Gwyneth Paltrow thinks her critics hate her because she’s ‘pretty & has money’

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First of all, is there a more “Gwyneth Paltrow” cover line than “Gwyneth Paltrow Accepts Your Apology”? It perfectly encapsulates Gwyneth’s entire smug deal. “Gwyneth, you’re a straw-haired narcissist shilling fake science to gullible rich women.” “Thank you, I accept your apology,” she replies in that nasal Valley Girl accent. Gwyneth covers the latest issue of Town & Country, in an interview which was clearly done before everyone was in quarantine lockdown. T&C actually notes in the cover story that they had to contact Gwyneth post-lockdown to get some additional quotes, and those quotes have a completely different f–king tone than the smuggery and fake science in the rest of the piece. You can read the full cover interview here. Some highlights:

She invented walking: “Walking is my new thing. My best mom friend out here is a real walker. She was living in Hong Kong with her banker husband, and I was in London with my musician husband, and we moved to L.A. after having been expats for a long time. She started taking me on walks.”

She worked her way into nightclubs while still underage. “What we figured out was that the more upscale places would let you in, but if you were trying to get into the Irish bar on Second Avenue, they wouldn’t. We thought we were so sophisticated, talking about Dostoyevsky and cutting school to go to the Met. Margot Tenenbaum, but maybe with less eyeliner.”

She didn’t grow up in a wellness family: “There wasn’t a lot of wellness in the house. My mother was environmentally conscious. She helped pioneer curbside recycling in Santa Monica, and we were the house that had the Hansen’s natural soda.”

Her current wellness routines: A weekly visit to the Class by Taryn Toomey, dance-cardio classes with Tracy Anderson, CorePower Yoga, rolfing, sweating in her at-home infrared sauna, and meditating a little bit every day. She understands that people think she’s naive or lacking in self-awareness because she’s a devotee of so many modalities. “You can keep resisting it, but I’m on the right side of this. I’m watching the market. I’m watching what’s happening. I think what this wellness movement is really about is listening to yourself, tuning into what interests you, and trying things. Find what makes you feel better and go from there.”

She’s a multifaceted snake-oil saleswoman. “What’s silently incendiary is we’re all saying we are more than one thing. Why can’t I get acupuncture and read a scientific paper? I can be intellectual, I can be sexual, I can be maternal, I can be all of these things. I don’t want to unnecessarily move myself from one box to another one. In this society we like our women in one digestible way that we understand, but if you try to be something else, we don’t like it. People couldn’t for a long time believe that I was running a company, until they heard me say, ‘I’m giving up acting. I’ll never be onscreen again.’”

She brags about triggering people: “The people who are triggered by me—‘I don’t like her because she is pretty and she has money’—it’s because they haven’t given themselves permission to be exactly who they are.” Goop is about allowing its fans to “ask whatever question they want, to live their lives exactly the way they want to live them, to be empowered to have difficult conversations and to be direct,” Paltrow says. And that is why the criticism doesn’t bother her. “It doesn’t mean anything to me, because it’s not about me. It’s about what I represent, and that’s about you.”

[From Town & Country]

Her critics, myself included, have never said “I don’t like her because she is pretty and she has money.” Her critics say she’s a smug, name-dropping, pretentious a–hole who shills unhealthy “wellness” cures like stickers for cancer and jade vadge eggs to gullible women. Gwyneth is actually claiming that people don’t like her because she’s “pretty” and “rich.” I just-

As for what she said post-pandemic, it was just some sh-t about “metabolizing fear” and donating to the Frontline Responders Fund and/or ordering some Goop Glow products. If you do buy Goop Glow or G.Label products, she’s donating 25% of the profits to the FRF. Remember when everyone screamed at Kim Kardashian for doing something similar with her SKIMS line? I wonder if Gwyneth will get the same shade.

Photo and cover courtesy of Town & Country.

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  1. Nia says:

    That was a pain to read. She sounds like every MLM antivaxxer white mom.

    Isnt she and Beyonce really tight? Makes you wonder about Bey being into this crap.

    • Diana says:

      “She sounds like every MLM anti-vaxxer white mom”
      Yes!!!! So much truth in that statement!!! 🙌

    • Yoyo says:

      I don’t think they’re that close anymore, she was getting too close to J, a few years ago she would drop J name in every interview she did.

      • V says:

        That was the point where she seemed to be using them for clout. White lady hangs out with black rapper! Oooh, so subversive and urban and cool of her! I’m pretty sure that’s when Jay and Bey started distancing – when she used them for attention.

    • Valiantly Varnished says:

      They used to be but I think after she and Chris Martin divorced not so much. So maybe Bey and Jay were his friends.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        Does anyone know why Gwyneth & Chis Martin’s marriage broke up? I never got the full story. Was it because she did not want to remain in England?

      • Tiffany says:

        Yep. Goop was their friend through association. Jay, Bey and Chris are friends.

      • Algernon says:

        @ BayTampaBay

        Someone from Chris Martin’s family (brother, maybe?) insinuated it was because Chris didn’t agree with her evolving lifestyle. The broke up right around the time she went full-goop.

      • Digital Unicorn says:

        @Bay – there was gossip of cheating on both sides as well.

    • rainy says:

      GP became well known because she was once engaged to Brad Pitt and made good career move of kissing the disgaced Harvey weinstein’s a*ss despite sexually harrased by him and got her oscar. Ive got no respect for her.

    • Flffgrrrlr says:

      Have you listened to the podcast the Dream? It’s really good – and covers her and her ilk.

