Kim Cattrall is ‘happily child free’ and living in Vancouver with her boyfriend

Russell Thomas and actress Kim Cattrall arrive at the FOX Summer TCA 2019 All-Star Party held at Fox Studios on August 7, 2019 in Los Angeles, California, United States.
Sex and the City star Kim Cattrall has a new show,Filthy Rich, that premieres tonight on FOX. Kim shared “25 Things You Don’t Know About Me” with US. She is slightly dyslexic, she speaks German, and she is happily child-free.

Kim is mostly known for her sexier characters such as Samantha from SATC and her role in the 1981 classic Porky’s. However, her personal life doesn’t reflect those characters. She says she is a romantic monogamist. Recently Kim, 64, said did an interview with People about her boyfriend of four years Russ Thomas, 50. She said she is enjoying her quiet life in Vancouver and her sweet morning ritual of drinking tea with milk with Russ. Here are a few excerpts:

“From the beginning, [Russ] and I felt like we needed to get out of town, so we came up to my house in Canada,” former Sex and the City star Cattrall, who was born in England, then raised in Vancouver, tells PEOPLE. “I’m coming home again. The mountains, the orcas, when I was a teenager I didn’t appreciate it. But now, they’re bringing me back.”

And Cattrall, who was born in Liverpool, says she feels connected to Thomas, born in Kent, England, through their shared roots. “It’s just so easy,” says Cattrall, who was previously married three times. “I’m very comfortable around him. He’s a firecracker and he’s got a wicked sense of humor. And he’s easy on the eyes!”

And Cattrall and Thomas share a special daily routine she’s come to cherish. “The day starts with a cup of tea,” says the actress. “It’s hot water over a tea bag, with milk, no sugar and exactly the right temperature. It’s very British! We have tea together every morning, and after lunch usually another cup to get through the day.”

Ultimately, Cattrall says she’s met her match. “I love him,” she says. “And he was worth waiting for.”

[From People]

Samantha was one of my favorite characters on SATC because she just didn’t give a f*ck about what people thought about her. I think that part of Sam’s personality, Kim embodies. I love that she has found love and with a younger and very hot man.

Besides being a bodacious babe, Kim is honestly living my dream life of a being surrounded by beautiful nature (particularly in the mountains near a lake), snuggling in front of a fireplace and sipping on wine or tea. Sorry I kinda got lost in my own fantasy. Anyhow, I definitely will tune into Filthy Rich, it sounds like a campy mess of an evening soap opera like Revenge or Desperate Housewives. I do need a good escape and this just may be it for the fall months.

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  1. dlc says:

    Good for her! Does anyone know what her boyfriend does for a living? I’m curious since it sounds like he moved to Canada to live with her.

    • ChillyWilly says:

      Sounds like he does Kim for a living. Yuk, yuk 😆 I ‘m just teasing…I like Kim and agree with Oya that she is living the dream!

    • Flatpackfurniture says:

      I read somewhere he’s a speech therapist. Probably all remote work right now. (?)

  2. Laalaa says:

    Love her. Watching the SATC again I’ve always wondered how much she was put through, she did so much nudity (and managed to do sexy scenes without any vulgarity and made them comedic) unlike some others on the show who wore bras to bed. It’s really obvious to me that she is a true professional but she really doesn’t take any BS and she doesn’t let other people use her. So when things got out of hand, she stood up for herself.
    So.. I love her.

    • Noki says:

      I noticed that SJP was the only one who never went nude i guess the perks of being an EP. Kim even went full frontal a couple of times.

      • BB8 Squirrel says:

        I really like Kim Cattrall. I feel like she’s not contrived or ever trying to be someone she isn’t. I’m also happy that she’s found happiness and is “happily child free”. I remember when she started sex and the city she was going through IVF treatments and ultimately found that she could not do her job and the treatments at the same time.

      • SamC says:

        From what I’ve read SJP has always had a no nudity clause in her contracts, way before SATC.

