Angelina Jolie ‘insisted’ that Brad Pitt quarantine for 2 weeks after his French jaunt

Brad PittCINEMA : 72 eme Festival de Cannes - Photocall du film One upon

Brad Pitt tried to do a Girlfriend Rollout for Nicole “Nico” Poturalski in late August. That’s when photos appeared of Brad and Nico in the South of France, as they headed off to the Chateau Miraval. The swiftness with which Nico was ID’d was not a lucky guess. Brad’s people must have had a plan, and the plan involved Brad looking like Mr. Cool Guy with his 20-something Instamodel. The problem was that we quickly learned that Nico is married to a much older man and that she’s thirsty as hell. Within a few days, Brad sent her back to Germany and as far as I know, they haven’t seen each other since then. A full month has gone by with Brad frantically trying to get us to pay attention to his shenanigans with Jennifer Aniston. Nico what? WhatsHerLips who?? But in case you were wondering “how can we make everything about Angelina Jolie being MEAN,” here you go:

Better safe than sorry! Angelina Jolie worried about her ex-husband Brad Pitt reuniting with their children after he traveled to France with his new girlfriend, Nicole Poturalski, amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“Angelina insisted Brad quarantine for 14 days after he returned from France, citing a rise in COVID-19 cases in the country,” a source exclusively tells Us Weekly. “She didn’t want to chance the kids getting it.”

The Ad Astra actor, 56, wanted to take two tests “days apart” in hopes of “shortening the quarantine period,” but the Maleficent actress, 45, “wasn’t having it,” according to the source.

Ultimately, Pitt agreed to quarantine and has since “resumed seeing the kids,” the source tells Us.

[From Us Weekly]

At the time, California did not have a strict policy for quarantining after travel, but everyone who travels internationally is generally recommended to quarantine and test. If Angelina really “insisted” upon Brad’s quarantine and testing, I don’t have a problem with it at all? It sounds like she was being quite reasonable? Even if Brad traveled exclusively by private plane, he was interacting with tons of people and… yeah. We’re still in a pandemic. Better safe than sorry. But I really do think that Brad’s people are like “she’s such a bitch for making him quarantine!”

Angelina Jolie arrives at the EE British Academy Film Awards, Bafta Awards, at the Royal Albert Hall in London, England, Great Britain, on 18 February 2018.  - NO WIRE SERVICE - Photo: Hubert Boesl/Hubert Boesl/

Also: the reason I believe Nico and Brad haven’t seen each other in a month is because this young woman lives on her Instagram, and she was clearly back in her bland AF Berlin bedroom for much of September, then she documented her travels to Milan, where she walked on the Hugo Boss runway for Milan Fashion Week. I’m so glad she got some work out of this mess.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Instagram.

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  1. SilverPoodle says:

    Why does she even need to insist on it? Why would he not just quarantine for the safety of his family (kids)? What a jerk.

  2. whatWHAT? says:

    As well she should.

    WhatsHerLips doesn’t have much presence on the runway. she’s very bland looking in these pics. but I guess that’s appropriate so you look at the clothes not the model?…

    • Sarah says:

      Bland was exactly the word that came to mind to me too. I know there can be a big difference between stills and seeing people in motion but the stills are doing nothing for me.

  3. Queen Meghan's Hand says:

    After a few days with his married escort/girlfriend, Pitt’s ex-wife shouldn’t have to insist on quarantine. He should willingly quarantine for the safety of his kids and their mother.

  4. Myra says:

    That’s not an unreasonable request. It is a requirement where I am.

    Congrats to Nico, from bland bedroom to Hugo Boss runway in a matter of weeks!

  5. Sierra says:

    She had every right to and well done to her for putting the children’s welfare top priority.

  6. Seraphina says:

    He needs to quarantine for more reasons than just COVID. EWWWWW.
    All kidding aside, AJ did what any parent would do and shame on Brad for even making this an issue. He comes across as a major DB. First him trying to show the world his young GF and now how AJ has to insist on quarantining. And if Jen is reading this post (which I highly doubt): you look like a major loser for even giving the slightest hint of flirtation with him.
    UGH! I can’t believe this is the Brad that had so many hearts a flutter back in the day.

