Oh good, Donald Trump won’t commit to a peaceful transfer of power

Donald Trump holds a news conference - Washington

Donald Trump will not commit to a peaceful transfer of power if he loses the election. I’m not trying to be too-cool-for-school or anything, but what did people expect? In 2016, he wouldn’t commit to accepting the election results when it looked like Hillary Clinton would win. Every single person KNEW how bad it would get once Trump grasped power in his tiny little baby fists. We all knew that Trump would turn an imperfect, dysfunctional democracy into a flat-out authoritarian white supremacist state. And here we are.

President Donald Trump was asked Wednesday whether he would commit to a peaceful transfer of power should he lose this fall to Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. The president declined to do so.

“Well, we’re going to have to see what happens,” Trump said. “You know that I’ve been complaining very strongly about the ballots, and the ballots are a disaster.”

Pressed further, Trump said: “We’ll want to have — get rid of the ballots and you’ll have a very — we’ll have a very peaceful — there won’t be a transfer, frankly. There’ll be a continuation.”

[From NBC News]

Yeah, so that’s the Trump plan. Just get rid of ballots, nullify the election and have a “continuation” of the Trump presidency. I’ve seen a lot of people yelling about “why aren’t the Democrats doing something” – like, what? You know you can just blame Donald Trump, right? You know his every fascist move is being backed up by an utterly corrupted Republican Party, a party which would rather cheat, lie and commit treason than challenge their demented “strong man.” Millions of Democrats told you how bad it would get under Trump. Millions of Democrats voted for Hillary Clinton. But a majority of white men and white women wanted to protect their white fragility and own the libs, so here we are. Racist white folks broke America.

Donald Trump holds a news conference - Washington

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  1. Jo73c says:

    Get ready for ‘President for life’ Trump. All that’s left to do after November is to open the concentration camps and start arresting dissidents.

    • Marjiscott says:

      No, he has stated that he approves of killing the dissidents outright.

    • jwoolman says:

      JO73C: Back in the Reagan Administration, Oliver North (the guy who was very good at shredding documents) devised a plan to do just that in case of widespread protests against Reagan’s illegal military activities in Central America (direct and indirect by US-supported and trained proxies). The plan was to use old military bases for us pesky dissidents.

      I see practice runs for such too often in the news today. It can indeed happen here.

      • Darla says:

        Agree and I believe it 100% will happen if the steals this again. I am no longer young and don’t have the fight I used to have, I will be out of here. By hook or by crook, I’m gone.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      Biden has already assembled a large legal team that is focuses on election issues. They know he’s going to challenge results, and they are already taking steps to address it.


      • Sid says:

        And this time around he will at least have the support of the Democratic leadership, as opposed to how they bsaically abandoned Gore in 2000. Yes, I am still angry over that election all these years later.

      • Poisonella says:

        What about Ralph Nader? My Father went to his grave believing his sorry butt was paid off! I will never understand for the life of me why my Hero Michelle Obama likes Bush- I hold him respsible for the civilians who died in Iraq-

      • Sid says:

        Poisonella, ITA and don’t even get me started because I will talk your poor ear off.

      • Laura says:

        @Sid – ME TOO!!! Never forget! :)

    • Chrissy says:

      For what it’s worth, I just read in WAPO that senior Republican Senators are “committed to a peaceful transfer of power after the election.” I noticed that they didn’t use the word ‘possible’ in the statement. I guess we’ll see what orders Moscow Mitch gets from Putin or other benefactors.

    • Arpeggi says:

      The good new at least is that he’s old and doesn’t have the health or healthy habits of President Carter so “for life” would likely last 6 months… Also, too many generals and government employees hate him so I doubt a coup would work

      • MaryContrary says:

        Read the online article in The Atlantic. It is terrifying-and he absolutely could pull this off. Unfortunately, he has a whole team of lawyers and supporters who are already researching and laying the groundwork.

    • Juls says:

      I have been saying this same thing for a while now. This country has has many concentration camps throughout its history. We have one at the border RIGHT NOW and look how quickly that happened. It can and will happen to the detractors. And we, celebitchy family, are probably already on a list. Get out if you can.

    • LahdidahBaby says:

      A slow-mo coup, right before the nation’s eyes.

  2. TIFFANY says:

    Who didn’t vote for Clinton, and that means who voted for Casino, Stein or not at all, I hate you. I will hate you as long as I am on this earth.

  3. Becks1 says:

    This is a terrifying statement, coupled with the Atlantic story about how the Trump campaign is working on plans to delay the election results as long as possible.

    The “only” thing I’ll say is that while I don’t think trump is going to ever go quietly into the night, I think the reason he said “continuation” was because he decided mid-sentence it sounded bad to say there would be a transfer of power, like he was admitting he would lose.

    I’m sure though his campaign is ticked, they don’t want their plans laid out like this, they want to steal the power while people are distracted by something else.

    • Snappyfish says:

      He is bragging he will win. I, for one, am anxiously awaiting Act 1. His fat a$$ being dragged from the bldg followed by Act II starring SDNY & then Act III starring The State of NY.

      I know using dollar signs in a post about Trump is widely ironic since he has no money.

      • bluemoonhorse says:

        Karma: Trump loses. Within months he is indicted by AG Letitia James. His family is indicted. Trump’s taxes are finally revealed. No more protection against Covid. Things are going to get very interesting the day he steps out of the WH.

      • PixiePaperdoll says:

        @Snappyfish – Act IV involves the The Hague.

  4. paranormalgirl says:

    He needs to be forcibly removed from the White House – OUR house, like the squatter he is. Disgusting, vile, useless piece of trash. And McConnell needs to go as well.

    • Jellybean says:

      Well he has William Barr, who is as bad as he is, and he has systematically stripped fedral organisations of people in leadership positions with any backbone. i am not sure who is going to march him out. I am sorry, but if Americans do not vote in huge numbers to oust this guy, number that cannot be pushed aside, then America is finished. The rest of the world is looking at you guys agast. Apart from Russia and their ilk who must have permanent smirks.

      • paranormalgirl says:

        Been working on getting people to register to vote. My kids have been indoctrinating all of their friends and acquaintances at their colleges to register and vote. It’s the most important tool in our arsenal. I didn’t go through all the hoops to become a citizen just to watch this country burn because of President Gru and his evil minions.

      • Jellybean says:

        Good Luck! It is terrifying to watch.

  5. Amy Bee says:

    If Trump does get another term, he’s going to refuse to leave office at the end too. He’s already saying that.

    • Lightpurple says:

      He won’t live another 4 years, his health is poor, or if he does, he’ll be incapacitated but it won’t matter because if he is not removed in January, our republic will cease to exist. Prepare for Ivanka, Queen for Life.

      • emmy says:

        The human body is amazing though. I have been watching a family member beat the odds of a chronic disease that usually is fatal within 5 years (and I thank the universe every day for it) for over 10 years now. Don’t count on an unhealthy lifestyle and age. Some people just keep going for a loooong time. Not saying this to be negative but you guys cannot count on mother nature. She produced him in the first place.