    • Flatpackfurniture says:

      Agree with you all. I think she was a total pro and comfortable with doing nudity; the issue was she didn’t feel like the other three – it was an ensemble cast whatever you might say about SJP’s character being the narrator – were given their fair share of pay esp when the show got so big. I think she was right to get vocal esp as Sam was/is such a fan favourite but got diva / “doesn’t know her place” / “should just be grateful” / etc labelling in the media, which was most probably a deliberate thing by SJP’s PR team – she had to be “the star” of the show even though it was clear Kim Cattrall was the favourite by far.

    • Kitten says:

      Kim Cattrall’s an awesome, authentic, no BS girl. I wish that envious, passive-aggressive SLP would keep her name out of her mouth and just leave her alone. Then again, so does Kim.

  3. Betsy says:

    She seems like such a classy lady. I’m glad she’s happy.

  4. Valiantly Varnished says:

    I hated the Samantha character, but I’ve always liked Kim Cattrall.

    • Flatpackfurniture says:

      Never got into the show but Sam had the funniest bits and Kim pulled it off when few probably could have. Now there’s an excessive consumerism thing to all that so SATC is like a guilty pleasure, nostalgic viewing for when you want to forget we’re facing eco collapse.

  5. LaUnicaAngelina says:

    I love Kim Cattrall and will check out her new show. I’m rewatching SATC now and she’s the true VIP of the show. She sounds so happy!

  6. Cidee says:

    I can’t wait until women who have chosen to be “child free” don’t feel pressure to validate their choices and aren’t forced to let everyone know they’re happy. I love being a mother….but NOT having children shouldn’t be immediately perceived as “sad”! I know PLENTY of parents who should have opted out of breeding and lots of women who are living full, happy lives sans kids.

    • Helonearth says:

      It is sad that women still are judged on this.

      A good friend of mine conducted interviews with women in their 70s and 80s last year and there were questions about whether they would have had fewer children/ no children. She was surprised that the majority said they would have had none. We are lucky these days to have more choice and realise that many more women feel this way than is acknowledged.

      • Mac says:

        That doesn’t surprise me. I’m 50 and have been married for 26 years. We are child free by choice and I have always found it interesting that no one from my mom’s generation or earlier has ever questioned our decision.

    • KellySunshine says:

      I’m 43 and happily child free. So many people ask me why I never had kids, or ask if I don’t like kids and of course they tell me I’ll regret not having children later in life. I tell them I love kids. I just never wanted children of my own. Love my niece to bits, but I’m happy that I get to send her home to Mom and Dad at the end of the day. 🙂

    • kimberlu says:

      I’m child free and never even knew it was viewed as being sad not to be a seems like others spend more time thinking about it than the child free women do…I’ve always lived my life and have never felt the weight of anyone’s expectations on me…makes me think some people need a hobby or 3…

      • Nightsky says:

        Child free here too. And sometimes, over the years, people have asked me why I never had children. It’s not a simple answer but rather than go into it all I just tell them I was unable to have kids (partially true) and that puts a stop to the questions. But then you often get the sad, sympathetic looks…. For me it is not a sad thing really. It just wasn’t in the cards and I don’t spend much time dwelling on it. Besides, I have my precious kitties 🙂

    • josephine says:

      People who are insecure question other people’s choices. That’s how I think about it. But I would lay of the “breeding” wording.

      • Betsy says:

        We all know we’re animals. But it’s really rude, like if those of us who chose to have kids called you barren.

      • Onnit says:

        People can be nice and passive aggressive and call me “barren” all day long. Little do they know…

    • Otaku fairy says:

      That’s a good point. One of the problems with with automatically treating it like a sad thing is that it doesn’t allow much room for women who make that choice to be down or have struggles without that being related to their childlessness.

  7. Deanne says:

    She’s always come across as a truly authentic person and I’m really glad that she’s happy. I’m going to watch Filthy Rich because I think she’s a great actor and I’m getting desperate. I don’t watch reality tv and I feel like I’ve binged everything else possible over the last 6 months. The show looks like it could be fun.

  8. K-Peace says:

    As a big fan of Kim i’m happy to read that she’s happy with her handsome boyfriend and that her career is going well! Have always loved her professionalism and take-no-bullshit attitude.

