Brad Pitt signed on to that ‘Fast Times’ script reading after Jennifer Aniston

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I had no desire to cover the Brad Pitt-Jennifer Aniston shenanigans with their “reunion” for charity. They participated in a celebrity script-reading of Fast Times at Ridgemont High last week. All of the old-school Brad & Jen loonies were going crazy about their “flirty” energy and how clearly, they’re back in each other’s lives and everything is amazing between them. Um…

First of all, I think Brad just did it to change the headlines away from the disaster rollout of Nico Mary, his married lover who gives off Instagram-hustler energy. Brad and Nico have not seen each other since late August, and Team Pitt is clearly trying to make everyone forget about how “cool” he is to still “get” 20-something Insta-models. So his team returned to familiar ground: Jennifer Aniston, the favorite wife of the People Magazine crowd. Why does Jennifer keep playing along with this? Aniston gives the impression of now being totally fine with Brad… just because he and Angelina are no longer together. How is that a good look for her?

To be clear, I blame Brad more than Jennifer. Dane Cook was the one who organized this read-along and he told Maria Menounos this week that Jennifer signed on first, and that Brad signed on later. Dane says: “Once his team talked to him, I’m sure it was just like, ‘Here’s already in there so far.’ There was no hesitation, there was no rules, there was no, nothing… There wasn’t anything like… were they not allowed… No! Zero. No drama. They both locked in. What you saw was absolutely what we had hoped.” Ugh. Well, there you go. Who can even pay attention to Instamodels and Make It Right lawsuits now?



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  1. NotSoSimpleTaylor says:

    Has it seemed for awhile that Brad is very desperately clinging to the last vestiges of his youth, or is it me? Also I think it’s a bit sad and pathetic that Jennifer has befriended him again. She’s better than that. I wouldn’t let his scraggly hippy hair near me if he treated me the way he did. Why does Hollywood let him get away with murder?

    • Sidewithkids says:

      She’s not better than that tho? Why do people keep saying that she is what she is and this is what she is, she is pathetic to keep doing this. Simple as that.

  2. Ariel says:

    I don’t get it. I don’t get the fascination. I mean i get both their pr strategy, but i don’t get why anyone cares. But, we all cling to what gets us by in 2020.
    And this seems rather harmless. A little creepy, but harmless.

    • Becks1 says:

      I’m a big Jen fan, and I don’t care about her and Brad. I think any Jen fan who wants them back together probably has other issues, or its just a pure nostalgia thing where you remember “brad and jen” on the red carpet and forget all the other stuff that came after. Shrug.

      But the PR games also don’t bother me, because everyone in LA plays them.

  3. Thanks says:

    I think they are both pathetic.

  4. Case says:

    I can’t understand how people support their reunion when he cheated on her? There’s nothing cute about that? I like Brad a lot as an actor but cmon.

    • Ann says:

      People seem to forget that Jen flew all across the country for her New York experience, but ended up poaching Justin from Heidi. Then when Jen and Justin became a couple, she didn’t want to be in News York anymore and they moved back to L.A. Justin was miserable there. So as for cheating, I paint her with the same brush.

      • EliseM says:

        @ann agreed. Not to mention that she was never really ” married” to Justin,

      • Elena says:

        @Ann- And when Angie and Brad got engaged, Aniston and Theroux got engaged too. And when Angie and Brad got married too, they presumably got married too.. And when Angie filed for divorce, she filed for divorce too (assuming they were married). See the pattern????
        @ Case- who cheated? Hope you let go of this cheating narrative.

  5. Seraphina says:

    I do not like seeing this “older” crowd hanging on to dear life to the old memories of what was. I am about their age and time moves on and so should they. It’s very sad in a way that 20 years later there is nothing else for them to show except what WAS. Seeing the “flirty” reading and their exchange was so forced. Let’s all move on from history.

  6. LOL says:

    Two of the most image concious CAA hustlers. Seriously they both real despration, Pitt for trying to deflect attentuon far away from his married lover young enogh to be his daughter & attention away from his foundation Make air Right being sued by the New Orleans homeowners. Aniston has her own coals to burn for to be seen as a gracious women who took her EX husband who called her deadebd bore,back. Aniston also is hustling to remind the generation A once upon time she was married to their douchebag. She also has a score to take against Jolie she has now got the prized bull Pitt back.

    • Ann says:

      It was cringeworthy watching middle aged actors reading from a teen script to give the impression that they were still cool and hip. It didn’t work, for me anyway. Maybe the original actors, but this just made them all look thirsty. Who knows, maybe I’m just sick of Hollywood telling us what to do.

      • SKF says:

        Ummmm… it was for charity, organised by an original cast member, and it successfully raised money for charity. People here really need to lighten up. Cringey? Sure. But who cares if it raised money for charity?

      • Martina says:

        It was for charity so who cares how old they are.

    • Ethical Diamond says:

      LOL is Hmmm back under another alias?

