The Pentagon’s UFO-investigation unit is still around & it’s not classified??

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In April of this year, coronavirus wasn’t the only thing in the air. No, we all caught a whiff of a massive government conspiracy to hide the existence of aliens and UFOs!! That was when the Pentagon publicly released three videos of Navy pilots encountering UFOs (literally unexplained flying objects) mid-flight, and all of the pilots were freaking out to varying degrees about what they were seeing. If you are like me and you’re an Ancient Aliens fan or an X-Files fan, this is not surprising. There have been “modern” UFO sightings for decades, and if you believe Ancient Aliens (a big IF), there have been stories of flying objects, alien races, alien technology and alien abductions for millenia. It’s also not a secret to the amateur Ufologists among us that the American government has devoted resources for the better part of a century to investigate, document and study UFOs, possibly alien technology and more. Now the Pentagon will be releasing some of the documents/documentation:

Despite Pentagon statements that it disbanded a once-covert program to investigate unidentified flying objects, the effort remains underway — renamed and tucked inside the Office of Naval Intelligence, where officials continue to study mystifying encounters between military pilots and unidentified aerial vehicles. Pentagon officials will not discuss the program, which is not classified but deals with classified matters. Yet it appeared last month in a Senate committee report outlining spending on the nation’s intelligence agencies for the coming year. The report said the program, the Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Task Force, was “to standardize collection and reporting” on sightings of unexplained aerial vehicles, and was to report at least some of its findings to the public within 180 days after passage of the intelligence authorization act.

While retired officials involved with the effort — including Harry Reid, the former Senate majority leader — hope the program will seek evidence of vehicles from other worlds, its main focus is on discovering whether another nation, especially any potential adversary, is using breakout aviation technology that could threaten the United States.

Senator Marco Rubio, the Florida Republican who is the acting chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, told a CBS affiliate in Miami this month that he was primarily concerned about reports of unidentified aircraft over American military bases — and that it was in the government’s interest to find out who was responsible. He expressed concerns that China or Russia or some other adversary had made “some technological leap” that “allows them to conduct this sort of activity.”

In 2017, The New York Times disclosed the existence of a predecessor unit, called the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program. Defense Department officials said at the time that the unit and its $22 million in funding had lapsed after 2012. People working with the program, however, said it was still in operation in 2017 and beyond, statements later confirmed by the Defense Department.

[From The NY Times]

I am neither a Scully nor a Mulder about this – I think it’s more than possible that an advanced alien life form has visited us and left us some of its technology. I also think it’s more than possible that we’re being spied on and infiltrated by other countries and that some of these “flying objects” are foreign spy planes, spy satellites, drones, etc. It’s also possible that everything is connected – one of the stories I believe from all of those alien shows is the story about how America is not the only country to have some kind of program devoted to UFOs/aliens, and that “alien technology” is becoming the new frontier in international intrigue, the new “space race” or “cold war.”

The Times also reports that the former director of the Pentagon’s UFO program, Luis Elizondo, says that he believes that “objects of undetermined origin have crashed on earth with materials retrieved for study” and that the Pentagon regularly conducts classified briefings for various high-ranking Congresspeople AND “aerospace company executives.” Because if you’re trying to reverse engineer alien technology, it’s not just a matter of using DARPA or whatever. Boeing, Lockheed, Raytheon, they all want to find a way to monetize alien technology, if it does exist. The Times also spoke to various aerospace sub-contractors, some of whom have seen pieces here or there which have led them to believe that there really are some “unexplained” phenomena and unexplained technologies which are still in the process of being reverse-engineered. THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE.

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  1. Rumer says:

    Did you just casually confirm Alien technologies? 2020 is really something.

  2. Snazzy says:

    LOL Kaiser, you’re totally a Scully

  3. Belig says:

    > Rubio [...] was primarily concerned about reports of unidentified aircraft over American military bases — and that it was in the government’s interest to find out who was responsible.

    Is this actual planes flying over American bases abroad, or drone-like aircrafts flying over American bases on US soil? Surely it couldn’t be actual planes flying over American bases on US soil, or they wouldn’t have missed them entering the US airspace, right?

    I wonder if there’s more info available on this. It’s pretty scary…

  4. Belig says:

    Also, about the actual “aliens” part, I’m gonna be a total conspiracy theorist and say: it’s no coincidence that they’ve made this stuff official in the past 2-3 years, they want the general public to know now.
    So, since they’re always one step ahead of the rest of us… Does that mean they’re planning on making the little green men’s existence even more public, as in, showing them to us? Engaging in public relations with alien nations, or something? Or do they fear the news will be revealed by someone else? Either another government, or even the aliens themselves!

