Rumer Willis on her career: “If you’re talented you’ll get work”

Rumer Willis is out doing the promotional rounds for her September release of Sorority Row. Sorority Row is a totally B-List (if not C-List) horror film starring Rumer, Audrina “Wall Eyes” Patridge and Carrie Fisher. The plot: “A group of sorority sisters try to cover up the death of their house-sister after a prank gone wrong, only to be stalked by a serial killer.” I’m already asleep. But Rumer is a professional, and she’s fulfilling her promotional obligations with vigor. Rumer was asked about what part she thinks her famous parents (Demi Moore, Bruce Willis and step-dad Ashton Kutcher) play in her career. Rumor responded:

“You can’t do anything about who your parents are. I think everyone has opportunities and everyone has doors that are open to them in different ways. If you’re talented you’ll get work. If you suck then you won’t. In the end, talent is all that matters because you could go and get an audition, but if you go in there and you suck you’re not going to get a job.”

[From I’m Not Obsessed]

Now, before everyone jumps on Rumer’s ass, let’s parse her words. Is she saying that she’s so talented, she’s like the next Meryl Streep, and it wouldn’t matter who her parents were? Not really. I think she’s saying that yes, her parents and her name got in the door for auditions or meetings, but that she’s able to get parts on her own talent. CB wants me to point out “that’s distinctly different than saying she’s massively talented or would have made it without her family. She’s just saying she did have more opportunities, but that if she wasn’t able to act she wouldn’t have gotten roles. I think that’s fair, not like she’s saying she’s all that and could have made it on her own.” I think CB’s right, to a certain extent… but I still have some qualms.

Here’s the thing – Hollywood isn’t just about who’s talented. We see that every damn day. There are many, many “actresses” out there who are hired for parts despite the fact that they can’t act their way out of a paper bag (cough cough Megan Fox cough). But those “actresses” are hired because they’re hot – because they’re sexy, because guys like to look at them, or because they slept with the producer. I don’t mean to be cruel, but I don’t think Rumer will ever have that problem. Here’s another thing – I’ve seen Rumer in movies, and the girl isn’t talented. So why is she getting parts, albeit in B-List productions? I have no idea. I tend to think her own ambition and unyielding desire to work and be “famous” is a big part of it. Sigh. Maybe she’ll grow into a half-decent character actress. Here’s hoping.

Rumer Willis is shown outside a club in London with her Sororiety Row co-star Briana Evigan on 8/27/08. Credit:

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  1. anna says:

    That is rich.

  2. Bill Hicks is God says:

    Spoken like a true sack-of-Hollywood-progeny-shit who will never have to wait on tables in her life hoping for an insole commercial…anything, never mind a ‘break.’

  3. Firestarter says:

    First off, that exact movie was a Lifetime movie about a month or two ago. Who would pay $10 bucks to see it with her in it.

    Second, I am sorry, but this girl is very unfortunate looking. If she were not Bruce and Demi’s daughter, she would not be getting even auditions. If you don’t have at least exceptional talent in Hollywood, you have to have beauty, and IMO, this girl is lacking in both. She was terrible on CSI when she did a guest shot on there. To be honest, neither Bruce or Demi are great actors themselves. They have looks and their name going and that is why they work.

  4. Enonymous says:

    I am going to be a little bit positive on this one and say at least she is somewhat working and does not have to depend too much on her rich parents.

  5. Neelyo says:

    the only thing I’ve seen her in was a guest spot on the now-cancelled series (shame becuase it was good), ‘Miss Guided’, which happened to be produced by her step-papa, Ashton Kutcher (sp?). She sucked.

    It’s the same tired line anyone who’s a child of showbiz parents has to spit out to sound humble and they end up sounding delusional.

  6. bros says:

    i think you mean ceiling eyes.

  7. yeng says:

    i think she gets parts partially because she is a daughter of famous parents. she just meets part of the criteria in that she can act somewhat halfway decent … at least passable, but she’s deluding herself if she thinks her background doesn’t play a role when being considered for a part in a movie or show. the fact that she’s a child of famous parents is probably why producers or casting directors even allow her to audition for a part in the first place.