  9. Sally says:

    Definitely a ‘good for her’ article! Although, as a PSA for everyone who needs to be reminded, when one makes tea (ideally with tea leaves, but a good quality bag will do) it is always with BOILING, not hot, water. It sounds pedantic, but it is crucial. And important!

    • HeatherC says:

      Not always! Black teas yes should be boiling. But your green teas (my favorite) are best made with below boiling water. It sounds like she’s drinking a black tea, so you’re right there.

    • Flatpackfurniture says:

      I noticed last time on one of my teabags it said 90C, not boiling was best. I’ve forgotten what type of tea it was but I mostly have green tea.

  10. maggi says:

    A friend recently told me about a ‘do not breed’ sign she saw at a dog show.
    I was like ‘damn, do they have those for humans?’
    I would wear the hell out of t-shirt with that across the front, for those people who have stopped asking about when I would have kids and now ask if I regret my choice to be child-free.

  11. Stef says:

    Love her and looking forward to seeing her new show. I also love the fact she lives in my city! She was fantastic on Sensitive Skin and was truly the star on SATC.

    She also did a sex positive documentary a few years back that I appreciated. She’s a fabulous actress, a truly beautiful woman and it’s so good to know she’s happy and living her best life.

  12. Lindy says:

    6 months into the pandemic with my husband and our two kids (11 and 2) and quite frankly this sounds like heaven to me. I mostly love my kids and being a mom and I don’t think I’d go back and change my decision to have kids. But truly, I’m so exhausted and desperate for solitude and a break from everyone being on top of each other, that I think there’s about 20% of me that wishes I were child-free. Especially reading about her peaceful morning tea ritual and quiet retreat in the mountains…

    • Betsy says:

      I feel you. And now distance learning. Plus a whole host of things that have happened privately… I’m pooped.

  13. minx says:

    Love Kim.

    • Flatpackfurniture says:

      Yes, clicked through to say just that but ended up posting about five comments; got a good conversation going on here. Just wanted to add glad Kim’s living her best life and was totally on her side when all that stuff with her brother and SJP being fake and nice happened a year or two ago. Good for her for doing that Piers Morgan interview and setting things right. Some people would have hesitated to speak up; that took guts.

  14. Wickster says:

    58, and ecstatically child free, in an amazing 25 year marriage. I was a nanny for 4 years because I loved kids. Put me in a room with a baby, and I’m the happiest person in the world. But my time as a nanny reinforced to me that I didn’t have the temperament to be a parent. (I also am lucky enough to have many nieces and nephews so I have the wonderful love of children in my life without the pressure and responsibility). I know some women who thrive being mothers. But I know others who had no idea what they were getting into, and basically are making the best of it. I’ve had no women friends look at me sideways for not having kids. Many-including my own mother-were fully supportive. And I have one niece, who was dying to have a baby for years who finally had one child –and now is terrified of getting pregnant again. At one point she told me “Now I know why you didn’t have kids.” She just doesn’t have the temperament or desire to be a caregiver–as much as she loves her child. I really think NOT being a mother is far more than abortion rights–it’s changing the fundamental way society views and enshrines motherhood as the ultimate fulfillment of women. There is a trail of tears of children over generations who are recovering from the damage done by mothers who should never have been mothers.

    • josephine says:

      Just want to add that the other parent can/do/should play a role in the lives of many children as well. This has always been such a weirdly one-sided view of parenting to me. Certainly women have kids on their own and I’m totally in favor of that choice. But most people are probably still having kids with a partner and the choice is being made by two people, not one.

      I think it’s fair to say that childless people sometimes regret the decision and people who have kids sometimes regret the decision. But often it’s a decision being made by two people.

      • Wickster says:

        Interestingly, when we first met, my husband wanted to have a child, but I told him I did not, and explained to him why. It was difficult for him at first, but he had no understanding of what it took to raise a child. I did. We’re happily childless .
        I believe our relationship would not have survived a child together—and grew more because we were childless. Not because kids ruin marriage–but they are tough on the best of them, and starting out with on recalcitrant partner (me), is not a recipe for a good marriage.
        In terms of the ROLE of parenting, fair enough that men should contribute. But it wasn’t the task of parenting that threw me off. I knew I simply did not have the temperament for parenthood. No co-parent, or outside help, would have changed that.
        And yes, I agree, I do know some women who wish they had a child (One I know would have been a terrible mother so I am glad she didn’t). Absolutely. I am simply in favor of allowing women to consider what they think a child will do for them, and how it will affect their lives–and being realistic about parenting.