      • Martina says:

        I swear to god it’s one poster with tons of multiple screen names and alias😂😂.
        They keep saying the same thing over and over.

      • Genessee says:

        Ok, so I wasn’t the only one to notice that about Hmmm. LOL Good. Thought I was starting to imagine things.

  7. Yolanda says:

    Brad looks dirty and definitely has that old drunk deadbeat dad vibe.
    I really wish nico don’t go anywhere away soon, I hope she can play him more,get all she can get from him.
    But apparently when Brad Pitt found out she is not good for the image he has been trying so hard to maintain,he dumped her like nothing. (Well,everyone except himself means nothing to him )
    Like from “they kissing each other like teenagers”, “industry insiders said nico is a good girl,they are good for eachother” to “they are just casual,he doesn’t want serious relationship”
    Then this disgusting pr move (again)to distract the public,also give those crazy people another dream to dream on.
    God,he is so disgusting.
    I can’t even imagine how disgusted his children feel.

  8. Darla says:

    There’s no reunion and never will be. There were stories years ago though that he had apologized to her and she had accepted his apology and they were on friendly terms. I think expecting her to freeze him out because he and his 2nd wife divorced afterwards is a bit silly, but whatever.

    • Fa says:

      They can be friends but she’s playing his game of gaslighting his 2nd ex wife.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      yeah, darla, I agree.

      they’re friendly…so what? they were once married, and GASP! they actually LIKE each other and can goof around when they’re playing characters for a charitable event? tHeY mUsT bE gEtTiNg BaCk ToGeThEr!!!! uh….NO. and I don’t think ANYONE really believes that either. even the people who are “shipping” them probably don’t believe they are. people just like the nostalgia of it.

    • lucy2 says:

      That’s what I think too. They’re on friendly terms and that’s it, though it does seem like he uses that for good PR for himself (his awards season nonsense in particular).

      Also, if she signed on, and then he did too, what else could she do? If she dropped out, everyone would be saying it was because of him, guess she didn’t care about the charity, blah blah blah.

    • Hayy says:

      Let’s remember she dated the douchest of douche bags john mayer, so she’s prolly thinking brad wasn’t her most cringy ex? Also, it’s never so bad seeing an ex when they prove to the world how craPass they truly are…so there ya go.

  9. Lori says:

    He continues to make her look like an old fool. This reminds me of every time Dorothy took back Stan.

  10. STRIPE says:

    Maybe it’s not so much that Jennifer is cool with him now that he and Angie are separated but rather that now that they are separated it’s not so awkward for Brad and Jen to interact, or now Brad is taking opportunities to interact with Jen that he wouldn’t have before.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      I think this is a big part of it.

      • Observer says:

        They work in the same industry, are at the same level of fame, are from the same generation, oh and use to be very famously married to each which the media has spent the last 20 years reminding us at every opportunity.

        The pools that Brad & Jen maneuver in must be VERY small at this stage in their lives. I think becoming publicly friendly again and comfortable around each other is the right approach for both of the them.

  11. Becks says:

    Thwy botj come across as very mefia savy and equally thirsty. Same goes for that inata model .

  12. JEM says:

    I think she understands who he is and has a friendly relationship with him – he came to her bday party, etc. Neither of them seem like they want to get back together in any way. It does make me mad that his reputation was really never tarnished despite his openly cheating on JA and drunkenly abusing his kid on a plane, then smearing AJ for standing up for her kids and leaving him. He seems like an old man desperately wanting everyone to love him and tell him how cool he is. He just…is the worst.

  13. LOL says:

    I just feel as much as Brad Pitt is insulting towards Angelina and his children, Jennifer’s Aniston too has a very big part to play.
    Which she is playing with such relish . The JP kids don’t deserve such headlines that has their father and his EX relishing.

  14. Yonati says:

    “Hey Aniston”
    “Hey Pitt”

  15. Adream says:

    I think they have great natural chemistry and always will have some sort of relationship, we don’t get or agree with. Sometimes when you spend that much significant time together the spark is always there, despite cheating or breakups. I have a relationship like that with an ex bf. Its a lifelong connection despite the pain we caused each other because we acknowledge the lessons we have learned from each other and our experiences.

    • Observer says:

      They definitely still have a connection & friendship with Jennifer clearly still means something important to Brad. We never saw Brad this chummy with any of his other exes like Gwyneth for example.

      • Lady D says:

        He’s also never been desperate for good publicity before. He’s grasping at every friendly straw being offered. He spent over ten years slamming her, and the fact that she’s okay with it is strange. He humiliated her on a world wide stage, why does she want to be extra friendly to him? She has a ride or die squad of friends, why does she need this kind of attention? It’s really not making her look good.

      • Becks1 says:

        She needs to be friendly to him in public and even invite him to her large parties so that people don’t say that Jen is still hanging on to the end of their marriage and is still bitter and has never gotten over him and omg why cant Jen move on??