    • Mrs.Krabapple says:

      Maybe she can use one of her extreme crash diets — I’m sorry, I meant “juice cleanse” — to help remove her head from her @ss.

  2. Barbara Owens-DeWitt says:

    AND because she is an arrogant, tone-deaf privileged brat. She is pretty and her wealth is enviable but her haughty attitude is gauche and that sullies her and everything she represents.

    • fasdw says:

      Not that pretty and not that White.

      • florencia says:

        “not that White”

        I’m not sure you can get any whiter than GP, and I mean that in all the smug, annoying ways us white people can be.

      • Pepper says:

        Possibly referring to the fact that her father was Jewish?

      • Maryscott O'Connor says:

        Not that WHITE? If this is referring to her Jewish heritage… that’s one of the most repulsive, racist things I’ve ever seen here. Shameful.

    • Snappyfish says:

      Vapid & Obtuse. She is bland. I’ve often wondered if the fact her mother is a great beauty drives her need to be considered epitome of all that is enviable. It just makes her look like a sad little ridiculous twit

    • bettyrose says:

      She’s conventionally attractive, tall, thin, blonde, but she’s not in her 20s any more. So some of that nonsense is probably her having to come to grips with not being the Hollywood ideal any more. “I am big. It’s the pictures that got small.”

      • WTW says:

        For me, this is why I didn’t like her back in the 90s. I never thought she was attractive, but I realized she was Western society’s idea of attractive, and I resented her being forced down the public’s throat as a beauty ideal. I also never found her that compelling of an actress, save for some movies where she was actually humbled, like “Sliding Doors.” Might be my favorite GP movie because she was not playing a haughty stereotypical desirable blonde.
        As for Goop, I don’t actually disagree with everything she’s done. I do think some of the attacks on her are unfair. In part, this is because I’m interested in herbal medicine and folk healing, and even scientists are increasingly recognizing that many of these customs–from acupuncture for various medical conditions to fish skin to heal burns–have medicinal value. On the other hand, I do realize Goop has promoted some dangerous practices that it has rightfully been called out for. But to dismiss all folk medicine as anti-science is inaccurate, too.

      • osito says:

        You just made me cackle. I totally agree. Scrolling through Apple news and this story’s subhead or tag line is “Gywneth Paltrow: Most Likely to Succeed,” which was just a head-scratcher for me. It’s one thing to put her whiteness and wealth on a pedestal (I hate it but I expect it, especially from rags like Town and Country), and it’s another to juxtapose this almost-50-year-old woman with the graduating high school class of 2020. I mean, are the magazine editors and interviewers also trying to cling to the Gwyneth that was (literally 30-some-odd years ago) or what?

      • osito says:

        @WTW — I agree with you on the value of non-traditional, non-western medical traditions (for some reason I have been thinking *a lot* about the treatment of burn victims with fish skin…quarantine brain is weird brain), but GP and GOOP are dangerous specifically because there is very little-to-no methodical investigation to confirm, verify or support the claims she and her company make, nor is there the same for the companies they shill. What people pay for when they purchase products from GOOP and other companies with great marketing, tons of anecdata, but no peer-reviewed studies isn’t really the product — it’s the promise of the product, it’s the marketing. They’re not buying hard science; they’re buying a suggestion (buyers will see it as a promise) that they’ll feel better. At best, this is harmless, and there might even be a value add if someone buys a nice smelling essential oil and they like it. At worst, people get really sick (or sicker) and sometimes die from toxic or ineffective treatment: cancer patients using sodium chlorite solutions (sold as a brand called Miracle Mineral supplements) have poisoned themselves because sodium chlorite solutions turn into industrial bleach when mixed with an acid, like orange juice. Or antivaxxers. Or the people who are saying that Covid was designed to kill boomers. Or the people who are warning people not to take whatever treatment developed to treat Covid-19, even though there’s nothing on the market for it yet.

        Like I said, I definitely agree that the traditional western medical model is not the be-all, end-all of science and medicine, but there’s a huge difference between what GP does and what traditional practitioners do. GP is right about some things: eat well, exercise, meditate. But she’s really wrong about others: Jade eggs have zero effect on the hormones of people with vaginal openings, and might cause dangerous bacterial infections if used inside the body. And the fact that she feels so entitled to endorse things that she doesn’t even try to actually understand is maddening.

      • Reece says:

        She wasn’t pretty in her 20’s. Like you said, she’s conventional. She all of the hallmarks of “beauty” but she isn’t and never has been pretty.

      • Keiji says:

        @WTW I agree, I’ve never found her to be beautiful, even now. There is a lot of validity in alternative medicine, but the fact that she grossly overcharges is her missing the whole point. Capitalist greed at its finest.

