Anne Heche is bitter and nasty on Letterman, disses ex repeatedly

There are all sorts of things wrong with Anne Heche’s interview on David Letterman last night, and I’ll mention a few that stick out. Overall she just seems like a nasty, bitter, borderline functional person who would like nothing more than to publicly malign her ex husband, Coley Laffoon. Heche probably has some good reasons for disliking Laffoon. Laffoon lambasted her mothering skills during their 2007 divorce, but she in turn slung the dirt on him, claiming he had an addiction to online porn. Heche ended up paying a divorce settlement of $275,000 along with $3,700 in monthly child support, reduced from the $15,000 a month she was originally ordered to pay when she was working at the time.

Says she waited to have second child until she met someone worthy
Heche hooked up with her also-married “Men In Trees” co-star, James Tupper, in late 2006/early 2007. Anne had then five year-old son Homer with husband Laffoon, and James also had a child with his wife, according to reports at the time. (It’s hard to verify that Tupper had a child with his ex wife as she’s been admirably quiet about the affair, but reports in early 2007 said he had a kid at home when he was sneaking around with Heche on set. Some stories about the birth of Anne and James’ baby this year, Atlas, claimed it was James’ first child. People Magazine and US Weekly did not make this claim however.)

Anne admitted in an interview last year that she was cheating on her husband when she hooked up with Tupper.

“Well I had to wait [to have Atlas, now 5 months] until I met a man that deserved having a baby. And I met James Tupper and I just thought he was such a wonderful dad to Homer that he deserved one of his own, you know?”

Let’s assume that Tupper didn’t already have a kid when she met him as that’s hard to verify. (He may have a step child, which could explain the conflicting stories.) There’s another offensive level to that statement, which also implies that her last husband didn’t deserve a child. How is her son with Laffoon, Homer, 7, going to feel when he gets older and reads some of the things his mom said about his dad? It’s like she’s saying his father didn’t deserve a child and that Homer was a mistake. Given this woman’s issues, this is going to be the least of that kid’s concerns though.

Calls her ex husband lazy, says she doesn’t want to see him and that all he does is collect checks
Anne then went on to malign Laffoon, telling Letterman that her ex was a “lazy ass,” that the “newest and greatest event of his life” was coaching soccer, and that all he did for a living was go out to the mailbox and collect her checks. By Lafoon’s account, he gave up his job as a cameraman to care for their son, Homer, so that Heche could work. Laffoon claimed during their divorce that he was the primary caregiver to Homer since the boy was an infant. That means that this woman is talking repeated smack about father of her child who she cheated on at work when he was at home taking care of their son. How would she be perceived if she was a man complaining about the same thing?

Heche also detailed how Laffoon had invited her her to see his soccer games on Thursdays and Saturdays, which was likely his way of extending an olive branch after their acrimonious divorce. She went on to sneer that of course she didn’t want to see him – they were divorced.

“He wants me to come and watch him run around in his little white shorts playing soccer… Honestly, I don’t want to come to rehearsal and watch you run around in your tight shorts like trying to pretend that you know how to play soccer… I divorced you! No, I don’t want to hang around with you Thursdays and Saturdays and maybe on Sunday.”

Tells David Letterman repeatedly that his decision to get married was a mistake
Anne tried to goad Letterman into telling her that married life was miserable, and newlywed Dave played along a little, deadpanning that it was “everything I hoped it would be.”

“Congratulations” she sniped. “I warned you. I said it last time I was here. ‘Do not go there. Don’t get married…'”

Dave explained “I found that I have more time now, because I’m not dating.”

Anne then got all condescending and smiled broadly, shaking her head. “I’m sorry for you, Dave.”

No, Anne, we’re sorry for you. You clearly have hate and negativity oozing out of your pores like someone taking a sauna after eating too much garlic.

It got worse after that, it really did. Anne’s crazy came shining through and she went off on several manic rants. While talking about her childhood in New Jersey she called her father lazy, and said that the $100 a week she brought in acting at the age of 12 was more than her dad had ever made. “He was a lazy… it’s over in my life though. I have a wonderful guy who has a wonderful job.”

