The Pentagon released three videos of Navy pilots encountering UFOs

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The man in these photos is Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, aka the Aliens Meme guy. We just talked about him and the show Ancient Aliens a couple weeks ago in the Gossip with Celebitchy podcast. I was going through a quarantine phase where I was binge-watching Ancient Aliens and I somehow got CB to watch some episodes too. We had a good time talking about how bonkers the show is and how easily people can get sucked in. Personally, my “buy in” threshold is pretty low when it comes to aliens, so I’m gullible enough to really enjoy the hell out of all the crazy theories and pseudoscience of the show.

One of the most long-standing theories of Ancient Aliens is that aliens, like Jesus, will rise again. The theory is basically that aliens were here on earth thousands of years ago and they were helping out early homo sapiens (and perhaps our evolutionary cousins). They claim aliens went away for a time but they’ll come back, and they’ve already started coming back. The truth is out there, etc. Well, the Pentagon just chose THIS MOMENT right now, in the middle of a global pandemic, to release three Navy videos of pilots encountering UFOs. I mean, technically they ARE unexplained flying objects, but that doesn’t mean these are “alien aircraft.” The second video is freaking me out a little bit because the pilot seems so bewildered.

So, in addition to everything else, the aliens are definitely here and they’re checking us out. Maybe they’ve been checking us out all this time. Maybe we’re all star people and they have a cure for the virus? We could ask them.

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  1. Erinn says:

    My gramp was the administrative officer (rcaf) at a base in rural Nova Scotia during the late 60′s. There’s a somewhat well known supposed alien story that took place during this time in that area – he’s mentioned in a few books because of it. Something supposedly crashed into the ocean. Anyway – there’s an alien ‘museum’ and tons of people obsessed with this story – to the point where a few people came out of the woodwork after he died, approaching family asking for the ‘real’ scoop, saying there were obviously threats from CSIS and all kinds of ramblings of that nature. This was like a week or so after he’d passed – it was incredibly insensitive.

    I’ll just put it this way – I don’t think I’m likely to ever believe in aliens in the way that most people do. IF there’s anything out there, they likely don’t give a crap about us, or they’re simple organisms (in my opinion). It would make MUCH more sense to me if someone came out and said “yes, cats and octopuses (octopi?) are actually aliens” than someone saying it was little grey men.

    I think the most likely explanation for the incident I mentioned was Cold War satellites or some sort of test aircraft. He would always laugh when we asked about aliens lol.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      “It would make MUCH more sense to me if someone came out and said “yes, cats and octopuses (octopi?) are actually aliens” than someone saying it was little grey men.”

      a la Men in Black? like, your weird second-grade teacher was actually from another galaxy?

      I kind of like that idea. I’ve met some folks who truly seem like a pod-person in human skin; that is, they LOOK human but behave like someone who is trying to “act like a human” or how they THINK a human would act.

    • Valerie says:

      I’m convinced that cats are aliens. ;)

  2. Watercress says:

    I swear I cant tell the difference between satire and real news these days 🤦🏼‍♀️

  3. Carobell says:

    So the Pentagon decided to refocus the conspiracy theorists away from Corona and back towards aliens?
    Not a terrible plan but I am suspicious!

    • Mia4s says:

      Bread and circuses. It’s the Roman Emperor handbook. This is your circus American public, look over here! Not at how your leaders have failed you! Not at how you are disposable to your country’s elite! Look at the circus!

      I actually resent how transparant a distraction this is. Any other time I would have been very interested.

      • Spicecake38 says:

        Yep,distract the masses.

      • pineapple says:

        Unreal. And how scary that the Pentagon is involved. Jeez.

      • Janet says:

        Maybe the real reason we’re all inder quaratine is because they actually DID come back and this is the beginning of the slow roll out.

        ^^^ Just kidding

      • Some chick says:

        Word, Mia4s. Word.

        Sooo transparent.

        When all else fails, blame aliens!

        Or squirrels. Do you know how many times squirrels have taken out entire power systems?!

      • stormsmama says:

        replying to Janet to say
        Thank you for this chuckle
        I think we know the plot to the first post pandemic Michael Bay movie now

      • I am Mimi says:

        Exactly. They needed a pivot away from Trump’s crazy train.

      • Janet says:

        @StormsMama: This will be it: Aliens arrive and seeing a bat, say “take me to your leader” because yes, those old TV series from the 60′s made it into outer space. Since this elicits no discernable response from the bat minions, it’s not until one alien who was staying with his bat host, found himself in a wet market in China and saw what was possibly the REAL leader. Aka: Batman or the closest semblant.
        In the meantime, Affleck is walking around with a mask. Lol

      • Pineapple says:

        MIA4S also The FBI did the exact same thing prior to the last Federal Election. When the Director of The FBI came forward to say they were investigating Clinton’s emails, FAILING to mention that they were ALSO investigating Trump colluding with Russia. At any rate, The Director of The FBI tanked Hillary’s Campaign. So scary when the Military/Policing Complex gets involved in politics. In a fair society … they should not be.