    • Sally says:

      I have never seen the appeal of this woman. She may be attractive, not pretty and we all know she is rich, courtesy of daddy!! So NO….her looks are not all that and I have seen even more attractive women with money than her. NEXT

      • Sana says:

        I was thinking of the same thing- when was she “pretty”? Even when she was dating Brad Pitt, she was very plain looking. Gaunt face, and thin lips- that’s how she has always appeared to me. Even by Western beauty standards she wasn’t pretty back then. She was chic – cuz she was cosplaying the dressing style of Caroline Basette-Keneddy. Goopy went full Goop when the meaty roles started to dry up despite her being an Academy award winning actress. Which is what happens to most mediocre actresses in Hollywood. Hell, it even happens to the best of them like Reese Witherspoon and Anne Hathaway. So now she is reinventing history by announcing “ oh I gave up acting” yet appearing in eye-candy roles as Pepper Pots in the Iron Man franchise ( where she was zero addition to the actual ensemble cast). I wonder how overlooked she must have felt playing second-fiddle to an actual pretty and bombshell woman like ScarJo. Where did her *art* and sophistication go when she signed up for the money! She literally had two lines in the first Iron Man movie!! Also, lets start talking about different forms of exercise as “‘modalities”. I mean I Just Can’t!!!!!! And also, why does she claim that she is an intellectual and sexual and maternal being- and that *she* should be allowed to be all of them not just one. Who told her she can’t be all of them? Women all over the world have been intellectual and sexual and maternal before Gwyneth’s Jewish ancestors were even born!!! May be she should try reading up on trailblazing women from all over the world and educating herself instead of shilling on her snake-oil website ; actually listen to doctors while designing “wellness solutions”. She acts like she is such a courageous trailblazer cuz she “gave up acting to start a company” which was actually a travel blog!! Rofl!!!! I saw one of her YouTube videos where she was talking about her nighttime routine while using Goop skincare products – and you could feel she didn’t know shit about what ingredients each of the products had! Also she came across as someone who herself didn’t believe her products were good enough, like in her mind she was thinking “ euuueww I have to actually apply this shit to my body”. The application was so half-assed – not at all like someone who is proud of a product she has “curated”. Compare that with someone like Rihanna or even Miranda Kerr who actually believe in their products! All Gwyneth cares about is being “someone” cuz she knows that now she is nobody! And she definitely cares about what everyone says about her – she does protest too much not to!

    • (TheOG) jan90067 says:

      She’s projecting…that’s why SHE doesn’t like other women (other than those that will kiss her ass). I don’t like her because she’s a smug, pretentious, harmful, narcissistic, think-she-knows-it-all-but-knows-jack-shit kind of person with a VERY punchable face!

      • vesper says:

        I just laughed out loud into the emptiness that is my house in quarantine. I scared myself with sound of my own voice. LOL Thanks for that!

      • Beanie says:

        >> I don’t like her because she’s a smug, pretentious, harmful, narcissistic, think-she-knows-it-all-but-knows-jack-shit kind of person <<

        It was the fake Oscar winning speech that was the first real “ugh” moment for me

    • Redgrl says:

      @wtw – yep – I never thought she was pretty at all. She’s a generic plain blonde whose daddy’s money makes others tell her she’s pretty.

      • Enny says:

        She was kind of a 90s ideal, though, much like Carolyn Bessette Kennedy. Ironed blonde hair, waifish, Calvin Klein. If she started her career now, even with Daddy’s help, she wouldn’t have achieved the same level of success. She just had that LOOK that was so in vogue at that time. Also – she was really good in Sliding Doors, and tricked a lot of people into thinking she was a once-in-a-generation, legitimate “star.”

      • A says:

        I remember Brad’s acceptance speech where he called her “the love of my life, my angel”. The camera panned to GP, and I remember thinking, “her”?

        Not that I was even into Brad Pitt, but she’s just kind of plain looking. Which is fine, but I don’t understand the references to her as some great beauty.

  3. Hmmm says:

    Wow surprise! Another delusional celebrity.

  4. OriginalLala says:

    When will our society stop celebrating and rewarding such ignorance????? Forget that she is smug, entitled, vapid and ignorant – she is straight up dangerous.

    • osito says:

      I was hoping that a silver lining of the pandemic would be a return to respect for rigorous scientific inquiry and methodology, and more adults and kids participating in those processes, but then I noticed the uptick of doterra pics on my Instagram feed… *shudders*

  5. Sarah says:

    Ah Gwynnie…I hate you because you are a smug, entitled, talentless, out of touch snake oil peddler who spreads dangerous misinformation. Too bad not a drop of oil has ever touched your parched locks, you come to life broom.

  6. Harper says:

    She’s not that pretty.

    • bettyrose says:

      No one is pretty enough to make that claim because “pretty” is subjective and we all admire different things. What she means is “standard fare blonde that’s sold to you as the ideal.”

    • minx says:

      She had a nose job when she was younger and bleached her hair, it used to be darker. So she’s more attractive than before but she’s not gorgeous by any means.

      • AKILAH says:

        So big nose and dark hair made her magically less attractive in your eyes? Lapping up those Aryan and Eurocentric beauty ideals, I see.

  7. Valiantly Varnished says:

    “It doesn’t mean anything to me, because it’s not about me. It’s about what I represent, and that’s about you.”

    She’s right. This is how I feel most of the time about people. It’s why I dont care what people think of me. Angelina Jolie has said something very similar and it resonates with me.

    I know this is an anti-GOOP site but I actually agree with that. 🤷🏽‍♀️ As for the other stuff…White ladies are gonna white lady. 🤷🏽‍♀️

    • Lucy2 says:

      Except it does mean something to her, it’s all she talks about, how people dislike her because she’s so awesome. If she really felt that way I’d agree with you, but I’ve never seen anything she said that suggests that’s true.

      All of Hollywood is pretty and has money- it’s not that. It’s the nonsense she spews, and sells. Some of the stuff she has pushed is downright dangerous, but she’ll never admit to any of that.

      • Val says:

        Thats true. At least Angelina does actual good work and doesnt respond to criticism with “cause im pretty and rich”.

