No, Prince Harry didn’t ‘yell’ at the Queen in 2018 because of Meghan’s tiara

Royal Ascot, Portrait of TRH Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex and TRH Meghan the Duchess of Sussex in front of HRH Queen Elizabeth the Second

Omid Scobie’s appearance on True Royalty is still making headlines. We discussed it yesterday – Scobie spoke about how Prince William and Harry didn’t speak for two months following the Sussexit announcement in January, which wasn’t surprising news. Scobie also said that Harry got involved in the tiara debacle, which happened in March/April 2018 – that was when the Queen’s dresser Angela Kelly completely blanked on repeated requests from Kensington Palace to gain access to the Queen Mary bandeau tiara for Meghan’s hair trial. Scobie said Harry went to the Queen and: “Harry had to intervene. He called his grandmother and said, ‘I don’t know what the hell is going on. But this woman needs to make this work for my future wife’.” Now there’s a “denial.”

Biography Finding Freedom, which has listed a string of explosive behind-the-scenes claims as it charts Meghan and Harry’s decision to quit the Royal Family, alleged the 35-year-old prince was “fed up” that the Queen’s dresser Angela Kelly had not set up a time for the trial with Queen Mary’s Diamond Bandeau. And author Omid Scobie claimed in an interview: “Harry had to intervene. He called his grandmother and said, ‘I don’t know what the hell is going on. But this woman needs to make this work for my future wife’.”

But a source today told the Telegraph the suggestion that Harry “yelled” at his grandmother the Queen was “totally untrue”. They added: “The suggestion the Duke ‘yelled’ at his grandmother is totally untrue, and completely ridiculous, as is the suggestion that he said ‘what the hell’.”

It’s the first time that a source from the Sussexes has refuted claims of the biography’s author.

[From The Sun]

Yeah, Scobie didn’t say Harry “yelled” at the Queen. Some outlets tried to make it sound like that though, and Scobie corrected them too:

Personally, I don’t even think Scobie was trying to directly quote Harry, he was just giving the gist of Harry’s reaction to Angela Kelly being a massive B – Harry went over Angela Kelly’s head and went directly to the Queen to sort out the tiara sh-t, which is probably why Angela Kelly ran to the press in the fall with a convoluted story about “diva Meghan demanding tiaras!”

As for the rest of Scobie’s interview with True Royalty, Scobie’s account directly contradicts a lot of Katie Nicholl’s sugary reporting about how William and Harry are speaking again and there has been some softening between them. So it’s curious that Nicholl published this on Vanity Fair yesterday:

Vanity Fair has been told by reliable sources that the relationship between the brothers improved in late March, when their father Prince Charles was diagnosed with Covid -19. “That’s when they eventually put their own troubles to one side and got in touch with each other and started talking on the phone,” according to the source. “They were both desperately worried about their father and Harry picked up the phone to William and they started speaking again.”

In the interview, which airs on True Royalty on Monday, Scobie also said that the relationship between Kate and Meghan soured beyond repair during Meghan’s pregnancy, when the actress felt particularly lonely and isolated. Scobie claims in the book that Meghan felt Kate could have been more welcoming when she entered the royal family and was cold and aloof even when Meghan was pregnant.

[From Vanity Fair]

I think Harry & William probably spoke once or twice when Charles was diagnosed with the virus. I seriously doubt that they’ve kept up contact. And yes, Meghan and Kate’s relationship deteriorated beyond repair during Meghan’s pregnancy. How could it not, when Kate was doing the most to throw Meghan under the bus to embiggen herself?

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  1. Maliksmama says:

    The Rota and the rest of the British media know their audience doesn’t read books. They know their audience gets their news from the TV. They’re able to say anything because they know their audience won’t fact check.

    • Lowrider says:

      British tabloid readers are low informational people. Very much like the Fox News crowd.

  2. Snuffles says:

    I agree, I think Harry and Will got in touch when Charles got sick but things never really thawed between them. I could also see Harry calling to wish his nephews and niece a happy birthday and still sends them presents. He will probably remain civil with Will and Kate for their sakes but CLOSE? Nope. He will never tell them anything personal again because he knows they can’t be trusted.