      • Eugh says:

        In the gossip time machine – Gwyneth cheated on him and momentarily destroyed his soul back then. He had called her the love of his life. Keep in mind she was 22-23 or something when they were engaged

    • Observer says:

      Brad absolutely did not spend the last 10 years slamming Jennifer. In all his time with Jolie, he made 1 comment about his life with Jennifer and then immediately apologized for it when he was criticized. It’s clear he & Jen remained civil exes (if not yet friendly) for much of the time after they divorced. They are now friendly exes and it’s getting more attention because Brad is single now.

      That said the MEDIA absolutely spent the last 12 years slamming Jennifer at any opportunity they got. And that to me is what is most interesting about all this, the complete about face so much of the press has done on Jen, especially in the last 5 years.

  16. crogirl says:

    Why are bunch of 50-60 year old people re-acting high school characters?
    Brad once said he takes roles that would make his kids proud LOL

    Page six had an interesting article about his time in scientology and how he twinned” with a 15-year-old girl for up to five hours a day in a hot sauna during “purification” rituals.

    • robin says:

      I read that article and Scientology is fu##ed up. I wouldn’t pin any of what was going on there on him, especially considering he quickly quit and got out of there

      • crogirl says:

        “I wouldn’t pin any of what was going on there on him, especially considering he quickly quit and got out of there”

        Well if he chose to spend five hours a day in a hot sauna with a 15 year old when he was 30, why not pin it on him? The fact he quickly quit shouldn’t absolve him. It’s like saying “It’s OK he was only abusive once”.

      • OriginalCarol says:

        Scientology always did a thorough background check on all their celebrities and they knew Pitt was into dating underage girls seeing as how Pitt was playing house with Lewis when she’s 16 and he’s in mid 20s. So to get him more engaged and committed, why not have him twinned with a 15 years old daughter of one it’s top personnel? POS is a disgusting pig who’s not only a creep but a child abuser too. Yeah I sincerely hope that plane video will make its light one day before he dies so we all can sit back and say I TOLD YOU SO!

    • SKF says:

      For charity. How are people here so bitter about this?

      “…drew more than 4 million online viewers and raised more than $135,000 for charities responding to COVID-19.”

      “ Organizers said donations are going to CORE (Community Organized Relief Effort) for relief in response to COVID-19. Founded by Sean Penn in 2010, CORE helps mobilize a range of responses to disaster relief globally. Proceeds also benefit the REFORM Alliance, which focuses on passing laws to reform the criminal justice system and protect the incarcerated population from the spread of COVID-19.“

      • Katya says:

        Have you heard of the phrase hate the players not the game? No one hate the efforts for the charity but people are over the games Brad and Jennifer are playing being coy about are they or are they not back together. Getting old past the award season. Move on dudes.

    • robin says:

      As far as I know Lewis was the one who introduced him to Scientology. They both shouldn’t have been there. But I still don’t pin Scientology’s weird/criminal practices on Pitt. Him dating underage Lewis is a different story.

      I also don’t think we should call him a “child abuser” if his kids and his ex-wife have never used such language.

  17. Brittney B says:

    “I’m sure it was just like, ‘Here’s already in there so far.’”

    Kaiser didn’t mistype this, it’s the actual quote, but it’s breaking my brain. Wtf does that sentence mean??

  18. Stacey says:

    Both gaslighting Angelina = mission accomplished

  19. Ivy says:

    I’m sorry but I watched the rehearsal,or whatever it was, and it was the biggest “so what ” I’ve ever seen.
    They were simply entertaining themselves.
    Not a lot diversity like the first one.
    Can we please stop making the same crapfest and find some original material?
    Not bitter just frustrated.

    • lucy2 says:

      I didn’t watch this, but my understanding was that it’s a script reading for charity, not a rehearsal or remake or anything.
      But I’ll agree they could have had more diversity in the stars who participated.

      The Princess Bride did one to raise money for Wisconsin Democrats, and it was AMAZING. Almost all the original cast members, and they really brought their A game. It was great.

      • OriginalCarol says:

        The Princess Bride reunion raised over $4.25 million!! As of now, Fast Times collects a mediocre of $135K. It’s described as award, messy and cringe-worthy by some so obviously this crapfest wasn’t needed or asked for by majority of folks. They thought by bringing back Pitt and Aniston would make a hit but alas it ain’t so. Folks are over with obvious PR stunt and loudly said NO. The gravy train is about to head off the cliff but its passengers are still clinging to the seats for dear life. Pathetic indeed.

      • lucy2 says:

        Yeesh. It still raised money for charity. No one was forced to watch. I don’t get the anger about it.

  20. LeonsMomma says:

    I didn’t see it, so not sure how “flirty” it was. But I have to say, my ex-husband and I after much drama (15 years married, cheating near the end — both of us — separation, then him leaving me for another woman) are now good friends. We have lunch or dinner once a month, usually the same spot that the waitress knows us. She thought we were this cute older couple, shocked her with the details! Told her it took a lot of work to get to that point and at the end of the day we really liked each other, and definatley know each others faults (and good points).