Anne was promoting her role on the HBO series “Hung,” in which she plays the ex wife of a male prostitute. Why anyone is still willing to hire this insane woman is beyond me. She sure plays bitter ex wife well, though, and I’ll have to check out this show to see if she’s as typecast as I think she is.

Anne Heche is shown outside The Late Show on 8/26/09. Credit: Diane Cohen/Fame Pictures

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  1. Len says:

    I saw a fragment of this interview. This woman is crazy. Really batsh*t crazy. Why does she do this knowing their children will one day be old enough to see this?

  2. Jen says:

    I’m pretty sure she grew up in Ohio.

  3. Tess says:

    Letterman. What a rancid, self-impressed, over-the-hill creep.

  4. Madelyn Rose says:

    Hung is an awesome show, and I do love Thomas Jane in that role. You all should check it ou, if you haven’t…not that I am supporting Anne, but it’s just a great program. As imbd put it, an “American Beauty” for television.

    Right ON, celebitchy, there is nothing worse than a person who acts like this towards an ex-spouse, no matter what they did:

    “Overall she just seems like a nasty, bitter, borderline functional person who would like nothing more than to publicly malign her ex husband, Coley Laffoon.”

    Thank you for being a voice of reason and not a supporter of people trashing their ex-spouses in a public forum! This behavior hurts everyone involved, mostly the children, and does not allow people to heal and move on after a divorce.

  5. Firestarter says:

    Actually Heche plays the ex wife of a high school basketball coach, who since his house burned down, becomes a male escort to supplement his income.

  6. M says:

    Anne is certifiably crazy, yes. What she said was crass, insensitive and way out of line.

    But I laughed — she was being quite genuine about her feelings. She’s the crazy-b*tch ex-wife venting on Letterman about her “lazy” ex-husband. I don’t think what she said was any different from what millions of other ex-spouses say after a bitter, protracted divorce. The fact that she’s crazy Anne Heche just made her comments worse.

    I mean, isn’t Eddie Cibrian’s wife doing the exact same thing? Running her mouth off and oversharing in an effort to lambast her soon to be ex when she should just keep mum?

  7. Praise St. Angie! says:

    man, I feel sorry for her kids.

    if she shows this much bitter and crazy to the public, imagine what she shows to her kids.

    they’re going to wind up needing major therapy.

  8. loldongs says:

    This is what happens when iniquity ridden self entitled broads get old.

    She’s definitely bitter, however. There’s a clear distinction between an individual who is justifiably outraged at some wrongdoing, and this ridiculous slag.

    She can be classified using the derogatory epithet “bitter” because she’s largely to blame for the majority of her misery.

    She’s a narcissist and a cheat.

    She will clearly do anything in order to rationalize her behavior.

    Thus, a lifetime of exhibiting this behavior has resulted in her effectively painting herself into a corner so to speak.

    She knows who she is and what she’s done to herself, and yet she refuses to take responsibility for her own unhappiness.

    That’s bitterness to a ‘t’.

  9. ash says:

    sounds like she needs a few swift flicks to the forehead

  10. really says:

    Didn’t she use to date Ellen??

    I love the show Hung, it rounds out my Sunday nights along with Entourage. Mr. Patricia Arquette is a hottie!

  11. UrbanRube says:

    Dark, dark, dark…

  12. vicsmith says:

    Yes, her crazy works for her character in Hung. A loony narcissist. She could be playing herself. Love that show and Thomas Jane.

  13. Bill Hicks is God says:

    Tess: Perfectly said.

  14. gg says:

    Bitter whiner. Not cool to slag kids’ dads, even NOT on TV.

  15. Victoria says:

    Anne Heche is QUITE MAD and I dont understand why anyone wants her freaking autograph much less wants to hire her.

  16. Barb says:

    Hung is beginning to hit its stride, but heche remains impossible to watch. she always seems a step or two out of pace with the other actors, like she’s just not all there mentally. she seems deeply medicated. i don’t get why, with all the excellent, out-of-work actresses out there, the producers of Hung would choose to hire someone who was a real trial to watch. the only way it possibly works is to think they wanted to cast someone who was bitter, unpleasant, and horrible in the role, but STILL, she’s just a mess.

