“The ‘Enola Holmes’ trailer is super-cute & so much fun” links

Are we into the Enola Holmes trailer? [Jezebel]
Are we into the Ammonite trailer? [LaineyGossip]
Halle Berry wants to represent herself in her divorce from Olivier Martinez, which still has not been finalized after all this time. [Dlisted]
Hozier brings us the most wholesome content of the week. [Pajiba]
Jamie Lynn Spears was named a trustee of Britney Spears’ fortune. [Just Jared]
Stephen Colbert takes on Jerry Falwell Jr, the pool boy & Donald Trump. [Towleroad]
Vanity Fair’s September cover is Breonna Taylor. [Go Fug Yourself]
Kendall Jenner is such a terrible model. [RCFA]
All the ways Donald Trump is violating the Hatch Act. [Buzzfeed]
I really wish all of these shows would be cancelled. [Starcasm]

Royal visit to South Wales

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  1. Nandor's 4th Wife says:

    I am so friggin happy Jamie Lynn is a trustee for Brit Brit. I honestly believe she will look after her sister

    • megs283 says:

      Me too. Maybe I’m naive, but I think this is a good thing. Have you seen Sweet Magnolias on Netflix? Jamie Lynn has a part in it.

  2. Case says:

    Ammonite looks STUNNING, wow. I will watch anything with Saoirse Ronan, though. One of my favorite actresses. She picks great scripts.

    Enola Holmes looks cute and I will likely watch it because light movies are pretty much all I can handle at the moment.

  3. dogmom says:

    MBB doesn’t even look like herself in that Enola Holmes poster. It’s like they airbrushed her into Isabella Rose Giannulli.

    • Sarah says:

      I didn’t realise it was her until I watched the trailer. I’ll give it a watch though.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Agreed. I had no idea that was supposed to be her. There’s no reason to have made her look like someone else.

  4. Sarah says:

    Wow Kendall Jenner looks dead inside in these pictures. Oh Burberry what have you done??

  5. Ebee says:

    Enola Holmes looks like delightful fun. I like seeing MBB working with adults I think would be good mentors (hi HBC, mayI come over and play dress-up?). Now so long as Cavill doesn’t try to date her, we’re all good.

  6. JustMe says:

    DM has story about Pitt dating a 27 yr old German model. Supposedly he took her to Miraval

  7. Nia says:

    The Ammonite trailer sort of reminds me of the movie Portrait of a Lady on Fire.

  8. Teresa says:

    The Ammonite trailer looks good and we’ll acted. No surprise there given the cast. But I reminds me of Carol and other mildly depressing love affair movies between women. Historically heck yes. Show off those relationships, but I wouldn’t hate just a nice movie where an LGBTQ+ couple is portrayed as just happy and normal with no underlying societal tension making them sad.

  9. Sam the Pink says:

    Not sure where else to put this, but for any of you in texas and lousianna, please BE SAFE. Laura is rapidly strengthening and will make landfall as a category 5 storm – the strongest possible classification. It is going to kill people. If you can leave, do so. Take your animals and loved possessions. I have people I care about there and am worried. Please be safe.

    • Mabs A'Mabbin says:

      My husband and son are working right now, but will be finishing up very soon. Had some supplies delivered yesterday. We’re not along the coastline, but are about 45 minutes inland. I love storms, but I loathe power outages. I’ve been through several hurricanes, a few fives, and they’re beautiful beasts danger notwithstanding. Everyone stay safe.

  10. Florence says:

    I am incredibly in love with Helena BC. The fact she’s waving a sword about and teaching her daughter to fight in the trailer is just extra badass.

  11. SJR says:

    Looking forward to Enola Holmes.
    Netflix is hitting on all cylinders lately. I only have Netflix and Amazon Prime, stopped cable 2+ years ago, don’t miss it either.

    Now, as for Henry Cavill…The Witcher is really a good show, excellent special effects.
    Cavill is HOT! Never paid much attention him before but as the Witcher = Hello!
    He’s almost too pretty IRL, he looks great dirtied up as The Witcher. :)

    Sam Clalfin (sp?) is very, very good in Peaky Blinders.
    I’ve watched other things he is in and Peaky Blinders has been the most forceful role I’ve seen him in, he seems bland otherwise.

    Enola Holmes looks good, right up my alley. I love period pieces.
    HBC is always worth watching. She seems great fun, she held more than her own in Fight Club too.

  12. BeanieBean says:

    Colbert was spot on, as usual.

  13. Gobo says:

    Oh Halle. No. You do not know better than your legal councel. Judges do not appreciate it when people choose to represent themselves when they can afford not to.

  14. Sasha says:

    WHY WHY WHY would they get a beautiful, utterly recognisable star like MBB then photoshop her out of oblivion!?!?!? Surely someone looked at this at some point and realised it no longer looked like her?? And she’s so young, HOW much photoshop could she possibly need? Madness! But trailer looks fab.

  15. Marigold says:

    I was terrified when I saw this that Henry Cavill was going to be romantically paired with Millie. The way they’ve insisted upon pretending she’s ten years older than she really is in the industry, that was the first thought I had seeing the promotional images.

    Now that’s been done away with, I sighed with relief. It looks really cute, and I’ll give it a go when it releases.