Jason Biggs attacked by Gibraltar ape while on vacation

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This is a story you might be tempted to laugh at – but shouldn’t. I’m letting you know right now, so you don’t giggle and wonder if you should feel guilty. You should feel guilty. “American Pie” actor Jason Biggs was attacked in the face by a Barbary macaque while on vacation in Gibraltar. Apparently he and “American Pie” costar Eddie Kaye Thomas went there to celebrate the film’s 10 year anniversary. Oz and Stifler’s mom apparently stayed home, which was probably for the best, considering how the holiday went.

The American Pie actor Jason Biggs has cut short his holiday in Europe after being attacked by one of Gibraltar’s famous monkeys. In a scene that could have come from the comedy films that have made him famous, the 31-year-old star fought off the wild animal when he was attacked while sightseeing on the British colony.

He was visiting the disputed territory at the foot of Spain with friend and American Pie co-star Eddie Kaye Thomas when the pair came face to face with one of Gibraltar’s mascots.

“Jason and Eddie decided to go on the trip to celebrate the ten-year anniversary of Pie,” a source told US media.

“They were hiking in the woods when this monkey suddenly leapt on Jason from a tree and tried to bite his face off.

“Jason’s travelling companions managed to fend the beast off and Jason thankfully wasn’t seriously hurt, just shaken up.”

The actor abruptly ended his holiday as a result of the attack and returned to the US early.

[From the Telegraph]

According to the Telegraph, there are signs all over Apes Den and the Siege Tunnels warning the hundreds of daily tourists to be wary of the monkeys. Not only can they attack humans but they also spread disease. There’s something about Jason Biggs that makes it hard to write about him without some teasing. He could be the president of Harvard, and I’d still look at him and stifle a laugh. I think it’s probably just the goofy grin and silly nature. But I mean the guy is really lucky to be alive. Primates do attack and can even kill. We’re naturally drawn to them because they seem so human like, and it’s easy to forget that’s not the case. Remember that horrible chimpanzee attack in February? Biggs is lucky he escaped relatively unscathed.

Here’s Jason Biggs with wife Jenny Mollen at the grand opening of the new SugarFish Sushi restaurant in Brentwood on July 26th. Images thanks to WENN.com .

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  1. Firestarter says:


  2. yadira says:

    Maybe he told a really bad joke to the ape?

  3. Nicole says:

    I’ll probably be alone in this, but I didn’t find it remotely entertaining. I once read an article about aggressive apes (I don’t recall which type they were, it was so long ago) on an island, where they had a leader that viciously attacked people as a show of power and control over his territory.
    One morning while walking to visit her husband, a woman was carrying her infant on her back when the lead ape suddenly jumped down, snatched the baby away from her, went to the treetops and gruesomely ate it. It was quite a sad story, and really drives home how careful people need to be around wild animals. As cute as some primates are, they’re still wild and therefore, unpredictable.

  4. GatsbyGal says:

    Wow, that’s scary. I’m glad he’s okay, I can only imagine how rattled he must have been afterwards. I’d have gone home too!

    I know what you mean, though, about looking at him and wanting to giggle. I can’t see him without picturing him making love to a pie.

  5. Tlk says:

    hmm.. Been there, you can’t go anywhere on Gibraltar without knowing about the Barberry apes (which are in fact monkeys). They are extremely habituated to humans, to the point that the guides there collects dozens of wallets, passports, sunglasses, and camera that they have stolen from tourists posing for pics, every season.. If someone was attacked, they probably were not paying attention to the common sense rules of wild animals.

  6. chshc says:

    He will always be the pie f*er

  7. eternalcanadian says:

    omg, is that the same guy from american pie? dang, getting older didn’t agree with him. 😮

  8. Neelyo says:

    So is being ‘attacked by a monkey’ the new excuse for plastic surgery, replacing the overused ‘deviated septum’?

  9. luna says:

    Awww, I always thought he was a cutie…but then again I have a thing for dorks. He needs a haircut in these pics though.

  10. filthycute says:

    I always liked Jason Biggs. He has a goofy charm and you never hear of him acting like an entitled asshole…unlike so many guys in Hollywood.

  11. A Dawn says:

    There are more than 200 such apes (known as the Barbary Macaque) on Gibraltar island. It grows up to two and a half feet in size and weigh 30 lbs. approximately. I just think that maybe, he really did something naughty for the ape to go berserk.