  8. Eileen Yover says:

    I would love to see the photos of her when she was going through the whole “awkward phase”…yikes.

  9. Praise St. Angie! says:

    Carrie Fisher? really?

    kind of surprising.

  10. Tazina says:

    When your parents are multi-millionaire celebrities it does seem unrealistic that their daughter would be waiting tables at Denny’s. This is the world she knows and grew up in. Why shouldn’t she have a chance to follow in their footsteps as an actor? Good for Rumer.

  11. QB says:

    She has no talent so why is she getting working?? Lets be honest the only reason she is getting any rolls is because of her parents and stepfather.

  12. Tess says:

    She’s a curiosity, like circus freaks who were hired long ago to bring in the paying gawkers.

    Her particular niche is as the fuggly daughter of celebs whose physical beauty was a factor in their success.

    She may be a perfectly nice person, but she really ought to lay off any comments that combine talent and working in Hollywood in a single sentence.

  13. hannah says:

    i get what she is saying, but i think where she is totally off-base is where she said everybody has doors opened for them because of their background, in different ways. this may be true, but not in a positive way for most people. i have no ties to hollywood, does she have any idea how hard it is to get a decent audition? or an audition at all? if you have talent and can’t demonstrate it at an audition, it makes no difference. connections are necessary to start in hollywood, then it takes talent to have longevity.

    oh and to tazina, because her parents got lucky and made money doesn’t mean she should be above doing normal Jobs like working at dennys. i’m not saying she shouldn’t pursue acting, i’m only saying that having money from your parents in no way makes you superior to anybody else.

  14. Persistent Cat says:

    I’m sure there were rigorous auditions for Sorority Row. That movie is based on name recognition for the demographic it’s aimed at.

    I saw the ads for it, I cried a little at Carrie Fisher being in it.

  15. yeng says:

    i have no problem with her pursuing an acting career. everybody’s allowed to do what they want, but please, she shouldn’t downplay her background’s function in getting her auditions and/or parts. i’d probably respect her more if she faced up to that. she’s quite lucky in that regard because as someone else pointed out, connections are necessary, and not just in hollywood. shoot, i think anybody would take advantage of that kind of opportunity. otherwise, it’s delusional to believe that her “talent” is the sole reason why she’s considered for auditions and parts.

  16. yadira says:

    The door is automatically opened for her due to who her parents are. So the whole part of getting your foot in the door theory is out the door!

    I have seen a few things she has been in, and honey… talent was needed in those roles. Haven’t seen her in anything where she has spread her wings as an actress and proven her talent.

  17. Zoe says:

    I don’t know, I mean, what’s the kid supposed to say to that question?

    Everyone who has ever made it in H-wood did have some kind of ‘break’ or connection that got them in the door. And from there, it’s talent/sex appeal that gets them called back/cast.

    She’s saying, well, if I totally SUCK I wouldn’t be cast. And yeah, she doesn’t totally suck. I’ve only ever seen her in an episode of Medium tho and she was good. Certainly no worse than other average looking actors on shows like that.

    She seems like a nice enough girl. Meh.

  18. El Predicto says:

    Cheer up…if drive in movies ever make a comeback, she can get work as a movie screen with that five head of hers!

  19. the original kate says:

    i like her dress but i have no intention of seeing her crappy movie.

  20. JustMe says:

    Nepotism is why you’re working, you ugly skank.

    Yes, ugly.

    shut up and sit DOWN twit.

  21. luna says:

    It also helps to have “it”. You know, to possess an inexplicable allure. I saw her in House Bunny, and she was pretty bad in that. Her co-stars Anna Farris, Emma Stone, and Kat Dennings are not conventionally pretty but they’re all talented and have “it”.