    • Becks1 says:

      I think its pretty clear William and Kate did not know Harry and Meghan had moved, or else that would have leaked. Leaking that of info to Dan Wootton would have gotten them a few more months, criticism-free.

      I’m sure Charles and the Queen knew, but they must have been told in no uncertain terms to not share that info with William (and if they know KP leaked the Sussexit news, they probably went along with it willingly.)

      • Nic919 says:

        Wootton blasting the news about Harry and Meghan leaving probably annoyed BP and CH because it made things so much more difficult for them and Harry had already warned of this leaking. I think because it is so obvious KP / William are just sending things over to DW they are being more circumspect with information.

      • Ainsley7 says:

        @Nic919- CH and BP really have no right to be upset about KP leaking that H&M were planning to leave. Neither was actually planning on working with the Sussexes to figure things out. The Queen kept telling Charles to deal with it and Charles kept dragging his feet. It leaking when it did wasn’t great, but it did get Charles and the Queen to the table after months of them putting things off. CH and BP would probably still be dragging things out even now if the info hadn’t leaked. At some point, the Sussexes were going to have to force the issue anyway. There’s a reason that they had a website already to go. I’m not excusing KP. Leaking the Sussexes location is a horrible thing to do. However, leaking that the Sussexes were leaving kind of did them all a favor in the end. They were able to get things straightened out before the lockdowns. Dragging out negotiations over zoom calls would have been a nightmare for all involved.

      • Becks1 says:

        @Ainsley – I think your overall point is true (that the leak to DW did the Sussexes a favor in the end, because it forced the Queen’s hand) but I think that because that IS true, your first sentence isn’t true (if that makes sense, lol.) I think they ARE upset about KP leaking it because it DID force their hand when they would prefer to still be dragging out the discussions.

      • Nic919 says:

        While Wootton leaking it probably helped the Sussexes to leave sooner, KP providing this info to him was placing sensitive information in the hands of the media and took it out of the control of the BP and CH courtiers. I repeat that Christian Jones should have been fired for this because confidential information being disclosed to an employee family member and then to the media is a fireable offence in every other workplace. Even if CJ was negligent in making this info accessible to his bf and it wasn’t intentional it is enough to warrant termination.

    • 809Matriarch says:

      I totally agree! Do you think he would have been able to keep their new home move under wraps if he were still buddy buddy with Willy-Leaks? Harry knows he cannot trust William. I have a sister like that. I don’t trust any further than I could throw her. She’s my sister but we really don’t have a relationship, It is what it is.

    • Ginger says:

      I have a hard time believing they got in touch when Charles had Coronavirus. William doesn’t take it seriously and thinks it’s a joke. I doubt they have spoken since Harry left.

  3. Becks1 says:

    LOL, of course he didn’t “yell” at her. But I’m sure he was frustrated and angry and that probably came out. Angela Kelly probably heard about it from the queen, was annoyed, and we got the tiara leak as a result.

    The book goes out of its way to absolve the Queen and to emphasize how close she and Harry are, so I wonder if that was one of the deals for the Sussexes letting their people talk – “not one word against the queen.” Everything else aside, H&M are savvy enough to know how it would look if anyone on their team seemed to be criticizing the queen.

    • Original Jenns says:

      The book really does go overboard with how much Harry respects the Queen and doesn’t blame her for anything. Anything that happened between them also stated how she was a grandmother to him and not just the Queen. They made it really clear that their story is there is no problem with the Queen.

      I mentioned in a previous post I just started listening to Angela Kelly’s book and she is one hundred percent on a power trip and thinks she knows better than anyone else on the staff (or in the family). I absolutely agree that she thought she would ignore Meghan and convince the Queen it was the right thing to do because she’s played so many manipulations before to prove she was right. The only reason the Queen made her is because Harry actually contacted his grandmother and she saw how upset he was. The Queen buries her head in the sand and just wants her courtiers to figure it out amongst themselves (AK basically says this).

  4. Priscila says:

    British audiences do not want to hear their Queen might be petty sometimes and also…I find completely in character of Harry not to share anything negative about his grandma even if he is privately upset because the woman is 95 years old and has obviously worked her whole life.

    • Elizabeth says:

      I understand there’s still warm sentiment toward this corrupt pedophile-enabling queen, but she’s actually … lived in unfathomable luxury her entire life. Let’s not make it sound like she was working nine to five at a desk job or actually doing anything to improve ordinary people’s lives.

