Gerard Butler, 50, is single again after ending his on-and-off thing with Morgan Brown

"Angel Has Fallen" Premiere

On the podcast, on this site and on my Twitter, much has been made of how I find Diplo sexy. He’s not really “hot” or traditionally handsome or anything, I’m not saying that. He absolutely looks like a dirtbag, full-stop. But I find certain men – like Diplo – kind of sleazy-hot and bangable. Diplo isn’t even the only dude on my Sleazebang List – I would also bang Gerard Butler. I have an old-school thing for my beloved G-But, he was like the proto-Diplo for me. He can’t act his way out of a paper bag and his career is NOT what I thought it would be a decade ago, but here we are. I would. And it turns out that G-But is single now too!

Gerard Butler and Morgan Brown have split after more than 6 years together, PEOPLE confirms. Butler, 50, and Brown, a real estate developer and designer, were first spotted together during a PDA-packed beach date in Malibu, California, in September 2014. They were recently seen together in early July stocking up on groceries. A rep for Butler has not commented.

The pair dated off-and-on over the next two years before parting ways, with a source close to Butler telling PEOPLE in November 2016 that “they split some time ago.” Their romance seemingly rekindled in July 2017, when they were photographed together on the beach in Tulum, Mexico, splashing around in the waves. But three months later, in October 2017, Butler told PEOPLE he was enjoying being single and said that finding time to date had been challenging, admitting “it has been hard to get much done” romantically with his hectic work schedule: “I have no personal life.”

It’s unclear when they reunited again after that but they’ve been spotted together again since 2019. Last August, the couple was seen putting on a loved-up display on the red carpet premiere of Angel Has Fallen. Dressed in a brown suit and tie, a dapper-looking Butler leaned over at one point to dip Brown slightly backward, planting a smooch on his girlfriend after giving her a big smile.

In 2017, Butler opened up to PEOPLE about wanting to be a father in the not too distant future. “In five years I want to be in a relationship,” Butler says. “I’d love to have one or two kids — it’s about time.”

[From People]

Yeah, he and Morgan have legitimately been on-and-off for years, and God knows if this is even their final breakup. He’s always had the most random taste in women too – remember, he banged Brandi Glanville (and he had no idea who she was), and he also banged some randoms in a Porta Potty. G-But is just that kind of guy, although I think he’s maybe cleaned up his act a tad in recent years.

"Cinema for Peace" gala 2020 during the 70th Berlinale International Film Festival

Gerard Butler and Morgan Brown keep each other warm on a chilly NYC walk

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16 Responses to “Gerard Butler, 50, is single again after ending his on-and-off thing with Morgan Brown”

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  1. kimberlu says:

    I want to throw a jar of moisturizer at him

    • Elizabeth says:

      Yeah, I’d bang him, but only after soaking him in antiseptic and making him wear about five condoms.

  2. Mpea says:

    These are some rough looking people.

  3. BlueSky says:

    @Kaiser, I love you and I respect your dedication to this Diplo hard on. I will never be on that train but I do agree with GB. I would hit it, not even going to lie 😂

  4. Flamingo says:

    I mean I wouldn’t marry the guy, but in my single days I would definitely spend a night or two with him. He just looks like a good lay.

  5. LaraK says:

    I think there are a population of guys who genuinely want a family but can’t get control over their wandering d*cks o it doesn’t happen for them.
    GB has always been hot to me, but also an emotional mess which he hides behind random women. Or on top of random women. Or spooning. You get the idea.

    • Ange says:

      Or the other kind that just spread kids everywhere, like your Owen Wilsons, Hugh Grants or Jude Laws.

  6. HeatherC says:

    I would hit that. No shame. He looks like he’d be fun. And with his …experience… I could assume he knows what he’s doing in that area. Outside that he’s messy as hell and doesn’t seem to have anything figured out. But we also haven’t heard of a bunch of little Gerrys running around so he might be pretty hard core about protection now. (Yes the woman may be super responsible in this area too, but prevention skyrockets when both use it)

  7. elle says:

    That kilt photo marks the one and only time I’ve found him hot. That’s probably one more time than he’d find me hot, though, so…

  8. Madpoe says:

    My lord I use to find this man so damn sexy! Long are the “Attila” and “Dracula” days. I thought his film career would’ve gone a different way too.

  9. clairej says:

    Maybe not now, but hell yes back in the day. He was stunning in Dear Frankie.

  10. Melissa says:

    He’s aged like a bowl of milk.

    Having said that, the kilt photo makes me rethink my standards – or at least what I would admit to.

  11. KBeth says:

    I’d still hit it.

  12. Elisabeth Smith says:

    Like a screen door in a hurricane
    all day every day

  13. Caty Page says:

    He must be a phenomenal actor; I’m still dry-heaving in response to his character in “The Ugly Truth.”