Tabloid bullies Dutch Princess Catharina-Amalia about her weight

Prince Andrew interview

On July 17th, the Dutch royal family stepped out for a photocall in the gardens of the Huis ten Bosch in The Hague. Like most royal families, King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima try to gently introduce their children into public life throughout their childhoods. They have three daughters, Princess Catharina-Amalia (who turns 17 in December), Princess Alexia (15) and Princess Ariane (13). I can only imagine the crazy blend of princess drama, hormones, puberty drama and normal body-image issues of the three teenage girls in the same family. So was it incredibly off-side for an Argentinian magazine to label Princess Catharina-Amalia “plus-sized” on their cover?

A magazine has come under fire after it described the 16-year-old heir to the Dutch throne as ‘plus-size’ on its front cover. Princess Amalia, the eldest daughter of King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima of the Netherlands, is pictured alongside her mother on the most recent issue of Caras, a celebrity gossip and royal news magazine published in Spanish and Portuguese.

The photograph, one of several released this month by the Dutch royal family and not taken for the magazine, is published alongside a headline that, once translated, reads: ‘Maxima’s oldest daughter proudly wears her “plus-size” look.’ The magazine’s subhead, once translated, reads: ‘The harassed heir to the throne of the Netherlands faces criticism with force and with the support of her parents. A princess who goes through puberty without taboos and defends her figure of “real woman”.’

However it is not thought the princess provided any quotes to the magazine or has ever commented on her weight in public.

[From The Daily Mail]

This is actually really awful and really damaging to girls and women. It would be one thing if Princess Catharina-Amalia was allowed to give interviews and she had decided to take up the cause of body image and body acceptance, and had given quotes about those subjects. That would be fine, and welcome. But what this magazine is doing is bullying a teenage girl about her size when she can’t help but be a public figure. They’re pointing out her weight and trying (passive-aggressively trying) to make it sound like she’s super-pumped to be “plus sized” when all she’s doing is existing. And she’s only 16 years old! Puberty is CRAZY and there are kinds of body fluctuations. I wore oversized clothes for a long time in my teenage years because I was so uncomfortable with my body changes, and this girl doesn’t even have that luxury.

The Royal Family of the Netherlands in the gardens of the Huis ten Bosch

The Royal Family of the Netherlands in the gardens of the Huis ten Bosch

The Royal Family of the Netherlands in the gardens of the Huis ten Bosch

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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  1. Laalaa says:

    Puberty sucks so bad, I remember feeling so itchy, self-conscious and big, and I wasn’t big, my boobs were getting bigger and it took time for everything to fall into place.
    So sorry for her :-/ especially because the argument they are selling about “real woman” is so damaging as well, imo.

    • Cherry says:

      Sadly, it isn’t just this one magazine that commented on Amalia’s size- it’s been a popular topic of discussion in Dutch popular media ever since the girl was 15. It’s disgusting. It’s not even a question whether they’re right or wrong about her being ‘plus-sized’- it’s the way total strangers feel entitled to publicly comment on a young woman’s body that’s so sickening.

      • Dhavynia says:

        I hate these Spanish-speaking magazines, Hola it’s just the same. I tell my mother to stop reading that junk or I will.throw them away lol. Seriously though, the Spanish ones are just as bad or even worse than the English ones, always making ugly statements in a passive way as if people are stupid enough to believe their statements are a compliment

  2. Jess says:

    Monsters. She’s gorgeous. Full stop.

    • megs283 says:


      It reminds me of when tabloids say a celebrity is “flaunting her baby bump.” Much as pregnant ladies are not flaunting their bump, the princess is not “proudly wearing” her look. UGH. She is existing, and looking gorgeous doing it!!

    • Chica1971 says:

      This was done to Victoria in Sweden and she became anorexic. That’s how she ended up in US and with her husband a gym owner, who encouraged healthy eating.
      It’s weird though how we are so accustomed to these highly stylized and InstA models. The NYMag did a photo essay on ordinary people unfiltered. I found myself wonder how they got into the magazine. It wasn’t until I realized this was normal without blowup doll looks, photoshop etc.

      • Mel says:

        I was going to post about that. I’m old enough to remember the pictures of Princess Victoria wasting away and getting more and more emaciated. I can’t believe this is the society we live in. They would not do that to a boy (I’m not advocating for boys to be called out). She is a child! This is shameful!

      • ArtHistorian says:

        I’m old enough to remember that as well (as well as how the media made jabs at her weight before she developed and ED).

      • Christina says:

        Mel’s comment about not mentioning weight for anybody is important. We don’t know how anybody, smaller or larger, feels about their weight unless they mention it, and most of us feel bad about it because of the pressure to meet idealized standards of beauty. She’s so young. Humans can be so awful. We humans have been picking apart and grading bodies for centuries. How do we change it? As long as people buy these rags, they will say these awful things about famous women to sell them.

    • Diana says:

      Yes!!!!!! She is stunning! Leave her alone!!! 😡

    • Ines says:

      Being plus size and gorgeous are not mutually exclusive. This is like when people say “you’re not fat, you’re beautiful!”. Can you not be both?

