Angelina Jolie’s lawyer: There’s something ‘untoward’ happening with the judge

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Earlier this week, we heard that Angelina Jolie’s divorce attorney had filed paperwork to get a private judge thrown off the Jolie-Pitt divorce case. Angelina and Brad Pitt hired a private judge, John W. Ouderkirk, to oversee their divorce years ago. The idea behind hiring a private judge is that rich and famous people can keep things more civil and they don’t have to make their court filings public. There’s more secrecy in general, especially for contentious and long-winded divorces. The problem, according to Jolie’s attorney, was that Judge Ouderkirk has a long-standing financial arrangement with Brad’s lawyers, and this arrangement was not disclosed. In fact, Ouderkirk and Pitt’s lawyers tried to hide it. Pitt’s side ran to Page Six and claimed that Angelina is trying to get Ouderkirk thrown off the case because Pitt is “winning” the divorce. I would assume that Pitt is winning… because the judge is so biased. Anyway, I guess the filing just became public because wow, this new Page Six story is something else:

Angelina Jolie questioned the judge presiding over her and Brad Pitt’s divorce because she was “concerned that something untoward was happening.” Jolie filed court papers to have the private judge disqualified from their case after her lawyer Samantha Bley DeJean discovered Judge John W. Ouderkirk had an ongoing professional and financial relationship with Pitt’s attorneys Anne C. Kiley and Lance Spiegel, which allegedly was their “little secret”.

Jolie and Pitt have a bifurcated divorce, which means they are legally divorced, but still need to decide child custody and all financial issues with the help of a private judge. They have six kids, although the eldest, Maddox is an adult, aged 19. A source said, “Angelina isn’t trying to delay this process. In fact, the court papers state that she wants to get this issue with the judge resolved so there are no further delays [in deciding custody and financial issues like child support].”

The papers, filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, state that there were “matters that Judge Ouderkirk did not ultimately disclose until [Jolie’s] counsel conducted her own inquiry into missing disclosures,” which “left [Jolie] without an … [understanding] of the professional relationship between the judge and [Pitt’s] counsel.” Angelina’s attorney, “on her own initiative, discovered the truth of what should have been disclosed long before,” the filing adds.

Jolie’s legal team was told that, from 2012 to 2013, Judge Ouderkirk “had heard a few cases involving [Pitt’s] counsel, but that in recent years he had only undertaken one or two cases that settled without his involvement. “Hidden was the fact that Judge Ouderkirk’s relationship with Respondent’s counsel had continued and expanded into 2020.” It is believed the judge had worked on numerous undisclosed cases for Pitt’s lead attorney Spiegel and one for his other attorney Kiley.

Jolie’s lawyer found out that one of these cases, the bitter divorce between “Modern Family” co-creator and executive producer Steve Levitan and wife Krista, “had not in fact settled in 2018 as had been represented by the judge’s disclosures. Rather, Judge Ouderkirk’s appointment was extended from June 20, 2019 to August 1, 2020.” The Levitan case and another case was declared by Ouderkirk’s office in 2018, “but erroneously indicated that both were settled,” the papers say. The papers state that “several cases” in 2019 and 2020 which Judge Ouderkirk was presiding over for Pitt’s attorney “were not disclosed at all.” When Judge Ouderkirk was asked by Jolie’s team why he did not disclose these cases, “he [appeared] to concede that he had a duty to do so. And his failure to do so was an ‘error,’” the papers state.

Given that there were “ever-increasing business relationships between Judge Ouderkirk and [Pitt’s] counsel — relationships that were providing a steady stream of income to Judge Ouderkirk and the potential for future work … These are precisely the type of repeat customer circumstances that create doubts about a privately-compensated private judge’s ability to remain impartial.” Private judges typically earn between $500 and $1,000 an hour.

However, “No one thought to let [Jolie] know. Instead, it was a little secret between Judge Ouderkirk and [Pitt’s] counsel.” And, “as is often true, the cover-up (or perceived cover-up) drives home the concern that something untoward is happening,” the court papers state.

Jolie’s attorneys are now demanding that “disqualification is the required remedy for the private judge’s failure to disclose ongoing financial and professional relationships with respondent’s counsel which create at least a doubt about impartiality.”