    • Harla says:

      Dear VV, I agree with you up to a point. Yes, quite often someone’s opinion is a reflection of themselves but there can be actual validity to their opinions as well. By taking the stance of “it’s not about me…that’s about you” means Gwyneth (and the Gwyneth’s of the world) never needs to take a look at her own behavior, she never needs to ask if some of these opinions are valid and that perhaps there are things she needs to work on.

      Still loving your blog!! Your post about maintaining your 5 daily rituals really struck a chord with me and got me out of my sweatpants, thanks!

      • Valiantly Varnished says:

        Yeah but here’s the thing: fame is a weird thing. You have a BUNCH of random stranger’s opinions of you who don’t ACTUALLY know you. So yes I agree when people do tone deaf, racist or problematic things they should be called out and yes should take a look inside themselves.

        But I think a LOT of what gets thrown at Gwyneth is genuinely about dislike. And that’s okay. There are celebs I dislike – a LOT. Lol. But should my opinion of them inform how they see themselves? Probably not.
        I always relate it to what I was told by an old acting teacher regards to critique: If you believe the good stuff then you have to believe the bad so it’s best not to believe any of it.

        And thank you for reading the blog. Im glad you found my post helpful!

      • osito says:

        VV and Harla, I actually agree with both of you: I see zero self-examination where GP is concerned, and I think that lack is dangerous given her platform. But also, she’s allowed to love on herself publicly and loudly, and dunk on haters or whatever, even if I can’t stand her. I’d *love it* if at her level, she would do a show about performing double-blind studies on products being sold as alternatives to traditional medicine. That would be awesome and inspiring. But as she is, I think she sucks for the most part.

        Also, VV, can you share a link to your blog?

      • Granger says:

        Also, Gwyneth clearly believes that the reason people don’t like her is because she’s “pretty and rich.” In her mind, it has nothing to do with her behaviour. So she doesn’t understand and will probably never acknowledge that perhaps there are things she should work on.

    • Christina says:

      The best advice I’ve ever received was, “it’s none of my business what you/they think of me.”

      It can be hard to live by that principle, but I try. And I agree with VV: people should look at themselves if they are called out, but people will only look at themselves if they care about any loss to themselves. If they do racist or classist things, they won’t look at themselves unless someone they care about is offended or says something, like friends, family, a boss.

      And, yes, GP is a basic white woman held up as a standard, but women who don’t look like her have lived with this. Those of us lucky enough to like ourselves as we are don’t worry about it, but that’s hard if you are young or have a history of abuse.

  8. My3cents says:

    So what she’s basically saying is – I’m rubber you’re glue, whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you!?

    • bettyrose says:

      LMFAO! Nailed it.

    • Jane says:

      “I’m organically purified rubber consciously uncoupled from a 3,000 year old tree hidden within the primeval forest deep, aged 100 moons in barrels made of cloned redwood, filled to exactly two-thirds full of MindMatterSapWater (TM) prayed over by blind shamans who hug each barrel thrice daily while whispering “I love you” in 47 different languages and you’re that weird-smelling kindergarten paste The Poors buy in bulk from Costco.”

      There, I fixed that for ya.

  9. DS9 says:

    Is Gwyneth pretty or is she thin, white, and well connected?

  10. Teresa says:

    Even her assumption of her haters is self congratulatory. As if I’m so small of a woman I can’t appreciate others beauty or successes (spoiler I can and do). I wouldn’t say I hate her by any means but she is very much the guy are the office meeting who talks over the woman then claims credit for her idea. But keep going girl, tell me more about how you started a sexual revolution and yoga and health….

  11. Seraphina says:

    OMG, now she’s the victim? That’s rich. Get a love Gwenny. Maybe deep down inside she realizes how empty she is, but that would require introspection and it’s way easier to blame others for how we feel.

  12. M says:

    Did we ever say she was pretty?

    I’ve never thought that. Ever. I’m prettier than her and that’s not being arrogant, because she’s simply not very pretty.

    If that’s the best she can do with all that money, imagine how bad it would be if she weren’t rich….

    • Celebitchy says:

      Thanks for giving me the comment of the week! I know it’s mean but it made me lol.

    • AmyB says:

      @M – AMEN!!! She’s NOT that pretty LOL! Yes, she is attractive, but come on!! There are far more beautiful women on this planet than this arrogant, pretentious asshole! Just b/c she is tall and thin, does not make her beautiful, just sayin’

    • Kebbie says:

      I’d honestly never describe her as pretty. Tall, thin and blonde =/= pretty. She’s got all the things that trick people into seeing pretty, but her face is plain as can be.

    • Ruby_Woo says:

      I remember a few months ago Catherine Zeta-Jones complained about having haters cos she has a rich husband and is beautiful and I loved that comment, cos she is actually beautiful and I can imagine her having some sort of tantrum about her haters like a classic Hollywood Diva Actress sort of way like Elizabeth Taylor.

      Gwenny is not in the same league as CZJ. She is a basic blonde.

      The thing is you just can’t buy that certain sweetness that pretty faces have (Janelle Monae, Lupita Nyong’o, Rhianna, Beyoncé, Nigella Lawson, Natalie Portman, Rachel Weisz) no matter how much money and beauty treatments and plastic surgery you throw at it.

      Then there are some faces that are not necessarily sweet, but are striking (Grace Jones, Angelina Jolie, Sarah Jessica Parker or Cate Blanchett). Paris Hilton is also someone else I have found facially very striking. I don’t know what it is, maybe a strong bone structure/ cheek bones or captivating eyes or just the way they hold themselves.

      Gweneth is neither pretty or striking no matter how much money she throws at herself.