      • Jellybean says:

        Lool at your autocrats handbook. If Trump isn’t fit to continue for a third term it will be one of his children, probably Jr.

      • Lightpurple says:

        It will be Ivanka, not Junior. She’s in the White House now. She’s the one who ordered the protesters teargassed so Daddy could to his photo op with the Bible, a photo op that was all her idea. She isn’t giving up power to anyone, particularly not Junior, who seems to have developed a raging addiction to something recently. Wouldn’t surprise me if she’s the one making sure he has plenty of whatever he is taking.

      • Jellybean says:

        Good point about enabling additction,, but the Trump base seems to prefer Jr.

      • Lightpurple says:

        Ivanka doesn’t care about the Trump base. She cares about Ivanka and power for Ivanka. She’s the one who has access to the tools of the White House, Junior does not. The Trump base will accept what they get.

      • H says:

        @Lightpurple, my guess is she’ll throw Junior under the bus and out all his secrets to keep her power. If he has an addiction problem, she’ll drop all the receipts and cut him off at the knees. She’s her mother’s daughter. Eric is dumb as a stump, so he’s not even an issue.

      • Tez says:

        Yep dont count on his unhealthy lifestyle to take him out. I have un Uncle who has been an alcoholic for 40 years – starts his day with vodka and orange juice and doesn’t stop. I don’t think he even eats solid food anymore. Dude is still going – his survival shocks me. I mean I love him but watching healthy people I know die….I cant understand it.

    • bluemoonhorse says:

      Let’s say Trump gets another term, but we get control of the Senate and House. Guess what? Impeachment will happen faster than you can say Richard Nixon.

  6. Gobo says:

    He is not going away. Even if he loses and is forced out of office he will carry on as a pundit dedicated to undermining anyone who comes after him. He will probably still do rallies. He might run again in a few years if he loses. I also wouldn’t be surprised if Ivanka has her eye on a Kennedy type dynasty.

    • Becks1 says:

      oh god I didn’t even think about that. You’re absolutely right. If he loses and is forced out of office, he is definitely going to run again in 2024. This nightmare is never going to end .

      • Digital Unicorn says:

        I don’t think it will be him that undermines whoever comes after him, if he loses and is dragged out of the WH he will be ‘retired’ off somewhere with daughter-wife and The Boy taking up that mantel – those 2 have their eye on the WH prize.

      • Louisa says:

        If he is still alive in 2024 he will not be healthy enough to run. But there is not a doubt that Ivanka will. The only way to get rid of this family is to vote in such overwhelming numbers that there is no doubt that the country is done with them. And once he’s (hopefully) out cable networks have to ignore him, refuse to have him on. The Trumps / Kushners need to fade into oblivion. Hopefully in prison.

    • Jellybean says:

      If he does have to go, he will spend the rest of life insighting hate and probably violence. He will get off on it.

    • bluemoonhorse says:

      Google: AG Letitia James and stop being afraid. He will be going somewhere….

      • Bella DuPont says:

        She’s fucking amazing. She the one going after the NRA isn’t she? When I heard her speak about the case, I fell in love. Can you imagine that? Going after the NR effing A. The balls on the woman.

        She’s how I wish the rest of the democratic leadership was. The conviction, the fearlessness and pluck…..😍❤💖

    • Tiffany :) says:

      If he carries on as a pundit, FINE! At least he will no longer have the power that he does as a president. He will always be obnoxious, but getting his hands off the steering wheel of our democracy will be an incredibly good thing.

    • kesley says:

      McKay Coppins had a story in The Atlantic how Ivanka and Don Jr. hate each other and both think they are the heir to the Trump Dynasty. He thinks they will both be fighting for the nomination in 2024.

      • What...now? says:

        Maybe, if they are not in jail. Don’t forget that AG Letitia James is going after the Trump ORGANIZATION, not just Trump. Who runs Trump Org? Ivanka and Jr. and Eric, along with Trump sr. And Eric was subpoenaed to testify soon. He said after the election he’ll come in, and they said, You have until October 7. So we’ll see. . .

  7. Scarlett says:

    Color me shocked, flabbergasted, taken aback and flummoxed!!!

    said no one ever…….

  8. Lightpurple says:

    I accidentally stumbled on this press conference as it was happening yesterday, looking for coverage of the RBG services. It was absolutely wild. The attack on Meghan, this statement of treason, several arguments with reporters, and then the abrupt shouting that he needed to make an emergency phone call – nobody had signaled or approached him and the people on stage with him appeared startled and confused as he ran off for his emergency phone call.

    • Esmom says:

      I think he is really losing it as the prospect of losing the election becomes more clear. I’m not as worried about him anymore as I am about Barr and the GOP Senate. They will cling to their power with everything they have now that RGB’s seat is open. That is their holy grail. None of this ever really mattered to Trump, he just wanted to add to his fame.

    • Christin says:

      I watched two minutes of it and he never spoke a complete sentence. It was a jumbled word salad where the viewer was left to fill in the blanks.

      While I think his mental and physical health are declining, the Woodward tapes suggest he can be more lucid. Those conversations were taped at different times during the past 4-7 months. This begs the question of whether the public performances are partially an act, so he can claim incapacitation if/when state charges occur.

      • Vava says:

        I’ve been reading the Woodward book and there are several quotes in there where Trump absolutely makes NO SENSE at all. It’s almost harder to read it than to actually listen to it!

      • Becks1 says:

        It’s possible that he can be lucid in low stress situations (a phone call with Woodward) and unravels in higher stress situations, like a press conference.

      • Lightpurple says:

        I live with a 90 year old who has dementia. If we keep her to a tight schedule of activities, with proper nourishment and monitoring and lots of socialization, she can go days without any sign of a problem. She can carry on full conversations about movies she watched recently or what her favorite athlete did in a game recently. She is aware of current events. She can make some decisions for herself – like who she will vote for. We can leave her alone for hours at a time as long as there are check-ins. With slight modifications, our home is safe for her to be in by herself. Under normal situations, she spends one day a week out with friends, going to the pool and running errands. But there are days we will hear the same story over and over and over again on a cycle. There are days when she doesn’t take her pills when her alerts tell her to do so or eat the meals that are set out for her. There are days when her body is in pain to due to multiple physical problems and that affects her cognitive abilities as well. Those days, she isn’t lucid, she talks in jumbles. And that is what I see in Trump.

    • Veronica S. says:

      I think it’s pretty clear at this point that he’s definitely degrading mentally, whether due to dementia or other reasons, I don’t know, but he’s not really the one behind the wheel. Barr and Miller are. The former is particularly scary to me because he legitimately believes he’s in some kind of holy war. Just look at his history on Wiki – guy is off his f*cking rocker.

    • bluemoonhorse says:

      All it would take is a cough in the right direction and this nightmare would be over.

