Demi Moore has a couch and rug in her bathroom and people are intrigued


Last week, I came across a Buzzfeed article whose title was so intriguing, I cancelled plans just to read what followed: Every Inch of Demi Moore’s Bathroom Needs To Be Explained. It had all the hot buttons I required – Demi Moore, a unique bathroom and mystery. The quest for answers on Demi’s Inner Sanctum came when Demi posted what I believe were some innocent behind-the-scenes shots to promote her new podcast Dirty Diana, a six-part show about a woman who secretly runs an erotic website where women reveal their intimate fantasies. The concept and audio trailer of the podcast is fairly enticing, so it would take quite a bit to pull focus from it. But we were not prepared:

You can almost hear the record scratch when you see those pics. All attention went into figuring out what the hell was going on in that room. Twitter user, Alexis Wilson (@sassyblackdiva) got the ball rolling with this tweet:

From there, the dam broke. Some people speculated that the couch was brought in for recording or was maybe being stored there while another part of the house was being worked on. These are logical assumptions, but no fun so let’s ignore them.

Many folks pointed out the chandelier that hangs over the tub. Granted, with the amount of art deco sconces, the chandelier is overkill, but you can’t argue with the drama of a chandelier. Although I could never rest easy in the tub with a light fixture directly above it, I’ve seen too many horror films. While I agree a couch in the bathroom is odd, I am far more distracted by its size – is that a child’s couch? Plus, it doesn’t even try to match the surrounding decor. Which brings us to point two: brown shag carpet? I supposed the color is theme appropriate for a bathroom but still, why?

A lot of attention was given to the Joan of Arc statue in the bathroom, which has featured several times in Demi and her girls’ photos. But honestly, Joan deserves to reside wherever she chooses and if she wants to live out her ceramic form life looking out the gorgeous view from Demi’s bathroom’s picture windows, she deserves it. It’s the toilet that I can’t look away from. Personally, I can’t brook an open toilet plan. Even if I am in there alone, I need a door to be truly comfortable. However, I can see how this failed to register because of the figures surrounding the toilet, like the Gorilla who lives in the crevice in the rock and the hidden cove creature next to the toilet itself. I assume they are there for protection, but you might want to keep Joan of Arc close at hand in case the toilet creatures attack.

The truth is, I don’t know if I want answers. I think I would rather just live with the knowledge that Demi Moore locks herself away in a magical bathroom chamber, where she sacrifices face masks to the toilet wall gods, and in return, they grant her perpetually fantastic skin. I don’t need explanations, I just need to know that it exists.

But one thing that completes the experience is that Demi herself got such a kick out of the public’s reaction:

[From Twitter via Lainey Gossip]

When she refers to her “whole family” here, I choose to think she’s including Joan of Arc in that.

Photo credit: Twitter and WENN/Avalon

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  1. Atti says:

    You can clean that bathroom daily and its still gross. Just wear soft slippers? But gross or not, that bathroom probably costs more than my house and car combined, so she clearly wants it that way.

    • Nicole r says:

      It really depends on the size and layout of the bathroom. If you have a separate room for the toilet and the room is big enough and ventilated enough not to get all foggy it should be fine. I hate carpet but I have fabric Roman shades that are fine in my bathroom.

  2. Soupie says:

    OT: I just finished reading Demi’s memoir; it was very good. I came away with a good impression of her. Then I saw her name on the Lolita Express list.

    • detritus says:

      He called his plane the Lolita Express? Jfc

      For others who didn’t get this reference

    • SKF says:

      That list is not what people think it is. Rich people with private planes often rent them out. So loads of the people on that list would have booked a private plane flight through a third party from here to there without ever even knowing that the plane was Epstein’s. Some of them obviously were with him or used his plane to go to his gross island; but a lot of them would have just used it with no direct relation to him and his grossness.

  3. Sarah says:

    All that money and such an ugly bathroom? Huh.

  4. Joan Callamezzo says:

    I assume she’s using the bathroom because it’s got great acoustics and or the best lighting. The rug helps with sound?

  5. TeamAwesome says:

    One house I rented had carpet in BOTH bathrooms and it was every bit the nightmare you would imagine.

  6. AppleTartin says:

    I kinda get the carpet so you don’t get cold feet on tile. But she’s rich enough to afford heated tiles. But Demi has been through a lot in life. So if Demi wants a bathroom couch. Demi gets a bathroom couch. I just wonder how long it takes until it is mildewy.

  7. Paige says:

    ‘Demi Moore has a couch and a rug in her bathroom and people are disgusted’
    There-I fixed it for ya

  8. CatWomen says:

    My sister and I discussed this and she speculated that this was most likely on Bruce that he has just kept it and she’s COVID-Ed up together and she doesn’t mind. Thumbs up Sis!

  9. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    I hate bathroom carpets, especially around toilets. Barf barf barf. BUT. This makes her more endearing to me and funny. And the fact she’s enjoying life, interacting with people online and is doing so without some prefab facade is refreshing, welcome, and I personally love it.

  10. JanetDR says:

    I was going to guess it was more of a dressing room, but the toilet says no!
    I have a slipper style tub in my bedroom so I’m always ready to defend those who would prefer to bathe away from less glamorous facilities but in this case, we’ll just say it’s odd.

  11. Mrs. Peel says:

    Horrid 80’s decor – the girl’s net worth is $200 million for crying out loud! Just goes to show, money can’t buy good taste.

    • lucy2 says:

      I know! It looks like the before photo of most renovations, and that sofa screams 80s too. Maybe with this being a vacation house she doesn’t really care so much? I’m just really surprised.

  12. Lily says:

    I wouldn’t have carpet in my bathroom, but I find it cool some people do whatever they want with their space. It makes me wonder what happened so that they needed in this case, a couch and a rug in the bathroom? And sometimes, we get to know the story behind everything and it’s like …”Ahhhhhhh! That makes sooooo much sense!” And that is so cool to have your own story, not be bothered by the “social mould” and do your thing.

  13. souperkay says:

    The organizer to the right of Joan of Ark that looks like it’s filled with crystals is sending me

  14. Chaine says:

    That carpet looks so matted and nasty.

  15. Jerusha says:

    She explained on Seth last night that the couch was only moved into the bathroom for the podcast, then went back to living room. And Bruce put in the carpet because it gets really cold there.

  16. Jenn says:

    Aww, there’s something about it that is very “kooky rich-mom bathroom,” you know? I feel like my friend’s showbiz mom also had a spa tub, weird carpeting, and odd mementos throughout her penthouse (which she eventually had to sell, as times are very different now). It was a weird but cozy space.