‘Gossip With Celebitchy’ podcast #47: Ancient Aliens is a bonkers distraction

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Intro: Minutes 0 to 3:30
I had some technical problems so this part starts with us discussing Chandra dyeing and cutting her own hair. It turned out ok and she got rid of her “triangle head” where it’s flat on top and poofs out at the end. My friend whom I mentioned last week fixed her bright pink hair and it looks great. You can listen below!

Royals: Minutes 3:30 to 11:45
The Copy Keens hired the former social media expert for the Cambridges. People Magazine reported this at first and then replaced their story with another article about how the Cambridges are using social media. Lainey noticed this. Chandra thinks People was trying to suck up to the Cambridges and make sure they have continued access.

The Cambridges recorded a sweet video with primary school students and their teachers. This comes after weeks of them pushing stories that William is ready to step into a statesman role. The video was really cute and there was a nice moment when Prince William asked a little girl if her Easter box was a handbag. A lot of people were talking about how Kate’s accent wasn’t as posh in that video. I talked to a woman from Birmingham, England named Sara. She said that Kate’s accent was like no one’s she had ever heard and that Kate sounds posher than The Queen. Chandra notes that Kate’s accent comes and goes except when she’s giving a speech.

Meghan and Harry announced that their foundation is called Archewell. They did this in response to The Telegraph leaking the news, but the Sussexes still got dragged for their timing.

Politics: Minutes 11:45 to 20:45
Trigger warning minutes 16 to 20:45. Bernie Sanders dropped out of the race even though it’s been clear for a month that he did not have a path to the nomination. Chandra expected him to stay in the race for months longer. We’re interested in the high profile endorsements of Biden to come, especially the Obamas, and are excited to hear his pick for Vice President. We talk about the toxic Bernie Bro culture. We don’t blame Bernie for all of his followers, but he could have shut them down. His followers attacked Jim Clyburn for endorsing Biden and have been racist about Biden voters. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Bernie dropped out the day after civil rights icon John Lewis endorsed Biden. We talk about the allegations against Joe Biden. Here is the Salon article which we discuss. The New York Times has since published an article about this and has done independent research reaching essentially the same conclusion.

Ancient Aliens: Minutes 20:45 to 35:00
Chandra loves Ancient Aliens on the History channel, which has just enough history and science to make it compelling television. They say that historical mysteries and biblical figures can all be explained by alien involvement. She got me to watch two episodes from this 15th season: They Came from The Pleiades and The Relics of Roswell. They Came from The Pleiades blew our minds. It starts with the discovery of an interstellar object found in our solar system in 2017 that experts think was manmade and came from the Pleiades galaxy. This is the Seven Sisters constellation to the right of Orion. Many cultures throughout the world have traditions and lore that they evolved from visitors from the Pleiades. This includes the aboriginal people of Australia, the Hawaiian people and people from India and Nepal. They tried to tie in the recent discovery of a humanoid species that outlasted the Neanderthals, the Denisovans. Because the people who share the same Pleadies origin story have some DNA in common with the Denisovans, that means the Denisovans were aliens, right?

We like this show because it pulls us in and we believe it until we stop to think about it. Chandra loves the epsides that claim that Bible stories and figures are aliens. She’s especially convinced by the stories of alien abductions, which are very similar. I mention the book Demon-Haunted World by Carl Sagan, which points out that in the middle ages people described being visited by angels and saints in scenarios similar to alien abductions. Experiments show that stimulation to the temporal lobe of the brain can cause people to think they’re being visited by supernatural creatures. I’m not convinced but there’s always the possibility that aliens are real.

Chandra believes something weird crashed in Roswell. She also thinks that the American military had access to alien technology, but she thinks Ancient Aliens is bullsh-t overall. I heard a crazy show on NPR from an author who claimed that the Area 51 incident was a Russian flight mission, orchestrated by former Nazi scientists doing terrible human experiments.

User Feedback: Minutes 35:00 to 36:00
Thanks to Damejudi for the compliments! I also mention Lila’s comment from a couple of weeks ago that she was worried about us when we were sick. She said “It’s so scary how many people probably are going to get [this] and are never going to know one way or the other because they weren’t able to get tested.” A couple of my online friends who were sick with fevers and coughing have since recovered.