      • A says:

        @Janet, I honestly want aliens to show up if only so that they have to sit down and digest things like the whole “Storm Area 51 they can’t stop all of us” thing, and “if we Naruto run we can dodge the bullets” and the seminal masterpiece that was the whole “clap alien cheeks” protest sign someone was holding up at that gathering. I’d give my dollar and a toe to watch some poor haphazard intern have to explain that last one, I swear.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      These videos were leaked a while ago (and posted by Tom DeLonge of Blink 182). So they were pressured to actually “release” them and declassify them because it was already out there anyway.

    • JanetDR says:

      @Janet, Honestly that thought crossed my mind at one point when I was looking at some other conspiracy theories showing up on my FB page.! (mostly b/c of the Close Encounters of the Third Kind scene where Dreyfuss’s character takes off his mask). Trust me that it’s more believable than some of what I’m reading!

  4. rox says:

    As vast as the universe is, to think were the only intelligent beings out there is ludicrous.

    • Leducduswaz says:

      It’s a mathematical certainty that we’re not the only intelligent life in the universe, but considering how far away the edge of the observable universe is and the fact that we haven’t yet observed any signs of life, it’s also a certainty that we’re too far away to ever communicate with whoever’s out there. We’re not alone, but we may as well be.

      • WingKingdom says:

        I heard or read something related to this… It’s also the vast expanse of time. Our entire human history is a tiny blip in the universe, and while civilizations may evolve and go extinct all over the universe, the likelihood that our little existence would coincide with another civilization AND we would make contact is pretty much zero.

      • Golly Gee says:

        Physicists theorize that outer space, if compared to a piece of cloth, is not flat but a series of folds. (I can’t remember which theory this is, but it was a series about physics on PBS Nova about 10 years ago). So while something maybe too far away if traveling in a straight line, going through the folds of the cloth (I guess like a wormhole), cuts the distance down considerably. If this theory is true, it is also possible that there are aliens who are much more technologically advanced, who have traveled through our solar system.
        As for not having observed any signs of life, there are lots of people who claim to have done so who are written off as crazy and discredited. Maybe some of them are, but are they all? We also don’t know what the government(s) has kept under wraps. Now they are releasing some fairly innocuous videos, but I have to ask myself, why they have been kept secret all this time, and what are they not releasing? I don’t think this makes me a conspiracy theorist, it’s logical reasoning and questioning. So why cover up proof of alien life–if in fact such evidence exists? In my mind, they don’t want to create unpredictable mob panic or vigilantism, which might be hard to control or to destabilize the economy. So yes, if they have proof of alien life, it is safer for them to hide it.
        Considering the number of planets out there and the vast amounts of space we have no idea about, it seems crazier to me to not believe in aliens then to believe in aliens. Believing in the possibility of alien life should not be lumped together with wild conspiracy theories about aliens.

    • Esmom says:

      Yes. My dad just told me he thinks WE (homo sapiens) are actually descended from aliens. He said that the theory of evolution has holes in it and the only plausible explanation for our ability to develop the increasingly sophisticated technology we have over the past few millennia is that it had already been developed elsewhere by the aliens and we are just replicating their work.

      He’s not crazy, I swear. I think in his retirement he has a lot of time on his hands to think about all this, lol.

      • Becks1 says:

        I started watching Ancient Aliens bc of Kaiser’s posts about it and my husband told me last night he thinks of me a little bit differently, lol.

        but my view has always been that its just ludicrous to think there is NO other intelligent life out there, with as vast and unknown as the universe is.

      • Nicole says:

        @Becks1 I feel like part of the draw of the show is the voice of the narrator. He is so relaxing. Both my husband and I fall asleep watching the show because of his voice.

      • Spicecake38 says:

        Look up the history of Nephilim-they’re eluded too in the book of Genesis and there is a ?biblical book of Enoch that speaks of them,only one Christian church has canonized the book of Enoch(Ethiopian apostolic??).
        Regardless of whether you have any religious beliefs the historical accounts are interesting and it’s also interesting that things are omitted-Like what don’t they want us to know…

      • Becks1 says:

        @Nicole yes I love his voice! hes so calm. My husband hates it because he says they keep asking questions and not answering them – “but could it have been aliens?” “But could there be another explanation?” “but could the technology have come from somewhere else?” And I’m like….IF WE KNEW THE ANSWER THIS SHOW WOULD BE MUCH LESS INTERESTING lol.

      • Amelie says:

        I’m similar to your dad, I wonder how humans supposedly lived without modern technology for millennia and then somewhere in the last 200 years with the Industrial Revolution, technology advanced so rapidly with the invention of cars and electricity? I don’t think it’s aliens lol but how things evolve is so fascinating to read about.

      • Goodomens says:

        Esmom, United States Army Colonel Corso in The Day After Roswell suggested fibre optics technology was reverse engineered from recovered alien tech. These disclosures from high ranking staff just go unnoticed and reported in the mainstream. Jackie Gleason on Nixon is another very interesting and believable anecdote. There are hundreds and prob thousands of credible accounts if you just look into UFO/UAP lore. I think the issue is how to disclose, so they’re letting these accounts trip through slowly. They’re afraid of civil unrest perhaps.
        As for the industrial revolution, it’s really about the discovery and leveraging of hydrocarbons more than anything else, to create complex societies with a huge array of consumer goods and massive industry and manufacturing sectors and fueled by industrial agriculture, which is enabled by hydrocarbons. I don’t think that’s attributable to alien tech.