      • Priscila says:

        I don’t think I was making it sound she works nine to five in a cubicle…I was just stating a fact that she, a 95 years old woman has consistently working her entire life, and is still working….and still taking her pedo son to church.

    • Ginger says:

      I agree. No matter how bad the Queen treats Harry he will never say a bad word against her.

      • Lizzie says:

        I’ve been saying the same. Harry and Meghan haven’t said a bad word about anyone. They drove the only loyal family members away.

  5. Amy Bee says:

    Kate puts herself out there as an advocate for pregnant women and for children’s well-being at the the same time she participating in a smear campaign against a pregnant Meghan. Meghan is right to be upset about Kate’s behaviour.

    • Ginger says:

      Her behavior towards Meghan was disgusting. I hope she never does early years again. She clearly doesn’t care about the health and well-being of a pregnant women and young child. She is such a hypocrite.

    • Nic919 says:

      Her micro aggressions in that podcast shading Meghan for not doing the lion king presentation are unforgivable. She already knew Meghan got slammed by the press for not doing the Lindo and she went and supported that bs.

    • February-Pisces says:

      Kate’s only ‘thing’ was her love of children and babies. She’s supposed to care about being a mother and children yet gives zero f*cks about the well being of meghans baby when she was pregnant. She may be jealous as hell over Meghan but archie is an innocent in all this. Kate did not care for the baby’s well being, even during that awkward polo match she didn’t even bother to look at him. Her so called passion for ‘early years’ is absolute b*llocks.

  6. Ennie says:

    After my mother’s pasaing, my oldest sister went nuts with everyone, but particularly on me, the youngest, as I had been much closer to mom and stayed with her, maybe she felt I had sponged off her, who know, but the craziness went absolutely overboard and I cut her out of my life, but I lived near a home belonging to her. She could not believe I had (Finally) put a stop to her, and blamed my husband for my attitude, but I was fed up with her shenanigans.
    After a few years, and after we adopted our baby girl, I made the decision of speaking to her again. We are ok, cordial, friendly even, but trust is broken on my side.
    I am much wary around her, and I see her with different eyes. I prefer this to not relationship at all, tho.

    • Snuffles says:


      I think that is where Harry is at with William. Cordial but ZERO trust.

      I had a coworker like that. When I first met him, he seemed like the sweetest guy. Then I realized he was 2 faced and backstabbing and really only cared about himself. Once I figured that out, I remained friendly to his face but started keeping things from him because I knew it could get back to other people. We never had a falling out. No bad words were ever spoken between us. No voices were ever raised. I just stopped trusting him.

      • one of the marys says:

        and imagine William over in England realizing Harry bought a house and moved in six weeks ago and nobody told him (assuming they knew). Ouch, there’s a message loud and clear, we don’t trust you and you’re no longer in the inner circle. That had to really really piss him off. I wonder if he will punish Charles for that

    • Nancy says:

      I watched the Paul Burrell interview about Diana. William throws shade on Harry about his piloting skills and you can tell Harry is irritated. Also found it interesting that Harry had Diana’s ring and gave it to William for Kate. William has never had his brother’s back since they were teens.

      • Juniper says:

        I had heard a story that it was in a vault shared by the brothers and William just took the ring and gave it to Kate. The interview was the first time he’d seen it on her finger. I don’t know how true this is, because I’d hope William would’ve told his family prior to the TV interview. However, it wouldn’t surprise me there wasn’t some element of truth to the rumor.

      • Becks1 says:

        I’ve heard that rumor a few times as well Juniper, and I don’t know how true it is, I’ve never seen a source for it. Prior to hearing that particular story though, I had heard that even though it WAS Harry’s, the brothers had agreed that whoever got engaged first could use it, so it had nothing to do with Kate (some fans insist that Harry told William he could use because he thought so highly of Kate or something.) but I don’t know if its true that William did not ask Harry first -but its definitely a rumor that has persisted. Maybe he took the ring, proposed to Kate with it, and THEN told Harry? if the first time he saw it was at their engagement announcement, then its just one more mark in the “William is an asshole” column.