      • Mel says:

        Weight should not be mentioned, period. It’s one of the most personal and intimate parts of a person’s life. For 10 people who are happy with their weight (whatever it might be), you’ll get 1000 who aren’t. You can’t tell from the outside where the person you’re talking to stands. Even someone projecting happiness and self-confidence could be faking it. Also, there are a million other topics to talk about.

    • Elizabeth says:

      YES! She’s incredibly beautiful!

    • Poisonella says:

      I know, right? Gorgeous is what I thought too!

    • minx says:

      Absolutely beautiful.

    • Sid says:

      Seriously, everytime I see a photo of her I think what a beautiful young lady she is. The tabloids need to back off.

    • BeanieBean says:

      All three of those girls are beautiful. And what a crummy piece of ‘journalism’.

  3. Darla says:

    Real sickos.

  4. L84Tea says:

    This sort of thing just makes me sick. She is a beautiful, beautiful girl. It’s bad enough tabloids bully adult women, but my God, she’s still a child.

    • Piratewench says:

      She is absolutely beautiful and like myself her body is MEANT to be large. She is tall, broad shouldered and very beautiful.
      The day a nutritionist have me a full body scan and told me that I am “large structured” and therefore it was unhealthy of me to try to hit the “healthy weight” for my height i was like YES. I had BEEN that weight and felt and looked sick. I needed an extra 20 Lbs to feel and look well and have my immune system function well. BMI chart called me overweight but my doctors and myself saw that I was thriving in a tall, broad body.
      Her body is large. In a man it would be admired. In her (and me, as a teen) it’s derided?! What a crazy world.

  5. Liz version 700 says:

    This is so awful. Why do we repeatedly allow young women to be the targets of such disgusting attacks or “jokes.” It causes problems that can follow a young person for life. She is a lovely girl and as a minor should be off the table for this trash. For that matter maybe not attacking anyone over body weight would be cool 🤬🤬

    • BayTampaBay says:

      The Crown Princess of Sweden and her bout with Anorexia is an excellent example of stuff following you around as a young woman.

    • Otaku fairy says:

      Agreed. This was pretty irresponsible.

    • Mustang says:

      Because fat bashing is the last socially acceptable form of bullying, sadly. I think she’s beautiful. I wish the harpy’s that are trying to help us larger women gain acceptance would please shut their mouths and let professionals speak out for us instead because they only make us look worse and the bullies have more ammo to attack us with.

  6. Lisa says:

    Completely unnecessary since as Kaiser said she was not interviewed to be speaking about her weight. She was simply existing and I really hope she has good people around her to encourage her through this stuff.

  7. Ariel says:

    Is it just me or did the tabloid use the most unflattering photo in the bunch for their cover. The one that gets her at the worst angle for photographs?
    B/c she doesn’t look particularly “plus sized” in any of the other pictures.

    • megs283 says:

      Oh, they did. And that image also makes it look like she’s wearing a crop-top two-piece, which will get the attention of people.

    • Kendra says:

      I do think the official prictures are made to look flattering. But she looks really pretty!

    • LittlePenguin says:

      I thought this too. I feel that they altered it a bit in some way, because when you look at the other’s it doesn’t seem to match up.
      I just want to hug her.

  8. Lucy says:

    It’s gross when magazines comment on people’s bodies in this way, *especially* when the people in question are kids. It sends so many wrong messages to girls and women everywhere.

  9. LeaTheFrench says:

    Let’s make 2020 slightly less awful and agree, once and for all, that a woman’s figure is not something that should be discussed in the media.
    Especially when she’s 17.
    That’s just no one’s business.
    Let’s recognise this as a simple, basic truth, and move on to discussing matters of our (women’s) own choosing.
    It’s gross that a magazine feels it’s fine to mention a teenager’s weight on its cover. Gross.

  10. BayTampaBay says:

    The three Dutch princess are three very beautiful young woman. I have never seen so much beautiful facial skin in one place. I really would love to know which products they use.

    Also, you can tell from the photos that their parents are so very proud of them so I wager that they are very wonderful girls in real life.

    • ArtHistorian says:

      Those photos really show how proud W-A and Maxima are of their girls. I have to admit that I love family photos of the Dutch RF. There’s always so much joy and love and pride in those images. In how W-A and Maxima look at their children, in how W-A look at his wife (like he still can’t quite believe that she picked him).

      I think they are just generally really positive people. I remember watching their State Visit to Denmark it was just crystal clear that everybody had a marvelous time. The DRF met them at the air port and the Dutch king just went straight in to give Queen Margrethe a big hug. There was such an air of warmth and happiness in all their joint engagements and I think that the Dutch royal couple are people who have an infectious good nature.

      • L84Tea says:

        Maxima is one of my favorite royals ever. She exudes happiness and confidence, and she seems like a lot of fun too. I love the way she was fully embraced by the Dutch people as their princess and queen. She is very beloved.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        She is by all accounts also a very kind woman. She’s been incredibly supportive of Masako of Japan during her mental health struggles.

      • molly says:

        I could not love the Dutch RF more. Maxima is my all time favorite royal.

        Which makes my heart go out to those daughters ever more. In addition to everything Kaiser said about this tricky time in their young lives, they’re the daughters of Maxima, the most beloved royal by many people. That’s a VERY hard act to follow.