      • Goodomens says:

        Also, for anyone into the “descended from aliens” theory, there’s a UFO classic by the name of Our Cosmic Ancestors and it’s filled with maths and technical analyses about ancient structures, and Chatelain worked for NASA.

    • I am Mimi says:

      And we’re not even that intelligent. The world is basically on the verge of collapse due to humans’ “leadership.”

      • A.Key says:

        That’s because most humans are not intelligent but they get to vote and are usually shameless in your face with their “opinions”. The few intelligent people in between get lost in the sea of stupidity out there.

    • olala says:

      exactly! I always find it funny how selfcentred humans really are. So many comments here too dismissing possibility of another life.

  5. Leducduswaz says:

    There’s a pilot named Gabriel Zeifman who got permission to fly around the perimeter of Area 51 because the airspace was “cold” because of the pandemic. He took pictures that seem to show a mysterious new hangar under construction. This is not a conspiracy theory, btw, it was reported in the mainstream media. Anyway, it points to the obvious conclusion, that so-called UFOs are classified weapons systems undergoing testing.

    • WingKingdom says:

      I agree with you, and it scares me. I do think some military is testing advanced technology. Does anyone know of anything like this in countries other than the US? Any leaked videos elsewhere?

      • Leducduswaz says:

        Unsurprisingly, the countries with the most sightings are USA, Russia and China, with the UK and Germany rounding out the top 5.

      • A says:

        The US government has been testing advanced technology since at least the end of WW2, I don’t know why this is news let alone alarming news in 2020.

    • Isabelle says:

      Eh….Area 51 can be anything (testing advanced technology or even a distraction plot) but it doesn’t mean there aren’t UFOS, Aliens and the us government secretly knowing about Aliens. It can be completely separate from other life “probing” us.

  6. Lucy2 says:

    These have been out there for a little while, but I find the Declassification timing pretty interesting! “Everyone’s stuck at home and people are getting rowdy? Eh, give them the spaceship videos. That’ll keep them busy for a while.”
    There’s no way we are the only planet with life forms on it. But beyond that, who knows.

  7. Gil says:

    I loved the podcast in which you talked about Ancient Aliens. I’m a fan since season one. We have an inside joke in my family: when we heard something really bonkers we would say “but the Ancient Aliens” . I really like that tv show but no one even the most serious people on earth can talk about it without sounding like they are high (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)

    • Esmom says:

      I’ve never watched but I’m intrigued. Your family joke is so cute, lol.

    • tiredTreaded says:

      As an “I’ll only believe it if I see it” type of person, I can honestly say I saw five glowing objects hovering in our backyardigan suburban neighborhood, around 2011. My first thought was, “why me”. Second thought was, “ya’ll are lost. This aint manchupichu”. Then I started watching Ancient Aliens, and am convinced. I have not watched the Pentagon de-classified videos, but I will. Personally I’m too overwhelmed to revisit all this -right now, but I’lll get the courage in the next few days. I am no conspiracist nor do I suffer from gullibility or delusions, but I encourage everyone to have as much discernment and time as they need.

      • A says:

        “ya’ll are lost. This aint manchupichu” I’m DYING, maybe they stopped and wanted to ask for directions but whoever was piloting the joint was too stubborn and more of a, “I KNOW WHERE I’M GOING HAROLD things have just CHANGED since I was here the LAST TIME, stupid humans, putting random roads everywhere and confusing the whole lot of us *grumble grumble*”

      • JanetDR says:

        Mr R. has seen several things including the classic hovering saucer- his vehicle stopped moving – no one else in the car remembers (but his sister who was there gets weird if it’s brought up). I don’t see why not, but I don’t think all of THIS is THAT.

  8. Spicecake38 says:

    Someone theorized that since time is technically a circle (eternal)vs a line as how we track events that the *little grey men*aka aliens are actually nuked future versions of ourselves coming back in time from their future place to warn us of the dangers of global warming and nuclear war etc etc.
    Not saying I buy it ,but if you want to go down a rabbit hole might as well go all the way.

    • pineapple says:

      I am so confused by what you wrote, time is technically a circle? I am so confused and so intrigued. This is officially my favorite thread today.

      • LidiaJara says:

        I don’t have any references for this, but I was taught that growing up. Not exactly a circle, but likely circular or simultaneous or something like that. The idea was that our perception of time is linear because we exist as four dimensional beings who experience the fourth temporal dimension as linear. But if we were able to perceive higher dimensions, we would be able to observe time in a nonlinear way. I’m pretty agnostic on that as a grown-up, I’ve definitely *felt* like time was simultaneous a few times tripping, but I don’t know how we would know. But that was the framework I was taught.

