Kim Kardashian was crying because she’s ‘exhausted’ & ‘feels very hurt by Kanye’

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West go shopping at the Dover Street Market

Kim Kardashian traveled to Wyoming on Monday to finally see her husband in person. It feels like the worst of Kanye West’s manic episode is over, but I don’t doubt that the “work” on his album plus his family stress is still very triggering for his bipolar syndrome. As we discussed, this episode felt different from a distance – it was the first time Kanye really attacked Kim and her family, and we soon learned that Kim was over it and she is ready to divorce him. Which isn’t to say that she doesn’t care about him – she reportedly begged him to see her and accept medical help he kept on refusing. So now it sounds like her arrival in Wyoming was likely Kim’s attempt to force the issue. And that’s why things got so emotional, and why she was seen crying in the car with him.

In photos obtained by the Daily Mail on Monday evening, the pair was seen in an intense conversation upon Kim’s arrival in Cody, Wyoming — and the reality star appeared teary-eyed as she spoke with her husband face-to-face for the first time in weeks. A source tells PEOPLE that “as soon as Kim got to the ranch, she and Kanye came out together in his car.”

“Kim is hysterically crying,” the source says, adding that “Kim hasn’t seen Kanye for weeks. She is very emotional about everything, and also exhausted,” the source says. “She feels very hurt by Kanye. She has tried to reach him multiple times and he just ignores her. It’s all a bad situation,” the source adds. “She decided to fly to Cody to speak to him in person. She doesn’t want to be ignored anymore.”

A source tells PEOPLE that Kim is making a point to protect their kids — daughters North, 7, and Chicago, 2½, and sons Saint, 4½, and Psalm, 14 months — from their father’s public outbursts. “She is shielding the kids. All of her family is. They’ve circled around the kids and are insulating them from all of this,” says the source. “And everyone else has decided to create an atmosphere of normalcy around them. They don’t need to see such a public meltdown,” the source adds.

[From People Magazine]

There was some conversation about what images and storylines are being “managed” by the Kardashians, because people are really stupid enough to think that the Kardashian-Jenners WANT Kanye out there, making an ass out of himself and pretending to run for president and crying about abortion. I don’t doubt that Kim was partly crying for herself, for the fact that her marriage is not just some glossy Insta-inspo, that she has to deal with some real sh-t. But I also have compassion for her, because I can only imagine how hard it is to have dealt with Kanye’s episodes over the years, and I can only imagine how frustrating it is to have a husband who is incapable of being a full partner in their marriage or a partner in raising their kids. From the looks of the K-J’s social media, Kourtney seems to be the one looking after the Kardashian-West kids at the moment. I think that will ultimately be the reason why Kim leaves – because she’ll feel she has to make a choice between putting her energy into her kids versus putting her energy into her husband.

Kim flew back to LA yesterday evening – she must have just been in Wyoming for about 24 hours, long enough to check in on Kanye and try to convince him to get more help, only to have him refuse.

Kim Kardashian reps music icons Michael Jackson and Prince at JFK Airport

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  1. halcyon says:

    Boohoo cry me a river. She knew what she was getting into when she married Kanye and had kids with him. To her and her fame-whoring family, his clout overshadowed everything else. You reap what you sow

    • Heather says:

      If a person is not a mental health professional, bearing witness to a full-blown bi-polar episode, they have NO IDEA what they are getting themselves into.
      That’s like blaming a domestic violence victim for not knowing what they’re getting into.

      • buenavissta says:

        Now is the time for compassion, even for people you may not care for. Bi polar is a heavy load for everyone involved.

    • KL says:

      What a disgusting and insensitive comment.

      • NotLying says:

        I live in Kody, and the user above is not being insensitive. The Klan is beinginsensitive to Kanye, there were dozens of camera crew around them filming KUWTK and they closed down the entire wendy’s parking lot. I know Wendy’s might be one of the Koven’s sponsors since they had a pretty open relationship on twitter with Kim (not too long ago). If you read in between the lines, they have been filming for the past week despite Kanye’s problems. Kris Humphries admitted that filming was always fake and that they would produce tears using tear sticks. I feel bad for Kanye and really hope they aren’t exploiting this situation for what it is. Let’s not entirely dismiss the Kardashian’s as some kind of angelic saviors. I’m not buying it.