    Not to be cruel, but Rumer doesn’t have looks, talent, or “it” so we can safely guess that by default, it’s her connections that have gotten her roles. It’s not fair, but hey, life isn’t fair. You’d be foolish not to take advantage of the resources you’ve got. Just don’t make some blanket statement about how you only need talent when there have been thousands, if not millions in the whole history of Hollywood’s existence, of talented actresses who’ve never been able to “make it”. It does make her seem delusional.

  22. luna says:

    By the way, I think this hairstyle and color are much more flattering on her than her previous choices in ‘dos.

  23. Firestarter says:

    @Luna- Oh I totally forgot she was in House Bunny!

    She was terrible and so were Hef, Holly, Kendra and Bridget.

  24. hmm says:

    I feel kind of sorry for her because she must read the blogs and know that 90% of the people commenting really find her unfortunate looking. But, she is a person who has/had the opportunity to do anything she wanted and she chose to go into a field where looks matter and follow in the footsteps of her very attractive mother. And of course if she didn’t have famous parents she would have been laughed out of Hollywood by now.

  25. Judy says:

    Why dont her rich parents give her $$$$
    for plastic surgery and acting lessons?

  26. Stormy says:

    Oh Rumer, haven’t you ever heard the saying “You can’t polish a turd”? YOU ARE THE UNPOLISHABLE TURD.

    I know what role she’s born to play…she can be Rocky in the re-make of “Mask”! She’s got the massive, misshapen head….think of all the money they’d save on prosthetics and stuff! LOL!!

    She makes me recoil in horror EVERY SINGLE TIME I see her. I’m like “OMG WTF is that thing…oh wait, it’s just that ugly Rumer Willis!” I just cannot get accustomed to her ugliness!

  27. Ron says:

    Famous Parents get you EVERYHWERE in Hollywood or any other business for that matter. There are thousands of talented people out here who never get seen because they can;t get in the door. The door is held open for the children of stars and it always has been. Carrie Fisher and Rumer Willis both walked through the same door.

    Also, someone needs to tell Rumer that she needs bangs and should never leave the house with her hair pulled off her forehead. Demi, where are you??

  28. AJ says:

    I sure hope those of you who are putting her down for being “ugly” aren’t women because that would be totally sad.

    She looks cool to me in a quirky unique way and I hope she never gives in to the pressure from judgmental creeps to cut up her face.

  29. englishbreakfasttasteslikedarjeeling says:

    @eileen: if i recall, she’s actually gotten worse looking. i believe that she was cuter when she was smaller. all of the girls, albeit her sisters are cuter, were much better looking when they were younger and are anti-growing into their looks.

  30. Hieronymus Grex says:

    No, if your mommy is Demi Moore you’ll get work.

  31. jane says:

    Such cruel comments. Yes, I know, this is celeBITCHY after all. It is not her fault she was born that way. I hope she has a good heart to make up for it.

  32. kim says:

    perez hilton is right, mr potato head! very unattractive girl (added by Mobile using Mippin)

  33. Zoe says:

    I’m with AJ:
    Thank GOD she’s been raised to be smart enough to not CUT her face ALL TO HELL like every other skank trying desperately to fit in.

    That speaks volumes to her character and her priorities in my opinion. Give her time, I bet if she sticks to her guns and keeps taking acting lessons and working hard, she’ll be great.

  34. bellyache says:

    Lainey wrote a post some time ago saying that Rumer looks a whole lot better in person. Maybe she just doesn’t photograph well, who knows. Ugly is a strong word.

  35. suede says:

    It’s always WHO you know, doesn’t matter what field you work in.

  36. K says:

    And she ain’t got no work that her parents influence or money didn’t buy.

  37. GatsbyGal says:

    She’s going to have to rely on her talents BIG TIME, because it’s not like she going to get a movie role because of her “looks.”

  38. Shanny says:

    Audrina is ceiling eys not wall eyes.

  39. Mark says:

    That’s one scary-looking throwback!

  40. shelby says:

    U G L Y

    you aint got no alibi


    U G L Y


    U G L Y

  41. Magsy says:

    Can’t this chick find a good hairstyle?