    That may be a little of what is going on with them — though thankfully we don’t have the press breathing down on us (by chance or by publicist phone call).

    Brad continues to suck with the Make It Right situation. Let’s keep on reminding him and his fans about it.


    • whatWHAT? says:

      I have an ex like this, too. we are always friendly when we do see each other, and other folks have said “are you two?!…” and it’s like “nah, we’re just adults who actually like each other’s company and have gotten over the past and any hurt we caused each other.”

      easy peasy.

  21. Diana says:

    Off topic but I enjoyed the hell out of that table reading!!! I wished they did the entire movie not just selected scenes! This reminded my husband and i how much we adore fast times!

  22. Sierra says:

    Well this deflection isn’t working because Nicole is out there hustling hard 😂

    Other than media being paid by CAA to write these “reunion” headlines, the comments from the public isn’t good about Brad & Jen.

    Jennifer finally found her strength in a TV show so she should really say no to these silly games. The world has moved on so they should to.

    • Lady D says:

      She does not need this or him. Seriously, what’s in it for her?

      • Ann says:

        Magazine covers. It’s all for show.

      • Martina says:

        Im not a fan of JA acting usually, but she is probably in the prime of career right now with The Morning show and doesn’t need pitt.
        She was also already signed on to do this reading and brad decided to insert himself into the reading.

        His agenda is very obvious here.
        I know Aniston is public enemy num 1 here,but let’s be honest,
        She absolutely does not need him whatsoever.
        The only one who needs him is nico the wannabe model.

      • Jen d says:

        I completely agree. She doesn’t need this. Her career is going really well, and the whole BP angle must get exhausting. I sometimes wonder if there’s just a touch of pity. Like, BP is on a tipping point. There’s an iffy vibe about him that’s gone beyond what AJ stans have been saying for awhile. He can’t quite seem to pull off any of the vibes hes been going for (cool architect bro, cool guy who bangs an insta model, celebrity friend). I don’t doubt JA has affection for him. I sometimes get the impression she’s cautiously going along with some of it just out of, well, some weird version of celebrity kindness. She’s got a lot of friends in Hollywood – she can afford to throw out something crumbs.

    • SomeChick says:

      She was really good (and funny) in Dumplin’ a couple of years ago – much to my surprise! Pretty sure it’s still on netflix.

  23. Michelle says:

    I think the issue here is he knows damn well the reaction this would get. He doesn’t think or care how all of this in the press fawning over him & Aniston will effect his kids? They are teens that see & read everything. How would you feel if complete strangers were begging for your dad to get back with his first wife & slamming your mother at the same time?
    If pitt wants a friendship with Aniston? Fine!!…but don’t play it out in the public eye when it’s a very sensitive time for your kids.

    • True says:

      cheers, why don’t you care about your kids … and feels hurt by the abandonment of Angelina jolie. a true friendship is not aired by all the media, the desire to stay relevant and create the 90 if …

    • Aubrey. says:

      Lol I don’t think him doing a reading with Aniston is effecting his kids and I doubt they give a shit.
      Now brad taking his 25 year old mistress to the house where he married Angelina to have sex ,is a entirely different story.
      He signed on after finding out Aniston was doing the reading and that is on him.
      He knows exactly what he is doing.

  24. Truth hurts says:

    My one cent. They are both CAA and think this is good PR! Their agents sending him to her bday party and Xmas party. Yeah they might be casual but he never was while he was with Angie and I’m sure it wasn’t because Angie would care. It’s all about him creating that narrative and Jen thinks Angie would feel some type of way. They are both in a sad space with this. How is it that Angie has amicable relationships with both her exes and talked about them through out her relationship with Pitt but he now wants to be buds with Aniston. It’s forced!
    She will forever be strained about Angelina. Remember her asking people to apologize for them openly saying Angie was prettier. Then I had the HW coddling her like a child. Talk about sad. Now Brad wants to be coddled. Big bad wolf Angie is being mean to us both. Lol

  25. Fa says:

    Darla says:
    Huge eyeroll here

    You can roll your eyes all day long, is obvious to everyone he’s been gaslighting his 2nd ex wife since she left him at airport.

  26. Lady D says:

    In the top picture where he has a death grip on her right arm, it looks like they are both wearing a rictus on their faces as opposed to a smile.

  27. Truth hurts says:

    No the saddest thing is he doesn’t care how all of this affects his children. No harm
    In being friends with Aniston but when they both try to use it to gaslight the mother of his kids and be petty.
    Not many people watched that and neither of them have anything else to do but be petty.
    And oh my the false narrative by her fans and friends that Angelina is somewhere seething that they are friends! When did Angie break in and steal him to hurt Jennifer. Obviously she doesn’t want a drunk drug addict for a husband or parent for her kids.