      • stormsmama says:

        Its more like a scroll then a circle
        think of a rolled scroll
        think of the rings on a tree
        If you slice a sliver of tree you just get now
        but if you go through you get the whole history
        Now think of the scroll
        imagine that instead of a time line straight linear
        imagine you can take your finger and push it through the scroll like piercing a paper towel roll with a needle. Suddenly you are traversing space and time and experiencing the oneness of our existence and the connectivity of our existence

        Deep thoughts :)

      • Jules says:

        time is not linear like we know it. so past, present, future are all one

    • stormsmama says:

      Also makes me think of Bill Hicks talking about taking mushrooms and realizing we are all one
      “whats gonna happen to the ARMS industry when we realize we are all one? Its gonna fuck up the economy. The economy that’s FAKE anyway. Which would be a real bummer” lol

    • Spicecake38 says:

      I was taught that we are eternal beings existed before birth,in the womb,during this life and life after death.A line ends a circle does not.
      This also makes sense to me personally when I experience deja vu.

      Just like the title of the movie says-Back to the Future.

      • LidiaJara says:

        I think about deja vu like that too! I also have dreamed things that later happened at least three or four times. Not in like a prophetic way, but a person or a small event.

        Bill Hicks was the best. My house mother worked with Timothy Leary, they did a lot of work on trying to treat PTSD with psychotropics.

      • A says:

        This sounds rather like Australian indigenous mythology. I don’t want to lump all of it into one single umbrella though, because as I understand, there’s such a huge diversity of cultures and belief systems that existed in Australia prior to contact with Europeans. I hesitate to use terms coined by non-indigenous anthropologists, because I don’t think these terms come close to capturing the full essence of those beliefs, but I’d urge you to look up what’s called Dreamtime or Dreaming. It’s a similar idea to this.

        As for deja vu–I think humans are creatures of habit, and also that we still don’t fully understand everything that our brain is capable of and does on a regular basis. There are parts that are stuck together from our days earliest days, before our prefontal cortex was fully developed, attached to every part from every stage of development since then. We don’t fully grasp the front end or the back end. I think there are ingrained instincts that human beings are just pre-programmed to do, that we just know how to do, but we don’t know how we know, and it’s beyond basic functions like breathing. Sort of like how fish know where to swim to lay eggs, like monarch butterflies know where to fly for the winter. Humans live and die by patterns, and we struggle when we don’t have those patterns and structures to sustain us.

  9. M says:

    You know what bothers me the most about people who believe in aliens? They typically don’t believe in things we have hard evidence for, like global warming or vaccinating your kids. As a scientist, it really burns my ass. I bet these people who have claimed to be abducted are the same ones who drank the bleach after Trump said to – a literal drinking of the Koolaid if you will.

    • Allz says:

      What? What a weird correlation. As a scientist I’d think you WOULD believe in aliens because it’s pretty naive to think we are the only civilization in space. Of course there are the extremists, but they aren’t the majority.

      • Erinn says:

        But there’s also a difference between believing in the idea of something/someone else being out there- and believing that people have seen them, or that people like Barney and Betty Hill aren’t frauds.

        Like – I doubt we’re the only life out there. But that doesn’t mean that the other lifeforms aren’t microbes, or bacteria, or something so different from human/animals that we can’t even imagine what they’d look like. It also doesn’t mean that people have been abducted by them, or that they’re even capable of making contact. Or that they’d even CARE about making contact with us if they could.

      • Spicecake38 says:

        Open mindedness is always the best thing,IMO -Certainly to reject scientific data is unwise, but allowing the mind to think of things beyond this earth and life as we know it is also fine.

      • Goodomens says:

        The Phoenix Lights incident, the Ariel School incident, The Disclosure Project (dozens of ex-military/government witnesses on record), Leslie Kean’s UFO book with military and pilot witnesses, and much more. I believe in climate change and I listen to the scientists. I also listen to credible witnesses who don’t have anything to gain but everything to lose by going on record. The fact we’re being visited doesn’t scare me because as Edgar Mitchell said (Apollo astronaut who acknowledged we’ve been visited), if they wanted us gone, we’d be gone by now.

      • Anna says:

        @Erinn Feel you on this. Reading your comment, I started thinking, what if that lifeform is covid-19…If so, the “aliens” took the world down pretty quickly…

    • Jules says:

      lol, did you even read this post?

    • Prayer Warrior says:

      Here’s my conspiracy question/theory: Are the people who refuse to physically distant themselves during the pandemic the same people who insist on tail-gating whilst on the road? I think so….

  10. BW says:

    When I was in college I read about about a famous amateur astronomer. He saw some unfamiliar white objects moving through the telescopes field of view. They were flying in a V formation. They were getting closer, but there was no sound of airplanes. He was out in the country. Totally quiet. They were getting closer. He ran outside.

    A bunch of white geese flew over his head, honking. He couldn’t hear them from inside his observatory. The white lights were the street lights of the distant town reflecting off their breast feathers.

    UFOs. Unidentified Flying Objects. They’re only unidentified until you figure out what they are. If you know they’re geese or a spaceship, then they’re not UFOs.