      BTW ignore his BS. The MSM needs to stop reporting on him like he actually has something to say. They are complicit in this nightmare and never forget it.

  9. Fear says:

    He doesn’t want to cause a panic

  10. Edna says:

    Those of us who got off our asses and voted for Clinton in 2016 did so because WE KNEW just how bad it would be under Trump. We didn’t have the privilege or luxury of voting 3rd party or not voting at all…BECAUSE WE KNEW. I have zero tolerance for anyone spouting nonsense this election cycle. Our lives and our children’s futures are at stake. And I will never forget how many white Americans turned their backs on the rest of us. Racism is a helluva disease. For white men and women who blindly support Trump there is no logic or reason to do so other than racism. There is no empathy or desire to support others….only to retain the status quo of white supremacy.

    • Esmom says:

      On the flip side, some of us voted for Hillary simply because we knew she was by far the best person for the job. So highly qualified. I admit I didn’t think Trump had a chance of winning until maybe October 2016, when I saw how much his support had grown. I panic-canvassed in Wisconsin but by then it was way too late.

      • BnLurkN4eva says:

        Hillary was always the most qualified candidate for the presidency in whichever election she was running in, but she was also the most divisive candidate ever imo. Not to me, I appreciated her and recognized what she brought to the table and could care less who she is married to, or any of the many false allegations leveled against her. Still, I couldn’t help but noticed that some people were unhinged in their hatred of her and this was always. Meghan is the only other person I’ve ever seen receive this kind of unhinged hatred for no real reason, it’s puzzling. So unlike you, I was always nervous because of the hate I knew many felt for her, not just republicans. Add in sexism and all the ugly women hating feelings so many people have and it was always an uphill battle for a Hillary presidency. I don’t know why so many people just took it for granted that she would win. I never felt safe and was hopeful, but not at all surprised when the results came in and that stupid electoral college handed Trump the win.

      • Darla says:

        Me too Esmom, I loved Hillary, still love her, and will feel forever robbed from what should have been. Ironically, I’m not crazy about Biden, but love Kamala, but it wouldn’t matter if Bernie had gotten the nomination. I can’t stand him but would have done everything I can to get him elected, and certainly I would have voted for him. I hate these people, best represented in my mind at least, by Susan “my 17 million dollar loft” Sarandon. I will die spitting mad at them. Like Khan in Wrath of Khan. From Hell’s gate I spit at you!

    • Erin says:

      THIS, @edna. I feel sick watching super liberal, super privileged folks on Facebook talking about voting 3rd party because they JUST CAN’T vote Biden/Harris. It is literally a matter of life and death for many people and white people fucking owe it to the folks we’ve oppressed for centuries to vote in ways that advance those folks best interests. It’s like a continual doubling down of awfulness in order to not see how awful you are.

      • BnLurkN4eva says:

        People like this kills me because they are always in the position to be fine regardless of the outcome. I don’t understand why these people can’t/won’t look at the bigger picture and work out their issues in local elections. They are determined to prove their points in national presidential elections.

      • Anna says:

        This. White supremacy in a different form, all part of the same evil root

    • Merricat says:

      And those who voted for this disgusting skin-wrapped cockroach because they think he’s going to end abortion rights for women–what kind of world are you saving those fetuses for?

      • paranormalgirl says:

        Never mind that he’s probably paid for enough abortions in his lifetime and would pay for one again if he was so “inconvenienced.”

    • H says:

      I recently just cut off a friend of 20+ years because of Trump. Her entire family, made up of immigrants from Italy, voted for the guy because of the “economy” in 2016. I’ve despised Trump for years and warned her it was a bad move. But her hate for Hillary won out.

      Cue government shut down, and as a gov’t worker, she got a clue Trump that cares nothing about her. She lost money and I thought she’d finally found her way out of the cult. Said she was voting for Biden. Nope. She posted about The Atlantic “losers” article in defense of 45 and even admitted he said those horrible things about McCain, yet continued to defend Trump.

      I’m done. You can’t play both sides. Trump is a wannabe dicator and racist, if you aren’t on the right side of history, I have no time for your bs. I’m sorry I’ve lost a good friend, but I don’t abide by racism and hate.

      • BnLurkN4eva says:

        Good for you. I had to do this to a few people and it stung, but it had to be done. At this point if you can’t recognize the danger, you are part of the danger.

  11. Swack says:

    Does he realize by saying to throw out mailed in ballots include his and every other republican that votes mail in and many of our military that vote by mail? Makes no sense whatsoever.

  12. Miranda says:

    I honestly felt nauseous when I heard this. Lightheaded, had to sit down, shaking, trying not to cry. Call me a “snowflake,” I don’t care. I’m terrified because I don’t know how we stop this. I wish I had enough faith in my country to believe that “the American people will never stand for this tyranny!” but I know better. They will stand for it. They’ve ALREADY stood for it. The Republicans, the party that has basically claimed to “own” the concept of patriotism since the 1950s, are the worst offenders. They love America, but only in the abusive “if I can’t have you, no one can” way. They’ll destroy our future so their last 10 or 15 years of life will be as white as possible.

    • bluemoonhorse says:

      I know its hard because the MSM continues to cover Trump’s BS as if it is news. Don’t worry. If he loses, he will be removed. And in year the NY DA will have him in court on charges.

    • BnLurkN4eva says:

      @Miranda, your last line is so dead on and those are some of the thoughts I’ve been having watching so many elderly people go all in with Trump. Watching the elderly law makers do everything to turn back the clock on America’s progress just feels like they wish to burn it all down before they go. I know there are wonderful elderly people out there fighting for a better world for their children, grandchildren and everyone else’s children, but it’s hard to not notice what I’m seeing all around me.

      • Miranda says:

        My dad is 79 and has always been “one of the good ones,” as are his brothers. Meanwhile, their overweight, asthmatic, diabetic 70-year-old stepsister is a Trump worshiper. The other day, he and my uncle were talking about how they were sick of arguing with her, and my uncle said, “you know what, let her vote for whoever she wants. When they take away her Medicare, it will literally be her funeral.” DAMNNNN, Uncle Mac. But he’s not wrong…

    • Tiffany :) says:

      These things are very scary. One thing that has helped me keep the faith is that Biden has assembled a team of HUNDREDS OF LAWYERS to work on election legalities, including Solicitor Generals and AGs from past administrations. They are preparing for challenges to mail in voting, vote counting, etc.

      • Miranda says:

        Thanks, this is also good to remember! Biden is…not my favorite. But he’s competent, prepared, and I don’t think he’ll go down without a fight (especially since this is probably more than a little personal for him).

      • MaryContrary says:

        If you read the Atlantic article, the Trump people are doing the same. I don’t want to burst your bubble, but it is totally terrifying what they’ve laid the groundwork for. It’s one thing for Trump to ramble about not leaving-it’s another thing entirely when there are loads of ways that his enablers are willing to put this into practice.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        It’s not a bubble, I’m not being naive. My point is that it’s not like the Dems are going to be unprepared for this. It will require a massive move for the GOP to throw out the actual popular vote, which is what they would need to do. They absolutely can do horrible things if we let them, but the Biden campaign isn’t just laying down and letting it happen. And ultimately, this fight is larger than just the Biden campaign, they are creating a team using the many human resources that the Democratic party has.

        Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. I think being too defeatist ultimately keeps people from voting because it is so discouraging.

  13. Louisa says:

    When I first heard what he said, I thought he was just referring to mail-in ballots which is bad enough but nothing he hasn’t spouted before. This is on a whole other level and what scares me the most, is the people working behind the scenes on how they can “legally” do this. You know Trump doesn’t have a clue but his campaign, Bill Barr and others are actively working out how to dismiss this election.

  14. Lore says:

    Non-American here, what would happen if he refused to leave office?

    • KellyRyan says:

      He’ll be physically removed. Considering his ego, rampant drug abuse, deteriorating health many of us believe he’ll be hospitalized prior to the election.

    • Lightpurple says:

      An precisely noon on Wednesday, January 20, 2021, the White House ushers will begin carefully packing up every item in the White House residence and the personal belongings in the White House office building and placing them in waiting moving vans. Biden Staff will have access to the West Wing offices and the First Lady’s offices in the East Wing. Squatters will be forcibly removed by the Secret Service. Given the current occupants, I suspect the Secret Service will be prepared for armed squatters. They know the tunnels below – Nagini does not.

      • jwoolman says:

        I dunno. There should be a delay for thorough decontamination, seriously. Trump’s folks have not been too careful in a pandemic. Who knows what Trump would do for revenge also. He is an extremely vengeful person, always has been.

    • AT says:

      The military would have to remove him and they’ve already said that they’re not getting involved. The Senate would have to order him removed, which they’re not going to do. The Supreme Court would also have some say and it’s already majority conservative with one more likely seat to be filled (so a puppet court). There’s not a lot of options at this point, and I hate to point out the obvious but the people with guns are not the ones that oppose Tr**p (that includes me).

      • chicken tetrazzini! says:

        lots of liberals and democrats own guns as well, they just don’t feel the need to parade them around

    • bluemoonhorse says:

      He will be removed. He can cry all he wants. He will be gone and there is nothing he can do about it. And if you think the GOP will allow him to squat? No. They can’t afford such an abuse of power. Once Trump loses the GOP will cut him off and start distancing themselves from him ASAP to CYA.

      • Bella DuPont says:

        ” They can’t afford such an abuse of power”

        You mean like stealing a supreme court seat? 🙃

      • bluemoonhorse says:

        Unpopular opinion but Obama let them steal it.

        And RBG tried to hold on for the US citizens that took protest votes and didn’t vote HRC. May she RIP because this country betrayed her in 2016.

      • bluemoonhorse says:

        @Bella DuPont I understand your anger but here is something to understand about the Senate. They hold their seats much longer than a POTUS. When Trump’s lackey Bannon tried to correct a Senator, telling the man he would do what Trump wanted, the meeting EXPLODED. You don’t tell a Senator what to do.

        Once they see Trump has lost, you can bet they will start scrambling to save their asses. They will want the seats they lost to swing back to them after all the libtards go home (which we did after Obama took office and let the Tea Party take control).

        There is a long game to this and the GOP will change course swiftly when they lose Senate seats.

      • Bella DuPont says:

        You have new fan in me, as I can see that you like to tell it as it is, not as you wish it to be. Obama DID let them steal that seat and its so sad. But my brother often reminds me that Obama was unfortunately weaker than a lot of presidents traditionally are because he’s a black man. Had he ever taken any kind of liberties with his role, he’d probably be locked up by now, under this lunatic.

        Still, the damage was done and is permanent. As it is, I don’t see a republican led senate ever confirming any Democrat nominated Supreme Court Judge ever again. At least not under this current crop of currupt loons. Why would they?

      • Lightpurple says:

        That’s why McConnell is pushing to get the Supreme seat filled BEFORE the election day, even though he knows it will cost some Senators their re-election. He’s willing to sacrifice Susan Collins to get what he wants on that court.

    • bre says:

      This article explains what we are in for: https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2020/11/what-if-trump-refuses-concede/616424/

      scary that this was written before he spoke yesterday

  15. HoofRat says:

    I wonder if it ever occurs to Republican politicians (and their equally loathsome counterparts here in Canada), the the only way they can win is if they lie, cheat, bully and steal their way into power? When is the last time any of them actually produced a platform that laid out a plan for positive change? You would think one or two of these bozos might be ashamed of the fact that they can’t seem to gain voter support on their own merits.

    • Esmom says:

      It occurred to them a long time ago, which is why they have systematically gamed the system in their favor. And they have no shame. They have also benefitted from an increasingly ignorant, brainwashed electorate. Which was also part of the plan. The chickens, as they say, have truly home home to roost. And it is horrifying.

      • Merricat says:

        Truly horrifying.

      • Christin says:

        This has definitely been a long game. Gaslighting and dismantling were going on in the 1980s with Saint Ronnie as their front man. Now the front man just makes it more obvious what it going on, and how much they want to take away from ordinary citizens.

    • bluemoonhorse says:

      Something to chew on. Nov. 3 is for a lot of senate seats do you think they want those counts delayed or ruled invalid? No. The GOP, even if they lose, will not want their votes questioned for their own seats.

      • Sandy Eggo says:

        Bluemoonhorse: That’s what I’ve been wondering about, too. There are a lot more races besides president on everyone’s ballots. Of course Dump doesn’t care b/c he’s only concerned with himself. Will the Senate R’s go along with his idea to throw out mail-in ballots? I mean, McConnell is running, Cornyn, Graham, etc. Are they willing to throw out ballots? Are they thinking it will be mostly Dems using mail-in ballots?

  16. tee says:

    It’d be nice to have an organized opposition party right now. Another predictable outcome that there should already be a coordinated strategy to combat. We have 6 weeks, I refuse to believe that nothing can be done.

    • Esmom says:

      I saw tweet yesterday that said something like “if you ever imagined what you would do in a facist regime, now is the time to do it.”

    • Bella DuPont says:

      ” there should already be a coordinated strategy to combat”

      Regarding RBG, this is the job the Dem leadership is supposed to be doing. By now, there should be a clear, coherent strategy and instructions disseminated to the rank and file. Instead, crickets. 😐

      • Louisa says:

        Oh they are doing something. They’re tweeting about horrified they are at the hypocrisy *gasp*. Seriously if I see one more dem whine about how they can’t believe what Mitch McConnell is doing I’m going to lose my shit.

  17. Jerusha says:

    The military needs to go in and remove him by any means necessary. Take that how you want to. I know what I mean.