[From Page Six]

Basically, there are two shady things happening at once, and either is cause to have Judge Ouderkirk thrown off the case. The first shady thing is that Ouderkirk is basically a judge-for-hire specifically for Spiegel and Kelly, that most of the private cases he’s taken on have been for those two attorneys, and they’ve always been long, drawn-out affairs which see the judge raking in hundreds (if not thousands) of billable hours. The second shady thing is that Judge Ouderkirk failed to disclose this ongoing relationship with Spiegel and Kelly, and in fact he outright lied or falsified his disclosures/records in dealing with other divorce cases (with Spiegel and Kelly as lawyers). Jolie has every right to want him thrown off the case. I would not be surprised if there was a movement by Samantha DeJean to impeach the judge.

35th Annual Santa Barbara International Film Festival - Maltin Modern Master Award Honoring Brad Pitt

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  1. Sierra says:

    Watch this space because it looks kind of like Brad’s team and the judge committed quid pro quo.

    Angelina can request for a full and new review of these divorce and custody issues.

    And now watch the real truth about Brad coming out. Couldn’t happen to a better man.

    2020 is the year white men gets brought to justice.

    • Lotoya says:

      I’m here for this finally happening to him! I hope he finally gets exposed so that the world will see him for who and what he truly is!

    • whatWHAT? says:

      yeah, this full explanation is kind of shocking to me.

      that judge needs to be impeached, for sure. it’s bad enough that they had the ongoing relationship where there may be a conflict of interest but that THEY HID IT? Because they KNEW it was wrong?

      damn, Ms. Jolie, you have a GOOD lawyer and I hope you get justice.

    • Sasha says:

      Hopefully 2020 will be the year these two are finally divorced with financial and custody matters all settled. It will be very nice to no longer have to see these two linked together even in tabloid stories.

    • SaraR. says:


      You are kidding, right? They will be connected forever – they have 6 kids together and they will always be connected privately and tabloids won’t let go of them either. There will always be some story about poor Brad and evil Angelina – that’s their bread and butter. Brad is still connected to Aniston in tabloids and they are divorced for 15 years. It will never end.

  2. Vanna says:

    Holy smokes Pitt is keeping dirty company. I hope the judge gets impeached and Jolie gets a refund, if possible.

    • Sierra says:

      If it gets proven that the judge did favour Brad because he was “bribed” then Brad could lose the custody (in UK he will but not sure about US).

      • lisanne says:

        No, that’s not how it works. The accusation is against the judge, not Brad. If the judge is dismissed then they will have to find another, whether it be a private judge or not.

    • Lotoya says:

      I’m hoping so too dear
      Wow @Sienna is that true I can imagine Brad must be pissing in his pants right now. He should have known by now that Angie not one to be messed with!

    • Booie says:

      He’s dirty himself, refusing to pay people he hires to work for him and denying it until they try to sue him.

      • Meg says:

        Really? He doesn’t pay people for their work, who does that sound like?
        PR people work overtime to make brad look good by covering things up because the more i find out about him the less i think of him

  3. LaUnicaAngelina says:

    Damn… shady af.

  4. Gina says:

    Uh how does one “impeach” a retired judge?

    • Mina says:

      His reputation and his lawyers will be in the mud .

    • Lena says:

      I was wondering that myself. He is a judge for hire and it looks like Brad’s lawyers like him for all their cases which makes the judge suspect for all the opposing counsels for all the cases with these lawyers. Any lawyers reading this? This divorce will now take another how many years if they start all over?

      • ItReallyIsYouNotMe says:

        I’m a lawyer and this happens with arbitrators and mediators. The defense has a few that they like and repeatedly use because they Are successful in reaching what the defense considers a reasonable settlement / result. Usually they aren’t too one-sided or the plaintiffs’ bar won’t agree to use them and there goes the arbitrator’s livelihood. Sometimes the plaintiffs’ bar won’t agree to that arbitrator or mediator because they are considered too pro-defense. I take all statements like this with a grain of salt because there is ALWAYS another side to the story. I also cannot imagine that Brad’s attorneys Would risk bar sanctions for willfully misrepresenting their relationship with the judge. I can’t tell if they straight up didn’t disclose the private judge’s other cases, but It sounds to me like at least some of this is a failure to update the disclosures that were made when the private judge was originally retained.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      maybe disbarment will be just as good.

  5. Thanks says:

    Page 6 has always been nasty to Jolie so shocked they’ve actually written this.

    • Lotoya says:

      I’m actually shocked this reticle is from page six too cos they’re always nasty to Jolie. Brad better be shaking in his boots

      • Hmm says:

        Brad had his team run back to page six to smear Angelina LoL that’s all he has.

