Beverly Johnson, 67, is engaged to a 70-yr-old, they bought a house instead of a ring

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This is just a nice, positive, sweet story in what feels like a year full of gloom and apocalyptic doom. Beverly Johnson, 67, is engaged to a 70-year-old dude. Johnson was a groundbreaking model, the first black model to appear on the cover of Vogue, and she’s seen as a leader and a pioneer in the fashion and modeling industry. She’s been married twice before, and she always said that she had no need to get married again. But she fell in love with an age-appropriate man and it’s lovely!

Ask Beverly Johnson what makes her fiancé Brian Maillian such a good match and she says with a laugh: “This is the first time I’ve dated someone so close to my age! We know the same songs and we’ve lived through a lot of the same things.”

They also share a deep bond. Johnson, the supermodel who made history as the first Black woman on the cover of Vogue in 1974, says, “As I was breaking boundaries in the fashion industry, he was doing the same on Wall Street.”

Now 67, Johnson tells PEOPLE, “just finding the love of my life at this point in my life has been amazing.” Turns out her engagement to the 70-year-old financier with whom she lives with in Rancho Mirage, California, was not exactly planned. It happened while they were attending an event in Palm Springs, with members of their extended family. “My older sister Sheilah was there and she said to Brian, ‘I didn’t hear you give my sister an answer when she asked you to marry her,’” Johnson recalls. “And he said, ‘I have answered her. I have asked her to marry me. And she said, No. Besides that — I don’t have a ring.’”

With that, Johnson says, “Brian’s 88-year-old mother took off her wedding ring and passed it down the table till it got to Brian and he got down on one knee. I was sobbing uncontrollably and he said ‘Will you marry me?’ and I said yes!” Maillian put the ring on her finger and when Johnson took it off to give back to his mom, her soon-to-be mother-in-law told her: “You can keep it on until the rest of the day!”

After they became engaged, Johnson says laughing, “I was like how the heck did that happen? I was saying I’m never going to get married again.” (She was previously married to real estate agent Billy Potter and later music producer Danny Sims, father of their daughter Anansa.)

Even though she told him she was not interested in a ring, Maillian brought her to a jewelry store where he had picked out one for her to look at. But Johnson, who’s known for not always having a filter, recounts: “I said ‘Brian, I don’t know how to say this but I don’t want a diamond ring, let’s buy a house instead.’” And that exactly what they did.

[From People]

“I don’t want a diamond ring, let’s buy a house instead” - I love that. I love jewelry too and rings are always nice, but a house is nicer! And yes, I imagine it’s really nice to find someone your age after spending the bulk of your adult life with people from different generations. Anyway, this story is lovely. I love hearing about over-60 peeps falling in love with each other, as opposed to over-60 peeps falling for people forty years younger.

2019 Breaking Barriers Awards Gala and & Fashion Show

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  1. Priscila says:

    A woman to my heart!

  2. CatWomen says:

    This is so great! She’s still beautiful and I wish them many years of happiness. Nice to see it’s never to late to find love .

  3. smee says:

    Every couple should do something like this. Have a nice ceremony/party at the new house. ❤

  4. rawiya says:

    They’re cute! Congrats to them.

  5. Laalaa says:

    Awwww, so there is hope for me still! I’m 32 :-D

  6. JanetDR says:

    What a nice story! She looks fabulous and they look great together 💗 Who needs a ring?!

  7. Sayrah says:


  8. truthSF says:

    I love this story, and I’m happy for them both!🥰

  9. SJR says:

    Congrats to the happy couple! Totally agree, no to ring, YES to house. :)

  10. Lisa says:

    Love this story so much. Congrats to them.

  11. Natters5 says:

    That’s what we did too! I said let’s put the money into a down payment for an apartment and my husband to be was so happy. I ended up getting a family heirloom for my engagement ring that I love more than any diamond ring. It’s an amethyst and emerald ring that is designed to look like a violet which is my favorite flower and Violet is now the name of our daughter.

  12. Legally Brunette says:

    What a lovely story! The part that got me was the fact that his mother was able to be a part of the engagement and watch her son with the love of his life.

  13. Kristen says:

    True story. I was randomly invited to dinner with friends several years ago, and Beverly Johnson was a guest as well. She is so kind, so down to earth, and even more gorgeous in person.

  14. Sarah says:

    That’s a fantastic story, thank you! I’d definitely go for house over ring.

  15. Grant says:

    Wow, she is breathtakingly beautiful.

  16. pamspam says:

    I needed this story today. <3

  17. Bree says:

    Engagement bracelet over here! It’s the way to go (if you’re not interested in a house) — and it’s stackable with other bracelets I own and will own! <3

  18. Jaded says:

    I found love (second time with the same guy I dated in the late seventies) at 63 so never say never. And the idea of a house makes total sense – blessings to them both.

  19. laura-j says:

    Yep after a series of not great dudes, I met a real real good one at almost 50, he’s all kinds of awesome and age appropriate (48). Best relationship I’ve ever had and I too have been married before!

  20. Chitowngal says:

    I root for Beverly and I would get the house instead of the ring, too.