    • OriginalLara says:

      YES! Back in the day when she was shilling Tracey Anderson’s exercise method, she mentioned that she was working out daily for an extended amount of time (don’t remember how long actually but it more than half an hour). a few weeks later, there were pictures of her on a beach in a bikini. And I remember looking at those pictures and thinking *this* is is what her body looks like with all that work-out?! I kid you not, mine might not have looked better, but at the very least I looked just as good as her. And I worked out maybe once a week. We’re the same age, I have children as well. It made me think, that either her body just doesn’t respond that well to exercising or that Tracey Anderson’s method was just plain shitty.

    • Flffgrrrlr says:

      I thought in the 1990s she got the roles she did because she had a certain girl next door quality – i.e. not because she was so conventionally pretty but because she wasn’t – although yeah skinny, tall, blonde. I just find it a bit ugh – rude and gauche – for a person to bang on about their own looks all the time (and everything else she’s always inflating herself about). Have you heard her mother talk about her? I mean I know mothers adore their offspring… but I think that’s where it started.

  13. line says:

    When will an interview with another arrogant and deaf privileged actress Lena Dunham

  14. B says:

    I was about to spout out, but ahhh you summarized with perfection Kaiser…so yeah, exactly what you said, and then some :).

  15. SkaraBrae says:

    Who sees this woman as a role model?

    I mean I have never heard anyone either IRL or online even mention her.

    And by the way Gwyneth there is a difference between ‘haters’ and ‘laughers’ (if that is a word).
    People don’t hate you, they think you are ridiculously self centred and deluded.
    It’s quite amusing, really.

    • Sarah says:

      Lots of the other moms in my area worship her. Not quite privileged enough to afford her shit but definitely aspire to.

  16. damejudi says:

    I don’t hate GP.

    I find her completely beside the point.

    Pretty? Eh. She’s tall, and has a clothes-hanger physique to wear some fashions well. Too bad her smugitude rolls off her in waves. It’s off-putting even in still photos.

  17. girl_ninja says:

    Whispers *She’s not that pretty*

    • Lolo86lf says:

      No that I am an ageist person but maybe 20 years ago she was regarded as being very pretty. Her prime has passed but she is still stuck in that mind set where some people hated her for being near perfection back then. Someone should gently nudge her into the present.

  18. Deanne says:

    Well, first of all she’s not that pretty. People dislike her because of her smugness, pretentiousness, and the fact that she was born on third base, but likes to pretend she hit a home run without anything but her own “hard work”. The woman actually claims to have brought yoga to North America and seems to be trying to suggest that she’s a pioneer in the concept of walking for exercise. She’s completely delusional about her own importance and that obnoxiousness is a huge contributing factor to why people don’t like her. It’s very convenient to call everyone jealous because they think that you’re full of crap and a conceited, snake oil shilling twit, but it isn’t the truth.

  19. Gil says:

    Karen?? Lol

  20. rawiya says:

    Beyonce’s prettier. I don’t hate her.
    Rihanna’s prettier. I don’t hate her.
    Lucy Liu is prettier. Don’t hate her.

    • Ruby_Woo says:

      I was literally thinking about Lucy Lui last night and I was imagining that if I ever got to interview her (I am not a celebrity reporter, by the way) I would just go on about how gorgeous she was!

    • dlc says:

      Beyonce and Rihanna are also richer!

  21. Sass says:

    Gwyneth coming in with the original hot take. UR JUST JEALOUS 😂🙄

    Jesus fix it

  22. emmy says:

    Her bubble is really bomb-proof, isn’t it? You can tell this is how she grew up. People telling her she was so pretty and other girls are just jealous. I avoid women like her because they’re neither interesting nor loyal.

  23. Aang says:

    I remember an interview with her where she said her parents told her when she was a child that people, especially other girls, would be mean to her because she was so beautiful. She’s been living this delusion her entire life.

    • OriginalLara says:

      If that’s what her parents really said then what a carte blanche they gave her for obnoxious behaviour. Basically telling her, if someone doesn’t like it’s not because you ever did or said something wrong, no, it’s because they’re jealous haters. What parenting advice!

  24. ChellyPie says:

    This is her parents doing. They raised her to believe shes sooo beautiful & people who are mean are just jealous of her. She is so super basic looking to me, literally nothing special about her looks. What cause she’s thin & blonde??? Your parents lied, youre not that pretty, girl! I’ll take the money though, you can keep the “looks”

    • Onnit says:

      Nu-uh, this is all on Gwyneth. Dennis Rader (BTK) had very normal brothers. Many sociopaths had “normal” parents, siblings, and children. In this case, throw the baby out with the bathwater, because Goop is delusional.

  25. Winnie Cooper’s Mom says:

    I feel sorry for anyone who has to interact with her on a daily basis. If she is this level of narcissistic in an interview, imagine her IRL. Seems like she would be a monster. No wonder she keeps a separate house and living situation from her husband, he probably can’t stand to be around her for more than an hour at a time. She needs to be humbled.

  26. Andrew’s Nemesis says:

    ‘A devotee of so many modalities’

    -Protracted crashing sounds

  27. WendyWoo says:

    “How do you spell Dostoyevsky? He wrote War & Pieces, right?” — Gwyneth Paltrow, at the Met, talking about Dostoyevsky, probably.

    “I don’t care what my critics say and that is why I KEEP TALKING ABOUT IT. People criticize me for being rich and pretty, that MUST BE IT because every other rich and pretty person gets accused of being a snake oil peddler too!!” — Gwyneth Paltrow, right now, definitely.