      • Lady D says:

        Maxima is my favourite royal too. She always seems so happy. Her daughters are beautiful, the oldest is stunning.

  11. ArtHistorian says:

    I hate that the tabloid press is doing this – and they’ll keep doing it because dissecting famous women’s bodies is stable tabloid fodder. This brings back memories of how CP Victoria was covered when she entered the public sphere at 18 because she wasn’t very slender like her sister. Vickan developed anorexia!

    In this context, it shouldn’t be overlooked how royal brids almost always loose a lot of weight – Kate is a prime example but CP Mary did it too. I remember someone calling it “the princess sickness/syndrome” in an opinion piece in a Danish news paper around the time of Fred and Mary’s wedding. There’s a HUGE pressure on women staying slender when in the public sphere and it is really damaging. It is extra damaging for a girl like Catharina-Amalia (and in her time Victoria) because they don’t get to choose to be in the public spotlight at an awkward and vulnerable time in their lives, they are in the spotlight because of who they are born to, because of a position that they’ll inhabit at some point in their distant future.

    I hate the thought that this is causing a lovely and beautiful teenage girl hurt.

  12. Scarlett says:

    Trashy magazines are trashy!

    She is a gorgeous young lady, leave her be. She looks beautiful! Man, what is in the water they drink, the whole family is lovely.

    • ArtHistorian says:

      I do believe that W-A was called Prince Pils when he was younger (for his love of beer I guess).

      • Cherry says:

        Yup, he was a bit of a party prince in his day- nothing excessive, but he did enjoy a beer or two as a student.
        The whole family is gorgeous. It’s funny: Amalia and Ariane (the youngest) really take after their father’s side of the family, those eyes and cheeks really remind me of young princess Beatrix (their grandmother). Alexia, the middle one, is the spitting image of her mom.

    • notasugarhere says:

      iirc another trashy tabloid did this to her last year too, when she was 16.

  13. greenmonster says:

    Not only is it disgusting to talk about anyone’s weight -esp. that of a kid, trying to justify it by saying she looks like a ‘real woman’ is going the extra mile. Shaming her for her weight and women who are smaller than her for not being ‘real women’ in one article is something else.

  14. Flowers says:

    The magazine is from Argentina, not Spain

    • Ennie says:

      Yes, it was the Agentine edition of Caras.
      The “author” made more snide comments about Amalia:
      Says that she inherited the Orange body type (forcefulness),
      That the gurl posed, happily showing of her “roundeness”,
      That her mom was Showing off her elegant figure while Amalia looked “happy”, kneeling by her father.

  15. Q T Hush says:

    Leave the poor princess alone. I can remember when Caroline Kennedy was harassed the same way for what I could tell was maybe 10 pounds or less when she was that age. Why do people other than their doctors think they have any right to judge people they probably have never met and never will. That age has built in demons that no one needs to add to no matter how perfect they think they are. Hoping with all the turmoil in the world that the same “reporters” next assignment will be to interview our jeanyus POTUS for hours of fun facts by the true demon sperm himself. When they pick on somebody who deserves it I promise no comment.

  16. reef says:

    She’s 16. That tabloid is being weird.
    My favorite Gen Z fashion look is cute dress with dirty white AF1s. I don’t know why it cracks me up, but it does. Maybe because when I was a teen, we cared so much about our shoes and not mixing brands to see these kid not give 1 damn tickles me.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      @reef – I am glad to know that I am not the only CBer old enough to remember the ridiculous fashion rules about “not mixing brands” and “not breaking up outfits”.

  17. I'm With The Band says:

    1. This is incredibly irresponsible and cruel of the tabloids.

    2. She’s stunning. Please don’t change.

  18. OriginalLala says:

    People, the media, and society need to stop policing women’s (and girls) bodies! This is sick.

  19. You Must Be Joking says:

    Yeah well, I don’t like royals but I don’t think the kid should be body shamed, so I’m torn.

    • Mundy says:

      Then why do you comment on stories about the royals?

    • lucy2 says:

      She’s a teenager who didn’t choose to be royal. Why in any way would her family history make it ok for a magazine to do this?

    • Leslie says:

      You’re torn on a 16 year old girl being bullied and shamed because you dislike royals? She’s a human being! Grow some empathy!

      • MarcelMarcel says:

        It’s toxic & inappropriate to publicly comment on any persons weight without their consent.

        I’m a staunch Republican in Australia aka a commonwealth nation (it started when I learnt the Governor General officially dismissed Gough Whitlam, a democratically elected Prime Minister. And my mistrust of the BRF snowballed from there). There’s no need to critique someone’s weight if your disapproval of Royal Families is supported by actual facts. Have the Danish Royals done anything problematic lately or historically that you’d like to point out? If not then focus on another flawed Monarchy and the legitimately toxic individuals within that ie Prince Andrew and how the Queen protects him from the legal consequences of his behaviour.

        I hope that Princess Catharina-Amalia is okay. Hopefully, publicly bullying teenage girls over their weight becomes socially unacceptable. It’s incredibly toxic & dangerous for their health.