    • Olenna says:

      This is from The Atlantic:
      “If Trump were inclined to overstay his term, the levers of power work in favor of removal. Because the president immediately and automatically loses his constitutional authority upon expiration of his term…he would lack the power to direct the U.S. Secret Service or other federal agents to protect him. He would likewise lose his power, as the commander in chief of the armed forces, to order a military response to defend him. In fact, the newly minted president would possess those presidential powers. If necessary, the successor could direct federal agents to forcibly remove Trump from the White House.”

      • bluemoonhorse says:

        Exactly. People need to stop listening to Trump’s BS. He knows he’s losing and this fear mongering is from a cornered rat. I don’t listen to rats.

      • jwoolman says:

        And the winner does not have to have physical possession of the White House to act as President. If Joe wins but Donald refuses to leave, no big deal. Joe can set up shop anywhere for his home and office. Biden needs a place to stay anyway while the White House is thoroughly cleaned and inspected for booby traps and the silverware is counted. Really. We are dealing with a vengeful grifter here.

        I watched LBJ take the oath of office in an airplane after JFK’s assassination. That’s all that is needed to transfer power, Trump has nothing to do with it.

    • shanaynay says:

      I know what I hope happens.

    • Sandy Eggo says:

      Oh how I would love to see him forcibly dragged out of there!

  18. Psudohnihm says:

    Did anyone see the video don jr posted yesterday about banding together Trumps election army?

    • Miranda says:

      Oh, there WILL be assholes prowling around polling places with automatic weapons, of that I’m almost certain.

      • H says:

        I can’t wait to wear my Nasty Woman t-shirt in my polling place (huge red area). I have severe asthma and my doctor will kill me if I go in-person. However, I’m doing it full in PPE. My vote will count. I’m in Florida. We have to flip this state.

  19. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    Come…Bow before your King! Bow, you shits!

  20. grabbyhands says:

    I hope everyone screaming about revolutions in 2016 is ready to bleed because their moment has arrived.

    Every single person who didn’t vote, or made some shitty write in protest vote or the self righteously voted third party contributed to this disaster.

    I’d say next time you should grow up and stop making false equivalencies, but thanks to the actions of you and his cult worshippers, there may not be a next time.

    This imbecile took less than four years to completely undo the foundations this country stood on and one of the worst things is how many people sat on their ass and watched it happen. The foundations weren’t perfect by any means, but they are what helped this country avoid the chaos we see in other spots on the globe. Now that’s gone.

    We are done.

    • Bella DuPont says:

      Not yet grabbyhands. But you have to **FIGHT** for it. Do as your name suggests! 😁

      • H says:

        I hope Lady G loses. I’m giving to his opponent Harrison on a monthly basis, as I am to Phil Ehr in Florida and Hickenlooper in CO.

      • laura-j says:

        @H here is some early voting info for Florida…
        Vote on Election Day
        Voters registered in Florida can look up where to vote on Florida’s site.

        Vote early
        Florida voters can also vote before Election Day. The early voting period runs from Saturday, October 24, 2020 to Saturday, October 31, 2020, but dates and hours may vary based on where you live.

        What to bring
        You will be asked to show a valid photo ID with signature to vote in Florida. Acceptable forms include: Florida driver’s license or ID card issued by the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles; US passport; debit or credit card; military ID; student ID; retirement center ID; neighborhood association ID; public assistance ID; veteran health ID issued by the US Department of Veterans Affairs; license to carry a concealed weapon or firearm; or an employee ID card issued by the federal government, the state of Florida, or any county or municipality. If your photo ID does not include your signature, you will be asked to provide another ID that has your signature.

        Voters without ID: If you are unable to provide ID, you will be able to vote a provisional ballot. Your ballot will count if the signature on your ballot matches the signature on your voter registration record.

        or VOTE By Mail:
        Request your mail-in ballot with a mail ballot application.
        Fill out the application completely.
        Submit the request to your local election office. You should request your ballot as far in advance of the election as possible. The deadline to request a ballot by mail is (received by) Saturday, October 24, 2020.
        When your ballot arrives, read it carefully and follow the instructions to complete it and return it.

        If you can vote by mail, bring it to elections office and drop it off in person.

        I’m sure you know all of this but I’m working on campaigns to get out the vote in Florida. :)

    • North of Boston says:

      We’re not done. Not yet. But we need to do everything in our power to vote, to get out the vote and to make sure every vote is counted.

      And keep in mind, Trump didn’t do this alone. He’s had McConnell, he had Ryan (who ran for the hills after his work was done), he’s had every single Republican in Congress who went along and voted the party line again and again and again. He had Comey, way back when, he had Mueller, who saw in great detail what the US was up against and decided to act like these were just normal times, and to stick to ‘norms’ not speaking frankly.

      But mostly, he had McConnell, who shielded Trump from ANY consequences every authoritarian and chaotic and anti-American, anti-democracy step of the way.

    • Ummm says:

      Spoken like someone with no clue how the electoral college works – my Green Party vote in a deep blue state matters not one whit in the general election, and I’ll be damned if self-righteous scolds try to shame me into endorsing Biden.

      • Rose says:

        If you want to throw your vote away, that is your right.

        Voting Green Party right now and whining about Biden not being your perfect candidate is like discussing a home remodeling when the house is on fire. Put out the fire first.

      • jwoolman says:

        We need a massive popular vote for Biden/Harris regardless to avoid problems with acceptance of the vote and also to thoroughly and definitively reject Trump and his ideology and help outrun the hackers. I said the same in 2016 and I was right.

        It’s not just Russia meddling to spread disinformation that is a problem. Republicans have been selectively shifting machine votes from Democrat to Republican at least since 2004. When I saw those machines pop up, as a techie I knew I could not trust our votes to be properly counted. The old way of paper ballots had important checks built into the process of voting and reporting the votes to the central place in each state, as long as both Parties did their jobs of diligently monitoring.

        Russian hacking experts have their digital fingers in the mix now, but Republicans have domestic sources to manipulate the vote also. Remember the 2018 midterm election in Texas? People who had even voted a straight Democratic ballot to protect against shenanigans found their vote in the Senate race mysteriously shifted to the Republican Cruz.

        And that was just the people who actually reviewed their ballots. How many people don’t bother to check? My bet is that Ted Cruz is occupying the Senate seat that rightfully was won by O’Rourke. You better believe that such manipulation of the machine vote count will be even more rampant in 2020. They may know their ability to get Trump re-elected is diminishing, but they want to keep control of at least the Senate. Look at the damage McConnell was able to do even with a Democratic President. He controls what votes are held, so the Senate has never even had a chance to vote on hundreds of bills sent by the House. And of course he prevented Obama from getting hearings for his Supreme Court nominee, then claiming they had to wait until the election almost a year away. Yeah, the same guy who will rush through a hearing and vote on Trump’s nominee even before the election just a month away and if not – definitely after the election if Biden wins.

