silly article.

  35. Melissa says:

    I spit out my coffee at “ ‘Finding it difficult to find work’ like he’s some kind of carpenter or something.”

  36. teehee says:

    Re: “gas-guzzling SUV” — scroll up to the pic of them both as royals, and whats that you see in the background?

    Ahh, yes: two SUVs in the frame.

  37. TeamMeg says:

    I doubt Harry is feeling more lost than anyone else during this pandemic—and probably less so. He’s spent a lot of time in hot climates, and a lot of time “sheltering-in-place” if we can agree this term sort of describes being in the BRF on a regular day. I mean, it’s not like they are usually out mingling with the masses. That said, let’s dish. Even under the masks, Harry and Meghan both look great! And I like Meghan’s dress except for the Hi-Lo hemline. That hemline has never made sense to me. Hi-Lo has got to go.

  38. LittlePenguin says:

    Maybe it is the whole pandemic thing that has him feeling lost?
    Maybe he wants to do more but is stuck because the pandemic isn’t letting him help/do all the things he wants to/thought he would do?
    Maybe worrying about the future for his family while the pandemic, BLM, family/government corruption and a million other issues are all being thrown at everyone has him feeling lost and a little hopeless for the future?
    *Raises hand* maybe I too am feeling a little lost and depressed these days and we need to be kinder to one another and remember we all might be feeling things other than joy and happiness with the past few months?

  39. bluemoonhorse says:

    Reality? I think he probably is feeling a bit lost. Not because he left the UK and a toxic family and media (good call there!), but because he is carving out a new role for himself and that makes anyone go WTF am I doing. Also, everyone is feeling lost during this pandemic.

    Realistically, he’s probably working hard on figuring out what his public events and projects can be in the next 2020 (like everyone is). Because I do think he likes working (more so than his brother and sister-in-law) the confinement is probably irksome (like it is for all of us).

  40. Chelsea says:

    “He is now experiencing in America what Meghan experienced here”. What a load of BS!

    Meghan was met with headlines about how some had a “niggling” feeling their marriage wouldn’t work and constant talk about her “exotic DNA”. Harry on the other hand was greeted by a mural, landed in a cushy mansion and has been publicly defended and/or praised by multiple Hollywood celebrities. I’m sure his family’s constant betrayals and the transition were difficult for him but to act like the reception for him in the US was anywhere close to what Meghan went through in the UK is ridiculous. We haven’t had any stories about her friends having issues with him or trashing him and we’ve barely had any scoops at all since they moved to LA. It’s nowhere near the same.

    • bamaborn says:

      Thank you, Chelsea. Sometimes I wonder if people actually believe the non-sense they spout.

  41. Lunasf17 says:

    I like that dress! I don’t even own and iron and rarely think about wrinkles. Who cares if her dress has wrinkles?! Wrinkles happen and she probably has other things to focus on.

    • L4frimaire says:

      Her look is very cute, with the dress, hat, and shoe combo. Heard the dress sold out already and is on backorder. And they’re fully masked up! California is requiring masks be worn in public at all times and most people seem to be adhering to this mandate.

  42. sassafras says:

    Would it be so bad if he didn’t work? We’re in the middle of a pandemic and his former boss basically told him he couldn’t work remotely. What if he was just living off his severance and taking naps and cooking for his family? Would that be so awful?

    The Brits want to demonize Meghan for having a work ethic and demonize Harry for not working. They’re racist and sexist and patriarchal. But who’s surprised, right?

  43. Ladyjax says:

    Okay, I have two quick things to point out:

    It was not *scorching* in Beverly Hills yesterday. It was sunny with a high of 81. It was gorgeous. They’re trying so hard to make the US sound miserable, LOLOLOLOL!

    Secondly, a Cadillac SUV only gets *slightly* worse mpg than the land rovers owned by the BRF, sooo… The DM can suck a bag of moldy toes.