      • YaGotMe says:

        Clearly gross comments are only offensive if the target is worthy, this is far from the most insensitive I’ve read here today.

    • Ronaldinhio says:

      My gosh – what an utterly vile post.
      Many of the patients I support face adult onset of very difficult lifelong mental health diagnoses.
      Money does not and cannot purchase their way out of that.

    • Valiantly Varnished says:

      Your comment is gross and insensitive. That is all

    • detritus says:

      I’m so sick of this thought pattern, and I see it again and again on here.

      It’s ableist, it’s sexist, and it’s ignorant.

    • MissMarierose says:

      I’m sorry you can’t find a little compassion for someone trying to handle a difficult situation she didn’t create.

    • Mariangela says:

      They were opportunistic. She has my sympathy but in releasing the picture of her crying, I am starting to question their motives.

      I have zero doubt that they would have been able to have this conversation without the paps getting a photo. How? They knew what they were doing.

      • NotLying says:

        This! Do you remember Lamars relapse and what this family did to him prior to his hospitalization? I live in Cody, this looked way staged for my liking. Why would makeup and hair people be there?

      • bettyrose says:

        Exactly! And Lamar is a perfect example of the absolute coldness the Kardashians are capable of.

      • Sara says:

        I’ll say it again and again – this family had no qualms about airing Lamar’s, Rob’s and Scott’s very real problems for ratings. They’ll air Kanye’s problems too.

    • Geeena says:

      You would never say this if she had married someone who was in remission from cancer and had a re-occurrence. Let’s say in this scenario the cancer patient was refusing treatment, or seeking unconventional treatment and she wanted conventional. You still wouldn’t be this callous.

      I don’t know why there’s so little empathy for mental health struggles. That you think Kim deserves this is crazy, but I hope at least you have some sympathy for her kids, who didn’t get to pick their parents, are separated from their dad and disrupted from routine, and are likely going to experience their parents’ divorce next.

    • Jaded says:

      @halcyon – have you ever had a friend or family member with a serious mental disorder? I have and it’s heart-wrenching. I’m no fan of Kim or Kanye but I feel sorry for what they’re going through and you really need to work on developing your compassion gene.

    • Bunny says:

      No woman deserves abuse, even the ones you don’t like.

      Bi-polar is hard to “know” and unpredictable. KKW may not have known what she was getting into at all.

      Exactly what “clout” does he bring to the table that makes abusing her emotionally in public and accusing her of cheating in public worth it?

    • bettyrose says:

      I see what Halcyon is saying and largely agree. The Kardashians didn’t count on Kanye having a severe mental illness, but it’s a stretch to say they’ve ever cared about him as a person either. Half a dozen marriages/divorces and relationships/breakups to men who were emotionally destroyed by this klan says so.

      Kanye is the only one of them that deserves any compassion (though I find it hard to have compassion for Kanye because he’s a misogynist and misanthropic Trump supporter). BPD or schizophrenia or both are not easy to live with and this is life for him. The Kardashians will have long since moved onto another drama while he’s still dealing with it.

      I also have compassion for families with loved ones experiencing these disorders, but first you’d have to consider Kanye loved by the Kardashians and not merely a plot device. I’m sorry, but I don’t feel for the Kardashians. I feel for someone with a mental illness and for their devoted, loving families.

  2. I'm With The Band says:

    I honestly feel for Kim. I used to live with my sister and BIL and his episodes resembled Kanye’s behaviour so much, that it’s eerie. You cannot reason with someone in this state as their paranoia is rampant. It’s monumentally exhausting, especially where kids are involved.

    But… why were these conversations held where the paparazzi could see them? Was it a photo op (srsly, they do nothing without an agenda). I mean, this is on a ranch, not some street in Beverly Hills

    • Bunny says:

      Perhaps they were held where he would agree to go – a Wendy’s, in this case.