        Angelina has filed something else – not sure what it is yet.

    • ad says:

      @Thanks or maybe Pitt who knows the truth instructed them to pause attacking her! Page six is for Fake News & is used by paid PR to attacked to distract the published truth! They earned a lot of money from PR spinners!

  6. Mina says:

    Well this reporter Emily Smith wrote “exclusive news” , this lazy woman heard the words of Godspel aka her source “Spiegel” and run with it . The days when this papers cd run a legal story only to smear Angelina is over. Angelina has a new team of lawyers and they won’t sit and watch her ex bs without fighting back.

  7. Izzy says:

    Wow. Shady AF.

  8. Jellybean says:

    Wait and see what happens. I am sick of lawyer’s games and PR.

  9. Greta says:

    There should be movement by next Monday, Angelina filed papers Tuesday scheduling a conference on the 17th, and there was already some kind of appearance this Tuesday. So the idea that was floated on here and on page 6 before that she was somehow trying to stall or delay is nonsense.

    It says in the filing Bley found out about this in late July, then I’m guessing she spent time gathering information and evidence, took it to the judge and Pitts attorney’s, then filed last week to get things moving .

    I said this in the last post on this, it’s stated in the filing that every single extension over 4 years was asked for by Pitt, that’s all really suspect And that Pitt insisted it had to be this particular judge handling this case, if issues were to be resolved. I’d be rightfully pissed and suspicious if I were Angelina. No party wants even a hint of impropriety or conflict of interest in their matter, wanting a a fair and impartial hearing is common sense. Her attorney seems to have gathered facts first, she has every right to ask and wonder. We shall see.

    • Mireille says:

      It amazes me when Angie critics and the media so bent on placing blame on her delaying the divorce don’t know how to read a legal filing. When I first heard about it, my first thought was when did Angie’s team find out about this conflict of interest? And I was guessing this was something that must have been found pretty recently. What’s really revealing is the the extent on how cozy this judge is with those two lawyers or if Brad knew about this relationship. But you can bet if the shoe was on the other foot…the media would spin this as Angie trying to illegally spin the proceedings outcome her way because, you know, she being evil and all. 🙄

      And even though Page 6 is reporting this, Page 6 is still garbage. Wait another day before they go back to Angie-bashing.

  10. Noki says:

    The question is did Brad know that his lawyers have a connection to the judge for hire,is this something they may have disclosed to him also?

    • whatWHAT? says:

      even if Pitt doesn’t know the extent and specifics of the relationship between the judge and the lawyers, you can bet dollars to donuts they said something to him like “Hire THIS guy, we know him and he’ll do us a solid”. I’m sure he was “recommended” to Pitt in some way.

      • Kebbie says:

        Ouderkirk married them, so Angelina and Brad already knew the guy before either ever hired counsel for the divorce. I doubt his lawyers even had to recommend him, just a happy coincidence for them.

        I’m wondering what obligation his lawyers had when they knew the judge hadn’t disclosed the true financial dealings? Do they not have a responsibility to say something? At that point they’re no longer operating in good faith, but I’m not sure that matters from a legal standpoint.

      • ad says:

        Apparently Pitt insisted that this particular judge should handle their case & Angelina went along with his wishes not knowing about the association of Pitt’s attorneys with the judge. Pitt applied for extensions a few times for whatever reasons! Maybe Jolie’s attorneys found somethings don’t tally & here it is!
        Mind you Pitt appears so confident that he will Win the battle! Now this!
        His Hollywood friends as usual will rally around to save his face if there is any wrong doing on his part. Wait & see

      • Bread and Circuses says:

        Hmm, I suddenly remember how not-into-it Angelina looked when she got married.

        And given how quickly they fell apart again (compared to how long they’d been together already), I’m pretty sure they were already on shaky ground and the marriage was an attempted band-aid.

        Which means the judge might have been just another thing Brad pressured Angelina into, rather than being someone they both trusted equally.

    • jen d. says:

      I’m wondering the same thing. I mean, I’m willing to bet he probably knew, but how will he respond? I’m not going to pretend to be a legal expert, but I imagine an appropriate response would probably be to fire his lawyers. And what kind of implications would this have for previous cases? The article mentions at least one other divorce they presided over. Do the original parties in that case (especially the side that got less than what they wanted) ask for the terms of their divorce to be looked at again? What a mess.