    And lastly, can they drop the price tag from TP’s mansion? 18 million is nothing compared to the *billions* Buckingham Palace is worth. Or the 56 million pound pad that Edward and Sophie call home. Bunch o’ filthy hypocrites.

    • paddingtonjr says:

      Seriously, if they want to talk “scorching”, try DC or points South; at least LA has low humidity 🙂 The BM and BRF act as if Harry has not been talking about leaving the BRF for years before he met Meghan. He has never seemed happier, at least not since his mother died, than he has with Meghan. It’s not like she put something in his engagement chicken and convinced him to leave England. Meghan literally threw herself into her role as duchess: she did her first local tour not long after they announced their engagement, showed up at Prince Charles’s garden party days after her wedding and managed to accomplish more in less than two years than Kate has in 9.

      Sure, part of Harry might be a bit lost right now, but we all are lost right now. Plans have been put on hold or at least changed for everyone. They were probably planning to launch their foundation by now and I’m sure Harry would be doing things he likes and becoming part of the ex-pat British community if the world weren’t under quarantine. Right now, he, Meghan and Archie are spending most of their time together. As the world opens up more, Harry will find his own community in LA, just as Meghan was finding her people in London.

    • notasugarhere says:

      There is no comparison but don’t tell the Fail. Tyler Perry earned every penny of his money.

  44. Mina_Esq says:

    The only speculation I want from these photos is speculation about a potential friendship inspired by sack dresses between Meghan and Angelina, our patron saint of sack dresses. For example, “Angelina Jolie and Duchess Meghan bond over joint love of sack dresses. Angelina suggests they can be worn beyond pregnancy. Meghan skeptical but open to learning more. “

  45. Tessa says:

    There’s a howler of a story in one of the tabs that Harry is crying out to his sister in law Kate for help. Some of course on the blogs buy into this nonsense.

  46. yinyang says:

    Dressed like an american woman, love it, relaxed not uptight in anyway, not look at me vibes like Kate dresses, I don’t like the flats though, maybe some brown leather sandals would have been more fitting. Love the watch, I’m old school, watches aren’t necessary with all our devices but still, it completes the look! And good for Meghan, now is an irresonpsible time to show off her beautiful face. Give this look a 9/10! Expect Kate to KopyKat this.

    • Hannah says:

      Keen couldn’t carry off this look even if she was given all of the exact same elements and accessories. Let alone carry it off with the same kind of Cali Cool panache Meg is rocking. I LOVE this little outfit

  47. Mariane says:

    Is it a coincidence that they write these “sad harry” articles whenever they are spotted?!! I mean harry looked visibly content and happy with his new life. I honestly think they are permanently moving there.
    The car is a hybrid model. The mail can lie all they want but people could see the car and Google the model easily. This must be frustrating the mail editors. Changing the headline three times is an indication of how they can no longer get their usual nasty engagement on sussexs articles. It must be donning to them that Meghan wont drop the lawsuits and that she’s highly to also pursue defamation case against them

  48. KellyRyan says:

    With hugs and affection to H&M. Relocating and seeking a place in a community, pursuing careers. Haven’t many of us done the same. And darn it, add the pandemic into the mix. Sympathy, empathy and encouragement to both. I continue to believe the best is yet to be for this family.

  49. MCG says:

    Is Harry feeling lost? Maybe. More likely he is feeling the LOSS of his toxic, self-serving family. No matter what we (or he!) thinks of them, the fact of the matter is that the BRF is his family and at a very base level, we are conditioned that your family will always be there for you. Unfortunately for many, that is not the case. So while we think he’s been wise to their shenanigans for awhile, everything that has gone on the last few years could not have been an easy thing to experience.

    Meghan went through a very, very, very similar loss of the Markle side of her family. They both have dealt with so much in such a short amout of time, all while navigating a high profile relationship and multiple life changes. I am in awe of their resiliency. They are seemingly helping each other deal with that grief and carry-on.