    • Aria says:

      I disagree with jen doing any Gaslighting.
      I know people desperately want to believe she is still pining over him,
      But trust that ship has long sailed lol.
      Brad on the other hand is 100 percent a gas lighter and is obviously using Aniston.
      She was already signed on way before him.
      He did it intentionally.

  28. OriginalCarol says:

    C’mon folks, do not try to rewrite history here. During the 12 years that Pitt stayed with Jolie, there was hardly any interaction between him and her. On the occasions that he did mention Aniston, it’s a boring and dull period for him but being a coward that he is, he then backpedaled and apologized for being misinterpreted after CAA told him to do so since they were under the same agency’s protections lol. This jerk had no personality whatsoever and had always operated with the understanding that public court of opinion and image are the most precious things to uphold if he wanted to survive long in HW. See the recent article in Vulture how he’s one of best players in HW playing the PR games. It’s so effortless that one doesn’t always even notice that he’s playing the game. Slowly but surely folks are noticing it and rightly called him out for it.

    In recent years, to distract negative stories about him is to gaslighting Jolie and using Aniston are now his favorite MO. Taking a young girlfriend/fame thirsty hustler to his family home to distract stories about his involvement with the shady judge is one of his rare misstep and most dumbfound moves in his lifelong crafted public image. When that rollout failed miserably due to her being married and in an open relationship with her much older husband, Pitt decided to use his safest lifeline in Aniston to salvage his tattered reputation. Cued in the Fast Times table reading that fed into their former stans ‘forever dreams of the 90’s golden couple. It’s a pathetic and desperate move for him to regain from his epic stumbling from the girlfriend rollout. As for Aniston, what’s her endgame here? Pride. She gets to hold her head up high after years of being rejected and brushed aside like an old school jersey from the handsome and charming quarterback. That same pride that she held against her own mother for belittling her all her childhood till the mother passed away. Did they ever make it up? It’s for her to know and us to wonder eh.

    Personally, I think Jolie is the winner out of the three of them if you are gonna do some comparisons. She obviously has a loving family that loves and supports her, and I don’t think she regrets having to endure all the pain to get where she’s right now. Can’t say the same for Pitt and Aniston though. Who’s going to comfort them at the end of the day when all of their friends are home with their own families? Their pets? Their favorite vibes? A long and lonely life ahead of them where they are expected to continue to play the PR games to be relevant in the industry. Such is a life huh. One to each own then.

    • mimi says:

      Don’t assume Jennifer is lonely because she doesn’t have kids. There are plenty of childless women who have very fulfilling and filled lives and there’s no reason to think she isn’t one of them. Jolie is not superior because she is a mother. I’d personally rather have no kids than 5 of them.

      • Rainy says:

        Lol, if she is happy as you said she is why is it no showing in her face, Jennifer is not aging well, she has to resort to botox and lots of fillers to hide her age but its doing her any help at all. I pity her with a lot of comments how you cant recognize her anymore. I bet even with all the money that she has she is lonely and sad and she is still a drunkard, like Pitt.

      • Truth hurts says:

        I think she is happy with her life. She has her dogs and friends who visit often. But let’s be real she wants to be back with Pitt.
        She blames Angelina just like her coop of friends. HTH they were so mean and slanderous to Angie but was speaking love fest towards him for 14 years is beyond me.
        She thinks she is one up on Angelina. They are all obsessed with that woman and it is so so sad! And matter of fact Angelina has emerged as the one who is sane and inevitably more successful.

      • Aubrey. says:

        Exactly. I have a 3 year old daughter, but it is incredibly sexist and misogynistic to assume a woman is only worth something or isn’t lonely if she has kids.
        I have of tons of friends who are child free and single with incredibly successful careers and tons of friends.
        Very outdated and sexist point of view.
        Sounds like something a MAGA would say

      • whatWHAT? says:

        “But let’s be real she wants to be back with Pitt.
        She blames Angelina just like her coop of friends.
        She thinks she is one up on Angelina. They are all obsessed with that woman and it is so so sad!”

        wow, you must know them all personally to have this insight! tell us more!

        in all seriousness, I doubt that either of those two women think of each other much, if at all. it’s been 15 years. let it go.

      • Aria says:

        What planet are you on?
        It’s Hollywood every single person uses botox and fillers as they age.
        Even the young ones.
        Ridiculous comment,
        Acting as if she is the only one who gets botox and fillers.

      • Katya says:

        Honestly speaking, when I saw Jennifer at that table reading, my first thought wow she’s so plain looking with that stupid eyeglasses perching on her big nose. She’s so average looking as with all the 50 years old women that you would find shopping at Walmart, lol. Her team of dressers really earn their money making her look like a superstar that she’s at the Emmy’s the other night! Good to have money to buy your beauty if you don’t have it naturally. Nothing wrong with it. But she’s starting to overdo it and it showed.

        By the way, we all speculate about these famous people since we don’t know squat about them except what we see and hear about them in the media. But some of you act like you don’t project your own thoughts into writing your opinion is like pot calling kettle black! The irony is just too funny.