    That headline is a glorious troll, and poor Gwyneth did not realize that she is the target.

  28. BecauseOfCourse says:

    She thinks people are jealous because she is a narcissist. Narcissists aren’t capable of dealing with reality; in this case the reality is that she’s not a likeable person and she proves it every time she opens her mouth. If she was actually unbothered by the criticism she earns, she wouldn’t even address it. She keeps insisting that everyone is jealous because the truth bothers the fuck out of her.

  29. Audrey says:

    Well, it IS Town & Country. They’re writing to their audience.

  30. M Narang says:

    I liked her as an actress. She’s commodifying wellness and praying on female insecurity. That’s why I don’t like Goop

  31. Lisa says:

    No she us disliked because she us annoying and peddles dangerous stuff as healthy.


    I do not hate her because she’s “pretty” and rich. I hate her because she’s smug and pretentious. But while I think it’s shitty she sells bullshit products—that can be dangerous—people are buying them. People are making the purchases of their own accord! I can’t pretend they’re being forced. To say they’ve been hypnotized into buying this BS by all of the Goopness gives Gwyneth too much credit and removes all of their accountability. I do not believe pseudoscience should be spread, but people make their own decisions.

  33. tempest prognosticator says:

    She cracks me up. I like GP posts.

  34. AnnaKist says:

    Oh, just bugger off you halfwit. We’ve been through this already. You’re not that pretty and you’re not that enviable. People don’t like you because you’re an arrogant, ignorant con artist, a vapid, annoying twit and an up-yourself bitch.

  35. Kebbie says:

    She’s not pretty, she’s just blonde. Give her or someone like Taylor Swift brown hair and they’re just homely looking white women.

    • Sana says:

      Taylor Swift pre-surgery was so squinty looking, though she definitely is better looking then Gwynnie. Taylor was helped by a lot, A Lottttt of plastic surgery! Same as Jennifer Lawrence. She looks unrecognizable in Hunger Games compared to how she looks currently!

  36. Teebee says:

    This is an exhausting vicious circle.

    She puts her nuclear-level lack of self-awareness out there for the plebes hoping to finally strike a chord with a new base of consumers. She’s seen through like plastic wrap. She’s mocked. She gets defensive. She hunkers down with her sycophantic parrots she calls employees. She rallies. Her fragile self esteem burgeons. She checks her back accounts. She reminds herself she doesn’t care about what others think. She deathly cares about what others think so she gets right back out there with her lack of self awareness yet again…wash rinse repeat.

    I’d totally ignore her if I didn’t find this all so entertaining.

  37. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    Pioneer. Movement. She loves her shit so much, I bet she keeps her turds floating in a personal hot spring for fertilizer.

  38. manda says:

    yeah, gywnnie–I am actually drawn to beautiful people, especially if they are nice and don’t suck

  39. SM says:

    She is hilariously delusional or is that her way of expressing her own idea of herself: pretty and rich. The latter may be a fact but no one is hating her for it. The only person who thinks she has discovered the key to beauty and wellness is her. I would never take beauty advice from goop. Her hair is painful to look at

  40. Jamie says:

    I don’t hate her because she’s pretty and has money.
    I hate her because she robbed Cate Blanchett of her rightful Oscar for Elizabeth.

  41. Maida says:

    Welp, I can’t stand her because she continues to hawk bogus “cures” and treatments AFTER medical professionals have pointed out that they not only don’t work, but may well cause harm. Making money off people’s anxiety about wellness by selling products that may hurt them — there is nothing “evolved” or compassionate about that.

  42. Bishg says:

    Well Gwynnie dear, you’re not pretty. You are certainly not unattractive, but pretty is not what comes to mind when I look at you.

  43. Valerie says:

    lol, just that first line: My best friend and her banker husband. Just had to slip that in, didn’t she? But it’s definitely because she’s rich and pretty, not because of her personality.

  44. Ruby_Woo says:

    Does Goop have any hot takes on any possible use of a future covid vaccine? What are the likelihood that she would get one if / when it’s made available.

  45. Allergy says:

    If Paltrow saw a ladybug she’d think she invented it. It’s hilarious. She’s clueless.

  46. DahliaDee says:

    HA HA HA HA HA HA! Good one.

  47. Annaloo. says:

    There are swaths of people dying bc of this virus. Many, esp some African Americans, have been discovered to be more vulnerable bc of prior poor health conditions, conditions that were manifested by lack of access to wealth. Goop says they’re about “asking questions”, but she is using her reach and platform for the wrong questions. The questions that should be asked are which human beings are worthy of wellness in her eyes, and how is she consistently contributing to thais problem because the class strata is real. Lack of access to healthcare is real . Who gets to have health and wellness is real.

    When the brunt of Covid19 passes, all will be laid bare for examination of where we failed one another, and what is really important. I can say with 100% that the platform Gwyneth Paltrow has chosen is NOT important. She could have done a lot more for the world, for humanity, for WOMEN, but she’s chosen to cordon herself off into the smallest and rarest of circles. I recently read Vogue’s article of the Goop staff and how they are self isolating. Their beauty editor takes TWO showers a day in drought stricken California. This whole group – they are not leaders and they inculcate a culture of vapid, self admiration and one upmanship aimed at women for the Whole Foods demographic. They help to keep you from looking at the real problema we have now. And Gwyneth, sadly, really IS a modern day Marie Antoinette, frolicking in her pseudo reality, when all the world outside her door could really use better questions asked about THEIR wellness

    It’s pathetic. She is pathetic and self serving, and she wasted her time, privilege and whatever power she has on frivolity and class strata. Shame. Sorry I ranted so long, but this is such a problem of have and have nots in the world.

