“Did Gigi Hadid already quietly give birth? Many people think so!” links

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growin an angel :)

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Has Gigi Hadid already given birth? The evidence is mounting! [JustJared]
I laughed so hard at these photos of dogs absolutely terrified of cats. [OMG Blog]
Poppy Delevingne wore Fendi to a Bvlgari event. [RCFA]
The Trump administration wanted to use a dangerous heat ray against peaceful protesters in Washington. [Towleroad]
Yeah, what if QAnon believers are all pedophiles. [Pajiba]
Yeah, the anti-abortion people also want to ban the Pill. [Jezebel]
Netflix made a huge deal for Zendaya’s new movie. [LaineyGossip]
Wow, Janelle Monae looks stunning here. [Tom & Lorenzo]
Dlisted’s Hot Sluts of August are lesbian penguins. [Dlisted]
Elizabeth Taylor’s (many) wedding photos are some of my favorites. [GFY]

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33 weeks ♡

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10 Responses to ““Did Gigi Hadid already quietly give birth? Many people think so!” links”

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  1. Case says:

    I do think Gigi had her baby. Her sister posted something the other day reminiscing about her sister being pregnant back in June.

    I’m so excited for Zendaya’s new film. Cool to think they found ways to safely shoot it during the pandemic. I love the innovation coming out of this period of time.

  2. detritus says:

    I’m kinda interested in what’s going on with the Whedon investigation. Jason Momoa is now also saying the agency is playing dirty and trying to redirect attention away from the abuse allegations.

    Not gonna lie, his wife’s letter ( and then the WW script) really made me rethink some of the things on Buffy and I think his ex was absolutely right about him and his general shite-ness

  3. Rose says:

    I will never understand why these anti-pill people just cannot comprehend that it’s okay to not want kids. It’s okay to want a close and intimate relationship with your spouse without risking bringing children into the world that for whatever reason are not planned for. Their “physicians push the pill” narrative just takes away women’s autonomy, makes us mindless sheep at every turn.

  4. Mariane says:

    Congratulations to gigi and zayn if they already welcomed their baby

  5. ola says:

    I will never understand why Gigi Hadid has 58M followers.
    Besides, if anyone needs a small consolation in 2020, check Ivana Trump’s appearance on Loose Women (UK talk show) and imagine that pretty soon Ivanka, The Complicit Barbie, will look like that.

  6. Eugh says:

    That was some seriously fast gestation it seemed like (unlike poor Katy Perry)

  7. BeanieBean says:

    Aw, my heart goes out to each & every one of those poor frightened doggies. I just want to hug each one & say ‘there there’.

  8. clairej says:

    I love Gigi. Only one of those nepotism models who works for me. She seems so excited.