Lawyer for Arnold Klein says Klein is possibly the father of Jackson’s kids

Mark Vincent Kaplan is shown on 6/5/08. Credit:

The lawyer for Dr. Arnold Klein, the shifty dermatologist/plastic surgeon who counted Michael Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor among his closest friends, says that Klein is probably the father of Jackson’s children. It’s worth noting that Klein’s lawyer is none other than Kevin Federline’s attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan, who seems just as eager for fame and notoriety as many of his clients. Kaplan seems to enjoy giving sensational quotes about his high profile clients to ensure that he gets maximum coverage, and his latest statement is a doozy. US Weekly is claiming in the title to this story that “Klein is ‘Well Aware’ He’s Father of Michael Jackson’s Children.” That’s not what Kaplan says, however. Kaplan told US that “There was a possibility that the two older kids could be biologically linked to Dr. Klein. And Dr. Klein was well aware.” That’s not a statement of certainty at all. Kaplan than went on to say that Klein won’t take a DNA test or try and raise the children. It sounds like all of this is being brought up due to Michael Jackson’s friend Mark Lester claiming Paris could be his biological daughter, as there’s a reference made to “concerns [over] the influence of other people” on the children’s guardian, their grandmother Katherine Jackson:

Dermatologist Arnold Klein knows he’s the father of Michael Jackson’s two oldest kids, Prince, 12 and Paris, 11, his lawyer admits to [sic: read his statement, he doesn’t definitely say this]

“There was a possibility that the two older kids could be biologically linked to Dr. Klein. And Dr. Klein was well aware,” his lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, tells Us when explaining why he was present at a guardianship hearing for Jackson’s children.

Us Weekly first confirmed from multiple sources that Klein — Jackson’s longtime dermatologist — is Prince and Paris’ biological father. Debbie Rowe, who worked for Klein for 23 years, is the biological mother, and was wed to Jackson for three years. (Jackson was also father to Blanket, 7, born to a different surrogate mother.)

Kaplan continues: “Dr. Klein wanted to assert a request that he had concerns. He had an agreement with Michael Jackson that if anything happened to Michael Jackson… Dr. Klein would do what he could to see that they were protected.”

Still, Klein won’t take a DNA test, Kaplan says.

“It would serve no helpful purpose for the children to be distracted from believing Michael Jackson is not the father in every possibility. It would be of interest to other people. It is not something Dr. Klein feels he is interested to establish. It would serve no purpose other than creating distraction or noise. It is not going to help the children,” he says, “other than to solve the answered question, which is a selfish motive to see who the ultimate provider of the 13 chromosomes [is].”

Klein does not want to challenge the [sic] Katherine Jackson’s guardianship of the kids.

“Katherine Jackson is responsible for the decisions and upbringing of the children,” Kaplan says. “And his concerns were the influence of other people around her.” (Kaplan does not name specific people Klein is concerned about.)

Klein has never officially confirmed he’s Prince and Paris’ father, but he hasn’t exactly denied it.

In a July interview on Good Morning America, he said he’s not their father “to the best of my knowledge.” The next day on Larry King Live, he admitted he once donated sperm but couldn’t answer paternity questions “one way or another.”

[From US Weekly]

Again, Kaplan is not definitely saying that Klein is the father of Paris and Prince Michael II, he’s only saying it’s a possibility and that they want to make sure other people don’t try and influence Katherine Jackson. This statement is a real departure from Klein’s past stance on paternity. In Klein’s Larry King Live interview in early July, he said that he was willing to take a DNA test and that if he was the father “I would spend every moment of the day with the children,” and would “absolutely” become their father. Now Klein is saying that there’s no use taking a DNA test and that Michael Jackson will always be their father. It’s strange that he would change his position so much in just a few weeks.

Yesterday Klein’s former nurse and the mother of Jackson’s two older children, Debbie Rowe, was seen visiting Klein’s office. She explained to the paparazzi that another doctor in the practice was a close friend and that it was his anniversary that day. When asked about the other people coming forward claiming to be the father of Jackson’s children she say “everybody wants their fifteen minutes I guess.” Does that include her former employer?

Dr Arnold Klein, Michael Jacksons doctor, in Beverly Hills, CA

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16 Responses to “Lawyer for Arnold Klein says Klein is possibly the father of Jackson’s kids”

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  1. Tess says:

    This is a lunatic crew MJ assembled. The whole bunch.

    I do think Klein’s the father.

  2. Justalark says:

    When they make the inevitable movie of Michael Jackson’s weird and troubled life, they should definitely cast TOM ARNOLD as Dr. Arnold Klein. Every time I see a photo of this guy I think that he could be Arnold’s lost twin!

  3. Beth says:

    I know Michael surrounded himself with freaks but I wish these people would leave Michael and the kids alone. It’s disturbing how these so-called “friends” are running to the press to say they are the father when they don’t have proof or know for sure themselves.

  4. Diane says:

    If the children aren’t asking now, they will eventually. Where this info goes once delineated is anyone’s guess = )

    Klein and beard are seen in holiday pictures with MJ and children. Professional and personal relationship existed.

    The surprise will be if Klein is not the bio/dad = )

  5. Lem says:

    Those poor children

    Maybe I’m the father :eyeroll:

  6. captain america says:

    I hope he has a good LIFE-INSURANCE, folks!!

  7. wow says:

    Oh I get it. This has “I am the bio-father of MJ’s kids, so please don’t try to blame me for his death or put me in jail along with the other Dr.”. He’s using the kids as his “get out of jail free” card. 😉

  8. Tess says:

    God help those kids.

    A gay bio dad with a high IQ and a medical degree sells his sperm to MJ. The mother is a callous incubator willing to provide MJ with her DNA and uterus two times for a hefty sum (and no relationship with her own natural-born children).

    An adopted grandmother who may be nice, but let’s face it. She raised a disfunctional brood of kids with a disasterous father, who’s still very much in the picture.

    God help those kids.

  9. Hieronymus Grex says:

    Will the last money-grubbing assh*le claiming to be the father of those kids PLEASE turn off the courthouse lights when they leave?

  10. elvisgreace says:

    Because god only knows knows holding a press conference where you announce to the TABLOIDS that MJ probably isn’t the bio-dad, won’t distract those kids at all. And I’m gonna give those kids credit for being a lot smarter than most of the adults involved in this mess – I bet they know that MJ might not be the sperm donor, but Paris’s eulogy said it all, and will always stand the test of time as far as all three of those children are concerned: “Ever since I was born, daddy has been the best father you could every imagine.” Klein is trying to get ahead of the storm that’s about to hit regarding what drugs he was providing Jackson, and his choosing to use this particular diversion is just gross.

  11. Zoe says:

    Klein is obviously just trying to deflect attention away from the fact that the police are investigating him. This man belongs in jail along with Dr. Murray and all the enablers.

  12. Magsy says:

    Why did Michael Jackson surround himself with so many loonies? They’re all crawling outta the woodwork for 15 minutes of fame and $$$$.

  13. Sarah says:

    “This is a lunatic crew MJ assembled. The whole bunch.”

    Tess, well put. Couldn’t have said it better. LOL!

    Otherwise… leave them kids alone! Enough already. Kaplan should be ashamed for putting more oil into the fire. A**hole!

  14. jason says:

    woh nos mabey im the fahra of thos three childer

  15. Mel says:

    God, It really P**ses me off!!
    No one is the father of those kids except michael himself he loved those kids more than any other livng thing in this world!
    I feel so sorry for them,
    Enoguh already, They’ve been through enough without people saying that michael was not the bio father!!
    He was and thats they end of it! Seriously leave the family alone!

    Prey for them!

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