  17. maddie says:

    Yes she dated Ellen, I think she only dated Ellen to promote herself more into the spot light.

    Never bought that she was gay just an opportunist, matter of fact when this whole cheating with the co-star blew up I went to and checked her out and it seems that she met her ex-husband Laffoon while he was working on 2 different Elle specials.

    But when you look into her childhood it’s no wonder why she is as she is.

    Her father died of AIDS in 83 hiding his sexuality from his whole family.

    Her brother died in a car accident.

    Her older sister died of brain cancer.

    Not excusing her because if anyone should be bitter about the whole thing that went down are her ex husband and the ex-wife of her new baby daddy.

    He supported her career like many women do to this day and to be called lazy because they both decided for him to stay home with the baby, she is such a bitch and it really does prove how delusional some folks are to the pain they not only cause themselves but others to.

    I do have to question the what the heck her new man is thinking with having a child with this woman.
    I think he will live to regret it big time in 2 to 3 years that seems to be her time line.

  18. Tazina says:

    It sounds like Anne would be a lot kinder to her ex husband if he at least made an effort to find work to help support his own child. Laying around and waiting for the check to arrive every month makes him a lazy freeloader. I don’t blame her at all for being angry about having to support this loser probably for many years to come.

  19. Cinderella says:

    I think it’s time for that spaceship to return and whisk Celestia away.

    James Tupper, what the hell did you get yourself into.

  20. maddie says:

    @ Tazina

    Yes take the word of a liar, cheater.
    Who goes on TV to bash the man she cheated on.

    Wow like your logic.

  21. mollyb says:

    I can’t stand it when one parent trashes another parent liket that–in public or private. My parents had a very bitter divorce but neither ever said anything negative about the other to my brothers and I and I still appreciate that.

  22. Miss Wanderlust says:

    Wow, Classy…..NOT ! I feel sorry & embarassed for her children, keep your private life PRIVATE Anne !!!
    There is no need living in the past, move on and try to respect the father of your child because he is going to be a part of your life forever ? She is a very selfish person who thought she was funny but she made a total *ss of herself ? Just another example that you have to get a diploma to achieve something but every other *sshole can put a (innocent) child in this world ?

    She only makes her new partner James Tupper look stupid, i would watch my back because she could give him the same treatment in the future !

    The first time someone shows you who they are, believe them(Maya Angelou)

  23. Persistent Cat says:

    Wow, she is crazy. And a total bitch. You bitch about your ex to your friends, not on television. That was full on mean, considering she was cheating on him. Dave should’ve brought that up.

    Hung is ok. I had lost interest but I gave it one more shot and became interested again when he fell for the crazy client (man, she was beautiful) but there’s only a few episodes left. What kind of cliff hanger can they leave? Nothing happens. And it’s too early for the ex-wife to come back.

    I will say, as much as I dislike her, I like her in Hung. To whoever above said she seems out of pace with the others, now that you mention it, yes but I think it works for her.

  24. KateNonymous says:

    What an ugly soul she must have.

  25. Rosanna says:

    Yeah right! Try working your +ss off and see half of your paycheck go out to somebody doing nothing, then maybe you’ll understand what she feels.

  26. Stephie says:

    over and over “why does she get hired”

    She gets hired because she’s
    “stick thin”
    and is a
    “decent actress”
    (didn’t like Men in Trees?)
    Sanity isn’t required is it? I Hollywood? C’mon.

  27. JustMe says:

    This bitch is out of control: her meds need adjustment.

    The “truth” is fine but your child(ren) will grow up and read all the nonsense and crazy – lovely.

    I’m waiting for the day she has something PLEASANT to say about someone.

  28. the original kate says:

    she is an unattractive woman, both inside and out.

  29. Iggles says:

    She’s a hateful P.O.S.!!

    I hope her Ex is able to get MORE alimony out of him after that comment!