      You haven’t been able to speak with your bipolar spouse in weeks. He’s publicly accused you of cheating and of conspiring against you. You’re afraid for him.

      He wants to meet at Wendy’s to “protect himself” in his mind. You agree. What is so hard about that?

  3. Biff says:

    I think It’s possible to have compassion for Kim and still question the Kardashian machinery. I really doubt the paps are casually hanging outside wendy’s in wyoming, I absolutely believe the klan is building a narrative around Kim’s divorce where she comes out as a very sympathetic character and I also think this is very hard for Kim and the kids.

    • Princess Peach says:


      This is definitely a photo op for many reasons. The army of assistants they have to get Wendy’s for them. The fact that they almost always travel in blacked out SUV’s yet the paparazzi knew both where they would be and were in position to catch her crying directly into the camera. And most importantly that this was on TMZ who Kim has had a relationship with since when she was feeding them stories about Paris Hilton way back win.

      Kim has been criticized across the internet for being uncaring. It’s not unbelievable that she would do some media stunts to show she isn’t. And frankly she might be thinking strategically for a future custody fight.

    • TheOtherOne says:

      This. All this. This is the point I was trying to make with my sister. I feel for her because the stress on the family and kids is unimaginable. But don’t forget the klan machinery and I wouldn’t be surprised if she is recording convos for later use with the lawyers or the media. We learnEd from Taylor Swift Kim keeps receipts.

      • Sparkle says:

        Why shouldnt she protect her career and image? He has effectively abandoned his family and fatherly responsibilities. He is trashing her AND her mother AND daughter. Neither are angels but I dont believe she should just lay down and let Kanye destroy her image and reputation because he is having a mental health breakdown and may be paranoid and scorned. I believe Kim and Kanye have both exploited their relationship for press but what is happening is real, not some Hollywood plot line. This is a real family with 4 kids involved.

        Just because Kim is a celebrity you dont like, doesnt mean she should let a soon to be ex husband destroy her career and trash her family (also her image IS her brand).

      • Otaku fairy says:

        @Sparkles: Good point. This may not have been the best way to handle it, but it’s also pretty clear that any response on her part to the situation would have been a huge problem for people anyway.

    • Tate says:

      Completely agree Biff

    • Ronaldinhio says:

      I think the paps absolutely would be waiting their for that shot
      But also believe she will/May have deals with the Mail or TMZ

    • Heather says:

      I don’t think that the paps were waiting outside of Wendy’s, either. But you can be sure they ARE camped outside of the ranch, and follow every single vehicle that leaves the property.
      This situation is the type that tabloids live for; photos like the ones of Kim crying are pure gold.
      I really don’t think a call to the paps was needed in this case.

    • callmecray says:

      This! The user above literally just blew their cover! The fact that TMZ was the first to break the first indicator. And no where in Wyoming is there just paparazzi just waiting. I don’t doubt for a minute Kanye has mental issues; however, his environment is not suitable or adequate to help his medical needs, I think the Kardashian environment makes it worse. I remember reading an article from Kourtney Kardashian saying how toxic the environment was not too long ago. This is literally them setting up the storyline so Kim can come out looking like she was the victim. The family history with men have always depicted them as being the heroines. I notice they always are selective with the men they choose; people with preexisting mental and medical problems, drug and alcohol addictions, people who have lost parents (Scott and Kanye), there are way too many coincidences and all of a sudden we are supposed to agree with Kim?

  4. Ariel says:

    Kim has all of my sympathy. She has to be exhausted emotionally. And she will be for like a year after she leaves him. Dealing with manic people, getting in there to try to help or manage them, is exhausting.

    This is a guy who split during her difficult first pregnancy to work in another country.
    Who, instead of supporting her after her legitimately traumatic experience being robbed at gunpoint, had his own breakdown and made her trauma all about him and how terrible the experience was for HIM!

    Get him a conservator and get out!
    He is not capable of a loving partnership- some of which is due to his bipolar and refusal to treat it.
    Some of it is that he’s just a jackass.

