An at-home laminator, the most comfortable yoga mat and a back scrubber

My mom got the t-shirt dress we featured last week and she loves it. She got the floral version and said it’s super comfortable and that she’s going to order another one in a solid color. I was contacted by a reader who got the workout shorts and loved them. She wrote. “I never thought I’d be the type to wear glorified bicycle shorts around the house, but they are so comfortable and I got them in teal and they’re so pretty!” Oh and I did my own at-home facial over the weekend! I had plenty of products already for that. I did a double cleanse, a steam, exfoliation, mask, tone, serum and moisturizer. I did not do an extraction, although I have tools for that. My skin felt amazing afterwards and was so smooth and soft. Here are some more things I’m looking at on Amazon.

T-shirt dress Workout Shorts

A set of hanging globe lights to make your outdoor area feel magical
I’m really enjoying sitting on the porch and I’ve been able to keep mosquitoes away thanks to the little thermacell device. I put a bunch of my indoor plants outside, got a hummingbird feeder and a little hanging succulent and it makes such a difference. With some hanging lights like this it could be so pretty at night. These hanging globe lights by Sunthin are specially made for outdoor use so they’re waterproof, windproof and don’t get damaged by the sun. You get 27 feet of lights with 13 lights with LED bulbs for just $20. (They also come in reasonably priced 48 and 97 foot versions.) Plus you can link them together and they’re dimmable. These have almost 500 ratings and 4.6 stars on Reviewmeta. People say they’re bright, very durable, and don’t attract bugs at all. Reviewers say they’re “Really great for illuminating the yard at nighttime,” and that they “give a lovely ambience.”

Razor bump prevention and treatment that really works
I get a lot of bumps under my arms and on my legs after I shave. This razor bump prevention and treatment lotion has over 6,700 ratings and an impressive 4.3 Reviewmeta rating. People call it “amazing” and write that it “ it has cut my bumps down severely,” a woman who suffered from cysts on her bikini line writes “I tried EVERYTHING under the sun and nothing worked as well as this product,” and another says it “works overnight” and that “I have been using this product for barely a week and have noticed an almost IMMEDIATE change.” Some people recommend putting it in a spray bottle so it lasts longer and you don’t waste product on a cotton ball. I ordered this and the self tanning mousse and hope they make my legs look cuter.

A washable cloth that can replace scrubbers and disposable sponges
I keep looking for the best sponge replacement as I always feel guilty throwing away old sponges. The scrubber by The Crown Choice is flexible like a sponge but can scrub stuck-on food without scratching surfaces. It’s not absorbent but that also means it won’t get mildewy like a regular sponge. Plus you can wash it in the dishwasher. This has over 900 reviews and a Reviewmeta rating of 4.6. You get 3 for $16 and people say they last a long time and are worth the money. It’s said to “never smell,” to dry quickly and to be great at cleaning both dishes and surfaces. “It is everything that’s good in the scrub daddy, regular sponges, and a dishcloth without any of the undesirable features with each.”

An extra thick yoga mat for super comfortable workouts
I have a yoga mat of course, but I have to double it up when I’m doing situps or it hurts my tailbone. I looked through so many thick yoga mats before choosing this one. It’s a pricier one, but every other thick yoga mat had a bad Reviewmeta rating and was said to fall apart. This one-inch-thick non-slip extra large yoga mat by Crown Sporting Goods is 72″ long and 24″ wide and comes in four colors. It has over 1,000 ratings and a perfect Reviewmeta rating, with no ratings removed, of 4.7 stars. It’s called “amazing,” said to provide enough cushioning to avoid back and knee pain, and to be “like laying on a cloud.” Users write “I no longer feel pain from my lower spine being pressed to the floor,” “I feel like I can do so much more on it because I’m not hurting when using it” and “It is very comfortable and provide tons of cushion, yet is still easy to roll up when you are done.”

An at-home thermal laminator can be so much fun
I saw a thread on Twitter raving about this at-home laminator and I was surprised how inexpensive it is. You can press flowers, preserve photos and recipes, create games for kids, make your own luggage tags and create gift tags and cards. You get a 9 inch laminating device and 50 laminating sheets for under $35. This has over 12,000 ratings and a Reviewmeta adjusted score of 4 stars. It takes about a minute per sheet and is said not to smell after the first couple of uses. People say it really holds up, that it doesn’t take up much space and that it’s fun to use. Several people say they use it for gold foil projects. Teachers love how convenient it is compared to the school laminator. “I am able to laminate right in my classroom when I have an extra minute and hang items immediately,” “This is awesome, and works really well- can’t believe the price!” Another buyer says it still works great after six months. “After 6 months of use and hundreds of sheets laminated, it still works perfectly.”