  11. Ani May says:

    I’ve been listening to Rhys Darby’s podcast Aliens Like Us – it’s informative and funny too. Does anyone have any other alien podcast suggestions?

  12. Canadi-Anne says:

    Re: “time is a circle” theme…check out Arrival on Netflix. Yes, it’s fiction, but it’s also hauntingly beautiful and profound IMHO.

    • lucy2 says:

      I loved that film. Glad to hear it’s on Netflix, I think I’ll watch it again. Amy Adams deserved an Oscar for that one (among many others, but no one cries about her being “due” like they did for Leo).

    • Jules says:

      that was a good movie, but jeremy renner kinda ruined it for me. so miscast! could not take him seriously in any scene he was in. amy adams carried it though.

  13. Anni says:

    Somewhere, Fox Mulder yawns at the ol’ release and distract the masses-trick.

  14. Nancypants says:

    Yeah but we’re tired of Corona sh!t.
    It’s everywhere all the time and we know our president is a moron.
    What are you gonna do? Vote, that’s what.

    Anyway, I was in the US Air Force for 22 years.
    I retired and stayed on the base with my husband 2 more years until he retired and let me tell y’all, I’ve seen some things.

    So, this has always been my theory: Of course there are others. I think we’d have to be pretty fat-headed to think we are the only ones BUT if there are others out there, I think they think of us like we think of ants. Kind of interesting but not that much.

    I was stationed in Alaska and New Mexico, Nevada and all those alien infested places and I never saw anything.
    The only UFO I ever saw was over DIA (Denver) and I wasn’t the only one. The Air Force said, “We saw it too but it wasn’t us.” along with many citizens of town.
    If you’re bored, look up DIA. That place is weird.

    • Andrea says:

      Isn’t DIA the airport that supposedly has a huge underground bunker and a satanic mural?

      • Spicecake38 says:

        Was coming to say-Denver is the place that freaks me out.The runway is also supposedly shaped like a swastika,if you look from an aerial view it’s questionable.
        I stumbled upon the Denver airport thing on a website called sinister sites.
        Gosh all I need now is a joint…

    • Goodomens says:

      In UFO lore, Denver is rumoured to have a huge underground base.

  15. NVYwife says:

    One of those videos are from my husbands squadron. We knew the pilot, he was legit freaked out when this happened.

  16. Other Renee says:

    Why have we sent the coordinates of our planet out into space?? If anyone is listening, who says they will be friendly?

    • lucy2 says:

      Stephen Hawking said something along those lines a few years before he passed away, that we shouldn’t have sent the signals out because who knows what it could bring.

    • Imara219 says:

      All of this is sketch and yes I agree that we don’t know if aliens that contact would be friendly.

  17. Alexandria says:

    I’m still not convinced and separately this is weird timing for declassification.

    For me, (and this is my belief, I will not say you are wrong), I suspect what pilots see are drones or flying objects from other militaries. As for actual aliens outside of Earth, I am more convinced about bacteria and life than actual alien form (as we know of it from books and media).

  18. Jules says:

    This is not the first time a government has released UFO files!

  19. Jaded says:

    I think many people interpret some parts of the Bible as evidence of alien life. There’s one passage where Ezekiel describes seeing a wheeled chariot descend toward him from the sky, piloted by beings with the “likeness of a man.” Ezekiel’s description of the wheeled chariot landing sounds much like that of the landing of a spacecraft. He describes, in first person, a windstorm, flash of lightning, and brilliant lights coming down for a landing and kicking up dirt. He even describes the fire powering the chariot as appearing as ‘glowing metal.’

    Like much of the Bible, it’s metaphor so it can be taken, as reality, with a large grain of salt or interpreted as a metaphor for belief in higher beings.

    • Jules says:

      True, many (all?) of the ancient sacred texts and myths allude to this, depending how you interpret them. So then we have to ask, is this truth meant to warn us, or was this seeded as a false belief meant to entrap us? We have to de-condition our minds, and realize we have been conditioned since birth. For ages. And we create our reality by our beliefs.

  20. Züri says:

    Slightly unrelated, but Giorgio Tsoukalos’ Instagram feed is a riot. He is hilarious and clearly doesn’t take himself or the aliens’ stuff too seriously.

    • Seeker542 says:

      I follow Giorgio Tsoukalos on Instagram too. He’s a genius who knows seven launguages yet everyone laughs at him for the memes. Seems like a really good dude, too.

    • A says:

      I think he’s having a blast, but there’s a sincere earnestness to his beliefs and conclusions that I think puts him in the category of people who would love for it to be true, but they know deep down that it isn’t. But they’d love it if it was.