    • osito says:

      I agree with you (especially about her not asking the *right* questions. Spot on.), but I ultimately see it as a benefit that she keeps access to pseudoscience so limited to the impossibly wealthy. While I hate that she’s normalizing it for the rest of us, let her and her wealthy “friends” or goddesses or whatever keep the fake -ish. What we really need is a thorough cultural/societal/governmental investment in making Science accessible as a field of study and as a profession. We need more scientists of color, more scientists from indigenous communities, more scientists who are knowledgeable about non-western medical practices, more scientists from vulnerable populations, more scientists who are women, more scientists who come from underserved communities. And we need to elect officials who not only “believe science” but who also have well developed computational thinking skills of their own. The last four years have been an unending nightmare, but it doesn’t need to stay one — we can wake up. And maybe not being able to buy candles that smell like Gwyneth Paltrow’s vagina will help us do the work that will get us out of this mess, while she and her acolytes eat their cake.

      • Annaloo. says:

        I love all of this

        Goop is a just a marketplace for women invested in one-upmanship amongst their cultural and economically elite class (or the women who are copycatting them)

        But it frustrates me bc people of privilege have such reach and ability to do things and create changes, and so many elect not to.

      • osito says:

        Exactly! You said a whole word. I wish I had an easy/quick answer. It is really infuriating to watch what seems like the vast majority of the economically privileged classes exist so wholly for themselves, when with their economic power and influence, we could have solved some very basic humanitarian social issues (food insecurity comes immediately to mind). Knowing that most if not all of that wealth was generated by the participation of the rest of us (as both the workforce that creates whatever industries they own and as consumers who put our money back into their hands) and to see less and less benefit makes me want to drop entirely off the grid.

        But instead of doing that, I try to pay more attention to those in that socioeconomic station who are reaching back to the rest of us in positive/constructive/beneficial ways. So, for instance, I don’t follow GP on Instagram because watching her be wealthy isn’t my idea of a good time. But I do follow Arlan Hamilton, who is actively building her own wealth while trying to help level the playing field in a number of ways for women, PoC, and people from underserved communities.

        Outside of that stuff, I just try to stay present and connected to my own life and community. If I ever make it big, I’ll do everything I can to create ease and clarity for those on paths like mine, but I try to remember that just because I haven’t gotten to that place yet, it doesn’t make my small contributions worthless. I donate where and when I can, and I use my time and my dollars in ways that support the health and longevity of my community. I pay attention to how money is being spent in my community (I vote for parks over roads in bond packages *every time*). I pay attention to small, local elections, and I vote in *all* of them. I used to work with youth, but now I work with adults who work with youth, teaching them how to maintain emotional safety and increase productivity in their programs using evidence-based methodologies. And I try not to despair. Ok, I’ve written a whole book. Concise is hard for me. All I’m really trying to say is that the change isn’t going to come from the comfortable, even though it would be really nice if they would contribute *anything* useful. It’s going to come from the rest of us.

  48. Brittney says:

    Critics hate you as you are a class one superficial knob. Makes you wonder what Brad Pitt saw in her once.

  49. MeghanNotMarkle says:

    Hate is too strong a feeling for me to have for a celebrity I don’t know (Except for 45. I can and do hate him with a passion.) but I do highly dislike her for several reasons. None of which are that she’s rich and white. It’s what she does with that rich whiteness that gets to me.

  50. Chris says:

    This is so bad. I absolutely think GP’s site is a complete waste of time. But it really looks like T&C was giving her as much rope has they could unspool.

  51. SJR says:

    #1. Not that pretty.
    #2. Pretentious, up your own arse, ego maniac.
    #3. If not for your family connections, you would have no $, to go along with your lack of talent.
    #4. Please, go away.

  52. Jaded says:

    I don’t appreciate her platitudes and condescension camouflaged by new age, wavy-gravy, self-aggrandizing mumbo-jumbo so I didn’t read the whole article. I don’t need to, it’s the same old self-serving “Don’t hate me because I’m thin and blonde and beautiful and successful” crap. We hate you because you’re actually a mean girl disguised as a purveyor of crackpot psychology and modern charlatanism.

  53. naomipaige99 says:

    Nope. I hate you because your a stupid cee you next tuesday!!!!!!!

  54. North of Boston says:

    “People couldn’t for a long time believe that I was running a company, until they heard me say, ‘I’m giving up acting. I’ll never be onscreen again.’” ”

    She was acting in a couple of projects even last year, right? And appearing on The Chef Show, and doing talk shows even this year, right?

    Dear Gwenyth, I don’t think “never” means what you think it means.

  55. K says:

    Ha ha, Oh, Gwyneth. I’ve never thought you were pretty. Ever.

    I think you’re an insufferable twat.

  56. Tans says:

    As a photographer, I have to say that both of those shots are slightly off centre and it’s killing me. Also, she is really starting to look like her mother.

  57. Vernhoven says:

    BDS. Barbie Derrangment Syndrome.

  58. Chris says:

    Someone needs to buy her a mirror and maybe a book on self-awareness too.

  59. L4frimaire says:

    Gwyneth the Goop Guru gets a lot of passes and friendly press, even with all the very legitimate criticism. Love how Dr. Jen Gunther keeps on her neck. The NY Times style section had a big feature on her company a while ago, and despite all her snake oil bs, people watch her and spend the money. The website is well put together and well marketed, and all the content is not all crazy ( I check out the recipes). I mean, this is someone can make a vagina candle sell out, like next level PT Barnum. Has she ever been sued over some of these claims or products? As for her not caring what others think, she really means this; that is the ultimate luxury to be in that smug privileged position.