    • damejudi says:

      I’m really disturbed that the “mean mommy” narrative is what BP is using. Grow up and be a responsible parent no matter what your gender/sex.

      So tired that the mean mom is a convenient bash against the responsible parent who sets healthy boundaries for kids, and has their priorities (during a global health pandemic) in order. Feeling sorry for all of the non-celeb parents who are dealing with this stuff in their shared custody.

  7. JanetDR says:

    ^This^ It’s what you do if you must travel. It doesn’t require a fuss or commentary.

  8. Teresa says:

    Oh wow what a vile witch for caring about the health of her children! How dare she put their needs above their absentee father during his decade long mid life crisis!

  9. Esme says:

    Jolie is sensible. Pitt is whining. Their life story since the separation, I’m afraid.

  10. minx says:

    Oh, this guy.

  11. Heythere says:

    But how did she make him do it?!?! Do people who share custody have any leverage? My ex is being incredibly cavalier about covid safety, exposing me and my spouse to his risks through my kid (we share custody). It was my sense that there is nothing I can do about it.

    • Chanteloup says:

      I’m sorry @Heythere, especially for your kid.
      Maybe b/c everything of theirs isn’t finalized yet? A report that he exposed his kids to covid by refusing to quarantine prob wouldn’t go over well with the courts [if they care about the kids’ best interests at all, like they’re supposed to]

  12. Zapp Brannigan says:

    Today was my sister’s funeral, we could not travel to her country due to covid and quarantine periods for each country (it would have meant two weeks isolation in her country, and then two more when I got back home, financially impossible right now) at lunchtime today I sat and watched her funeral service broadcast by webcam, I sat and watched her husband, her kids and about 10 other people mourn her death.

    So I say this to Pitt, sit your ass in one of your mansions, play pretend architect or sculptor or whatever occupation you are pretending to work at today and quit running your bit*h mouth to the tabloids and isolate for the good of everyone around you. I have no pity that your little jaunt in France with another blokes wife went tits up.

    • EveV says:

      I’m so sorry about your sister and am sending hugs your way

    • Charfromdarock says:

      I’m sorry for your loss @zappbrannigan

      Brad’s PR Team has lost the plot if they think a mother following basic covid protocol to protect her children is mean. Then again his fan base is probably the anti-masker conspiracy covidiots.

    • MerlinsMom1018 says:

      Many condolences on the loss of your sister. Sending lots of hugs

    • Bibi says:

      @zapp Sorry for your loss. Sending you love, hugs and courage.

  13. ad says:

    This guy is sickening. France is one of the countries in Europe where people have to quarantine after their travel, what kind of person is he really? He is an embarrassment to his kids & cannot see it.

  14. Katherine says:

    Ahaha how tests days apart help if incubation period is 2 to 14 days? (5-6 are most common, but not 100% of the time) The ignorance of some folks about how diseases work is really astounding these days. Saw a woman at a supermarket yesterday, she walked up to the “sanitation station” to disinfect her hands and was all diligent about it and you could see in her face she thinks she’s taking all the precautions. Her mask was off her nose. Pretty sure she thinks she doesn’t need to cover her nose as the germs come out from the mouth as a person coughs or sneezes but not through nose (genius, I know; also, what about breathing in). Cannot possibly expect these people to know that they can also get it through eyes (I’m personally wearing sunglasses even indoors and at night haha, to create at least some sort of shield and break up the splatter to reduce the viral load).

    • SusieQ says:

      People are insane. I live in town with the highest death rate in our health district, and people are still treating Covid-19 like a hoax. And so many of them refuse to wear a mask or even if they wear it, they refuse to cover their noses.

      My mom, my boyfriend, and I are all recovering from Covid-19 that my mom and I contracted at work. My mom is lucky to be alive. I’m still having nightmares about the horrific back pain I experienced. It felt like my back was being crushed beneath a car. My boyfriend gets exhausted after walking the dog.

  15. Tia says:

    I still can’t understand why Brad and his team picked Nicole as his ‘official girlfriend’. I could understand him trying to make Neri Oxman a thing – a very attractive, very clever woman would have added to his image. It’s just a pity it either never occurred to him that she wouldn’t go along with it (which I think is the most likely) or alternatively got played by her making it clear to her boyfriend that if he didn’t propose, she had an A list movie star as backup.