A two-sided back scrubber that gets your entire back
I’ve had loofahs and handled back scrubbers, but I keep seeing ads on Instagram for whole back scrubbers and now I want one. This terry cloth back scrubber by Suntee has two sides for exfoliating and more gentle cleaning. It has over 885 ratings and a perfect Reviewmeta score of 4.4 stars with no stars removed. It’s said to really soothe itchy backs and to reach places that other scrubbers won’t. It comes in three different sizes, all under $13. It also comes with a little sponge pad. Reviewers call it “my new holy grail scrubber,” say that it’s “so much better than my rough loofah,” that “it’s not flimsy and it works like a dream” and that “My back has never felt so clean.”

A flexible facial brush and massager that’s gentle and effective
This silicone face cleanser and massaging brush is the number one bestseller in manual face cleansing brushes. You can get 2 for $6 or 4 for $7. These have over 7,200 ratings and a 4.6 star Reviewmeta score. These little brushes are said to be “great for sensitive skin,” “like a little facial massage” and to “clean incredibly well.” Others say they’re deceptively soft and do work. “My skin looks more supple and glows,” “my adult acne has gone away aver the course of 2 weeks” and “I will definitely gift these to my friends and family.”

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  1. Paperclip says:

    I can attest to the TendSkin. Been using it on ingrown hairs for over 20 years. Also works well to surface zits! Great product!

    • Celebitchy says:

      Oh good! I’m not shaving again until it gets here. I keep getting bumps and I don’t want to risk it.

      • Little Termagant says:

        I came to say the same thing as Paperclip. I use it mostly for zits. :-). My electrolysist recommended it to me.

    • Call_Me_Al says:

      Tendskin really does work and is a good investment to avoid itchiness esp around bikini line. Every waxing salon recommends it and sells it.

  2. AnnaKist says:

    Oh, oh! I want that back scrubber! And the little facial scrubber and massager. I hope they’ll ship here. I’ve seen and bought back scrubbers here, but this one comes in different sizes, amd I want a larger one. Thanks for the post.

  3. ab says:

    Wow this is like a tour of my past Amazon purchases lol. I have that laminator, the silicone face scrubbies and Tend Skin. And I can vouch for all three!

    I’ve had the laminator for a few years and use it to make visual aids for my kid who has autism, it’s super easy and quick and still works.

    I’ve been using a silicone face scrubby for a couple of years, it’s better for my sensitive skin than the clarisonic type exfoliators. I also have one for using on the body. Also Tend Skin is great if you have KP/strawberry legs, I use it after shaving and also use a salicylic acid lotion, keeps my skin super smooth.

  4. Also Ali says:

    Just ordered the laminator for the upcoming school year!

  5. Suze says:

    I got those workout shorts as well! I started with one pair – the teal – and loved them so much that I bought two more pairs. The pockets are a good size and the waistband doesn’t roll. The legs sometimes do when I’m doing HIIT workouts, but haven’t when I’m running.

  6. ClaireB says:

    I’m looking for a new ultrasonic essential oil diffuser, if you have time to search through Amazon for one. And I’ve heard great things about TendSkin for years.

  7. Minorbird says:

    I am getting ready to order that glorious yoga mat, it looks so fluffy and nice. I have hardwood floors and my knees & back kill me sometimes on my thin lil mat.

    I just hope that CB gets the credit for our purchases. no code or anything huh?

    ps. when I was dating my husband, I gave him a Tendskin basket w/other self care products thrown in and he still brags to our friends how I turned him on to it. He would get razor bumps on his neck pretty bad but not anymore. 🙂

    off to order

    • Becks1 says:

      As long as you click through the link in the post, CB should get a portion of the sale. I think though if you save it in your cart, close your browser, and then go back to it later (not through this site) CB does NOT get a portion of it.

  8. Jensies says:

    I got similar lights from Amazon but they’re solar-powered. They’re so amazing! They stay lit for like eight hours.

  9. Yonati says:

    I have that yoga mat. It’s great for most everything, but balance poses are much harder to do with this cushy cloud of goodness. (Of course, that will work your core, so…)

  10. Reece says:

    I have a mat like that and yes it’s super cushy and soft. However, it would slide around in class and my feet would slide on it. It’s good for stationary exercises or if you’re at home on a carpet maybe. For any movement on it, I wouldn’t recommend it.

  11. Ivy Rose says:

    I’ve been looking for a good yoga mat throughout quarantine! My hardwood floors are really hard on my joints & back, so I want something thick. Thanks so much, CB! I’ll keep the other comments in mind when ordering. Y’all are great!