      • Lady D says:

        I’m assuming there is a whack of them lining up to sue this judge and the lawyers. I sure as hell would be. I hope all the rats go down with the gavel.

      • ad says:

        @jen d. Pitt spend a lot of money paying spinners he is not worried, just look at all his Hollywood community standing by him! Page six is a tabloid for paid PR spinners, Pitt’s PR uses it a lot!

    • Booie says:

      The paper work said the respondent knew.

      This judge officiated their wedding. They both clearly have a personal relation with him from before but only one of them had their lawyers have side deals with them. Brad’s not as innocent as he likes to act.

      • Sasha says:

        This has nothing to do with guilt or innocence, you yourself concede the this is the same judge the married them in the first place. If Jolie was able / willing to secure legal counsel from Los Angeles there is a very good chance her lawyers would have had previous dealing with this judge as well.

      • Gunnar says:

        @SASHA Except Jolie did have LA based counsel (Wasser), and yet their firm had no previous dealings with this judge. Not that this is relevant because prior involvement is not the issue. It’s the dealings that began in 2019 carrying on into this year and not disclosed that are.

      • Greta says:

        @Sasha that’s not the issue though. Angelina knew when she agreed to this judge that he had a professional relationship with Pitts counsel from previous years. The same way he may have had an ongoing or previous business relationship with her lawyer at the time Wasser (though it seems he did not). It was agreed that he would then disclose any future professional and financial relationships on an ongoing basis as per California court rules. The issue is that when he took on this case he didn’t have any matters with these particular lawyers, and should he do so again in the future, it was agreed that he would then disclose any financial and professional relationships, and it would be ongoing disclosure as long as proceedings lasted.

        He failed to do so repeatedly while increasing his business relationship with Pitts counsel where they became a steady customer. The issue is he did not disclose, and it wasn’t just one other case or two, but quite a few and the number seemed to be increasing steadily. It’s basic ethics, and as per their agreement. It’s a bad look. Any lawyer worth their salt would look into it and ask questions, it’s quite simple he had a duty to disclose, he failed in this duty and you have to wonder why, Bley conducted her own query after she realised there were missing disclosures, found this out and is acting as she should, it’s that simple. It’s that he failed to meet minimal ethical standards per court rules, and as per their agreement.

      • ad says:

        @Greta original statement of Jolie’s attorney published on fussyeye

    • ad says:

      Apparently he knew, during the process Pitt insisted that he remains their judge+ there is also a question mark of the 3x extensions he made. Jolie’s attorneys seems very thorough!

  11. Who ARE these people? says:

    What did Brad know that and when did he know it?

    • Mina says:

      He’s still paying them big bucks , so somewhere he agrees , as long as his image is the “winner” His ego is bigger than his logic. “Winning the divorce ” What a dumb idea . Coming from his misogynist , unethical lawyer, it doesn’t surprise me .

    • MerlinsMom1018 says:

      @Who ARE these people?
      HA!!!! I see what you did there!!!!

  12. Stacy Dresden says:

    Wow! This is shady as hell!

  13. Queen Meghan's Hand says:

    I am appalled. I hope DeJean and Jolie (how lovely those names are together) move to have a public judge.

    Brad Pitt will likely spin this as he didn’t know what his lawyers were doing, that he was in a way being defrauded. BULL. This is CLEARLY his attorney’s tried-and-true tactic: delay, delay, delay. Have your estranged/ex-wife spend hundreds of thousands of dollars going back and forth to court until you run her into the ground and she’ll accept whatever scraps to get the divorce settlement completed.

    Pitt is showing his true colors. And after all Jolie did and hid to protect his reputation. I am appalled.

  14. Cate says:

    Will the real slim shady please stand up?! Brad had to know his lawyers were trying to do him a solid with that judge. Angie is not here to play and I’m here for it.

    • Mireille says:

      Whether Brad knew about this or not, he’s the media’s Golden Boy, so this will bounce off him. All he has to do is claim that he didn’t know, is shocked to discover this about his lawyers and the judge, and put out some statement about fairness, equality, yada, yada, yada, and Page 6 will post his photo as the jilted innocent party along with rainbows and unicorns saying he was taken advantage of by the judge, lawyers, and, oh yeah, Angie.

  15. Teebee says:

    If Pitt wants to come out of this with any remnants of his rep, he better plead ignorance and agree to the dismissal pronto. Even if it’s all to save face. In fact, he needs to go even further and fire his lawyers. No way he should retain the services of “professionals” like this. He’s stupid to think he can come away from this unscathed. Of course he knew, he obviously thought he could get away with this.