    However a random hustler who may actually be an escort and if not is supported by a man three times her age doesn’t add anything to his image. Is Brad’s reputation in Hollywood really so awful he couldn’t find a single up and coming actress with some actual skills for a nice public showmance? Maybe he needs to ask Ben and Ana for the names of their PR people.

    This is the THIRD whoopsie in a row if you count Alia Shawkat. Why is he so *bad* at this?

    • EveV says:

      Actually, not his third. I believe we can count Charlize Theron in there, as she made a public statement that they were not dating after his people (I think) dropped a few statements that there might be something happening between them. There was also the jeweler friend. He is more worried about his image than actually getting to know a woman to date. I used to love Brad Pitt and especially he and Angeline Jolie together. But now i think she is practically a saint for everything she has to put up with for simply putting her kids first and he is the biggest DB ever

    • Katya says:

      I think Brad is having a hard time getting any woman in HW to play showmance with him because most A-listers know of his real reputation in the industry: an alcoholic and a deadbeat father. The young upcoming ones he probably doesn’t want to be with because he would need to spend time & energy in the relationship and at this late in his life, he probably doesn’t care to. He’s that lazy and so self-centered. Honestly, he wants someone hot and yet motherly to take care of all his needs! He really tried hard with Alia Shawkat given the amount of times he’s spent with her during the last year and a half but his fans still didn’t think she’s worthy of his stardom but then her racist past caught up with her and so now they are just friends. With Nicole, the instamodel, I believe she’s supposed to be just a part-time lover or occasional hookup whenever they are in the area of each other (as in they spend time together while traveling via People leak) but then Angelina exposed him and his team for the shady deals with the judge and he needed a quick distraction hence the fastest rollout of Nicole.

      Every move he had made since the divorce had been disaster due to his overzealous and snappy miscalculations to get ahead of his missteps. He’s so desperate to be seen as a genuine and charming guy that he keeps making mistake after mistake and spiraling down that cliff till he’s at the end looking up.

    • Jay says:

      It IS puzzling, because he still seems to have a lot of traction when it comes to getting movies made and selling magazine covers (I feel like he could be People’s sexiest man alive every year for the next ten years if he wants). Seriously, this is not unknown in Hollywood – if he wants to “date” someone strictly for show, he could. Is there no singer/comedian/director/designer/author with some projects to promote or looking to move on from a public break up?
      Or, you know, he could try stfu? That might be better.

  16. Tasz says:

    We lost my uncle to COVID19 two weeks ago. For his memorial, everyone was required to stay in their vehicles and listen to the service over FM radio. There were a few horrible people who complained about this method. Some of the things said…ugh, it makes my heart ache.

    My hope is everyone taking this pandemic very seriously. It’s not about only one person’s opinion. No reason for senseless deaths.

  17. My3cents says:

    I’d add having him bath in some lysol, cause he is reeking of douche.

    • Nightsky says:

      Lol, I love your comment! Angie might also want to suggest that Brad check in with his local STD clinic too.

  18. lucy2 says:

    How is this a problem? It’s recommended for anyone traveling, just to be sure, it was his choice to travel and break his bubble, so that’s just what you do. It would be highly irresponsible and dangerous of him to do anything but quarantine! And not just from his kids, but from whoever he spends time with in LA – staff, friends, etc.

    • Lucy says:

      If he thinks this was an unfair request from Angelina for him just to follow the guidance of COVID-19, that is very petty and short minded of him, considering he had travelled and not with people who he was in a bubble with. France it self was a high COVID risk. I don’t know what to make of Pitt anymore, other than he has become a very bitter, petty man, and it’s showing, and he’s not ashamed of showing it. That just worries me about his mind set, he truley believes it’s 2005 where he can hide behind a women like Angelina getting bashed and everyone will carry on praising him or making excuses for his bad behavior.

  19. Michelle says:

    This isn’t even true. There are paparazzi pics of pitt going to Jolie’s house a couple days after he got back from France & saw the children for a few hours. Us weekly making this up.

    • jade says:

      Yes, ive seen pics of him entering the laughlin park gate where Angelina lives, just 3-4 days after he arrived from France,. But we dont know if he went to her house or not, and he was also at Watts community doing his charity after that, so no quarantine for this guy. I, sure he had himself tested negative. Anyways, US weekly dont know anything, they always make up stuff esp when it comes to Brad and Angelina.