      • Ethical Diamond says:

        Stop pitying people (read: women) who don’t have kids or assuming they’ll die lonely. And Carol and some of the other posters, your apparent level of emotional involvement in all this is quite disturbing.

      • Cheryl says:

        I agree @Mimi. It really annoys me when people act like having children is the #1 achievement and ultimate fulfillment of life. Those JP kids are probably gonna have to go to therapy for a very long time in order to recover from the confusion and aftermath of parents horrific divorce. I wouldn’t call that much of an achievement on anybody’s part. Sure they’ll all get the “survivor” labels and sympathy, but at what cost? They’re the only ones I feel any real sympathy for.”

    • Becks1 says:

      Wow, that’s a lot of projection about people you don’t actually know.

      Face work aside (and she’s far from the only one in Hollywood to have something done, my guess is even AJ has had some work done), she seems happy with her circle of friends and her life. Making the leap that she is unhappy and playing PR games to be relevant (when I would say her career is probably in the midst of a huge successful revival) is just really silly . Calling her lonely and a drunkard is just pathetic.

      • Aubrey. says:

        @becks I agree.
        I’m not a huge Aniston fan,but she really doesn’t bother me that much tbh.
        I absolutely think it’s projecting.
        I think people want her to be lonely and miserable and she isn’t and they hate that.
        Always funny to me how people are so obsessed with her and she isn’t even that interesting lol.
        The botox and filler comment is hilarious,
        Because every single person in Hollywood is filling their face lol.

      • Aria says:

        I think some people can’t stand the fact she is actually happy.
        The mindset that you can only be happy with kids and not be a successful and confident woman if you are single is beyond outdated and pathetic.

        I think it’s extremely sexist and it’s obvious alot of sad projection going on.

    • Martina says:

      Why do your opinions sound like they are out of 1950s middle America?SAD.

    • Destiny says:

      @originalcarol miss me with that long ass essay and outdated,conservative POV.
      To say you are over invested would be a complete understatement.
      This is a liberal and feminist site and yet here you are with your outdated women are only women if they have children opinion.
      You sound completely sexist.
      The same posters who keep writing under different names and saying that a womans worth is based on how she looks…
      Wouldn’t surprise me if it was a man posting on here.
      I’ll rag on jen’s lame rom coms,
      But the constant insults about her looks are completely sexist.

    • Katya says:

      Wait a minute. We are not supposed to rag on Jen’s looks if she has had the works done? The memo went out and I didn’t get it. And it’s not sexist to criticize her looks because that’s part of her profession. Beauty and talent, hello. And stop overuse the word Sexist where it’s not warranted. Also please don’t lump us all together just because we agree on certain POV where it doesn’t align with some people. It’s ridiculous to say the least.

      • Holly says:

        @Katya they ALL get work done though.
        People only act like it’s jen.
        They all get fillers,lifts,botox.
        It’s Hollywood.
        It’s sad,because the industry is extremely ruthless and sexist.
        There isn’t one star out there who isn’t getting toxed or filled.

        Even stars in their 20s are getting work done.
        It’s the nature of the beast
        She is hardly the first and will not be the last.

  29. shabs says:

    he’s a been bit pathetic lately, but on a shallow note he’s looking quite good in this video

  30. Eugh says:

    I don’t know why she allows him to use her (including first time for awards time and the look back photo). She’s obviously over him and she’s in a great time of her career and life.

  31. khaveman says:

    I wish Jenn hadn’t messed with her eyebrows. Cruella Deville.

  32. SJR says:

    IRL, most Exes who were cheated on and have no children together get divorced and never want to speak to the cheater again. Why is JA playing along with this? Ego? Attention? It’s sad!
    There are few good memories when the marriage ends by betrayal.

    • ltica says:

      my first husband were married and we never cheated, just got married too young. No children and I have no desire what so ever in being his friend, happened in another life almost. Now, my husband and I have been married over 26 yrs and have 2 delightful kids. Yes, I would always stay in touch and be friends with him if we ever divorced. their is a difference there. I think after the rude comments and the vanity fair article, Jen should just mind her own business. Why would you want to be a friend with an ex like that? For magazine covers and publicity, and those extra dollars in her bank account. Maybe she enjoys poking AJ with all this, who knows. None of us know her personalty, she may love trying to make AJ jealous, when AJ is simply glad to be rid of the fool. Some women never get it and and think this is hurting her. I think AJ is laughing at both of them, and shaking her head at the pitifulness of it all. And hoping Brad will eventually come to his senses and repair the p with their children. I don’t think he will, he’s a narsacist to the core

  33. Malem says:

    i believe they can be friends, i mean, angie is friends with all her exes, especially jonny
    but, you can see from a MILE he’s using her to gain positive feedback , and only 90′s friends fans believe that bullsh*t

    and yes, they both look terrible , cigarrettes and tanning will age you horribly

    • Holly says:

      I wouldn’t even call Pitt and Aniston friends tbh.
      I think people are making a huge deal out of something that isn’t there.
      They did one reading together.
      I highly doubt they even talk outside of this.
      I know several people who are a big Friends fans and none of them care for Pitt and want him and Jennifer back together.