        I know what you mean when you think it doesn’t matter since you’re in a blue state (or a hopelessly red state). But this time, it really does and it’s irresponsible for the Green Party and anyone else not on the Trump spectrum to even have a candidate on the ballot. They should be pointing out the obvious – they have no chance of winning in a binary system, will take votes away from the only sane choice, and will have a much much better chance of pushing for their platform in other ways if Biden wins. If the Green Party really wanted their issues addressed, they would be out there encouraging everybody to vote for Biden and then push for their own agenda with him if he wins. Anything else is really wasting their members’ resources and money. Go back to normal protest votes once both Parties provide a sane choice that won’t blow up the planet and our Constitution and rob us blind in the process.

        I would love to have a real multiparty system but we don’t. Any vote cast for anyone other than Biden is going to help us get 4 more years of Trump, even if that is not your intention. Vote the lesser of two evils this time around, please.

  21. Gainey says:

    Don Jr has called for an army of Trump Supporters to keep Trump in office. It going to get worst as we get closer to the election. What an awful time in American History

  22. original_kellybean says:

    He will eventually have to go out to golf, right? Just change the locks when he is in Florida. Problem solved!

  23. original_kellybean says:

    I sometimes wonder if some of the secret service would look the other way (oh look! my shoe is untied) if someone with a weapon was to approach this bag of rancid meat

  24. teehee says:

    Because democrats were sore losers in 2016,

    Hes gotta outdo that level of petty bs, yknow?

    He only accuses others of everything he himself plans to do or already does. Be a sore loser.

  25. Veronica S. says:

    At this point, I can’t see how we’re going to avoid some level of calamity come November. This is a very real and ugly polarization that can’t be stepped back now. People like me who refused to buy into the “political enemies” mindset have now bypassed their desire to be understanding with RGB and the mishandling of the pandemic and are just angry. When you have the NRA cheering the rise in gun/ammo sales as the spread of “freedom seeds,” you need to be realistic about how dangerous some of these people absolutely could be. They are literally on tape saying they didn’t care if the virus ripped through Democratic cities in a form of viral genocide. A lot of conservatives have overblown their sense of how tough they are when it comes to a fight, but they’ve also underestimated how many liberals are angry and will fight back, too.

  26. Badrockandroll says:

    I just want to point out (as a Canadian) that the media has the power to remedy this, even now, and from unlikely places. It was Brian Karem of Playboy who asked this question. His WH press pass has been revoked too many times to count. Traditional media folk still seem to think that the old rules of fairness apply. Let me be clear: they do not. When 45 is threatening free and fair elections, there is no other story. You can’t blade Biden/Harris for not holding regular press conferences because of some old fashioned idea of turnabout. I have no patience for journalists who ask silly lob questions of a tyrant so that they can keep their access. Maggie Haberman and her ilk can go pound salt.

  27. Donn says:

    It is just so disturbing to me that he doesn’t accept or believe that at least half or more of the US population doesn’t like or want him. Or he just doesn’t care. I’m more inclined to believe he doesn’t care. It’s really sad that we’ve gotten to this point. He doesn’t want to protect the whole population of our nation. It’s all about him.

    • paranormalgirl says:

      Oh he cares that people hate him. He cares very much. His petty narcissistic actions are aimed to “get even” with those who don’t like him. His pathology is so freaking clear that I could probably correctly diagnose him from miles away.

  28. Bella DuPont says:

    I admit to having a better than active imagination, but even I never, ever envisaged things would get this bad. The Democratic leadership is….well….the less said.

    I think this will have to come down to the people seizing back power the old fashioned way. After all, democracies around the world have emerged from even the most vicious dictatorships. Why are we assuming it couldn’t happen in America?

    Germany in the 40s and more recently Tunisia and Myanmar all fought for democratic rule and and are still run as such. So even if the absolute worst happened and (God forbid) DT got his way, it still wouldn’t be the end. It would just be a different fight and I have enough hope and trust in America that once people actually realise what he’s proposing, they’ll wake up and spit him out like a rotten morsel of food.


    • Merricat says:

      I agree. And I also think there are way more decent people than there are white supremacists.

      • Christin says:

        Agree. Just because they are louder does not mean there are more of them.

        I think they are the loud minority that wants us to believe they are a majority.

  29. AMM says:

    My brother proposed a terrifying theory to me and I don’t know how likely it is – he claims that if Trump loses in November, Trump will resign and allow Pence to be president until January. And then Pence will pardon him for his crimes.

    • bluemoonhorse says:

      The reality is that Pence can pardon for federal crimes. Trump has not been indicted (yet) for federal crimes. I did think this scenario was likely when he was impeached but since the GOP controlled Senate refused to carry through, he got off Scot-free.

      After he loses, he will be indicted by the NY DA within 6 months is my firm belief.

      • Merricat says:

        THIS is why he doesn’t want to leave office.

      • bluemoonhorse says:

        @Merricat he may not “want to leave” but guess what? He doesn’t get a say in that. And states are always anticipating EPIC turnout. You think that is Trump voters? ROFLMAO. Nope. Most of them are taking Covid home from going to mega churches, Trump rallies, and dining in.

        Trump can squirm all he wants. All his fear mongering is just making more committed to voting than ever.

      • Merricat says:

        I certainly hope you are right!

      • jwoolman says:

        The precedent set by Ford when he issued some sort of blanket pardon for Nixon has not been tested in the courts and seems iffy to me. I don’t think you can pardon anybody for something that they have not been convicted of, and the DoJ wouldn’t allow a sitting President to be indicted back then either (the grand jury wanted to indict him). Nixon was not even impeached although hearings were being held. Ford should have just let the law take its course on that one.

        But such a pardon may have been part of the deal to get Nixon to resign. They got his VP Agnew to resign earlier by offering him no prison time if he did so in 24 hours. That’s why I only remember vaguely that Agnew just had “tax trouble” when actually it was far more serious. Agnew was an old-fashioned crook getting kickbacks on awarded contracts for many years, didn’t stop as Nixon’s VP. The prosecutors who accidentally unearthed his long criminal history and current activities (when investigating corruption in Maryland, where he had been governor) wanted to put Agnew in prison, and it would have happened at any other time. But they knew Nixon was likely to be impeached and removed or to resign, and that would mean criminal Agnew would become President with all that power. So Agnew resigned, the reasonably honest Ford was installed as Vice President, and then Ford became POTUS when Nixon resigned.

        There may possibly be sealed indictments from Mueller ready to go on federal crimes for Trump once a new President is inaugurated, but impeachment was the only allowed indictment while he was POTUS and the Senate refused to hold a real trial. As soon as the majority Republicans voted against removal, Trump did as predicted and quickly did even more impeachable things.

        But with Republican Senators acting blackmailed and a Trumpian Attorney General, nothing can be done except vote the rascal and his minions out of office. If Trump pulls off a win due to voter stupidity plus Russian interference plus Republican vote tampering — we are toasted
        extra crispy. I’m surprised we survived even four years under Trump and McConnell.