    • Laura says:

      You are right on the nose

    • A says:

      This has got to be difficult to deal with, so I do have sympathy for Kim.

      But at the same time, she did choose to have a child, and then stay and have three more children, with someone who is clearly self-absorbed and has narcissistic tendencies. Even if she wasn’t aware that there was another mental health issue at play, the guy ditched her during her pregnancy with North, and clearly just liked having her around to dress like a real life doll.

      Maybe she just wanted to have all her kids with the same Dad, and settled in to the routine of spending lots of time apart? She needs to realize though that as long as Kanye doesn’t get treatment, this isn’t setting a good example for the kids of what a relationship should be.

  5. Ana says:

    Poor Kim, really. A woman should not be blamed for her husband’s troubles. Don’t get me wrong…I have a sheer dislike for PMK and all things Pinocchio butt related, but this is beyond a reality show, Kim is powerless to help ‘Ye and yet she carries all the blame wtf ?…she will leave only for the children’s sake.

  6. tig says:

    While I am reading about Kanye ramping up trying to get on the election ballot, which is clearly NOT a Kardashian move, I have more and more sympathy for KIm.

  7. Queen Meghan's Hand says:

    I really hope Kim decides to be radio silent for a while, stop with the sources, the tips to paparazzi and just be there for her kids and family. She’s been too famous too long, people who think this whole episode is staged won’t be convinced by People or Us or TMZ.
    I know her job requires she share her life for entertainment including from anonymous sources in tabloids and celebrity publications, but this incident with Kanye like the aftermath of the Paris robbery. But instead of pulling away like she did after that traumatic event, she’s exploiting herself. I fear her continued engagement with the public will be destructive to her own healing process.
    But then again, Buzzfeed just published an article sympathetic to Kanye.
    Oh and to the people saying that Kim should not have had kids with a person with bipolar disorder: that is so ableist.

    • TheOtherOne says:

      I agree. I hope she does a private divorce. But between Kris and Kanye this is going to be very public.

    • AMA1977 says:

      I don’t think that people with bipolar disorder should not have kids, but I do question the wisdom of bringing four kids into this marriage so close together in age when the writing was on the wall about Kanye’s noncompliance with his medication/management of his illness before the younger two were born. It’s not fair to the kids to bring them into a household in chaos, no matter how much money there is or how much love in the “good times.” Kids need and deserve stability, routine, and positive interactions and healthy modeling from their caregivers.

  8. Scollins says:

    boo-fkn-hoo. The pic in the car with him, her crying, captured by paps should tell us all what the goal is. The Klan need to back off and let his real friends try to help. Over the years Kim has co-signed so much of his craziness for money that’s it’s impossible to believe she’s got his best interests at heart.

    • Jules says:

      To understand Kim, you have to understand the mind of a narcissist. They manipulate and they only think of themselves. Everyone who is singing the oh poor Kim tune is playing right into her game. This is a ratings goldmine for the Klan, nothing else.

      • Mariangela says:

        100% – not everyone who supports mental health people is good. Some mentally ill people are surrounded by toxic people.
        Let’s not pretend that this won’t be used for the ratings. Mark my words.


    You nailed it. She is for sure crying for herself 😂 I love them together, but this was a marriage designed by clout, and they know these scandals are the exact thing keeping us interested. Beyoncé and Jay Z could never.

    • Valiantly Varnished says:

      Ummm of course she’s crying for herself. Who do YOU cry for? She’s also a mother and is probably crying for her kids and the untenable situation she as a parent finds herself in.

  10. Valiantly Varnished says:

    I hope Kim does whatever is best for her and her babies. Mental illness cannot be helped but what cam be helped is the choice to take your meds and do the work to stay healthy and balanced. Which clearly Kanye is unwilling to do.

  11. grabbyhands says:

    She’s exhausted, but not too exhausted to make sure everyone knows how hurt and exhausted she is.

    It is completely in her power to handle her side of things privately – they’re on a huge ranch in the middle of nowhere and with an army of people to do their bidding. No one needs to be sitting in a Wendy’s drive thru. They could hash all this out in the privacy of their compound, but then how would anyone know their business??