  20. Winnie Cooper’s Mom says:

    Um what?? This girl is gorgeous!! Some writer is either a jealous, petty woman and/or a truly sick misogynist. Publications shouldn’t be legally allowed to attack minors like this. What has this nasty world come to? I hope she holds her head up high and ignores these pathetic comments. Only a loser would publish something so lowly.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      “I hope she holds her head up high and ignores these pathetic comments.”

      While wearing a killer tiara! Catharina-Amilia will rock a tiara.

  21. Slowdown says:

    I would sue.

  22. S808 says:

    She’s gorgeous! I love her dress. Tabs suck, she’s a child still coming into her own. please let her do so peacefully.

  23. Jekelly says:

    She’s so beautiful! I can’t imagine being 16 and having to read an article about myself calling me “plus sized” it would have broken me.

  24. Florence says:

    She doesn’t look like she wears anything more than a UK 14. Even if she did, it’s her business.

    It’s like bam, she turned 16, she’s fresh meat for bitchy tabloid writers. Leave this beautiful girl alone.

  25. AmyB says:

    This is absolutely vile to me. And make no mistake, this is the stuff that can contribute to an eating disorder, if the other underlying elements are there for this girl. Or can even begin to plant that seed. Disgusting.

    I hope the authors of this article realize that and feel good about that – a**holes!!

    Who makes a comment like that about a teenager? JFC

  26. margedebarge says:

    How sad that they’d do that. She’s beautiful, and she kind of looks like my old roommate. Similar body type too. My roommate was often insecure about her looks, which always blew my mind because I thought she looked like a Renaissance painting or something. The softness and roundness of the body and facial features is a part of that. I suspect there’s a painting somewhere of Amalia’s ancestors that resembles her greatly.

  27. Lory says:

    I saw this in the news and what was most shocking to me wasn’t that this happened but how people reacted to it in the comments section. There were actually fully grown men in there saying “Well, she is plus-sized so what’s wrong with telling the truth?”. I tried explaining that not only is it completely irrelevant what her body looks like but that they made this statement while never having talked to her. If someone wants to be a spokeperson for a cause then fine but this isn’t that. Oh and lastly, SHE’S SIXTEEN. Nope, they kept hammering on about freedom of speech and other nonsense.

  28. Becks1 says:

    They really are a lovely family.

    The discussion of her weight is disgusting – she’s 17 for crying out loud, but even if she was older, it still wouldn’t be acceptable .Remember how Meghan was criticized because she didn’t lose the baby weight immediately??? It was gross.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      Meghan is still being criticized, shamed and slammed for her body shape.

    • Elizabeth says:

      “A lovely family.” Every time I see people praising Maxima, I remember how her father was part of mass murders in Argentina. A cabinet member during the dirty war military junta that “disappeared” ordinary people who rose up against them. And he came to all three of his granddaughters’ christenings. Obviously still embraced by his daughter. Did Maxima personally order the murder of innocents? No. Does she embrace her father who was UNDENIABLY part of it? Yes. What’s going on here, because that’s … a little more important to talk about. Forever. Not to mention its direct parallel to the US right now. But what do we get? Fat shaming. Maxima’s fashion.

      • Becks1 says:

        Well, I had no idea. I was going solely by the various pictures I see. I don’t really know anything about the DRF, but I’ll do some digging now. I understand the history of the dirty war.

      • Judith says:

        It’s not like it’s not talked about. It was hugely controversial when Wim-Lex wanted to marry her. Dutch royals in line for the throne have to ask permission from the Queen/King and parliament and parliament had quite a few hang ups at the time. So much so that Maxima could not invite her father to the wedding. Her father has never been allowed to associate himself with the Dutch Royal Family. Here, in the Netherlands it was in the news for quite a while, and pops back up every once in a while, so most people are aware of the artrocities. That international audiences are not aware of this, lies with international media and people not looking into it. But, Like you stated, he is her father, so waht more can you do?

      • MissMarierose says:

        So, what do you want? Do you want Maxima to be punished for what her father did, being the agricultural minister in a government that disappeared people?
        Why is she responsible for his action/inaction?
        How should she be punished for loving her father?
        Please let us know what is the appropriate action(s) to punish the daughter for the sins of the father.

      • Cee says:

        please do explain Argentine history while you most likely are not Argentine.
        Yes, he worked at a MINISTRY, Agriculture, in fact. He was not part of the Junta nor member of the Junta’s Staff. This detail always escapes those who know nothing about our history nor do they bother to learn before commenting on it.
        Thousands of guerrilleros, civilians and military people were murdered. Many of the de facto governments in Latin America were upheld and supported by US Governments. Even the Vatican was in on it.

        Maxima’s father was never allowed to appear in State or Official gatherings, celebrations, etc. Thus he was banned from attending his daughter’s wedding and his son in law’s investiture as King. However, a christening is not an official event whatsoever, rather a private, family event, and that’s why her whole family has always been there.

    • Lucia says:

      @Becks1 Yeah and remember how Kate gets torn apart here for her weight all the time? (her chest, her ribcage…!)
      And before anyone says it, I don’t buy for a second that it’s out of “concern”.

      • P says:

        Thank you, Lucia! And not only Kate but also her husband but I guess mocking a man for his lack of hair or his teeth is not a problem.