      • josephine says:

        @ Wickster – Not a criticism at all. I just find it odd when people talk about women making a choice when often it’s two people making that choice together. Certainly not always, and my guess is that in a traditional woman & man relationship the woman’s choice dictates more than not if there is some disagreement. But men are making choices everyday about having kids or not and so little is ever said about that.

        In the end, either choice can be the right one and we women do such a disservice to each other when we question and judge each other’s decisions!! I’m so glad that you were surrounded by people who supported your choice.

    • Laura says:

      “There is a trail of tears of children over generations who are recovering from the damage done by mothers who should never have been mothers.”

      YES, THIS. I’m 36, married for 8 years and so happily child free. I’ve told many people that my mother NEVER should have had any of the children she had and I understand that means that I never would have been born. But after all of the years of trauma she and her string of boyfriends put me through, I will fight until my dying breath that there is so much more to womanhood that being a mother. We really need to stop making women feel bad for not wanting or having children.

    • Betsy says:

      This is so well stated, and is so perfectly why the GOP is forced birth. They do not want women to have control of their own lives.

  15. Amando says:

    Nearing 40 here and happily child free. I never wanted them, I’m just not a kid person. Animals though, I love animals. I’m a happy fur mom!

    I’m happy for Kim, she is so talented and has aged gracefully. Samantha was an amazing character. I hated what they did to her character in the last movie though. I like to pretend that movie didn’t happen.

  16. Annamaria says:

    I am nearly 57 and have 1 teen son and my pet cats but never had the desire to marry or otherwise couple up. I guess I am “spouse free”. We all must live our truths. Good for Kim, her life sounds very pleasant. And thanks to the late, wonderful RBG Who fought for our rights.

  17. Lucy says:

    The show looks like a lot of fun, especially if they can work in the Falwell storyline next season 😄

  18. OGNoraCharles says:

    I’m 32 and very happily child-free. As a child I was obsessed with baby dolls – instead of American Girl dolls my mother bought me those realistic looking baby dolls but it never translated to a real grownup yearning for children. I’ve always said I was fundamentally unsuited for motherhood because my parents were so very suited and I recognize what being “born to be a parent” looks like. Both my parents are OBSESSED with babies/children – to this day my brother and I will go to dinner with our parents and they’ll just sit there and stare at us. No conversation just staring – we’re both so used to it we don’t notice and didn’t realize until we got older how bizarre it was. They’re also super fond of just watching us sleep – when I was a kid I’d wake up in the middle of the night to pee and my mom would just be in a chair in my room watching me; they did the same thing to my brother all the time.

    All of this to say – my parents loved having and raising children and still managed to occasionally fuck it up.

    • Flatpackfurniture says:

      I’m also child free by choice. About 10 years ago when I was hitting 30 the reality of climate change and ecological collapse really, truly hit home for me and I am very happy fussy over my dog and not worrying about him potentially growing up in a world where there’s not going to be enough livable regions climate wise / to eat or drink

  19. Natters5 says:

    Bravo Kim! Sounds a little like the Bo Derek and John Corbett (Aidan, LOL!) situation happening there which means they are very happy and don’t have to deal with anyone else’s crap.

  20. Skwinkee says:

    If anyone is looking for another great KC show, watch Sensitive Skin it’s terrific. The only thing is that they would not say Toronto that way if they were from there. Otherwise it’s really fun!!

  21. Ames says:

    So I guess she’s changed her mind from three years ago when she couldn’t stop b*tching that she never got a chance to have kids because Sex and the City was such a grueling, hated-every-minute, endless nightmare …?


  22. jferber says:

    Get it, Kim. He looks hot. Happy couple. Enjoy life with or without children, no approval or judgment needed.