  21. Amber says:

    My dad has moonlighted for *certain defense departments* for much of his thirty-five-year career in aerospace, with real top-secret kinds of stuff…there was a full year where he wouldn’t tell us what he was working on at the AFB and he has told me neither he nor I can ever in our lives set foot in a certain Eastern country because it’s highly likely we will be tortured and killed because of what he is involved with. He’s not kidding; my dad never jokes about that kind of stuff. He’s not allowed to have an Alexa or other smart speaker at home because of the surveillance (even if you turn them off, they still listen to your conversations, the only way to make sure it’s not listening in is to unplug it from the wall). Anyway what I’m trying to say is, he’s something of an insider. And nothing exasperates him more than the alien stuff. The military deliberately stages these UFOs to keep people distracted from other military exercises going on simultaneously. They do this on purpose. It’s what they’re covering up that’s the real story, but creating diversions is necessary for national security reasons. Having some of their own pilots discover something like this? Just adds a sheen of plausibility to the tapes when they release them. And people in the military operate on a need-to-know basis, just like defense contractors. These guys weren’t supposed to find out what was really going on, because they didn’t need to know. Preserving the secrecy of operations is fundamentally important. A similar strategy is almost certainly at play here. Distracting the masses, diverting their attention–there’s a reason why it was released when it was. Aliens are not currently coming to earth and it is the very height of human hubris and myopia for us to presume that if intelligent life exists in the far reaches of the universe (which is certainly possible!) that they’d come find us. The statistical probability of such an event occurring is so low. It’s already something of a profound miracle that intelligent life exists in such abundance and variety on planet Earth! Another reason why we have to protect the ecological health of the planet.

    • Willz (not THAT one) says:

      This is the most logical explanation for these incidences, and I’ve understood this for years. What gets me is why the masses refuse to believe that this same exact strategy is and has been employed with other non-alien-related goings-on in the world. People are too quick to believe everything that’s reported in the media without digging deeper, and a dissenting voice draws criticism and hatred from the willingly-blind majority.

    • Golly Gee says:

      This makes me sad. We’re constantly being played. Of course the things that they’re trying to distract us from are never anything good, only something built to gain power over others or control/destroy people and places.

    • A says:

      Now this, THIS is something I can believe and actually find logical and dismayingly accurate. I’ve long suspected this on some level, because I think that there’s a lot that the US military (and those around the world) want to hide, and plenty of it is just evidence of their own actions and things. I think that they count on the majority of the people in the world to remain uneducated and science illiterate which makes it easier to keep them in a state of constant thrall when it comes to these things. It’s so much more fun to believe that it’s aliens that it is to accept the mundane and depressing truth that your government is engaged in some f-ckshit which, if you’re unlikely enough to stumble across it and get hurt by it, they’ll cut you loose without so much as a second glance and brand you as a liar than come clean and accept that they messed up while testing something super secret.

      I dunno how many people in these parts have watched Chernobyl, but I have an awful feeling that we have about fifty to a hundred of such similar types of incidents but on a much smaller level that people have spent a lot of time and efforts to cover up and distort the truth. I don’t want this to be true, but in all honesty, humanity is capable of a great many things, and not all of it rests within the scope of its own imaginations. And that’s perhaps the weirdest most surprising thing to contend with of all.

      • Anna says:

        @A Agreed. Look at Flint, Michigan and other locations around the country. They are still suffering without recourse and it’s been years. The level of coverup and sheer who-gives-a-shit by the government and elected officials in cahoots with Hershey’s (which pays less than pennies for the water they use to make billions on their chocolate)…It’s terrible to see, and I know there are coverups like that nationally, communities decimated.

  22. Amelie says:

    So actually these videos were originally leaked back in 2007 and 2017 without approval from the Navy so they are not new and have been floating around for awhile. The Navy only just “officially” released the videos since they were declassified and do not reveal any sensitive information like technology/navy capability and are no longer under active investigation. And they’ve basically officially said that yes they are UFOs and they do not know what they are. So all the alien enthusiasts who have probably watched these grainy videos a million times over can rejoice that they’re getting official confirmation from the government that the videos are real and they’re admitting they have no idea what they are. They really aren’t all that impressive though, but the reaction of the pilots in one of them makes you realize he’s pretty freaked out and pretty confused which makes it creepy.

    As for me I 100% believe there is intelligent life out there, but not necessarily in little gray men coming to kidnap humans and experiment on them. I don’t accept that we are the only evolved species out there who figured out space flight and technology. That is what doesn’t make sense to me.

    • Jules says:

      Yes, this. This is not new news and there is a lot of scientifically backed info out there from scientists and astronauts. I haven’t watched Ancient Aliens but it is probably not the best place to go for real information.

    • A says:

      The thing is, the universe is not a static thing. It is expanding. What we see in our night sky is simply a reflection of what existed millions of years ago that has just reached us now. What the actual, current day reality of anything we study in astronomy is really unknown.

      So with that in mind, I find it hard to believe we’d be able to contact other life forms even if they did exist. And I do believe they exist. But unless we figure out how to jump through space time, it’s very likely that while they exist, we’ll miss them, and while we exist, they’ll miss us and so on. It’s not out of the question that all of us in this universe are just going to perpetually keep missing each other and won’t overlap in terms of our existence. But I don’t think it means that we’re alone.

      At any rate, even if we do make contact, I’d imagine we’d have to come up with an explanation for why we’ve held a Miss Universe pageant without them all this time.

  23. Jora says:

    I do believe that there are other lifeforms in the universe. The possibility that 1. we will meet them, & 2. recognize them as intelligent lifeform is almost Zero though imo.