  29. Ana says:

    I hope her parents sue these @$$h-les into oblivion. This is still a child they’re harassing ffs

  30. Judith says:

    this sucks. I’m Dutch and Princess Amalia (thats how shes called here, we remember the princesses as the three A’s), just takes more after her Father. As far as I know Dutch medi,a (only one really shitty tabloid newspaper would print something like this) havent done followed this narrative. The royal family has two official photo calls every year, the summer and winter one. Like Kaiser said, in this way they can control what photo’s get out of their family and they can control the narrative. I’ve always felt that they were a low key and hardworking royal family. shame on anyone shaming her for her weight. life as a teenage girl is difficult enough without the whole internet/media judging you for your weigth.

  31. JanetDR says:

    What a beautiful girl! And family. Tabloids suck.

  32. Jay says:

    Yes, it is disgusting but not surprising, and I’ll add that there is a lot of harm done in the name of being “complimentary” as well. Offering comment on a woman’s body, whatever the motive, implies that her body is subject to outside approval, a sort of public property that is fair game for everyone, otherwise known as “Geez, I’m just saying how pretty you would look if you smiled! That’s nice!”

    I didn’t realize this until much later in life, but in most cases the so-called compliments are like a warning – women who are described as “slim” and “toned” better stay that way, or else.

    One of my media activities for my students involves finding and charting the adjectives used to describe women in newspaper and magazine articles (“lithe”, “sparkling” – they learned a lot of new vocab!) and comparing them to those used for men (“accomplished”, “thoughtful”). It’s really stark to see it all laid out.

    • A.Key says:

      Well said. I hate that people feel invited to comment on appearance in general really. Like comment on how I act, don’t comment on what I look like, good or bad.

  33. Crowned Huntress says:

    Puberty does suck, it’s such an awkward time between child & adult, ugh.
    However this young lady is simply stunning. I wouldn’t consider her plus sized, she’s full figured & buxom & likely to change as she matures. Plus sized or not it would be nice for young girls & women to simply be at ease & safe in their bodies without international critique & commentary.

  34. Abby says:

    Ugh I hate this. What a trashy magazine. I can’t imagine the public eye on me at 17 just because of who my family is. This is cruel.

  35. Miss617 says:

    I have a similar body type to Amalia and I’m not “plus-size”. Even if she were, it’s unacceptable to call it out unless she specifically speaks about body acceptance. She probably already has enough stress in her life from having her career path picked out for her from birth.

    • lunchcoma says:

      Yeah, I also have that broad shoulders-full chest combo. Even when I was struggling with disordered eating, the underlying bone structure was there.

      I’m glad I didn’t have this kind of focus on me as a teen, and I hope the royal parents are a good source of support for their daughters.

  36. Anna says:

    This is not an European tabloid

  37. Desdemona says:

    So, she’s chubby and that’s a problem because….? Oh right, all women have to be skinny. She’s a beautiful lady and I’m also sure she’s quite intelligent. This concept or any concept of beauty is exhausting and not healthy. Mentally speaking, this kind of critic and persecution undermine a person’s self esteem and lead to health problems. Society really stinks… The more I know people, the more I like animals. Sorry about the rant, feeling blue myself…

  38. Caitriona O Reilly says:

    My friends live around de corner from de royal family, they said they are very down to earth family, she meets them on de way to work, drive themselves to work every morning, wave and off they go, not much fuss or security around them !! Their girls especially Catharina play hockey and are very sporty. Actually Maxina was warmly welcomed into de family as she is very intelligent more so than her husband, so they say !!

  39. Ennie says:

    The Argentinian director of the magazine wrote an editorial saying that they “tried” to make it a story of triumph, yeah right.
    Looking for this, I found information on how Maxima (and the king, her husband) has always struggled with her weight.
    Maxima’s mother would put her on a diet when she was little, and she squirreled away some food or snacks, hiding them under her bed, and after becoming part of the Dutch royalty, the attention of her figure became worse.
    I think it is lucky that Maxima has not fallen prey of an ED, even if she has to diet more or less often. I commend them as parents because their children look healthy. Amalia is young and is probably very accomplished on top of pretty. If her Weight is a Health problem, they will take care of it, I’m sure.
    I have a question for any European readers. Last year I met a young Belgian-Dutch couple and talking to them, the girl told me how health services worked in their country, I think it was in Belgium where they were living). She also told me how much of a health culture exists, how they (culture/government), promote exercise and healthy eating. It was the way she told me that I thought that they maybe looked down on overweight people. I understand that this also happens in Japan, where (I think) they have a yearly medical exam at work, and they will promote to take care of tour weight and -I’m not sure about this- ask for blood work to see how is your health.
    I would be very stressed out about it, as I am “thick”.

    • Cee says:

      Ennie, I don’t know where you’re from but Argentina ranks 3rd in the world with most EDs. Everyone I know suffers from one (I myself had two) Perhaps you’re Argentine and I’m over explaining something you might already know, but here, looks are everything and women are held to a very high, impossible, standard. And the editor of a shitty magazine decided to go after the body of a 16 year old girl with such impunity, we are all wondering how in the hell we became such a toxic society.