    It’s all optics at the end of the day.

    • Scollins says:

      Yes and it shows she doesn’t care what impact her fame whoring at their dad’s expense will have on the kids at some point in time. That’s what is disgusting and insensitive.

    • Markio says:

      You’ve got a point. Cody has about 2 miles of commercial streets. One part is about a mile on the highway, when you get in to town that has the grocery stores and a few fast food, and couple small businesses. The highway hooks right and it turns into their historic Main Street (Sheridan Ave) for another mile. You have only 1 fast food restaurant on that stretch, Wendy’s. The after the mile, it turns back into a highway. So less than two miles of commerce, one of it on the main drag. We go up every summer for my family’s internment camp pilgrimage. The locals there are friendly and don’t bother you if you’re famous-we had a famous actor (famous journalists and politicians too) do a documentary about Japanese ancestry. Nobody batted an eye. Cody’s businesses are on such a tiny area, you would be noticed if you’re Kanye in his conspicuous truck with Kim as your passenger.

  12. Lizzie Bathory says:

    I really hope people listen to the folks who have commented here on their lived experience with bipolar (theirs or loved ones’). It is exhausting, draining, scary, etc.

    I have 2 friends who manage their bipolar well but have also had terrifying manic episodes I have witnessed & tried to help with. OTOH, my husband has a relative who refuses to treat his bipolar & has basically destroyed all relationships in the family over the years. He is now more or less homeless, as far as we can tell from sporadic social media posts. He seems to believe he runs a business empire & has a direct influence on Trump. Bipolar is no joke.

    • detritus says:

      I always assumed that CBers are educated and empathetic, but if this crowd still can’t manage to talk about bipolar with compassion, it shows how far we have to go on mental health discussions.

      The writers are hitting it perfectly, some of the commenters are not.

    • Jules says:

      Also no joke: narcissism. Narcissists rule the world, addicted to power and control. Just look at the mess we are in.

      • Lizzie Bathory says:

        Whooooooo boy, I have my experience with narcissists, too (malignant & otherwise). I don’t care about the Kardashians, but from my own experience, I think Kim is fame-obsessed & has her brand, which is basically…fame. She doesn’t seem like a narcissist to me, though & I have a parent who is. I have spent years in therapy to deal with the destruction that causes. But even if Kim were a narcissist, there is no excuse for using that disorder–which causes untold destruction to those around the narcissist–to minimize the seriousness of what is happening with Kanye or to suggest that it is not exhausting & scary.

        And I’ve seen a LOT of that on the comments here. It’s gross.

      • Jules says:

        You are twisting my words. I am not minimizing the seriousness of what is happening, I am saying she is exploiting it.

      • Lizzie Bathory says:

        @Jules I’m describing what I’ve observed in the comments. In my opinion, I don’t think Kim is a narcissist. It also seems that Kanye called the paps out to Wyoming before she arrived. I haven’t yet seen how she’s “exploiting” his crisis.

        However, *even if* Kim is a legit narcissist (which I don’t believe) and *even if* her family are fame-chasing jerks (which I do believe), calling Kim out during this episode of family crisis comes across as at best lacking compassion for what a nightmare bipolar is for everyone affected and at worst minimizing or dismissing it. She could be a narcissist & still be absolutely exhausted & hurt right now. One of the things I’ve learned in dealing with my own narcissistic parent, as painful as that has been, is that narcissists also have feelings & in fact are very much in pain a lot of the time. It neither excuses their abusive behavior, nor does it erase my compassion as a flawed human who also experiences pain.

  13. Truthiness says:

    I’m still in virus-recovery and I too am exhausted. You know what I don’t do when I am exhausted? Go out to a Wendy’s. Or have emotional arguments/moments with loved ones in public. My heart goes out to all the families dealing with bipolar issues, Kim’s and everyone else’s. In her case I am sure she is protecting her brand but my God, in a year of outrageous fortune it seems callow and selfish to arrange photo ops to control the narrative. People are dying Kim.