        What Meghan Wore had a bit the other day about how Meghan was seen in LA possibly wearing Diana’s cartier watch, which is what William took, right? Harry got the ring and William got the watch? so if so, that would at least mean William gave Harry the watch, which is better than nothing.

      • Nic919 says:

        The entire engagement announcement was hastily done with little warning provided to the Queen and Charles so it’s very likely William did not tell Harry he gave her the ring. When Harry said after the announcement that he was looking forward to getting to know Kate, he confirmed that he really didn’t see much of her during the dating years. The stans have tried to pretend otherwise, but Harry was living his own life the entire time.

        That ring has bad mojo anyway, so really it’s better that Harry didn’t give it to his wife.

  7. Izzy says:

    LOL is The Sun really trying to claim a Sussex source spoke to them? Because I call BS on that.

  8. Mich says:

    I would bet that the relationship between Meghan and Kate became irretrievably broken with the budget flight stunt. The Cambridges are terrible people.

  9. ABritGuest says:

    The denial was to the Telegraph.

    I’m very curious now about alert the Queen is with what’s going on day to day. If information was being filtered through courtiers with an agenda I’m not surprised if she might not have known depth of the Meghan smear campaign& might have been advised to throw weight behind protecting Andrew, not only as her favourite but also because the allegations represent a real crisis for the monarchy. On the other hand some claim that she is on top of things like govt intel and reads her papers every day. And I feel like some like to claim she isn’t aware only when things go wrong eg Andrew newsnight interview.

    Who knows the truth.

  10. HeyJude says:

    This Harry angry yelling at the Queen story stinks to high heavens and it smells like rotten roses.

    I noticed this story oddly came out late in the day, hours after the William affair with Rose Hanbury in the Daily Beast story.

    It’s clearly a retaliatory piece and has William’s fingerprints all over it. Once again targeting and trying to degrade Harry to get back at bad press about himself.

    I hope Harry never gets near that total villain ever again.

  11. Lunasf17 says:

    God this family….. imagine being this wealthy and powerful and this is how most of them spend their time- being petty and leaking to the press about each other .No wonder Chelsea and Cressida were like nope, this ain’t the life I want. Since Megan was mature and had lived a full life I think she was better able
    To deal with this crap and GTFO when it was time. Hopefully Harry is a great husband and dad (he seems like it) and worth putting up with this crap for. My husband’s family has a bunch of issues as well but we live far away and they aren’t leaking to the press about us either.

  12. tolly says:

    Unrelated but hilarious: The Daily Mail has a new “exclusive” about the Sussexes renovating their home, based on “paint swatches” in Harry’s most recent Zoom call. Um, that’s a central air vent.
    Yeah, the red tops are getting desperate.

    • L4frimaire says:

      Ok, I know for a fact that was taken from twitter because I saw that thread that pointed out they’d painted the room and the bookshelves were empty.

  13. Mariane says:

    “It’s the first time that a source from the Sussexes has refuted claims of the biography’s author.”
    lol the sun is desperate to be taken as a credible sussex source😂 even though they took that from the telegraph.

    I agree with another commentator that this random story might be to distract from daily beast article discussing Bill’s affair. He doesnt have much time before the rest of the pack turns on him

  14. I find it disconcerting that among the Windsors, there is this tendency to allow staff to mouth off about their employers. Tiggy mouthed off about Diana and got away with it, despite the fact that Tiggy was essentially the hired help and had no business mouthing off to the press about her employer, much less the future Queen Consort. Now this story about Angela Kelly messing with Prince Harry, despite the fact that Angela is fundamentally the hired help, not an equal. There is a huge lack of respect for the actual royals among the high level staff and it is clear to me that Harry was right to try to put Angela in her place. Angela has no business acting like some kind of spokesperson for HM.

    • Lowrider says:

      So much classism in your post. People should not have to stay in their places if they feel disrespected.

  15. A says:

    What this proves to me is that no one in the press read the book. And they still haven’t. They’re cobbling together conjectures they pass around to each other like a worst case broken telephone, and they all write the same story. This is a great example of that.

  16. blunt talker says:

    the poster corporatestepsister-stated it perfectly. I said a similar thing about a month ago-please explain to the public how people who work for your family has more power to say and do things without your permission-its like arguing with spoilt child-this dynamics in the royal households makes everyone heads spin.