      • Ennie says:

        I’m from Mexico and due to a huge set of variables (education, long work shifts, poverty, etc), he have huge numbers of overweight people and children. Yet people on the extremes are made fun of.
        Have you read the semi “apology” of the director Liliana Castaño? I’ll link it here, but not to caras to not give them more clicks ha,ha

        My husband likes to watch Argentinian entertainment (movies, telenovelas, series), and I see that almost everyone there is beautiful, fair skinned and quite slim. I understand that there is a native population, but I’ve never seen that reflected them on any program we’ve watched.
        BTW, I googled the authir of this “article”, and she is really is nothing to write home about. She really should be ashamed.

      • Cee says:

        We have colourism here, that’s why almost everyone you see on a screen is white, slim, beautiful, etc. Part of this is because European immigration to Argentina was very big so a large % of the population is white (unlike other countries) I myself am 100% “white” which makes a lot of people laugh considering I’m latin and apparently being white and latin are mutually exclusive concepts.
        In the last part of the 20th century we’ve had a lot of latin immigration, especially people from Paraguay, Uruguay, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia and Venezuela.

        Argentina never traded African slaves, for some reason. There were very small black immigrant communities but those were erased by intermarriage with other ethnicities. Nowadays very few people in the country have any black ancestry.

        We do have indigenous populations but they were decimated centuries ago by the Spanish colonists and then by the newly formed country’s government. Most of our lands were taken from them and they were murdered in the different Conquistas. Those who survived were forced into christianity and labour. Of course now a days they’re still part of the lowest socioeconomic classes with little access to jobs, education, housing, government grants, etc. No government actually does anything for them.

        Both the editor and the “journalist” need therapy, asap. And a lesson in humility.

      • Sid says:

        Cee, I have read that Argentina was very much involved in the slave trade and at one point had a significant Black population which eventually mostly died off due to terrible conditions post-slavery and overrepresentation in the military during wars. Is this not the case?

      • Sof says:

        @Sid I don’t know why Cee said we never traded African slaves, that is inaccurate. It’s true that the number of African slaves wasn’t as big as in other countries, however, the sad destiny of the slaves was they either were sold to countries where slavery was still practiced or they were send as soldiers to fight the natives along the gauchos.

      • Ennie says:

        Talking about this topic, in my country slavery stopped officially in 1821. There was some trade, but the native population was large even after the smallpox, etc. deaths.
        Most of the African Mexican we have is due to slaves who escaped from other countries and somehow reached the coasts. Their population in a cluster is not very large, but you can see mixed. People in diverse degrees everywhere, particularly the south and the coastal cities.
        Talking about bodies, in entertainment thin is preferred,
        But there is a large part of people everywhere who want big butts, etc.

      • Cee says:

        thanks for correcting me, Sof. What I wanted to say was that our trade wasn’t as big or extensive as the US and Brazil. There was an erasure of the black community pre and post trade, along indigenous people.

      • Sof says:

        @Cee oh, absolutely. I don’t know about you, but this is something that I had to learn as an adult because what happened to the African slaves was not something taught at the schools I went to. We were told that after slavery was abolished, everyone lived happily ever after.

      • Sid says:

        Thank you Sof and Cee.

      • Cee says:

        Sof, absolutely true. I attended a British school in Buenos Aires and never learned we traded slavery! The fact this isn’t taught about in schools nor is it in history books really shows how revisionist we are as a country. We keep erasing africans from our heritage, history and ethnicity.

  40. MerlinsMom1018 says:

    I wonder if Crown Princess Victoria has heard about it or actually saw the magazine and reached out to Catharina-Amalia and offered her support, knowing how it feels to be so bullied about her weight and what it can lead to?
    This just makes my blood boil on so many levels. She is stunningly gorgeous and looks like she carries herself with such confidence and is more than likely smart as a whip as well.
    She should be left alone to just be who she is.

    • Shoes not blues says:

      CP Victoria is Princess Amalia’s godmother so I’m sure she’ll be there for her.

  41. KWG says:

    They can fuck alllllll the way off with this crap. She’s 17, who knows how she’ll look even a year from now! Honestly. This kind of media BS really ticks me off. When are we going to stop with the “ideal” look and just accept people the way they are???

  42. lola says:

    The Spanish version of Caras is published in Argentina and Uruguay, and that’s not part of Europe last time I checked. Change it, your headline is wrong!
    The Portuguese version is published in Portugal though.

  43. Lizzie says:

    What struck me is her beauty! WOW, lucky girl to be 16 and so beautiful.

    Tabloids are trash to women period. Every photo of a woman on the dm says she is flaunting any body-part not covered. Just walking down the sidewalk but flaunting legs or arms or something. They also call out when they think women are not wearing bra’s, that is a real pet peeve of mine.

  44. Jelly says:

    She is beautiful as is. Ppl need to stop commenting on the appearance of girls and women like it’s somehow allowed because they are a public figure.

  45. TyrantDestroyed says:

    The girls are so grown! I still remember their wedding. I feel so old now 😕

  46. Roserose says:

    She’s beautiful, all three of them are. What the media are saying about her weight makes me so sad and angry. I hope her parents are able to help her make sense of all this because this sort of bullying can cast a long, long shadow.

  47. Lwt00 says:

    As everyone else has mentioned (because we have eyes!) she’s a stunning young woman. I imagine in a less frumpy outfit her hourglass figure sings.

