Cate Blanchett in a peplum’d McQueen in Venice: the worst look of the festival?

Red Carpet for the Golden Lion Award for Lifetime Achievement Ceremony during the Venice Film Festival

I thought the Venice Film Festival was winding down, but it’s not over until the 12th (Saturday). I believed we were seeing the final night’s activities because of Cate Blanchett’s fashion choice last night – she wore this Alexander McQueen look for two red carpets, the premiere of Di Yi Lu Xiang and the presentation of the Golden Lion Award for Lifetime Achievement. It was the WRONG look to wear for a big night, huh?

Cate actually does this every so often – I feel like she’s asking if we’re paying attention. She’ll wear some hideous dress which no one could pull off and often, the dress looks like someone pulled two of the ugliest looks and sewed them together. So it is here – a giant asymmetrical peplum, half a blazer, a struggle sleeve-ruffle. My God.

Red Carpet for the Golden Lion Award for Lifetime Achievement Ceremony during the Venice Film Festival

Red Carpet for the Golden Lion Award for Lifetime Achievement Ceremony during the Venice Film Festival

I missed covering these two “casual Cate” looks where she was just hanging around the festival during the day. She wore a Triple RRR jumpsuit which… is not cute, but I mostly hate the sneakers. She also wore some PJs, I guess.

77th Venice Film Festival held in Venice, Italy - Celebrity Sightings at the Venice Lido

77th Venice Film Festival held in Venice, Italy - Celebrity Sightings at the Venice Lido

77th Venice International Film Festival, Italy - Celebrity Sightings at the Venice Lido

Here’s Nathalie Emmanuel in MiuMiu – even though I think she’s underdressed, I kind of like it. Mostly because I love her and her vivacity makes this ensemble really cute.

Nathalie Emmanuel poses on the red carpet for Revenge Room during  the 77th Venice International Film Festival ( La Biennale Di Veneziale ) on Monday 7 September 2020

And here’s Polina Pushkareva in a dress I wish I could fix – the skirt should be black, and then the whole look would greatly improve, right?

77th Venice Film Festival held in Venice, Italy - Never Gonna Snow Again - Red Carpet

Photos courtesy of WENN, Backgrid.

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  1. Tanguerita says:

    what the everloving f..k.

  2. Grumpierthanthou says:

    Oh Cate!

  3. Killfanora says:

    Cate, clutching her backside looks as though she’s got wind and is trying not to let rip! 😂

  4. Lisa says:

    That was a lot worse than I was imagining based on the headline

  5. Lightpurple says:

    Cate’s right arm looks like it is detached from her body

    • LaraK says:

      I thought it looked like she as grabbing her own butt.

      She’s totally trolling us. It’s kind of nice she maintains her sense of humor.

  6. Aang says:


  7. Darla says:

    Absolutely love the MiuMiu, perfection. Kate looks ridiculous in everything here. And those sneakers, my god. The same week Kamala broke the internet in her Chucks too. SMH.

    • tealily says:

      Yes! I love the cut of that skirt. Nathalie Emmanuel is so cute.

    • clomo says:

      The shoes remind me of shoes from doctors for people with one leg shorter than the other, they are quite funny on Cate for some reason to me.

  8. Tanguerita says:

    It’s just my opinion, but I feel that Cate has lost her fashion mojo a few years ago. Nw she dresses like a rich old frail lady who plays bridge in the afternoon and never walks if she can help it.

  9. Esmom says:

    I like the pajama look a lot in theory except that it does look a little too pajama-y to be wearing out, if that makes sense.

    She looks incredibly good, I think, seemingly not aging much but also not displaying any obvious work.

  10. Gil says:

    I don’t know why but I have the feeling that she is trying to pull of the “Tilda Swinton” thing and failing miserably.

  11. Ohlala says:

    All outfits awful and one stands out as a bit underdressed (miu miu)

  12. BayTampaBay says:

    I think one of points of any film festival is for “stars” to wear crazy couture. All of these women have succeeded because we are talking about them and their clothes.

    Every piece of every look posted could be reworked for a normal person and look great. Get rid of Cate’s one-armed black jacket and you will be left with a stunning princess dress.