    • Booie says:

      Don’t most men think they can get away with it? Of course, it’s normally cause they do, but for the select few who don’t, it really takes them by surprise.

    • ad says:

      @Teebee if Pitt collaborated with his attorneys with any illegal activities I doubt he will fire them otherwise there will be war between him & his attorneys & they will all be exposed with their illegal activities. If he was not aware then as you suggested that will be the best thing for him to do! Dodgy & fishy stuff!

  16. Dutch says:

    Don’t both sides have to agree which private judge to use? If so, how is it Pitt’s fault that Jolie’s former legal team didn’t do their due diligence when this process started years ago?

    • Booie says:

      Because it’s the judges responsibility to disclose these matters. It has nothing to do with her lawyers. It has everything to do with standard, ethical legal requirements. Which he broke. The judge lied. See how that works? I would bet on the fact that he won’t be working for much longer as a result You can’t blame her or her team when there are expectations for everyone involved and EVERYONE must do their part. Nice try though. Only blame here lies on the parties lying to rake in more dough quid pro quo style.

    • Sierra says:

      The issue here is that the judge got more deals with them after he got hired by Brad & Angelina and didn’t disclose those dealings.

      The fact that the judge, Brad and his lawyers thought that Angelina didn’t have to know, is shady as hell and unethical.

    • Meg says:

      Wow major victim blaming there. Well its not my fault if you didnt catch it. Um no, its wrong. Pitt and his lawyers are responsible for their behavior

    • ad says:

      @Dutch yes they both agreed to use this judge, the main issue is the judge did not disclosed his other dealings/ associations with Pitt’s counsels which he should have. It looks like the judge has an agreement with Pitt’s counsel to work together not only Jolie-Pitt case but other cases too. It all has to do with money & winning cases that they deal with together! Jolie was not aware about this, they never informed her not until her attorney Bley asked the judge agent that she found out. Read Jolie’s attorneys statement on fussyeye

  17. Booie says:

    LOL after reading the comment made by the judge’s staff, I have to imagine he knows he probably won’t be hired for anymore private cases moving forward. Oh well, hope the two cases he has been prolonging earned him enough to last through his permanent retirement.

  18. Truth hurts says:

    Brad, his PR team, his lawyers are all shady af. Liars, manipulative and deceptive. Add alcohol and drugs to Pitts list of talents. The judge will probably get more work. We live in the days where morals don’t exist and greed and evil runs rampant. People don’t care.
    Angie wants this over, Pitt is trying to buy favor and time, wait was buying.
    Bley isn’t in their circle so Wasser had to go! Smartest move of the long four years. Angie isn’t perfect and may be high on herself but I think she puts those kids ahead of herself. If he is a sh*tty dad and abusive physical or emotional he needs help and as little time with his them as possible! New judge get this over and done fast. If Ouderkirk stays I bet he gets it over with soon.
    He and his goons have slandered and planted stories for four long years pretending to be the victim.
    Her recent statement says her silence has been taken advantage of. Facts!
    Seems to me he is the evil manipulating narcissistic jerk

    • Booie says:

      The judge won’t get more work. Little to do with ethics though. He is intentionally delaying the case with Brad’s lawyers to pocket more fees. That’s all it comes down to: money.

      When it comes to private judges, both parties have to agree. No way two people divorcing will agree on him now that this is out. Now that it’s known he’s sketchy, it won’t be easy to get away with his quid pro quo tactics anymore. If anyone divorcing even suggests him, the other party will object to their spouse buying the judge. And besides, rich people hate parting with their money for anything other than materialistic and lavish things. So no way they will be okay hiring a judge who likes to prolong things to keep charging them hundreds of dollars an hour.

      • ad says:

        @Booie totally agree, maybe Pitt’s counsels /firm have an agreement with this judge to work together, apparently Pitt insisted for this judge to conduct their case.

  19. fluffy_bunny says:

    How exactly is he “winning” this divorce? By only have contact with the children who don’t have a choice in seeing him? By not paying child support for the kids he willingly adopted and fathered biologically? I hope the oldest legally change their last names to just Jolie.

    • Mina says:

      “Winning ” for Pitt and his unethical lawyers means save the more money possible in their pockets.

    • CherryL says:

      I really don’t think his kids don’t want to see him. It sounds more like a planted story by Angelina. She’s a snake. She won’t publicly say anything but have ‘people close to them reveal stuff’.