    Stories like this remind me of a girl I knew in high school. Her figure was just bigger. She was completely healthy, played every sport and was lovely. Sometime in college she went through a period of ED. It was awful to watch her waste away, to see the bones of her sternum popping out under her v-neck shirts. Her beautiful face became drawn and pinched. She has since recovered, thank God, but I’ll never forget the horrifying emaciation wrought for the sake of “being pretty.”

  48. L4frimaire says:

    They really need to leave this girl alone. It’s hard when you have pencil thin royal women like Kate and Letizia, but she is a child. They don’t know anything about her. She’s very pretty and very tall. No she’s not a skinny girl and curvy, but she looks healthy. If anything, a lot of girls who looked well developed face a lot of harassment at a young age, about their weight, sexuality, it’s a lot of pressure. Especially with a public figure. I hope her parents don’t pressure her about her size.

  49. GoogleIt says:

    Maybe my Dutch friends are an anomaly but they only ever have good things to say about their Dutch Royal family.

    • lola says:

      They are extremely popular here in Germany. You never see anything negative reported about them.

  50. Aerohead21 says:

    I think she’s beautiful and when you stand her up next to the rest of her family, they all seem a little thicker than average. There is nothing wrong with her image. People need to lay off, especially when it involved minors.

  51. Sof says:

    No, this is an Argentinian magazine. Which makes it worse, because everyone in Argentina has heard the rumors that both Maxima and her sister had suffered from eating disorders while growing up.
    The editor of the magazine had to issue a statement given all the backlash they are getting, I hope he gets sued. It’s not just the cover, from excerpts I’ve read, the whole article makes reference to her body.

    (oh, and btw, magazines here are already framing stories to label Alexia as a rebel princess and party girl. It’s gross)

  52. Cee says:

    This is an Argentine cover. Everyone in that cover, except Amalia, is Argentinian. For some bizarre reason this sickening cover was picked up and reproduced by Spain and Portugal.
    Everyone here has been in an uproar over this cover and the even worse story. I just can’t believe two other publications chose to run with it!
    When will people learn its not ok to comment on another person’s body?

  53. Meg says:

    This reminds me of mindy kaling saying she was asked questions during interviews about where she gets her confidence from. She pointed out that its passive aggressive because no one asks rhianna that question so the suggestion is mindy couldn’t possibly get confidence from her looks so where does she get it from? She said believe it or not it takes a lot of exercise and dieting to be this chubby!

  54. Keshet says:

    That girl is a beautiful renaissance painting. She’s gorgeous and perfect the way she is.

  55. ohrhilly says:

    She’s a child and she’s gorgeous. These are the same ones who bullied Crown Princess Victoria into an eating disorder. Shame on the tabloids.

  56. ChamomileLawn says:

    Those reporters need to take a long hard look at their effing toxic selves – this is beyond grotesque body shaming a child ffs.

  57. Llvanslyke says:

    I never see tabloids or magazines or newspapers call out men as being plus size. It’s just is a distinction they foist onto women. Especially when it has nothing to do with anything. If there is an article or story about a man or boy who happens to be a little bit overweight, if it’s relevant to the story they might say that the boy is Husky. But this double standard is infuriating.

  58. Anonymous says:

    Princess Amelia is a beautiful girl. She appears to be fit to me. She is very photogenic. In my teens and twenties, I wasted so much time trying to get skinny. When you grow up, you find out the super skinny girls who gave up carbs are still cheated on by their boyfriends. Why not be an easy to maintain clothing size that allows you to have a fun life, spend time with friends, and have a guy who loves you at your natural size? Its a waste of time to spend too much time dieting and exercise to maintain a size that may not be maintainable once you have a job and children. I mean, if you want to lose weight, something empowering like weight training is a good way that many women can stay a size 10 or so, and can still eat up to 2600 calories per day with only 3 hours per week spent in a gym.

  59. boobra says:

    i think she is an incredibly beautiful young woman and i hope she doesn’t let these cruel commentators get to her

  60. Reece says:

    She beautiful and tall and she’s 17! They need to back TF off!

    Sorry but that is the nicest comment I could muster.

  61. yinyang says:

    That is very cruel, it’s no surprise western beauty standard is skinniest of the world. When you have the most popular princesses battling it out to be the skinniest, only the skinniest woman gracing the covers of the magazine, it does something to the mentality of our little girls. Whether its said in a magazine or said on the school playground, this is how it’s going to be and girls will suffer. The world sucks.

    • Alexandria says:

      I don’t know if the Western standard is to blame but in Asia this is also happening and some Asians even think Western skinny is not Asian skinny! In Korea you can be fatshamed even in public and the workplace and by your parents. In China, the “how many coins can you fit into your clevacle” challenge was widespread. In Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines it’s the same skinny ideal. I don’t know about India but from the looks of it, female Bollywood stars are thinner than when I was a kid watching Bollywood. Smaller oval faces are preferred rather than round faces which is why Botox jawline is so popular in Korea, China, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia. So…I think we have a long way to go!! That and the obsession with fair skin is a double whammy.

      • yinyang says:

        Oh yes, parts of asia are bad. I think the whole world is going skinnier, India and african countries at a slower pace, but they’re headed that way too. It’s unfortunate, I think healthy wieght make the most beautiful and happiest people, I hate all this obsession with it.