    But apart from that it makes me really angry that the Navy now officially released these videos as a distraction (as other commenters rightfully wrote here). Mainly for personal reasons: My sister is a white “spiritual” conspiracy believer. She does Yoga and regularly stays in Ashrams in India, but she also thinks she’s a reborn alien, that the Queen is a reptiloid etc. And she “cannot wait until the aliens are coming and everything will be revealed and good”. I has been going on for years, it’s exhausting (also because she tries to convert me) and it ruined our very close bond.

    Due to the lockdown she started “researching” more and fell down the QAnon hole. She started spewing antisemitic and anti-Muslim shit linked to that. She has no idea about politics or the historic weight of her repeating “I believe the Zionists could be the secret world leaders”. I really hate her atm and stopped talking to her.

    Anyways, the government now releasing those videos will push those crazies even more over the edge because they have all the time in the world to “research” QAnon, David Icke, antivaxxers and what not.

    Sorry for rambling, everything is just too much.

  24. olala says:

    I find the most fascinating some archeological sites wiithh absolutely no explanations how they were built. Puma Punku just blows my mind. Thhe stones were cut with such precision and podsibly by laser. Pyramids, Nazca lines (visible onlyy from above), Australiian lines. some sites in Syria and Turkey. It is so unbelievable yet real and. somehow not possible to build with our technology

  25. olala says:

    I find the most fascinating some archeological sites wiithh absolutely no explanations how they were built. Puma Punku just blows my mind. Thhe stones were cut with such precision and possibly by laser. Pyramids, Nazca lines (visible onlyy from above), Australiian lines. some sites in Syria and Turkey. It is so unbelievable yet real and. somehow not possible to build with our technology

    • A says:

      Human progress is not a steady, linear race to some finish line. There are times when we move forward, and there are times when we move backwards. There is knowledge lost, and there is knowledge is passed down surprisingly and marvelously intact through thousands of years which we simply fail to recognize as such for our own reasons.

      Fwiw, I will never ever believe that the original indigenous population of Australia couldn’t do or create the structures that exist on that landscape. They are some of the most remarkable and most mindblowingly interesting civilizations to ever exist on earth, and I will always think they never ever get their due. I refuse to give this credit to aliens, I feel like it’s a cheap, arrogant cop out on the part of our current society that we feel if we can’t do something, no one can. A lot of people did, and they will continue to do so. Indigenous Australians have passed down stories through oral tradition dating back 50,000 to the last ice age. We should stop denying people credit for their stories and their artwork and their structures just because of our current day anthropological failings.

      • Granger says:

        Thank you, @A — I agree wholeheartedly with everything you said here.

      • olala says:

        @A I never said they were built by aliens! I said there is no explanation how they were built and with what technology..Also for what purpose..Australian lines and Nazca are visible only from the above and quite high above. Pyramids all on the line and in incredible relation to the stars constellation. And this what i find fascinating

      • A says:

        @olala, I believe you. I just have a knee jerk response to this sort of thing. I believe that there’s no reason for any of those structures that we can really discern from what’s left of them. But I honestly don’t think that means that they’re there to communicate with aliens.

        The thing I’ve learned in my fairly short existence here on this planet is that human beings are the weirdest and strangest creatures of all. We do some truly inexplicable sh-t if you ask me. George Mallory, when asked why he wanted to climb Mt. Everest, famously replied, “Because it’s there.” And that’s really what drives us to do the stuff we do. Because we can.

        Why line up pyramids with the brightest stars in the sky? Because when you’re the pharaoh of a prosperous country, with plenty of wealth, resources and cheap (if not free) labour, why the eff NOT? Why NOT be anal retentive and annoying and make sure all the corners of those pyramids are perfectly 90 degrees? Why NOT draw giant art-attack style drawings on the ground which you can’t see because airplanes haven’t been invented yet? Why NOT create a structure where the line cuttings are so perfect that people thousands of years later think you must have used lasers to make them?

        Think of all the absolutely useless things that people waste their money on now. Gold foil wrapped gummy bears and bullet coffee and freaking Peloton bikes. At least the things they made back then that we have no explanation for are kind of nice to look. What sort of explanation will any of us have for a stationary bike that costs $3000?

    • Yep says:

      Olala, agreed. Forbidden Archeology by Michael Cremo et al and Graham Hancock’s books are all very well researched with millions of educated readers around the world, but these books are never part of the mainstream narrative.

      • olala says:

        Yep how interesting, thanks for suggestions I will look it up!
        My mam lectured math and astronomy so this topic was always discussed in our home. Extraterrestials, another terrestials, dimensions, time all unbelievably interesting and very logical.

  26. Blueskies says:

    I’ve been listening to Brian Cox a lot lately and he’s pretty much where I’ve long been at: wholly scientific and rational when it comes to our existence and the possibility of life on other planets.

  27. Charfromdarock says:

    The only alien I’m interested in is The Doctor. :)

    • A says:

      If The Doctor is real, I’d like them to know there’s a nice little corner of my room they can light up any day of the week if they want. Just pls don’t send me the way of Donna Noble.