      That ship sailed decades ago.
      Pitt is only interested in chasing young model strange and having a midlife crisis.
      I do believe Aniston is pass that and fine with where she is in life.

  34. L4frimaire says:

    Those two were boring then and boring now. Did not get the whole hype surrounding these two being within a 10 mile radius of each other.

    • RoyalBlue says:

      I liked his movies, and he was my crush back in the day, and I never watched Friends. I just don’t get the fascination with him or Jen getting together. they have Zero chemistry. i am feelings neutral with these two.

    • Myra says:

      I have never understood the fascination with them either. Perhaps I was too young when they were a golden couple. I was a fan of Friends, but had no idea she was married to him until they separated and it became a huge gossip thing. I was surprised to see people argue over them for almost a decade on this site. Commenters insulting each other. I don’t think it was about cheating too because people didn’t seem to care that Justin did the same to Heidi. It was all about Brad Pitt leaving Jennifer Aniston for Angelina Jolie. Replace any one of the characters and people wouldn’t have cared that much.

  35. Antoinette says:

    Interesting how Brad is now considered a cheater and that his and Jolie relationship was indeed an extra marital affair.

    • ltica says:

      interesting how he was married and she was not. He chose to creep out of his vows. She could have said no, but maybe he sung the whole whole song and dance, that he had been miserable for ages and he couldnt be married to Jen anymore since he had met AJ. She didnt pursue him, he pursued her, and working so closely on a project together can fuel the fire. He was the most beautiful man ever at the time and she was the most beautiful woman then too.
      A fairy tale come true at the time.

  36. Ann says:

    Everybody’s mad because the handsome quarterback left the cute cheerleader for an exotic goth girl. End of.

    • Ethical Diamond says:

      Hardly. It’s more Jolie’s history of “interrupting” relationships. Whether 100% true or more complex than that, that’s what’s widely accepted. It’s about hating the femme fatale who apparently has no qualms.

      • ltica says:

        everyone in HW was dating or cheating at the time, still are. How long is the average marriage in HW now a days? a few years? It’s not real life.

    • Katya says:

      Wait a minute, what about Jennifer coming between Justin and his then live-in girlfriend Heidi? Is it not an interrupting one? Pot calling kettle black. Please don’t say it’s just a one off and they were consenting adults and love is fair and all.

  37. Abel L Wyatt says:

    YES Ann, the quarterback left the cheerleader for a Exotic Beautiful Goth Lady😁😁😁

  38. Ltd. says:

    What happened to Jennifer Aniston husband Justin Theroux? you know Justin whom she married on Maddox jolie-pitt birthday? So what’s the story on that?

    • Ann says:

      She lied about that marriage. All that show just to stay in the magazines for another couple of years. She’s exhausting.

      • Aria says:

        Lol move on.No one cares about these two getting back together.
        Why are you so obsessed?
        Brad and jen will never be a couple so who cares?
        He is with that much younger model.
        Let it go…lol

      • Ethical Diamond says:

        They’re still friends. She’s friends with everyone. They were married in every sense except the legal. She’s about 20 times his net worth (richer than Pitt or Jolie individually). And boy, has the divorce been far less messy.

      • Katya says:

        Didn’t Brad say the deeper the love the deeper the hurt it is? Hey don’t shoot the messenger. Just saying if we are to believe what Brad said then no wonder it’s far easy for him to divorce Jen than Angelina! I really think he loved Angelina a lot but his love for alcohol and drugs were more so here we are. I hope he can start to realize that family matters and he needs to be there for his children because once they turn their back on him they are gone.

      • Claudia says:

        Always the same posters with the same conspiracy theories,saying the same thing in every pitt/joile/Aniston thread for years and years now…zzzzz

      • Martina says:

        So are your 9 million identities.

      • Ethical Diamond says:

        Obviously I meant 20 times richer than JT and hence less messy legalities. Sheesh, some multiple personality posters are so triggered by the idea of Jen being richer than Jolie. She’s definitely richer than Jolie these days though.

      • ltica says:

        I think they had a commitment ceremony, and how curious it happened on Maddox’s birthday of all days? And everyone says she’s not a mean girl. That was on purpose smh

      • Ethical Diamond says:

        Itica, you’re bizarre. Is Maddox’s birthday worthy of a PSA? Then how the heck would Aniston even know. Just don’t see the link.

  39. Ltd. says:

    Yes we know that Jennifer Aniston lied about the relationship with Justin Theroux and so did her group of friends that she is surrounded by who attended the fake marriage and didn’t Jimmy Kimmel officiate the marriage.. I just noticed how she’s remain single while Brad has remained single especially for showing purposes. Not discounting his married love her in Germany who’s busy posting and posing the life out of her bedroom

    • Martina says:

      Lol Brad isn’t single .
      He is dating that much younger model.
      Wouldn’t be surprised if she got pregnant soon.