  14. Keshet says:

    They have thousands of acres of private land and chose to meet in a car at a fast food drive through when any assistant could have gotten them Wendy’s. (And why would you eat fast food when you’re so rich?? Im poor and would never deign to eat such garbage).

    It’s all for show.

  15. JC says:

    I am an embarrassingly longtime lurker. I am also the former wife of a very smart man with Bipolar disorder and the mother of his children. I want to thank you for the sensitivity you have shown to Kim Kardashian’s experience and overall how you cover mental illness. You manage the grey areas well.

    The reminders that Kanye is not an equal partner or father are spot on. Bipolar Disorder is a bear of a diagnosis for both the family and the person living with it. Just because you are married to someone does not mean you have to take care of them fully, especially when you have children. When you get married, one’s desire is to have an equal partner in life and not someone who is constantly unable to meet you halfway. As you can see its very complicated and when children are involved and careers its even worse.

    Anyway, thank you.

  16. Gippy says:

    Most of what the K’s do is fake. I also think this is a real breakdown for Kanye. I’d be shocked if the paps aren’t staked out at the ranch and following every car that leaves. I wouldn’t be surprised in Kanye insisted on chicken nuggets and Kim went along for the ride because it’s that’s a little fight, getting help is the big battle. And if she had her entourage with her – well isn’t that how they travel?

  17. Mar says:

    Ok question.
    I agree Kim is not responsible for her husbands behavior but she and her family have absolutely enabled it for years. My question: why is everyone ok with saying “It is not Kim K’s fault her husband is mentally unstable” while at the same time holding Melania accountable for her enabling/inaction that has led to the Cheeto in Chief? And yes I am aware Melania is a birther and at the same time, Kim is a HUGE Manic Kanye enabler, retweeting his damn presidential campaign tweet and countless other scenarios.

    • Lizzie Bathory says:

      To me, the difference is that Kim & Kanye are public figures but Melania & Trump are public figures who are *also* in a position of public trust because of his office. Kanye’s mental health issues have significant private consequences (Kim, kids, etc); Trump’s have public ones.

      • Mar says:

        That’s valid. I think the ramifications of Kanye/Kim has shifted to the public sphere though with his “presidential campaign”.

      • Lizzie Bathory says:

        @Mar To me, it seems pretty clear that his “presidential run” is in line with a manic episode, especially since he totally missed the window to get on most ballots. That said, if he were to be elected to office, then sure, we’d be having a discussion about the public consequences. I just happen to think there’s a 0% chance of that.

    • YaGotMe says:

      Easy. We don’t like Melania. It’s ok to vilify women as long as the hive agrees. We like Kim because we hate Taylor. Not that hard if you follow the threads.

  18. bettyrose says:

    I have sympathy for all of us if Kanye is successful in drawing votes from Biden. Kanye as a candidate is no less absurd than Donald Trump, and if he’s on any ballot anywhere, people will vote for him.

  19. Sara says:

    The Kardashians were fine with airing footage multiple times of Scott Disick on alcoholic benders. Why do you think they’d feel any differently about airing Kanye’s problems?

  20. Oliviajoy1995 says:

    What sucks about all this is that he does the sh*t time and time again. Says a lot of below the belt crap about people and after his mania has worn off he apologizes to he wronged during his episode, then all is forgiven and he goes right back to doing it again later. He’s ruined his friendships with Jay-Z, John Legend, and now ruining his relationship with Kim and her family. It’s just old now. He needs to get his crap together for the sake of his children. Get on some meds. Or go see a psychiatrist. It’s just beginning to seem like it’s very contrived now.

  21. Laudbackmoneyonmymind says:

    At this stage I think everyone knows someone with “issues”. Bipolar or manic ideation is kind of the norm now. That being said, they are still using and manipulating this man for gain. I think it’s disgusting and she gets no sympathy from me. Everything has a price tag to these people, Something to show off or to create envy. Kanye is not property to exploit and this is exactly what they are doing. They are just setting this bitch up so her “brand” is safe from any blow back. If you think she was crying about anything else you are sadly being manipulated too.