        I do think there will be legal challenges this time if Trump resigns and Pence attempts to pardon him. And of course Pence can’t pardon someone for state charges. That is undoubtedly a major reason Brett Kavanaugh was plucked out of nowhere and had his debts mysteriously vanish to get him onto the Supreme Court quickly. They really were rushing him through, not allowing witnesses to repudiate his repeated perjury on various matters (not even counting all the lies he told about his personal activity), refusing to release documents from his work under Bush. The guy was pretty obviously buzzed even at his hearings, he is an alcoholic, and his performance at those hearings alone should have sent them looking for another nominee. BUT the Supreme Court was set to consider a case claiming double jeopardy if charged with state and federal crimes for the same criminal act. This was a subject near and dear to Trump’s poor excuse for a heart, since he will be in a similar position once out of office. So Kavanaugh was supposed to be rushed into the SCOTUS as insurance for that decision. He had to be officially on the court when deliberations began in order to vote on it.

    • bluemoonhorse says:

      I’m working harder on getting us control of the Senate. If Trump wins (which I’m thinking is unlikely thanks to Covid*), we take back the House and Senate and impeach immediately. Do not pass go, and go directly to jail.

      *The white Karens and Kens finally found out that Covid kills them and that Trump doesn’t care. That is changing their votes, not black people dying. Sad but true.

  30. bluemoonhorse says:

    Please people stop dancing to his tune. If he loses, he will be out. PERIOD.

    • Miranda says:

      Can I just say thanks for all your comments here? You’ve genuinely made me feel better, talking sense without minimizing the feelings of those of us who are getting nervous. I’ve seen many fellow liberals who seem to think uncertainty is tantamount to premature surrender, which is incredibly unhelpful, especially for people like me with pre-existing anxiety issues. We’re NOT giving up, we just need an occasional snap-out-of-it moment.

    • grabbyhands says:

      I appreciate the enthusiasm, and I don’t intend to give up –

      But the reality here is that it isn’t a matter of if he loses, he’s out, period. He has broken laws and violated different acts all the ways through his presidency and no one has stopped him – what on earth makes people believe it is going to be as simple as him obeying the word of law now? He has no intention of leaving office, which is why he is anxious to railroad the SC pick. He fully intends to challenge the outcome if it doesn’t go his way and use the court to decide in his favor and no one in the GOP will question it. Most of the republicans “condemning” his remarks about not committing to a peaceful transfer of power have been pretty careful to couch their remarks to support the idea that the the final call is going to come from the supreme court.

  31. grabbyhands says:

    @ AMM Any terrible scenario you can imagine is likely at this point I’m afraid.

  32. Mina_Esq says:

    I don’t think America will descent into an autocracy, but I do think that America will descend into a civil war. Will the joint chiefs follow Trump or protect democracy? Hard to tell. I really miss the days when we could enjoy celebrity gossip without worrying about the world blowing up :( Existential anxiety sucks, you guys.

  33. Rapunzel says:

    The military might say it won’t get involved, but it aint stupid and it knows Trump’s said they’re losers. They will get involved if they need to. They’re just trying to avoid panic and avoid getting attacked by Trump.

    And kicking the president out when his term is up is really The Secret Service’s job anyways. The Secret service isn’t forgetting how trump got their ranks infected with COVID-19 due to his imbecility. They will happily throw him out.

    And let’s not forget how trump has attacked our intelligence agencies. These guys have long memories and very special skills. If trump by some means hangs on to power, a you better believe an “accident” or two might occur thanks to some of these special agents. Or some folks might have a convenient “heart attack” and die.

    It’s important to remember the Trump’s don’t have friends. Nobody is protecting them when they don’t have to, or don’t benefit from it. This goes for even the staunchest Repub.

    Miss Lindsey, Mitch the turtule, etc? They created this monster, and won’t hesitate to kill it.

  34. SusieQ says:

    I live in rural Virginia, and I’ve had my Biden-Harris-Warner yard signs stolen twice. I live on 200 acres of property, so the signs were not in sight of my house. The last time my signs were stolen, the thieves tore up the bottom of my gravel driveway with what I assume was a massive pickup truck.

    I posted the photos on FB, and I explained how, even though part of my family has lived in my town for 200 years, I didn’t feel safe anymore. I got so many comments about how “both sides steal,” and 99% of Trump voters in the town are good. I really wanted to respond, “No. You’re misogynistic, xenophobic racists who are ok with fascism. You’re dangers to public health. You believe police officers are judge, jury, and executioners. None of these characteristics make for good people.”

    • Darla says:

      They stole the Biden/Harris magnet I bought my mom for her car. I ordered her another one, but thought better of it. I have one on my car along with an anti-trump magnet. I don’t know if I’m imagining this, but I don’t think I am? There’s been an uptick in angry looking men in trucks aggressively tailgating me. I live in a Trump county in NY. I thought about it. I don’t want my mother dealing with that, she agreed. I am keeping mine on, but she’s 78. I mean, will they run an old lady off the road? You bet they will.

    • BecauseOfCourse says:

      If you decide to put up another sign, tape a message to it saying that if the sign is stolen again, you will make another donation to Planned Parenthood and the Biden/Harris campaign, and thanks for their continued support.

  35. KellyRyan says:

    Catch the news on Eric Trump who has been subpoenaed to appear before the NY state’s attorney before the election to discuss family business and fraud.

    Trump at RBG’s viewing her lying in state, hiding behind a column, wearing a mask and swaying back and forth. Voices were heard screaming, “Vote him out.” He left shortly afterwards, no doubt headed for a Bunker and a Tweet storm.

    • shanaynay says:

      Let’s hope the lock Eric Dump up, and hopefully the rest will follow.

    • Lightpurple says:

      I thoroughly enjoyed the crowd reaction to his visit to the Supreme Court today. He was also forced to wear a mask and the imbecile had the thing pulled up so far that it was almost covering his eyes. He was clearly having difficulty standing. And that crowd was LOUD.

      But the tweet storm was happening simultaneously. Others tweet on his account regularly. There’s staff who will tweet stuff like the anniversary of the marines or something but there is other stuff , pretending to be him, that probably is coming from Miller, Hope Hicks, or Nagini. Nagini is often tweeting on her own account at the same time a tweet storm is appearing on his. Toggle!

      • KellyRyan says:

        I did as well! Go America!

        Mary Trump filed suit today against Trump, her Aunt Maryanne and her diseased Uncle Robert’s estate for fraud. In 2018 she provided the NY Times with financial documents which they copied, followed up with a NY Times article.

        I received an email from the California Voter Registrar’s office this am. Seventeen days are allowed from the date of postmark to reach Election Headquarters, and we are free to drop off ballots at our polling place.

        Good to be having a good news day.

    • Bella DuPont says:


      That was so satisfying….lol

  36. lobstah says:

    Everyone, take a breath and vote. Don’t play into his mind games. He’s scared because he’s afraid he’s losing, so he’s taunting us like the bully that he is.