  28. Goodomens says:

    As far as I’m concerned, it’s all an open secret by now. We just don’t acknowledge it, but most people – judging by comments on major news and gossip sites – seem to believe we’re in contact or some sort and they’re not scared about it as such. Watch the full presentation of The Disclosure Project, held at the National Press Club in or around 2002. A long list of very credible witnesses. Loved the guy who talked about seeing photos of the alien base on the dark side of the moon. Another one is the Phoenix Lights incident, which involved hundreds of witnesses. Dr Norman Borlaug’s book on Saturn and Leslie Kean’s book on UAPs with interviews from military personnel are some of the books that have totally opened up my perspective. Our SF movies and literature put us at the centre of universal civilisation and space exploration but I suspect we’re kind of like lab rats who don’t know they’re in a galactic backwater and inferior biologically, technologically, etc.

    • Granger says:

      There are photos of an alien base on the dark side of the moon???

      • Goodomens says:

        If you believe the claims of a really credible guy who was a contractor to NASA, who appeared at the event in person and had all his credentials and work experience on record. As I said, check out the Disclosure Project. Mainstream media never reports on this stuff. Effectively we’ve been in post-disclosure era for a long time; just that many people are too busy working, paying rent/mortgage, living their lives, etc, to pay attention.

  29. Seeker542 says:

    If people reserve their judgement, studying alien races is interesting and will at least make for good entertainment. A lot of the spiritual and metaphysical literature surrounding the subject explains souls incarnating on other planets and that extraterrestrials are interdimensional beings, good and bad. (Refer to Ra/The Law of One.) The good ones are supposed to be beneficial to humanity in the sense of raising consciousness. I don’t understand why people think the possibility of life on other planets is so far fetched. On the other extreme, you’ll have charlatans and cults, but they don’t represent everyone who believe in alien life. Educate yourself before you attack others.

    • A says:

      I believe in alien life just fine. But I also don’t think they care about us enough to keep trying to troll us on cameras mounted to Navy planes, that’s all. And this is ALL these aliens ever seem to do. Show up as weird images on shaky camera footage. They don’t talk, they don’t step out of their ships, they don’t wave…why do all this effort to keep coming back to earth if all they’re interested in is being weird?

      If you’re an alien and you’re reading this–show up or shut up.

  30. A says:

    I’m a skeptic through and through and through. I am one because I don’t have the energy in me to convince myself that it’s aliens. Frankly, I think people are involved in this stuff for the fun of it, and I don’t think as many people actually believe wholeheartedly in these phenomenon as much as they enjoy the kooky fun, weird scary aspect of it. And that’s how I know it is for me. I love the IDEA of these things being real. But unless an actual alien comes up to me and says something to my face, I’m not buying it, period. And I don’t buy any of this video evidence either. Something being unexplained doesn’t make it aliens. It just means that it’s unexplained.

    And there’s something that especially bothers me about the ancient aliens stuff. Is it really out of the question that because we can’t actually figure out how they might have done things back then that they didn’t actually do it? You’d be very surprised at what a lot of enterprising and very anal retentive group of people can do when they have a lot of time on their hands and hundreds if not thousands of people to provide free labour for them to do it (*cough* pyramids *cough*). I find a lot of the speculation on this front to be terrifically arrogant. “Oh, we’re so advanced and technological, if we can’t do it NOW, then it must have been aliens back then!” Technology doesn’t equate to intelligence, nor does it signify hard work. Elon Musk and Bill Gates are technologically savvy, but I’ll bet neither of them know what a banana costs. Jeff Bezos wrote cringe text poems to his side piece that he fell in love with while swinging and whose brother sold him out for pennies and an eyelash. So let’s have some perspective about this.

  31. The Recluse says:

    This footage was on a program last year, I think, about UFOs. Can’t remember the name of it, but there were a lot of retired military and some active military in it. It was engrossing and a little alarming.

  32. olala says:

    iif anyone thinks Ufo/aliens is a laughing matter please check Luis Elizondo and AATIP programm. Pentagon lied/denied and finally admitted it indeed has the whole department dealing with the matter.
    There are many serious articles and doocumentaries with credible witnesses like astronauts, military, NASA etc.

    • Goodomens says:

      France’s national space agency opened up their government UFO files to the public years back. You can see all their govt files online. Pretty sure a bunch of other countries have done similar things. Perhaps disclosure has effectively happened; it’s just not really a part of our everyday news/concerns/priorities. I mean, what can we do about it? These species are clearly more tech advanced than we are. If we’re interacting with them directly, it’s obviously in secret as far as general populaces are concerned.

  33. A.Key says:

    They probably saw where we were heading and were like “nope, time for another mass extinction before they destroy the planet irrevocably. no asteroids near? fine, we’ll use a virus”.

    In all seriousness, I saw exactly what those pilots were describing as a kid some 20 years ago while vacationing on an island in the Mediterranean. I thought it was a plane but it was zigzagging across the sky incredibly fast and in a series of irregular jumping motions. It was too weird. It probably wasn’t aliens but I am sure there’s military technology out there that we’re not aware of and which only a few top people know about.