“Certified young person Paul Rudd has a Millennial message about masks” links

Certified young person Paul Rudd has a message for the youths about wearing masks. I lost it when he said “dank squad.” [Towleroad]
Get some crocheted pants for the dudes in your life. [OMG Blog]
Vanessa Paradis wore Chanel in Deauville. [RCFA]
Colton Underwood’s texts to his ex-girlfriend Cassie Randolph reveal a manipulative psycho on the edge, big surprise. [JustJared]
Spoilers for I’m Thinking of Ending Things. [Pajiba]
Ohio is going to be a clusterwhoops of voter suppression yet again. [Jezebel]
Review of The Way I See It, the Pete Souza documentary. [LaineyGossip]
Ratched is apparently kind of appallingly bad? [Tom & Lorenzo]
Vanessa Marcil drags her ex Brian Austin Green and defends Megan Fox. [Dlisted]
The anniversary of the Golden Girls premiere OMG. [GFY]

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  1. mika says:

    Im a millenial. I like to read cookbooks, have a bad back and most of my eggs are dead. We are closer to paul rudd than you think.

    • SusieQ says:

      I’m a millennial and I’m almost 35. I really wish society would stop using “millennial” as code for young person. I too enjoy my cookbooks, and I have sciatica. At 10 pm, you’re more likely to find my Gen X boyfriend and me falling asleep to Netflix than out at a bar with a “squad.”

  2. escondista says:

    I’m a millennial and i’m grandma AF during covid but this made me laugh so hard. I think he needs to have a chat with Gen Z too.

  3. Veronica S. says:

    Keep an eye on Pennsylvania for election nonsense, too. They’ve already delayed sending the ballot once, eight weeks before the election. We’re also one of the states that doesn’t allow ballot counting until the actual day of the election, so rest assured there will be delays and definitely expect Trump to challenge results.

    Trump won us by <1% last election. His stooges in the federal circuit are already working to undermine the democratic governor by calling our current COVID standards unconstitutional. Even if we pull a victory in November, this is going to be a long journey out, guys. The damage done to the courts is going to linger for a very long time. These fascists know how to play the long game in terms of undermining the very state power they claim to uphold.

    • Sid says:

      Veronica I was just reading an article about the election issues in Pennsylvania. I was glad to read elsewhere that the team for Biden/Harris is making preparations to deal with the possibility of a contested election. I still remember the election of 2000 with the Brooks Brothers Riot nonsense, and I need for the Dems to be ready to punch back this time.

  4. Dierski says:

    Oooh, LOVE all of the crocheted things by Lord von Schmitt!!! Now if only I could justify buying a random crocheted onesie or giant rainbow cape in my budget right now… 😂

  5. Lua says:

    Definitely getting my husband one of the crochet rompers for Christmas and making him replicate these poses 🤣

  6. Jensies says:

    I really liked I’m Thinking of Ending Things. It’s not for everyone, no Kaufman film is, but it was haunting and has stuck with me.

  7. minx says:

    He’s adorable.

  8. Yonati says:

    “I’m Thinking of Ending Things” book is so much better than the movie. Check it out. It’s a fairly quick read.

  9. Tiffany says:

    Cardi B filed for divorce in Georgia today.

    About. Time.

  10. JustMe says:

    Kim K going dark on Facebook and Instagram….show ending. Shes totally divorcing Kayne. Oh and see the teaser is Kourtney and Scott are trying for #4 😱

    And I hope CardiB goes through with it .must be another baby mama announcement coming

  11. The Recluse says:

    Horrified about what ICE has been doing to women in their custody. Forced Hysterectomies is a crime against humanity.

    • Nonartistic Diane says:

      Hearing about this has made me seethe. That the doctor(misnomer) doing this is referred to as the “Uterus Collector” by staff. What the literal hell…. I feel like we are living in a never ending nightmare scape. I mean I’m at a complete loss.

  12. BountyHunter says:

    Dude, seriously, unless you’re Harry Styles you cannot pull off those crochet low risers.

  13. BountyHunter says:

    Dude, seriously, unless you’re Harry Styles you cannot pull off those crochet low risers.

  14. Katherine says:

    embarrassed to be a millennial right now and am just as irked about this as Paul – we don’t have to make it funTM, just bloody wear it

  15. NewKay says:

    Mellinials are 40 this year. I wish people would get the generations right.

  16. NΞΞNΔ ZΞΞ says:

    The crocheted pants made my day!!

  17. Su says:

    My daughter is learning to crochet. I now know what she should give her dad for Christmas. Also, the blonde model seems to center his poses prominently around the angle of his bum. And finally, I stand with Paul Rudd.