    After panicking yesterday reading The Atlantic story, I found a few solid threads on Twitter – @NastyOldWomyn is a retired Harvard-educated lawyer who links to some good strong advice, including this thread:

  37. LittlePenguin says:

    I am so scared for every American. My husband said last night after seeing the press conference, “is it normal to be completely fearful of another country’s election?” Maybe it is because we share a border, maybe it is because we have friends and family in the USA, but truly, everyone stay safe, watch out for one another and vote the b@$tard out!

  38. Linda says:

    I don’t know why people give anything he says, power, by repeating it and discussing it. He threatens all the time. He’s an idiot. The worst thing you can do is give him publicity for anything. You want him to lose the election then ignore him and he will be so frustrated he’ll act out and offend everyone and then he’ll go away.

  39. shabs says:

    “But a majority of white men and white women wanted to protect their white fragility and own the libs, so here we are”

    The majority of Trump voters may be white but this statement is hyperbole.

    Plenty of white men and women voted for Hilary and as she won the popular vote so saying the the majority of white men and women voted for Trump is wholly untrue.

    • BnLurkN4eva says:

      Still doesn’t make the statement incorrect. That was the group whose numbers got him enough electoral college votes to put him in the white house. Isn’t it time for us to stop being so defensive when the truth comes up. White people who are not part of the problem are not who this is directed to, so there’s no need for the rebuttal. Everyone knows there are plenty of good white people doing the right thing, but it’s necessary to call out the too many who are not because let’s face it, they are why we are all here.

      • Miranda says:

        @BnLurkN4eva – Exactly. I hate it when anyone says “white people brought us to this point,” and that’s a good thing. White people SHOULD be ashamed that so many of us are indifferent to the plights of PoC. We need to get our shit together and start speaking out more, because the fragile, cowardly white people who vote for Trump sure as hell ain’t listening to the actual victims of systemic racism. When someone gets defensive, it gives the impression (intentional or not) that they kinda think this is all about them. It’s more productive to acknowledge our privilege and weaponize it.

    • Amy Too says:

      It’s not a “wholly untrue statement,” it’s a factually correct statement. In one PEW poll 62% of white men voted for trump compared to 32% for Clinton. 47% of white women voted for trump compared to 45% for Clinton. Thus the majority of white men and women voted for Trump. Obviously some didn’t, but the article didn’t say “all white people voted for Trump” it said “a majority,” which is true. Compare it with the 14% of black men who voted Trump and a percentage of black women that is so small it is literally represented with an asterisk in the report.

      In another poll cited in the Independent, 63% of white men and 52% of white women voted Trump. Compared to less than 20% of black men and less than 7% of black women. So again, the majority of white people voted for Trump.

      The reason Hillary Clinton won the popular vote was not because the majority of white people voted for her. It’s because a massive majority of black, Hispanic, and other non-white people voted for her.

  40. Liz version 700 says:

    Trump is a terrified bully. He wants to scare us away from the polls or make us think our vote won’t count anyway so why bother. We have to be braver than he is scared. Volunteer to register voters and/or to phone bank. Donate to blue candidates to provide a check on this idiot if he does win (God help us). We are in tight competitive races. I donated until it hurt to funds to support underfunded candidates in tight races. Make a voting plan and encourage others to vote early or have a plan. Most of us did not live through times like WW 2 but our country has had scary things to face before. I am taking the route of faking brave until I can make myself brave. And I know that DJT Jr and Kremlin Barbie think they will be running in 2024. But neither of them is gonna be out from under the criminal investigations knocking at their door by then.

  41. sab says:

    Holy House of Cards!

  42. Valerie says:

    And his followers like this? I know how they see it: they believe he’s sent from God and cannot be stopped. I half hope they get their wish and get royally screwed over by him. Problem is, that can’t happen without the innocent half getting screwed too. :(

  43. Julia K. says:

    I truly believe that he never intended to win 2016. The campaign was for tv ratings and to up his profile. It was always about money, ego and power. I think he will be relieved to lose, even though he says otherwise. He will return to his own world of total control, where he calls the shots and no one disagrees. He now has contacts world wide. He will be back in business in no time, explaining he welcomed the loss so he can rescue his business empire from ruin caused by his incompetent children. Yes, he will blame them.

    • Valerie says:

      I think this is true. I believe he did it to gain total, and what he hoped would be permanent, immunity. He knew he couldn’t run from the law forever, and he knows it now. That’s why he’s panicking. The walls are closing in on him and the rats are jumping ship. He keeps getting exposed, and no matter how much he denies it, it will eventually catch up with him.

      • Julia K. says:

        I agree@valerie. The law is nipping at his heels. If he really becomes panicky he could resign, let Pence take over for 4 weeks, pardon him, then be free as a bird when the new president takes over. He will say it was owed to him for how he has been mistreated.

      • Jaded says:

        He’s going to have to run away to Russia or some other place where he won’t have to face extradition because the law is going to come after him big time the minute he’s out of office. Pence could pardon him federally but not from state prosecution. The whole grifting family is going to have to flee.

  44. The Recluse says:

    We are going to have to hit the streets, but for now: vote! Vote early. Drop off your absentee ballots if you can. Or vote early in person.

  45. Just A Thought says:

    We already knew he was not leaving peacefully.

  46. Rise and Shine says:

    Yep. He and his family have no intention of ever leaving. We must ensure that they will. Everybody check out the boos he got today while visiting Ruth Bader Ginsberg resting in repose. (Talk about sheer unmitigated gall and sickening audacity of him to even show his face before off to his rallies again today. UGH) Yet, yay, the boos were followed by loud chants of VOTE HIM OUT reaching a crescendo level. It was a thing of beauty! And yes. That is exactly what we must do, and are going to do, VOTE HIM OUT!

  47. Jayna says:

    How can he still have so much support? It says so much about this country, part of it. It makes me sick. I am a Floridian. And Trump is going to win Florida. I’ve resigned myself to that fact in these last two weeks.

    Any other president would have been ousted by now.

    • Rise and Shine says:

      Hi Jayna, You may be right but I hope not. Have seen some indictors from people I know that maybe he won’t win FLA this time. Who knows, I don’t. Sadly, you are probably right. But right on cue, where is he tonight? Of course not doing his job, we all know that, but yes, in FLA right now. At campaign donor functions and a rally or two in FLA at this very moment. Makes me sick every time he goes to Florida and yep there he is. UGH. Sorry. Love to you there.

  48. Mariane says:

    I doubt he will do this but it shows how scared he is and knows he is losing. The 500 military veterans (even his ex advisors) speaking up about their disgust+them rejecting to attack protesters for trump shows that he has no control over them. The corrupt police will ofcourse do everything for him but once he’s announced as a loser they’ll have no option but to follow the new president elect

  49. boobra says:

    Robert Mugabe, US edition

  50. EliseM says:

    He will leave by his own volition, or be escorted by the military. Once the new Commander in Chief is elected, they follow that persons orders. He is using tactics to make people buy into his bullsh**t. Maybe we can deliver him right to Putin. I hear he has a room or two to spare.