Common confirms he’s with Tiffany Haddish: ‘I just care for her a lot’

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Last week, Tiffany Haddish let everyone know that she and Common have become quarantine boos, that she is happy in love and dare I say getting sexed on the regular. She said that she loves him, that “this is hands down the best relationship I’ve ever been in” and that “yeah, we’ve been f—ing.”

With that hilarious confirmation, we knew how Tiffany felt about her relationship, but we hadn’t heard a peep from Common. During an interview on Live with Kelly and Ryan last Friday, guest host Elaine Welteroth asked Common about Tiffany and said she heard there was “a new love connection.” Common gushed about her. In fact, he lit up and called her “a wonderful woman, a queen and just a beautiful person, man.” He also said that “I just care for her a lot, enjoy her and am grateful to have her in my life” and that he’s really happy. You can see that part of the interview below.

I am happy for him too. I was really hoping this was a reciprocal relationship and that it wouldn’t go the way of Common’s past relationships with high profile black women. I don’t think I have ever seen him this excited about a relationship.

Even though this is fresh, I feel like if you spent quarantine together and came out not wanting to kill each other, then your relationship has the juice to go the distance. I know that Tiffany has been through a lot in her life and I would like to see her get her happy ending.

I try not to be all up in people’s business, don’t @ me, but I definitely will be keeping my eye on this relationship. Will Tiffany be the woman to finally nail down Common, the bachelor with the beautiful wide shoulders who makes gray turtlenecks look sexy? I hope so, and that both of them are happy long term.

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Tiffany Haddish and Common join the pride BLM protest

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  1. TQ says:

    Very happy to see Common and Tiffany so happy and loved up! (But we have seen him lit up about one of his previous ladies — he wrote The Light about Erykah Badu!)

    Sending good vibes to these two beautiful people!

  2. Whatever says:

    I see a red flag bc Tiffany gushed “I love him” whereas Common did the “I care for her.”

    Common is Common. He is a heartbreaker.

  3. SJR says:

    I only know Common from the John Wick movies.
    Good looking fella, no beard please.

    Anyone finding some hope or happiness during 2020 …. good for you.

  4. AA says:

    Did everyone miss how he is a rapist? Please listen to Jaguar Wright’s story.

  5. Keira says:

    Right now they are at Dave Chapelle’s Summer Camp in OH.

  6. Donna Martin says:

    I’m worried about Tiffany. Shaving her head, exclamations of love and the look in her eyes, something ain’t right.