  50. Reece says:

    “is finding it difficult to find work.”
    Those Starbucks apps just not responding back like they used to?

    They literally repeated the same thing in 3 paragraphs
    Also they seem to have forgotten that he lived in CA before for a few months, now it’s just permanent.

  51. Blerg says:

    “Like some kind of carpenter or something” 😂🤣😂

  52. Guest with Cat says:

    Wow all these posts and nobody has taken a good close look at their arms, Harry’s shoulders, Meghan’s legs and noticed how muscular these two look? They’ve been working out! Damn! I dont know if they’re intending to have more children nor do I care, but looking that fit, they’re probably having fun regardless.

    They look amazing! I want their workout video. I want to look like that. Damn my arthritis! I’m going to keep trying anyway. 😆

    As for their SUV, I’ve got the budget version of it, it’s got good gas mileage and the reason for choosing a vehicle like that is it gives great protection among garden variety crazy drivers. So if they’re ever in situation where someone like crazed paparazzi are trying to force them off the road, most sedans are going to end up crushed trying that and they’re more likely to walk away with minor injuries.

    Also it’s big enough to accommodate their security people. I would guess their vehicle also has some custom security modifications. These are high profile people with serious security concerns. Only a moron would conflate their needs with Joe and Jane Average and begrudge them probably the only vehicle that can accommodate their needs.

    In terms of the environment, if you wisely lay out your route you can get all your shopping in one trip for the month and not have to make several smaller trips that a smaller car might necessitate. I do have my tiny car when I need to just drive people somewhere and not try to fit in a month’s worth of groceries.

  53. Jane says:

    Never noticed the beautiful green lining of his jacket, to match her dress. Well done.

  54. anotherlily says:

    One comment on this story in the dailymail has identified the building as one which houses a number of medical practices and has also identified the medical pack Meghan is carrying. The photos showing this pack (which apparently isn’t toothpaste) could be a breach of California’s medical privacy laws. I hope the Mail gets sued out of existence,

    • anotherlily says:

      To add to the above: I think a line has been crossed. The DM removed the story and currently has no stories featuring the Sussexes. It may be that the Californian privacy laws have been broken to the extent of criminal culpability. I hope so. Whoever took those photos could have broken the law and if these were commissioned by the DM then they are equally responsible. Publishing the photos is a clear breach of the privacy laws because it identifies medication.

      • anotherlily says:

        spoke too soon-the story is back. It may be that certain comments identifying the package have been removed.

  55. starryfish29 says:

    The amount of projecting people do onto this couple is truly wild. There are whole a** adults out there who think this man is being held hostage and somehow simultaneously has moved out and is not actually in LA. His wife is not some kind of succubus, and he’s not blinking morse code pleas for help with his eyes; the man looks perfectly fine, he looks like a normal person who left their house for a bit during a pandemic.

  56. blunt talker says:

    I have never seen so many dumb Brits write stupid stuff with no research before they write it. They can just leave Tyler Perry’s house with the Sussexes in it alone. Perry sold a house in Atlanta to Steve Harvey for about 150 million dollars-do your research people. Perry estimated worth is over 400 million-he refixes houses to resell all the time-Mr. Perry is not lacking for funds-he has built his own movie studio in Atlanta that is bigger than Hollywood – he considered the richest black person in Hollywood to date-do your research people-I am talking to those British tabloids that don’t support their statements with any facts-just spill vomit and never clean up. They seem to be unable to understand many people in La-people of color has lots of money.

    • Lucylee says:

      They just need to focus on the Queen who lives in a$236 million castle with 1000 rooms and a servant staff devoted solely to her well being. And let’s not forget she is now selling cheap booze in fancy bottles to make ends meet.

  57. Tea says:

    I was almost dumb enough to belive it untill he said ‘struggling to find work’ lmaoo i burst out laughing! As if they are not millionaires already 😭😭😭 God save these dumb ass royal reporters

  58. Tea says:

    i’m sureee