      • Michelle says:

        The only snake is Pitt & his abusive ass. The only one planting stories has been Pitt & his favourite H Weinstein publicist. The kids don’t want to be around pitt it’s in the court papers & confirmed by their brother. So dream on Pitt fan.

  20. LeonsMomma says:

    This reminds me of Brad walking away from the mess of the “Make It Right” homes. Everyone else gets blamed (as they should) but him.

    It will be interesting who on his team gets thrown under the bus. I had a friend who commented on his home makeover appearance on TV on the Daily Mail and the bots (paid for by his PR team) or DM moderators were working overtime. She said one of her comments got flagged for content and lots of thumbs down on additional comments she added (“It was me against the bots!”) about him. (She said her comments were along the lines of “What about the Make It Right homeowners?”)

  21. Lily says:

    These two need to stop with their parental alienation. These poor kids deserve both parents.

    • Booie says:

      Have you seen the story of the little girl who was killed by her father after the court deemed the mother was alienating her from her father?

      It’s a load of bull that kids need both parents. Especially if one is a narcissist who sh*t talks their mother and brother through the media after he couldn’t hold his liquor and “did not him him… in the FACE” on a plane. Nor one who denied them access to their family home and did not want to pay child support. The list goes on really. Sometimes single parenthood is the best scenario.

    • truth hurts says:

      Who is alienating and what does that have to do with him paying lawyers and a judge to prolong the process of custody, finances, etc. I do not understand the statement. These children have an order for visitation so that is irrelevant. They see their man child of a father.

  22. ad says:

    also, how about the court case he had in France with a French lighting company who installed the lightings in their chateau where he declined to pay stating it was his designs but the French court ordered him to pay + court costs !

    • Booie says:

      And then said it was an accounting error when she won her case in court? The man can’t take responsibility for anything. It’s no wonder his kids want nothing to do with him.

  23. OriginalCarol says:

    Yeah, the days of “don’t explain, don’t complain” maybe over. Jolie herself said that certain people were taking advantage of her silence. Here we are. If Pitt has his people run to certain tabs to smear her and twist every possible thing they can do to make him look like a winner, then Jolie is gonna do the same thing by presenting the FACTS to same mouthpiece. Tit for tat huh. But this time, the public will get to see both sides and decides who’s spouting b.s and who’s being truthful. Love it. About time.

    • ad says:

      I’ve watched one of Jolie’s interviews few years back where she said “the truth will always comes out no matter what” & here’s one scenario that she’s proven right. Honesty is the best policy but she is vilified for doing so!

  24. Naddie says:

    I’m in love with her lavender top. And she looks so amazing and healthy.

  25. Lucy2 says:

    That does sound shady, that judge surely knew he should’ve disclosed that info. He needs to step aside and someone else, someone impartial, needs to take over and get this thing finalized already.

    • ad says:

      @Lucy2 yes their case has to come to an end for their whole family to keep sane. It was Pitt who kept applying for extensions! Now this! What a drama! Mind you I think Jolie was more for facts/proof than spinning!

  26. Hmm says:

    Pitt is demanding the Judge stay saying it’s the only way he will let it all be finished.

    So if she does get a knew judge what is he gonna do about it? Stomp his feet and try to fire the judge? He’s already got his shady lawyer bashing her on page six… very unprofessional compared to Samantha Bley.

    “he [appeared] to concede that he had a duty to do so. And his failure to do so was an ‘error,’”

    But Pitt is insisting on keeping him lol

  27. sa says:

    I have no experience in California courts, so maybe it’s different, but based on my experience in a few other states, unless the judge agrees to recuse himself, I’ll be shocked if he’s replaced in this case.

    • Mina says:

      Just read the LA court rules for the temporary judges and you won’t be schocked that he will be disqualified. He HAD to withdraw himself . The fact he didn’t is very appealing.

    • Mina says:

      Just read the LA court rules for the temporary judges and you won’t be schocked that he will be disqualified. He HAD to withdraw himself . The fact he didn’t is very appealing.

    • Mina says:

      Just read the LA court rules for the temporary judges and you won’t be schocked that he will be disqualified. He HAD to withdraw himself . The fact he didn’t is very appealing.

  28. Mina says:

    @sa , if you take time to read the LA rules for temporary judges , you’ll see that judge HAD to withdraw himself. The law will win , whatever Pitt’s barking , and O HAD to disclose . Period.