  62. lolalola3 says:

    Ridiculous how they made her look larger on the cover but completely normal in the single or family photos. How pathetic this magazine is for trying to stir up controversy! She is drop dead gorgeous! The whole family is gorgeous. The writers for this Caras article seriously need to stfu.

  63. MJM says:

    Beautiful girl, lovely family.

  64. Jessica says:

    God, is the girl allowed to be herself? What the hell possible difference does her weight make to anything or anyone? I hope she keeps showing up in public looking amazing and living her best life.

  65. anon says:

    Look at her father and the rest of her genetic family. You can’t fight genetics! That’s horrible pressure to put on anyone.

  66. Leah says:

    She’s a child and she’s going through puberty so this is just disgusting what they are saying about her. I remember those teenaged years, wasn’t easy when you are caught between childhood and adulthood and you develop the figure of a 30 year old (which is what happened to me).

  67. PurpleHoulihan says:

    She’s a healthy, radiant, poised young women with a family that clearly loves her. The misogyny of the tabloids and their relentless targeting of women is a form of torture.

  68. The Recluse says:

    She’s tall! (That’s what struck me.) Wonder if she’s going to get any taller?
    Or am I being fooled by her heels?
    At any rate, she’s taller than me.

  69. NicoCollard says:

    What I see is a tall, stunning, model like girl. Someone that could be scouted on the street.

  70. Veronica S. says:

    I mean…even if she was built like a model, why should her looks even be a discussion point? She’s a seventeen year old kid. Do you think articles about teenage boys would immediately hone in on whether or not they’re good looking, or do you think they’d likely talk about their personality or accomplishments? That’s the key difference there. They go after her weight because the expectation is that women exist for visual pleasure. That’s the social double standard you have to destroy. Women shouldn’t have to be thin, and they don’t have the responsibility to beautiful, either.

  71. Lflips says:

    Can you imagine how twisted you have to be to try to make a beautiful girl like that feel ugly?

  72. Alexandria5 says:

    This is despicable treatment by the press of a young woman. She is a beautiful young woman and I hope her parents can shield her from such negativity.

  73. Marigold says:

    My daughter is 16. She has gone through so many natural fluctuations. The princess here is very tall, from the looks of it. She has probably gone through SO many physical changes in the last 5 years, and they have likely been abrupt.

    It is perfectly normal for adolescent girls to plump up (for lack of a nicer word) and then lean out multiple times in the natural course of things. Bodies are different. Different people develop at different rates and in different order.

    She isn’t done growing. She isn’t done developing. Female humans typically lean out in the later teen years if diet is adequately healthy.

    Fat shaming a 16 year-old is unconscionable, and she’s not even that heavy. She looks exactly like a plump-stage adolescent girl, and over the next five years, as her system calms down and settles into its adult state…we’ll see what we see. And it will still be none of our business.

    My kidlet is currently in a lean phase because she just jumped her last two inches in height. We’re pretty sure she’s fully cooked now, so to speak, but she’s had several plump phases. It’s normal. Leave this poor kid alone. It’s bad enough that she has to grow up royal with cameras in her face. Just leave her alone.

  74. MrsK says:

    Beautiful girl, and, I gather, she’s going to be the Queen of the Netherlands one day? She rules, tabloid drools.

  75. A says:

    She’s really pretty, and I love that she’s already got a sense of how she wants to dress and what she likes as far as fashion goes, because her dress is gorgeous. They’re such a beautiful family. All that should matter is how well she performs her duties as monarch. She seems like a girl who knows what her responsibilities are, and knows full well what she needs to do. What more could you want?

  76. Charfromdarock says:

    Is it too much to hope that she isn’t aware of this article?

    My nieces are 15 and 17 and very thin. The comments I hear grown adults, especially men, make are disgusting. I lace into anyone who makes any comment whether “positive” or not in my presence but it breaks my heart for what they face in the world.

  77. Mariane says:

    This is disgusting sexist behaviour. Why are they body shaming a 16 year old?? I wonder if they can sue for this?

  78. Sojaschnitzel says:

    She is soooooo beautiful. I hope that she understands that her face is really gorgeous, and that it gives her the confidence and self-love required to tune out all the noise. Fkuc the tabloids. I really don’t get why people buy this toxic crap.

  79. A.Key says:

    I live in South Korea where it’s normal to comment on someone’s weight, the way you would comment their appearance in general. Like “your hair looks great, interesting makeup, new dress? you look chubby in it”. Legit, that’s a normal conversation in Korea, lol. Took me some time to get used to it. Mostly there’s no malice behind it, it’s like saying “oh you have red hair now”. It’s just commenting on someone’s appearance. But then it made me wonder why is it SUCH a taboo to comment on someone’s weight in the West? Like we comment on people’s appearance all the time, but we pretend not to notice their weight. I honestly find it hypocritical. People should either comment on appearance or not. Like why is it ok to mention my face, hair, clothes, but not ok to say my arms look fat? Lets be real you can see all of it and ALL of it is superficial. My hair color and my weight both really tell you nothing about me as a person.

  80. pk says:

    She really is !