Comments of the Week: Minutes 36:00 to 41:00
My comment of the week is from M on the post about Goop claiming people don’t like her because she’s pretty. Chandra’s comments of the week are from the post about The Queen’s speech. She also picked a comment by M and a follow-up comment from Jaded.

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  1. Digital Unicorn says:

    I LOVE Ancient Aliens – a bit of a guilty pleasure and the arguments they put forward are pretty compelling. LOL at the top photo, he’s Giorgio Tsoukalos, one of the main presenters and yeah he’s hot but he’s also very passionate about this subject which makes him interesting to watch.

  2. Polyanna says:

    I get so mad at ancient aliens! Because I’m very interested in the subject matter: ancient technology which is now lost to us, civilizations which were “lost” after cataclysm such as the younger dryas, connections between ancient cultures, lost agricultural technology in the Amazon, the mysteries of monolithic ancient building etc etc.

    Ancient aliens manages to show how fascinating this all is, but then gives a BOGUS answer, and calls it a day. There is so much research and science and archeology to be done on these subjects! Calling it aliens and ending the conversation is the worst!

  3. Jc says:

    I am a regular listener of the podcast and enjoy listening and laughing on my way to work as a high school teacher. But as an astronomy teacher I was yelling back at you during this podcast…1) Pleiades is not a constellation. 2) It is in our galaxy thus we are able to see it (it is quite close to us relatively) 3).the stars in the Pleiades are too young for complex life to develop in the first place. I do not watch the show as the faux science would drive me crazy but I just had to point out several descriptive inaccuracies.

  4. egot says:

    Ancient Aliens always seemed so racist to me. Like, ” brown people from long ago” could never have made these things.

    • Allergy says:

      I don’t agree. I think the show is very respectful. In fact they present many ancient cultures as really advanced. Explaining that stone cut laser smooth was not possible two thousand years ago is not racist.

      • egot says:

        They tend to imply that they only learned this technology through alien intervention.

      • Allergy says:

        I still don’t agree with you. They almost never say that an ancient culture only learned to use a tool when it “landed from the skies,” they mostly claim that aliens built things with their technology, structures that would not have been possible to build at all with “human” tools at the time. And then perhaps people tried to imitate the shape of a space ship, making temples and stuff. AA is not racist.

    • cheche says:

      They definitely started out that way but have now moved on to insulting everybody’s intelligence. Apparently the Vikings couldn’t sail a rubber ducky across a bath tub until the Ancient Aliens showed up.
      I love the show definitely a guilty pleasure.
      But I want to know how much the narrator gets paid (and how much he has to drink) to be eternally awed/surprised/incredulous all the time. “A gray rock? Similar to the gray rocks found near the Okeechobee Temple? Could this be the proof that the Lizard People from planet Whoopi were here and will return? Ancient Astronaut Theorists say yes.”

  5. Tangie says:

    What do I need to do to become an Ancient Astronaut Theorist???!!!!

  6. Imara219 says:

    Ancient Aliens is based on racist ideology. The Pleidians the show promotes are meant to be tall, pale, light hair and light eye beings who bestow technology to a “brown” culture and lift them up or turn them into slaves. There is a whole subculture devoted to proving the Pleidians exist, many of those subgroups believe black and brown people are meant to be slaves because of this. Moreover it doesn’t acknowledge that those cultures actually were advanced on their own at some point.

    • egot says:

      I agree Imara. What I hear Allergy saying is that they understand that the show gives credit for ancient culture’s genius to an outside factor, yet somehow that is not racist, or say “culturist.”

      • Allergy says:

        Yeah I still do not agree with you. They never say the aliens came and gave the “whole culture” to any people. They also say sometimes it was just a big mess after the aliens (perhaps) visited.

  7. Allergy says:

    I actually went to the museum Erich von Däniken had in Switzerland. I was obsessed with it, so I went. It was amazing. It was this streamlined circular building in the middle of a flower meadow. You actually could not see it, somehow, until you were right there, so it was like a surprise.
    The tour was really cool, with different cultures in different halls. You had headphones. One of the best museums ever. It was in Interlaken, which is a really cute Swiss cuckoo clock town. The museum is closed now.

    • egot says:

      Why are you defending imaginary stories. Yes the stories may be just for fun, but why defend these men who give credit where it is not due?

  8. Vivienne Thomet says:

    This was the funniest podcast to date, love you guys