    The thought of every government on Earth having their own “aliens” research program, and of a new “cold war”, is intriguing as well…

    This is fascinating stuff! I’m glad it’s being covered here.

    • Sunflowerlady says:

      I agree this is no coincidence in info being made public. Fascinating stuff!

    • Betsy says:

      The coincidence is that the anti-government rat finks currently running the government need a distraction from their horrible failed policies. I’m sure aliens are real and have probably been here.

  5. Esmom says:

    I didn’t know until recently that my 85-year old dad thinks they only way humanity could have advanced as quickly as it has in recent times is that we were given knowledge from a much more advanced species. He doesn’t think it’s recent, though. He thinks humans are descended from aliens who dropped to earth and only recently have we retrieved that knowledge that was embedded in our DNA.

    I swear you would find my dad to be a normal, mild mannered guy if you met him. He doesn’t talk about this but he’s been writing a lot in his 80s and this came out in one of his essays that he shared with me.

  6. Girl with the Soup Tattoo says:

    Likely an unpopular opinion, but I’m going to say it: I absolute do not discount the possibility of other life forms, and while I look at Ancient Aliens as more entertainment than anything, I’m so annoyed at people who say things like “my ____ was a high level ____ and this is total BS” or immediately want to joke about being a conspiracy theorist. Why I’m so annoyed at this? Because to me, an atheist, this is all far more plausible than people who talk about religion. One of the best things that ever came out of ancient aliens was a line they say repeatedly “it’s not God, it’s not magic, it’s misunderstood technology”. That’s not saying I hate religion or people who are religious, I’m just saying if there is such a tolerance for religious mythology why not at least be open to the idea that there might be something more than us, something we don’t understand, nor would we necessarily have the capacity to understand it (Annihilation with Natalie Portman is a great example of this) – they are literally two sides of the same coin. Talking about aliens is never taken seriously (and if it is you’re a nutjob) but I think we could all do well to recognize the hypocrisy in that.

    • Belig says:

      By now, isn’t anyone rational + who has been paying at least a little bit of attention convinced that life exists outside of Earth? Even just on a statistical level, hasn’t every scientist under the sun said that there was no chance we were alone in this world?

      Aliens being more advanced than us and having visited us is another story… But I felt like other civilizations existing wasn’t really subject to debate anymore. This is just another way the anti-science movement has failed Americans, I guess…

  7. Singtress says:

    This has been out there for a couple years, and everyone has ignored it.

    Probably because many are too afraid. Religion.

  8. Juls says:

    Ooooooh I’m about to watch that Bob Lazar documentary on Netflix. Has anybody watched it and is it good?

    • Allergy says:

      I read his book, it was really interesting. I also just finished the Planet Serpo book by Len Kasten, it was fascinating.
      I totally believe there are aliens around us all the time. I think it’s naive to think that we’d be alone. I’m looking forward to getting some alien technology to help to save our planet. In fact, it’s getting really late, the government should just be open about everything.
      I went to that museum in Switzerland that Erich von Daniken founded, about alien visitations, every culture in it’s own hall. It was a really cool round white building in the middle of a meadow. It’s not open anymore, unfortunately.

      • Belig says:

        > it’s getting really late

        Interesting thought, this could indeed be why they’re starting to reveal stuff!

        I just googled the museum you mentioned. It seems to be open every summer nowadays. The Wiki page itself has the potential to lead to a few interesting rabbit holes! xD

      • Allergy says:

        Oh that’s great, Belig!
        I’d go visit again. Interlaken alone is amazingly beautiful.

    • Betsy says:

      I haven’t seen that, but I did watch Unacknowledged which seemed above board.

  9. Betsy says:

    I believe aliens are real and have been here – that Unsolved Mysteries episode, for one story, the one at O’Hare for another – but the three videos that they released a few months ago were very easily debunked. So far it’s just a lot of smoke that’s been released, and you know they have the real deal, so I find it offensive that they’re just trying to do a parlor trick.

  10. JanetDR says:

    Totally into it!

  11. Jules says:

    There is so much information out there, none of this is really new. UFO sightings have been investigated around the world, many of them mass sightings. Many books and research by scientists out there, just gotta pay attention. Problem is, as is often the case, there is truth mixed with lies.

  12. The Recluse says:

    On one of those Paranormal Caught on Camera shows, there was supposedly footage of a big, rather pyramid-shaped object hovering and rotating slowly over the Pentagon in December of 2018. Two different people had footage…..Weird.

  13. Zackster says:

    UFOs buzzed the Capitol in 1952. Why isn’t that more widely known?
    Search for 1952 Washington DC UFO incident.