  30. Tammy King says:

    You could tell Dave was really uncomfortable.He didn’t even try to engage her in conversation or flirt like he usually does with his female guest. She was rambling on and on like an insane person. At one point I thought looked a little scared.

  31. queenie says:

    I’ve never been a believer in defending or protecting dead-beats by keeping one’s mouth shut. I think it hurts everyone when someone covers up the behavior of crummy ex’s. So I say “Go Anne Hesche–say it loud say it proud!”
    It also seems to me that everyone was more than happy to bag on her for all her wrongs…double standards much? Or is it that women still have a vested interest in protecting men at all cost?

  32. Persistent Cat says:

    I can’t believe you wrote “much.”

    If it were a man being hateful like that, yes, we’d be criticizing him too. He’s the father of her child, what she did was just low. And isn’t he the primary custodian of the child? Of course he should get getting money from her.

  33. JustV says:

    I do hate it when people complain about the money that they have to send to support their own children. How much does she think that she should pay to keep her son’s lifestyle comparable to hers? If the type of career that the ex had is not necessarily conducive to being a single parent, I don’t necessarily blame him for not working right now as their child transitions into going to school full-time. Just like I wouldn’t blame a single-mom in the same situation. (BTW, I work full-time with 2 young sons and a spouse)
    If she is so disgusted by the amount of money she has to pay in child support, then she should adjust her attitude and lifestyle so that she can gain full custody of her child.

  34. Giz says:

    Well, now we know why the father has custody!

    I never got past her after the Ellen incident. She used Ellen to further her career and as a trophy. The woman will obviously do and say anything! ANYTHING if she thinks it’s going to benefit her in some way. This will backfire on her in the end–one way or another.

    I agree with JustV. Usually you hear these types of rants coming from ex-husbands, then of course women what to defend the ex-wife. However, the shoe is on the other foot and there is no defending Heche even if the guy is “lazy” or so she says! You certainly can’t be lazy when it comes raising a child properly!

    She has deep issues when it comes to men. Unfortunately, Ellen suffered the fallout. HOWEVER, Ellen has done, far, far better than that nasty piece of work! I pity the ex and the child.

  35. The Domestic Goddess says:

    Finally watched the interview .. out of some perverse sense of ??? … As an actress I like Anne Heche. Personally, since I don’t know the woman, not much to say. She did seem somewhat empassioned whilst speaking of her ex – she didn’t sound any differently than alot of men who complain about their ex spouses just living off the “child support” cheque. Perhaps there are issues that she did not share, that apparently have not been resolved if her anger was anything to go by. As for her being “unique”, it seems that she’s certainly “nuts” enough to be able to afford nearly 4k in alimony per month. Funny how that works? At least she pays her child support! And I continue to enjoy her work on the screen.

  36. whatever says:

    Please don’t hate on her–she’s ill.
    I met this woman once. Let me tell you she is certifiable. It’s like she’s in her own world and no one else exists at all. I hope she’s getting the help that she needs.

  37. Giz says:

    Ohh, buggers, what was I thinking? Why didn’t I see this as a little nuttie Annie’s ploy to promote herself? …Now you people talk about Brangelina’s shamless self-promotion! There is NO shame!

  38. Who Cares says:

    He may be a loser, but she’s a total bitch. No one forced her to marry the guy. Trashing your child’s father on national TV is classless.

  39. Goddess711 says:

    I love this! It’s true – ex’s who sponge off the women are dirt bags. I can’t stand Anne Heche but I loved this. Dave asked, she responded. Good for her!!!!

  40. Jazz says:

    She’ll be saying the same thing about James Tupper soon enough.

  41. eternalcanadian says:

    umm, isn’t she supposed to be all happily married to some hot guy and has a kid with him in addition to her first kid? so why is she ragging on her ex who happens to be the father of that first kid? for all we know he is doing the best he can with the legal loopholes she’s thrown in his path to prevent him from seeing his kid. she’s seriously whacked in the mind to be ranting like that. i bet her husband was thrilled to see his wife still harping about her ex. maybe he’s got a prelude to what his own life will be like a couple years down the road, eh?