      • Holly says:


        Nicole would be set for life if she got knocked up by Pitt.
        Wouldn’t surprise me in the least with his behavior these days.

      • KATYA says:

        Can you imagine if he is going to adopt her young son? And if they get into a fight? Is he going to hit him not in the face? Hide the kid, quick!

    • Katya says:

      ikr? He got married she got married. He got dumped she got divorced. It’s if you can do so can I. Then she donated a $1million to charities to support BLM and he followed up with the matching amount. Now she signed up to a table reading first and he coat tailed thereafter. It’s the reverse of the order. He followed her like a lost puppy and she’s having the best times of her life. Dare I say these two are soul mates with their busy scheming.

  40. Anina says:

    Not sure how many fans of Fast Times are on here, but I didn’t like the table reading. I stopped watching early on b/c the lines were too different from the movie.

  41. Truth hurts says:

    Ethical diamond I don’t know who told you the lie about JA net worth. But she ain’t ten times richer than Pitt or Jolie individually😂😂😂😂.
    Some people will repeat a lie before truth.
    And he did not donate to a charity of her liking. They work for the same agency who need for them to shine, why not fake a reunion every other Month when u have people fawning over a couple.

    • Ethical Diamond says:

      Hi Angie! Please get some help! And a big hi to TLOL1365/Citney/Hmmm!

      • Martina says:

        @Ethical definitely isn’t angie lol.
        I think if anything angie would be completely freaked out by this person.
        It’s the same person with 5 million identities.
        They are having conversations with themselves and didn’t think anyone would catch on,but multiple people have.
        They always say the same thing over and over for years now and use the same multiple screen names.
        At least 15 different screen names.

        If I were jen or angie I would get max security..
        This shit ain’t right😨

      • Originalcarol says:

        Hi Jen! How are you doing, girl? Are Martina and Ethical Diamond the same person? You guys seem to post one after another and agree with other. Strange.

        Also you seem to know everyone’s screen name so one can assume that your heavily invested on this topic, no? Preach what you say and get a life. Stop attacking people and don’t take things personally. It’s disturbing. This is a celebrity gossip site. Talk about them and not at each other. Get help stat (.)

      • Ethical Diamond says:

        We don’t use the same vocab and post the same vicious points with the same kind of manic intensity and hate and typos and what appear to be lazy on-tablet typing though, and in any case, we’re not the same posters, at least not me – and sorry to disappoint, but I’m not Jen Aniston.
        Take note: (i) Huvane/CAA, (ii) PR, (iii) Justin Theroux, fake marriage, and Heidi, (iv) tailcoating, (v) Putrid = Goop, (vi) Pity Party, (vii) kicked to the curb, (viii) hens, etc.
        I don’t even make a note of it; the vocabulary and loony ideas are just so similar you just remember it. And most “civilian” commenters wouldn’t even know who/what Huvane/CAA is (I had to look them up) or be so invested in someone “mastermind-ing” the PR, which suggests it’s an insider, in the industry.

      • Ethical Diamond says:

        Also add (ix) drunkard/drunk, (x) deadbeat, and (xi) serious, serious overuse of “disgusting.” And (iv) should be coat-tailing, not tailcoating.

  42. OriginalCarol says:

    LMAO 🤣. I rest my case. With all the exhibits you presented, ur easily the winner of the day. Now go on and take the rest of the night off. You earned it sweetie 😘

    • Ethical Diamond says:

      And add (xii) numerous comma splices everywhere, (xiii) abuser, and (xiv) traumatized the kids / six kids.

      • Truth hurts says:

        Ethical Diamond you my friend are lying. You are a frequent visitor and you know exactly what people are referring too. You all come from other sites where you rant and rave about Jolie on a daily basis. So here people call out Aniston and Pitts BS and it’s not cool with you. Get used to it!

  43. Rebbeca says:

    Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston both ate old enough know what they ate doing, with the help of their CAA agents and managers that will carry on gaslighting his EX and her six kids. People are no longer stupid, and the ones who are stupid can’t see through their Planted PR games aren’t using their minds.
    The biggest losers in this game are his six kids whom he has shown zero respect for now with a help if an Ex whom he called was a note and had an unhappy marriage with .

  44. Stlkno8 says:

    They both have played this game of getting back together and trying to drum up attention to a deadend marrige that never was as great as they are peddling to the mellennials , Its runned its course far enough . How maby mire decades will they carry on ehat never was. They both ate too old now?please just have some dignity and bore off.

  45. QUintins says:

    Well to me both Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt come across very thirsty and desprate and these PR games are getting old now . It’s 2020 please stop this nonsense . There are many ex a , but I don’t know why these two are getting pushed down out throats every single day.