  60. jferber says:

    Her mother was drop dead gorgeous back when. I just saw an episode of Columbo (always loved him) in which goop’s mom co-starred. Gwyneth could never hold a candle to that. Maybe that’s why she’s so insecure about her looks.

  61. clairej says:

    Obviously a rare opinion but I think she is pretty. She looked awesome in The Politician recently. She was gorgeous in Emma. Also knew of someone who modelled for her at that garden party with Stella McCarthy a few years back and said Gwyneth was super nice.

    • L4frimaire says:

      She is in amazing shape and looks great. She’s is very attractive but her personality just grates on a lot of people.

  62. Wordcandy says:

    We don’t hate her because she’s pretty and rich, we are AWARE of her because she’s pretty and rich (and, most of all, super well-connected). If she was a conventionally attractive anti-vaxxer mom making $100K a year selling CBD infused bath bombs in Oregon, no one would care about her at all. What I find irritating about Paltrow (and truly enraging about people like Jared and Ivanka Kushner) is that if you question their nonexistent credentials, they attribute it to small-mindedness or jealousy. But most of us are simply objecting to the sight of otherwise mediocre-at-best rich white people blithely deciding that they’re just as good as actual experts.

  63. Soupie says:

    “Gwyneth Paltrow thinks her critics hate her because she’s ‘pretty & has money'”

    Typical attitude of a narcissist! She never quits, but narcissists never do. Neither do snake oil salesmen. smh

    Narcissists need an intimacy coach too, to try and learn it’s not all about them!

  64. boobra says:

    nope it’s because you’re mostly an ass, moistly

  65. Em says:

    Why is she talking about walking like it’s some well-hidden secret wellness movement she brought over to us peasants on an antique gold-encrusted boat?

  66. Jules says:

    This is spiritual bypassing at it’s finest, using spirituality as an excuse to not look at your own shit. As in, I’m so evolved and spiritual, it’s all your fault, not mine. Dismissing people with the I-Know-Everything response is the ultimate in Smug.

  67. nicegirl says:

    Nice shading your mom and how you came up with that recycling and all that Hansen’s. Must’ve been a real bummer to not be focused on wellness.

    She’s such a not pretty assface. Good grief Gwen! Everyone is jelly

  68. Freddy says:

    Oh sweetie, noone likes you because you’re “petty”…not “pretty”..and.even when you were underage you didn’t get it—getting into upscale lounges was not the goal. The REAL fun was in the Irish bars on 2nd Avenue…Idiot…

  69. Annamaria says:

    She was good in Emma and that was what 24 years ago? Now she comes off as rather worthless.

  70. Golly Gee says:

    “My mother was environmentally conscious. She helped pioneer curbside recycling in Santa Monica,”
    Her mother invented recycling, naturally.
    Goop drips smugness.

  71. Leah says:

    I think they hate her because she’s irritating.

    I don’t hate her but she’s damned irritating with her goop privilege.

  72. Maryscott O'Connor says:

    What an overwhelming comments section. I gave up after the fiftieth snide comment about her not being pretty…

    She has a point. Because every single comment reads like a clone of the last, and they’re ALL about how she ISN’T REALLY PRETTY. She’s thin and blonde and tall and smug and “basic.” And oh, yeah, her Goop thing is dangerous. But it’s not about that, really, because wellness and alternative health is fine… it’s HER.

    Yeah. No jealousy there.

    • Nanainwonderland says:

      @Maryscott Actually I’ll disagree with fellow commentors and say that she is very pretty, stunning in earlier years even. The problem is her attitude overshadows her better qualities. Something in the way she speaks is so disingenuous it makes people ‘’see” her differently, inwardly and outwardly. I guess that is the price you have to pay when you put on airs.

    • CherryL says:

      She is pretty, no doubt. But her “health and wellness” stuff is often times dangerous and pseudo science. She is out of touch with reality and one of those nutjob Hollywood wives.

    • Korra says:

      I mean, I find the comments about her looks overly harsh. And I laugh at those who say her mother was a great beauty and Gwyneth is nowhere near as attractive — Gwyneth is practically a facsmile of Blythe Danner.

      That said, I do think it is fair to criticize her beliefs. And, in an age of exacerbated wealth disparities, while she is welcome to have her platform and cater to the wealthy, I think it is also fair to examine how she appears out of touch from where we are headed as a society.

  73. CherryL says:

    Critics don’t like her because she’s completely out of touch with reality. That probably has something to do with her upbringing. That’s why she thinks it’s about her being rich.

  74. laura-j says:

    I don’t like her because she’s the kind of person who says (without sarcasm) , “People don’t like me because I’m so pretty and rich.”

  75. Deehunny says:

    @maryscott I always find it interesting when people say that Jewish people aren’t white. Like there is one, pure, chris-loving white race.

    This is a common thought amongst Christians. Always found it fascinating how religion somehow taints the “white race.”

  76. NeoCleo says:

    One more thing: the only emotion I’ve ever felt toward Paltrow is contempt. Her mother is far prettier than she. The only emotion I’ve ever felt toward GP is contempt.

  77. Alice says:

    For someone who is supposedly pretty and has money she always looks so DRY. Does her goop woo-woo not endorse moisturizer and deep conditioner?

  78. Aurelia says:

    Her skin is dry AF too.