  20. jferber says:

    She’s absolutely right. Do it, Brad.

  21. Robynn says:

    Can this man disappoint me any more, yes he can. Brad Pitt has become a joke and his own PR are making a joker out of this old fool. No father during COVID or not would put his children under any risk, yet here he is, with the backing of his PR running to the media, bad mouthing again for the billionth time how evil the mother of his kids is, for putting the children’s health and wellbeing first and forefront. Only a selfish narcisisit father would do that. Brad Pitt sure wins that prize.

  22. Lucy says:

    How dare a mother to put her their children’s health first and not allow their deadbeat father comes to visit them after he’s been whoring with his married escort abroad. She is equally endangering her son and old husband too.
    But let’s not go there, after all tabloids with Brad Pitts blessings have to blame Angelina for everything, so here it is again dragging her and shaming her for no valid reason, just to get the weekly hate on her.
    I guess Jennifer Aniston table read and failures in winning Emmy’s have left a bitter taste for CAA, to out drag Angelina bashing again.
    And even if this were true, then good on Angelina as a responsible parent and mother to protect the children from any further Covid harm. Brad Pitt should be ashamed of himself for this. He is coming across as a douchebag.

  23. Track9 says:

    God 4 years plus and Brad Pitt is still scorching earth over Angelina Jolie. If it were up to him and his team they would be blaming Angelina for Covid-19.
    He is a ridiculous little man ,who has shown little respect to what this deadly virus has done, and is showing zero respect for people who died from it,
    Anyone would think as a responsible “parent” he would but “his kids health first”, but not Brad Pitt, after all he is the same guy who didn’t care for the wellbeing of his kids when he attacked them and their mom in mid air drunken rampage.

  24. Ruby says:

    TEAM KIDS , At the end of the day Brad Pitt should have the decency to put his children’s health first not a photo op and public flogging of his children’s mother. IF and i mean IF this is true, then I whole heartedly stand by Angelina’s decision to prevent any kind of health issue, especially when Pitt has travelled abroad and back , with non-family members , whom he wasn’t in the bubble with.
    It is insulting to think a father would knowingly put his children’s lives at risk just because he refuses to follow the travel quarantine rule that is imposed on everybody, and is there for a reason. It is ignorant people like Brad Pitt that flout the rules and think they are above the law, even if you are Brad Pitt, you are not above the law.

  25. WKD! says:

    Doesn’t look like Brad Pitt has learnt anything from his 4 years of therapy, that is, If he had it. This proves he is same old selfish man using hubris and blaming others for his own shortcoming’s. Is iR any wonder Angelina must have gotten tired of his BS, they cycle of pettiness from him is just exhausting. I certainly have had enough. 2020 sure shown some true colors of men.

  26. Yep says:

    The point of this leak is…? One parent is the responsible one; the other is not?

  27. LloydD says:

    Congratulations Brad Pitt you win again for being the most deadbeat father there ever was. You would think at his age he would put his children’s health before anything that would harm them, but I guess coming from the same man on who harm them 4 years ago on the airplane , we should not have expected anything less then what he is doing now? Busy gaslighting the mother of his kids .

  28. Sam67 says:

    I shudder to even think they are actually women out there who idolized this guy, and this is he man has no shame let alone class in protecting his family. Pitt is such a loser, go back to France with your friends wife the married Escort and start posing with her like an old tool.

    • ad says:

      Thank you! Pitt thinks he should be exempt in every wrong doing & endorsed by the Hollyweirdos & many outside Hollyweird. What an ego!

    • ad says:

      Thank you! Pitt thinks he should be exempt in every wrong doing & endorsed by the Hollyweirdos & many outside Hollyweird. What an ego!

  29. Bread and Circuses says:

    She is not a ‘bitch’ for insisting he protect his children’s health.

  30. Yolanda says:

    He continues to blame her for putting the kids above him.
    I think he never liked the fact that Angelina always put the kids first and not him.
    So he really think this is a good point to say she is evil because she asked him to quarantine after traveling to other country.
    Thinking how many people out there still thirsting over his melted face made me sick.