    However, if you have seen one stunning princess dress you have seen them all, hence the one-armed black jacket. If I were at the Venice film festival, I would wear that one-armed black jacket. LOL!

    • Juju says:

      BayTampaBay- yes!!! I totally agree, I much prefer interesting and unique to pretty and predictable. Cate takes risks on the red carpet. Sometimes they pay off and sometimes it’s a bellyflop but at least she’s giving us something to have an opinion about. Especially in these horrible times, I appreciate the wacky stuff even more.

  13. Nanea says:

    It seems Cate is trying to use her Carte Blanchett a little too often right now.
    *rolls eyes*

    I just can’t with the McQueen, hate the sneakers, the PJs would be nice around the house. But the tie-dyed, wrinkled, ill-fitting jumpsuit takes the cake.

  14. Nikki* says:

    Ha, ha! I know Kaiser hates bangs, buttons, and peplums, so I was prepared to think Cate’s dress was OK. WRONG! It’s horrendous!!!

  15. SJR says:

    That white dress thing = I like the fabric part but the chunks of window blinds parts are no good.
    Why is she grabbing her butt? Quirky? Bleh. Try just looking good and behaving politely.
    I guess anything for attention.

  16. Chlo says:

    I don’t know…. it’s ridiculous, and I kind of love it for that reason.

  17. Züri says:

    I love Cate Blanchett, but I have to wonder if McQueen stole that basic dress design from Lady St. Petsois JuJu of Bridesmaids the movie fame (remember Lillian’s wedding dress???).

  18. Lisa says:

    So bad.

  19. LeonsMomma says:

    It is a bonkers dress, but the more I look At it, I like it? !!
    Those sneakers, no bueno.

  20. Mabs A'Mabbin says:


  21. HK9 says:

    Death by frills & peplum….

  22. Sof says:

    I can’t believe the blazer is part of the dress. Why?
    I could be wrong but a while before the Ask Her More campaign, I got the feeling that Cate had something against the “fashion” aspect of her job. It’s as if it bothered her so she trolls people with her looks.

  23. lucy2 says:

    I don’t care for any of these fashions.
    Nathalie is so pretty!

  24. Veronica S. says:

    I like the FASHION!! element of it, but I think the ruffle is too much. I wonder if you cut that peplum off if the look would be more streamlined in its avant garde presentation. It’s a shame the jumpsuit got wrinkled in the car, otherwise it would be the most casual fun looking of the bunch.

    That dress on Polina Pushkareva is clearly designed for someone with no breasts. How else would that bodice even work otherwise? The underboob just throws off the fit. It’s not like she’s even excessively large in the chest, geez.

  25. Blerg says:

    Cate’s In ‘n Out ensemble is hideous, her painting coveralls are hideous, Polina’s Hannibal Lecter dress is hideous, but WHAT in the name of all that is holy is that Transformer dress-blazer abomination?

  26. smee says:

    Very Victor/Victoria. I hate it.
    But not more than that wrinkled, ill-fitting onesie pair with corrective platform sneakers 😱
    Tilda’s street pajama game was way better.

  27. Mariane says:

    OMG!!! I cant believe she agreed to wear that. Nathalie looks fab as always

  28. JanetDR says:

    I saw the headline and thought how I actually like a good peplum! But scrolled down and that is NOT good! 😂😂😂

  29. Miaowmix says:

    It looks like some other half-person is reaching over her shoulder to give her bum a squeeze!


  30. Bella A A says:

    Those all ugly except for the Miu Miu.

  31. Headbandday says:

    Always a fashion victim. I don’t like her acting that much and she loses more points on the Woody Allen thing. However I like she does admit Marion Cotillard is better than her as an actress (they’re often described as the two best of their generation).

  32. Jonsey says:

    Cate, I know you think you’re being fashion-forward…but this outfit is a hate crime…a hate crime against individuals with working eyes.

  33. Don't Trust the B in Comment 23 says:

    She’s always talked about as gorgeous and beautiful woman, but I just can’t see it?

    All I see is a rich white woman who will most definitely call the police when she sees me or my friends walking in front of her house.

    Her skills as an actress are also greatly exaggerated.

    Cherry on top: She’s a Woody and Polanski cheerleader.